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Chandramukhi's got it all!!
thevsm16 August 2006
I haven't watched many Tamil movies, but I found that Chandramukhi was one of the best yet I watched. It has got everything you can have in a movie: humor, horror, thrill,romance, action, music, etc. The songs are REALLY good in this movie. I would definitely recommend buying the soundtrack of Chandramukhi. There's even one song in Telugu. Overall, I liked this movie a lot. Of course it had Rajnikanth in it, which brought quite a lot more appeal to it. There are good fight scenes with attempts of the "Matrix" effect, which is pretty cool. In the Telugu dub of this movie, one of the songs is sung by Carnatic Diva, Nityasree Mahadevan. What more could one ask for? It is a great movie, and I think everyone should see it. It might be a bit scary for young children, but it should be suitable for older ones. Conclusively, Chandramukhi is a great watch, and with stars like Rajnikanth and Jyothika, it is a big success!!
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A fun filled ride
yogiv16 July 2019
Chandramuki is a movie that has aged well. It does has its moments of futility and has its more than required share of unnecessary red herrings. But cast all that aside and bask in the glory of The Super Star! Rajani is in fine form and the comic timing between Vadivel and Rajani is probably one of the best. As the make believe Mad King Rajani sparkles and makes us realize what a fine maniacal villain he could have been... We gained a Super Star and hell, we ain't complaining!!!
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Family Entertainter
smraman14 April 2005
Movie starts with typical superstar action sequences and flows through interestingly till the end. For audience not aware of movies original version in Malayalam it will be a nice thriller, very unnatural for a Rajini movie.

Rajini has done a great job in mixing all elements. Vadivelu role is commendable. Even though Jyotika has done a reasonable job, her overacting was evident in some scenes. P.Vasu did okay by not screwing up Fazil's work in "Manichitrathalu".

In summary hardcore fans might be disappointed by not hearing any punch lines but nice pace keeps the movie rolling. It's sure to get a lot of appreciation from varied group of audience.
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Very Good Movie
sridhar-pichumani2 February 2006
When the movie hit the screens, Rajnikant himself was not sure if it will become a hit. By any standards, this was something unusual. Rajni's movies - even if they are crap - usually runs for 100 days. There was a reason why everone was so anxious about this movie. 1. Rajni's earlier movie, BABA, was a FLOP. (Though i loved it.) 2. This was a remake of the Malayalam hit movie, Manichitrathazh. 3. This did not have any of Rajni's stunts. (that which generally portrays him as a demi God with supernatural fight scenes and punch dialogues)

Honestly, it was exciting to see Rajinikanth showing his acting talents in a controlled manner. His screen presence was simply amazing.

Rajnikanth as Vettaya Maharaja - This alone gives you a feeling of the money well spent. (Laka Laka sequence)

I am not giving 10 for this because of vulgarity in Vadivelu's comedy.
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Run for the money....
ranjit-hariharan9 February 2007
Good Movie, but it lacks the reality in the Malayalam Original "Manichitrathazhu". Mohanlal's acting deserves special credibility. Rajni manages without his cigars very well.

The lighting effects prove stupendous & innovative. Foot tapping numbers by Vidyasagar. But the dry & double meaning comedy lets the film down.

One question, Why is the Huge Python creeping there for in there for? the creepy house sequences are well done. Jyothika is the star performer here, she did very well in the dancing sequences & in the face reactions. But i think Ramya Krishnan would be a better choice for the role of Ganga.

