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  • Five men wake up in a locked-down warehouse with no memory of who they are. They are forced to figure out who is good and who is bad to stay alive.


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  • How would you feel if you were tied to a chair, in a locked down warehouse, in the middle of nowhere, with no recollection whatsoever of what happened, or what didn't. To add to it, you're not alone. There are four others with you in the exact same state of mind. Some of the group are responsible for putting the others there BUT no one knows who's who. That's how this movie starts, getting grittier with every passing minute. Five guys are asleep in an abandoned, run down warehouse. There has been some violence. One is handcuffed by one hand to a railing; one is tied up. "Blue jean shirt" wakes up first, and has no idea who or where he is. He has no memory. The other four are still asleep, but Blue Jean Shirt makes the handcuffed man more comfortable and wanders around. The phone rings and Blue Jean Shirt has no idea what to make of it; by this time it is obvious there has been violence. Blue Jean Shirt fakes his way through the phone conversation, including lying about a Glock being in the desk drawer. The plot unfolds slowly as the other four wake up and they try to find a way out of the warehouse. They get along sometimes, sometimes they argue violently; you know some of these five are bad guys and then you get the feeling that some are good guys as the clues continue coming and fall into place slowly, as the movie plot twists its way to the surprise at the end where it all falls together.

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