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Asterix-326 June 2006
Based on the threadbare wheeze of a comical characters duet, this movie features an awful upper-class secret agent teaming up accidentally with an easily-corrupted, sly interpreter in that "action comedy" movie. The two sidekicks go through a ridiculous plot leading them from Paris to London, trying desperately to amuse the viewer.

Auteuil and Clavier don't act too badly, but the dialogues are so hopelessly lousy that no actor in the world would seem capable speaking those lines. How did John Cleese end up in such a disaster?

Worse, the rhythm, albeit a quintessential point in a comedy, is here completely defective. Some sequences are painfully slow and boring. Despite a comfortable budget, the action scenes are underachieved most of the time, and muddled at best. And the music, composed by a Jean-Claude Camors, is probably the worst score written this year.

A terrible movie. Avoid at all costs.
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Brain off entertainment
Gordon-1128 June 2007
This film is about a French diplomat and a translator going onto a trip to save a special chip from hands of foreign governments.

The initial 10 minutes look very promising, with a James Bond style opening. I really like the soundtrack too. However, the story quickly becomes implausible, but it is still entertaining to watch. This film has a big budget, and hence has helicopters, nice hotels, classical mansions. Even if the story is less than perfect, it is still pleasing to watch. Though this film is a little lousy, but it is still watchable for some brain off entertainment. I think this film deserves higher points than a 3.6.
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Underrated, non-template and hilarious
theoden-1209020 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Although not everyone would like the movie, what is obvious, I'll try to explain with taking no care of others who say that the movie is disappointing.

Actors' play was worth a few more times of re-watching the film. I think that Christian Clavier and Daniel Auteuil both perfectly acted their roles. There was no underplay that my eye could remark. They were incarnating a couple of losers who were pretending to be cool spies.

The scenario made me being interested in what will finally happen. When it seemed that everything would be over, there was something in the background to come up. I didn't guess the ending of the film. This means that the movie didn't follow those stupid templates.

As for humour, I was giggling from the beginning till the end of the movie. I think the movie deserves more that it was given. I liked it. A lot.
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Dilute To Taste
writers_reign29 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
On paper this might have seemed viable or even plausible; two very different types of men thrown together by circumstance and embroiled in a 'caper', just the sort of thing in fact that Francis Veber does with one hand behind his back. Alas, this is a Francis Veber type film sans Francis Veber so that the result is more embarrassment than laffs. For me Michele Laroque was a major selling point but though prominent on the billing and publicity she has what amounts to a cameo as a bank official. Somehow Daniel Auteuil and Clovis Cornillac, neither naturally comic, fail to spark as a team so that Gerard Depardieu and Pierre Richard can rest easy. The plot won't stand scrutiny under a strong light so I won't subject it to one, suffice it to say that Cornillac is called upon to portray an aristocrat-cum-spy whilst Auteuil weighs in as an interpreter who seizes the chance to exploit the 'expenses' aspect of a new assignment. For reasons best known to the Producers Tim Piggot-Smith, Jennifer Saunders and John Cleese are also on hand and probably wish they weren't. If you think Mr Bean is funny this'll kill you, otherwise do yourself a favor and watch Double Jeopardy.
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