Overall good one & worth the money.
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A good family entertainer, movie worth watching for all ages
krishna_2558215 April 2005
I got a chance to see the movie on its second day of release, pretty late for a superstar fan though! The storyline is a copy of a Malayalam movie named Manichitrathaazh. the malayalam star's performance was scintillating. nevertheless, super star is amazing and flawless in this movie. Prabhu as usual does not have any "impacting dialogues", still plays a good supporting role to the lead. nayanthara the débutant is beautiful. heroine has performed well, i wouldn't think simran (who was initially chosen for the part would have done any better). she has actually perfected shobanas role. vadivelu with his trademark jokes is also looking good. the movie is an overall family entertainer. a really different storyline from the traditional "007-bond" movies of super star. at least the movie has a good suspense story and revolves around it.some poor direction is seen in a few scenes,Rajni should seriously consider doing more supporting roles like raghuvaran or prakashraj, he looks a bit old for hero and his face looks so artificial from all the effects of make up. For a change most of the songs are peppy numbers in exception to two completely classical based, which are also pleasing BTW. In all, quite a good family entertainer. A good movie to relax over the weekend.
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Superbbbbbb Movie from Super Star
ravi221220 April 2005
Excellent story, with excellent performance by Super Star and Jothika. Introduction of Super Star is the best. Songs are very nice, especially Devuda Devuda, Athinthom and Raa Raa.. Rajini's comedy scenes with vadivelu are really good. Yet, could have avoided few double meaning dialogues The first fight from Super Star is excellent!!! The "lakalakalaka" from Thalaivar is excellent!! I am seeing "Mannan's" "Sandi Raniye" rajini again!!! Jothika steals the show during the last 15 minutes. That too Jo's reaction after the song when she fires "Vettaiyan" King is superb!!! I didn't like Nasar slapping Thalaivar for unnecessary reasons. It does not fit into the story as well Overall, the movie is Excellent for Super Star Fans and general public.
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One of the best Rajni movies ever. (May contain Spoilers)
Musafir23 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
When Rajni began work on Chandramukhi, quite a few people wondered how it would fare after the debacle of Baba. But the Superstar has silenced his critics, and he has silenced them in style. A younger look and feel, toned down histrionics and a great screen presence have all contributed to the success of his role in this movie. Though the movie lacks his usual style and punch lines, the man still has the charisma and charm to lure audiences to the theaters. Having watched the movie a number of times in a variety of theaters, let me assure you that the response he gets for his entry cannot be matched by any other actor. Whether he is fighting bad guys, shaking a leg to Vidyasagar's amazing tunes, helping out various members in the house, or confronting the ghost, Rajni evokes screams and cheers other actors can only dream of. Jyotika as Ganga and Chandramukhi has done a fabulous job and given one of her best performances. Prabhu has nothing much to do, and carries on whatever little he's got to with flair. Vadivelu and Rajni have excelled in comedy, though I can't call it very refined. Nayantra essays her role well. Nasser, Vijayakumar, Vinaya Prasad, Sheila and the rest of the cast just fits in to the story. Special mention is required for Avinash. His portrayal of a god man is realistic, and his entry is very good. Overall, Chandramukhi is a great movie, which signals the return of an even greater man.
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One of the top flicks of the year. A must watch
sriniwaugh19 April 2005
Chandramukhi is a different Rajini movie altogether with the Superstar restraining himself from delivering dialogues with political overtones. As always his performance is fantastic. But it's Jothika who really steals the show in the last half an hour of the movie. The way she says "Lakka..lalkka.lakka.." in the climax of the movie clearly portrays Jothika's talent as an actress. Vadivelu, Rajini combination is good enough to tickle the audience. Vadivelu does a commendable job in the scene when he is trapped alone in the bungalow.The movie has some very good songs which are picturised well. The screenplay is good too though it drags a bit in the second half of the movie. A must watch movie for this summer.
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Rajini Back without his usual gimmicks
shrekfiona18 April 2005
The storyline is different. No usual generation after generation story. Its a ghost story. Its unlike most of the formula movies that Rajini has made in the recent past. It has his usual mannerisms but lacks punch lines or political dialogs(a welcome change).

It is a ghost movie about an ancestral castle which has the ghost of a dancer who was sodomized and killed by the king who lived there. Vadivelu's comedy plays an integral part in making the movie good.

For a change Rajini does not dominate the screen. In fact its jyotika who dominates the second half of the movie and takes the movie forward. Good fun to watch with a huge gang of friends
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Poor copy of Manichitrataalzh ..Boring to the core
rajesh_hoty5 May 2005
I saw this film on the first day of it's release in India. Actually, before seeing the film, I knew that this is the remake of the malayalam classic 'Manichitrathaazh'. But Since RajniKanth is in this movie, I knew that it would be formatted according to please his fans. The film was exactly like what I thought. Action scenes and comedy scenes were 'pushed in' to please the fans of Rajni which hinder the pace of the film. Yeah, Jyothika has done really well, but when u compare it with the original malayalam film , Chandramukhi is awfully short of resources. Rajni has a heavy makeup smeared all over his face for many scenes in this film. My one line advice to people who want to watch this flick is : Don't expect too much in this copycat version of the malayalam film.
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Stupid Movie
mksreeram18 April 2005
I happened to see this movie. This movie is as bad as baba. I still don't know why rajni has accepted this movie. It doesn't have any flavor of rajni. 2-fight sequence has been unnecessarily included just to satisfy rajni fans and that's it. Jothika was okay and I couldn't watch Prabhu at all. I have seen the original Manichithrathazhu and nobody in this movie have ever come near to any cast in Malayalam. Certain scenes (especially the end when rajni comes with dog and acts as the vettayapura raja) were height of stupidity. In Malayalam entire movie was great and only this P.Vasu can give such an idiotic version of a beautiful movie. I would advice not to watch this movie. Anyway rajni fans will definitely watch to see what is there. So no point in advising.

I hate this P.Vasu for giving such a stupid movie with our super star.
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worth watching once because it is a Rajni film
schindlerslist25 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Chandramukhi is a Tamil version of a very famous Malayalam movie "Manichitrathazhu" that came out a few years earlier. the Malayalam movie has the following actors/actresses...

Mohan Lal - Rajni, Suresh Gobi - Prabhu, Shobana - Jyotika, Nedumudi Venu - combined role of Vijaykumar and Nazar, Vinaya Prasad - Nayantra, Innocent - Vadivelu

i don't remember the name of the actor in the Malayalam movie who plays Vineeth (the dance master).

the Malayalam movie was much better, and i say this in spite of being a die-hard Rajni fan. the comment above might be considered subjective, but i would recommend seeing the Malayalam movie to anyone who watches Chandramukhi to see the difference, and decide for themselves.

one of the things that stand out for comparison is the way in which the split-personality nature of the lead actress is shown in both movies. While Shobana acted so well naturally in her role as Nagavalli, i'm not sure why P. Vasu (director of Chandramuki) had to beam light on Jyotika's eyes to make the audience aware that she was acting as Chandramukhi.

Vadivelu's comedy in the Tamil movie is not too entertaining. i don't say innocent's comedy is very hilarious either, but then there aren't so many sexual innuendos in the comedy in the Malayalam movie.

in summary, a movie worth watching once. but please take the time to see the Malayalam movie too (with subtitles if you don't understand Malayalam).
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Good movie to watch
madhesh198811 June 2008
The important thing which was in this film is the screenplay, when it was compared with its Malayalam "Manichitrathal" this tends to be more technical and costlier. Jyotika has done a very good role which will be her milestone in her career. And for P. Vasu this will be a greatest ever film he made and succeeded with a great hit of this movie. Music was interactive with every scene and Vadivelu comedy is excellent. For Rajinikanth this movie will be the recent benchmark and all his future movies are compared that "Was this film was better than Chandramukhi?" choreography is good in the climax song and the performance of Jyothika is very well supported by Vineeth.
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Total awful movie
naagurinchi25 April 2005
I seriously think Rajini should stop acting as the "Super hero" and try to take up some decent roles like father or grandfather....his make-up looks horrible and all the perverted jokes suck. Come on ! u cant even imagine him romancing nayantara ! she is 1/4 of his age.. only solace was good acting by Jo and Prabhu ! Prabhu looks much better in this movie..Jo have over-acted as usual but it didn't look odd as her role demands that.

Last but not the least, all the double meaning dialogues were so bad it no more gives the image that rajini movies are family entertainers...

It looks shameful to appreciate such movies...its nowhere near the original mallu version...

And he shd stop trying to be "keanu reeves" of matrix :-)
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santhosh-1029016 July 2019
The movie was excellent. Everyone acted good in the movie. Comedy scenes were also good in the movie. This is one of the best movie of Rajinikanth.
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Entertaining movie for all from Rajini
mk_dan8 May 2005
SuperStar is back and this time in a new role as a psychiatrist! The plot of Chandramukhi revolves around mysterious events that taunt a family (Prabhu & co.) that recently bought a bungalow believed to be occupied 150 years ago by one Vettiya Maharaja. The plot keeps the viewers guessing as to what/who is the cause behind all these mysteries. SuperStar Rajini as "Saravanan" and a Ramachandra Swami use their own ways to help the family resolve the mysteries of Chandramukhi. The cast comprises of Prabhu (sivaji film productions), Jyothika, Naser, VijayaKumar, Vadivelu and newcomer Nayanthara?!. P.Vasu has failed to use any of the cast effectively - but has focused on keeping usual Rajini gimmicks to a minimum. Rajini/jyothika's performances can pull this movie to a success. Given Manichitarathalz the Malayalam version featuring Mohan Lal was a mega hit, the director P.Vasu could have done better. Vidyasagar's music was a pleasant surprise. At least 4 out of the 6 songs are pleasing to the ears, with the climax song "Raa Raa" scored beautifully in Ragaa sudhadhanyasi with Telugu lyrics being the best. Rajini's reduced gimmicks and demeanor seem to give his fans the impression he is turning a corner in his long movie career. Almost forgot to mention the "entry" scene where Rajini makes his fans scream with his stunt sequence - one of the better entries from the master lately. Rajini has 2 stunt scenes in the movie to please the younger audience. If the movie needs a PG-13 rating its because of the vulgar comedy track and Jyothika's facial expressions!
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CHANDRAMUKHI film has horor sequences in traditional dancing.
arjunflamingfeather25 November 2018
CHANDRAMUKHI is a movie with excellent dance and visual; payed attention to her eyes as a dancer will be brought to attention with light trials of sorts which the actress JOTHIKA or JOE as she is called in the south did. RAJNIKANT acted in the movie which won much praise for the role as a witch hunter being tried here as he is asked; off him to be in accordance with the witch hunts in the western hemisphere with GOODMAN BROWN being written on those hunting episodes of drama. CHANDRAMUKHI is the episode on the witch hunt in the south based on modern science and technological fictions. Scientific fiction like here dating back to those areas in the subcontinent that is with no cell phones even. Buy a Digital video device at cheap rate to watch this full-length movie.
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Family entertainer
rosechirackaljoseph28 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I loved Vineeth's dance in the movie. It was the thing that was lacking in the original.I also loved the way Jyothika's eye,s enlarged when she transformed.Also, the classic scene where Ganga lifts the bed was done amazingly well.The bed in Chandramuki looks a lot heavier compared to the bed in the original which I think even an angry 5-year-old could lift.One thing I disliked about the movie was the fact that the fight scenes in the movies were not at all realistic. Overall it was an enjoyable movie and I would definitely watch it a second time.
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keep of the theater
pras7629 March 2006
This is probably Rajini's worst movie ever.Nothing about this movie is worth writing about.The original version in Malayalam was far better and this one is a real insult on the Malyalam version.Rajni's make-up was awful jyothika was an embarrassment to say the least.Her dancing ,make-up ,expressions were all silly and makes u laugh.The role simply didn't suit her and they shud have chose someone better.Have no clue why they chose her when there are far better heroines .Vadivel's comedy was the only saving grace.Vidyasagar's music was mediocre.One really wonders how this movie became such an hit. Hope Rajini comes up with something better in Sivaji.Very Very disappointing
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Watch the Malayalam version instead
nickraman30 April 2007
This film is nothing but crap. I recently saw the malayalam version and it was FAR FAR BETTER than this remake. The only reason it was remade so that Rajni can still be at the top of the ladder making his lame punch dialogues at the little people and commenting on movies that are so good (in reality, they are horrible. Recently he urged his son/director to remake the Kannada blockbuster "Jogi" in tamil, which is officially getting negative reports and trade had declared it a super flop.)

Vadivelu needs to retire, Nayantara is a waste, Vineeth was probably the saving grace of the movie. Prabhu was adequate.

On the whole: Mohanlal > Rajni, Shobana > Jo, Suresh Gopi > Prabhu.All signs point to sticking towards the Malayalam original.

Fun fact: Chandramukhi bagged Jo an award while Anniyan bagged 8 in 2005's South Filmfare awards.
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Not worth Seeing
rahuls_290612 April 2005
I had a chance to watch Chandramukhi in an advance screening in Good Luck preview theater. I was really excited to watch it.. in the end i was two disappointed.. the movie sucks big time.... it is worst than Baba... it is neither a comedy movie nor a serious movie...

In trying to strike a balance between comedy, sentiments, and commercial elements, director has made a mess out of screenplay.

Rajini is the only pleasing element of the he does everything right... Prabhu is OK. Jyotika has overacted as usual. Nayanthara is a pleasant surprise...she is beautiful.. she does not have a meaty role to perform.. Vadivelu is sick with his comedy..

Overall its a bad film....
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this is one of the far better movies of Rajinikanth
arunaaruldass15 June 2006
This is a far better movie of Rajinikanth. I think the cast and music is very good compared to other movies of the time. The comment i saw hasn't done any justice to the movie or the cast.I think Jyothia was suitable for this role. Especially the costumes were adorable. Regarding Ranjinikanth's makeup...please he is old, that is the best he can do...but still i think overall he scores credit for that.I can assure that this movie is far better than the Malayam version of the same. Overall this movie is sheer fun and a great family entertainment. But i really don't see any significant role for Nayanthara. They could have gone for a better looking heroine for sure. But i really enjoyed this movie.
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Embarrassing Movie for Rajini Fans!!!!!
gopal-527 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I mean c'mon!!!!! This picture sucks till the core!!!! I don't mean to be rude or anything but this movie stinks.I went to the theater to watch this movie being an Rajini fan and all but got extremely disappointed.Its such a third-grade picture!!!C'mon, prabhu's acting was like his afraid to steal the limelight of Rajini or something, the Hindustani dude which kept appearing during the first half till the end was absolutely unnecessary.What?? The director thought it's some kinda clever plot so that the audience will be thrown off track on solving the suspect??? Puh-lease!!!Rajini's acting was extremely bad, was the hell did he act?? Other than speak some pshcological gibberish in the end of the movie.Just a note : Rajini should stop acting after "baba" cause it will only degrade his reputation he achieved his peak with "padaiappa", "arunachalum", "muthu", "badshah"..etc..Its so weird his acting like a young hero with nayantara.C'mon she looks like his great grand-daughter!!!!!!Whole cast was terrible, "joythika" acting was only passable!! C'mon vikram acted in 'Anniyan' a Billion times her character in three different personalities and did it billion times better!!The song was bad, with superstar embarrassing himself with dancing.Its so embarrassing to me being a hard rajini fan and all!!!Have you'll noticed Rajini's lips during the movie?? It's so burnt!!!And it the beginning of the movie when rajini did his fight which was way over with the supernatural stuff for a man of that age who was trying very hard to just keep his wig on!!!I mean its understandable that supernatural elements in a Tamil movies fight scenes is a must cause it caters even to the lower working class and "auto-rishaw" fellows in India which makes up the majority of audience in Tamil film.Now!! Now!! no need to get angry or anything just stating the facts only!!!So like i was telling the beginning of the movie during the fight scene which was totally defies newton's law of gravity, I was hoping it was some kinda of dream scene were Rajini will wake up and see it was only a dream cause all the kamal fans and other neutral audience were shouting remarks like "Thats Ridiculous", "Give a a Break!!"..etc.. and being a rajini fan that was some difficult remarks to digest so I prayed and hoped that the scene will change and show that it was only a dream scene or something to save Rajini's dignity or "mannum" but it didn't and I was crushed! Cauz if it was any other actor I would have given some iron hard criticism.But for the sake of rajini I kept my mouth shut and try my level best to convince my oneself which was calling it ridiculous deep down.Frankly the movie sucks so bad it it pathetic.The only reason it ran in the cinemas was because Rajini was acting and the punchline "sakakalalalka" which was the only highlight cause there was nothing else in the move to talk about!!!! I only respect the notion of the film that it was to Honor Sivaji's career life as an actor.But on the other hand it was a disgrace to Sivaji.Because like I said earlier it Sucks!!!!

Dissapoited Rajini fan. :(
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Horrible, Sick, Illogical Movie...
chucky_55522 May 2005
I very much wonder why people in tamil industry make all these Matrix stunts for each and every scene possible. And what not... Rajini as usual fights around 10 bad guys, and they fly away(literally), due to the impact of the blows. Both the fights at the beginning and at the end of the movie is totally unwanted... And Rajini's accent in English Sucks big time. The movie is a re-make of Manichitrathaazhu(a malayalam movie) made 10 years ago.

There is absolutely no humour in vadivelu's so called comedy. And the heroine Nayantara is useless in the movie... she is restricted to just songs and a few unwanted scenes. Jyotika OVER-ACTS no-end. Prabhu is present just for the sake of it. There is a big snake mentioned in the movie(not a real one, but a stupid virtual, computer-generated snake) that is of no use.

Just like all the above mentioned, there are innumerable unwanted scenes and stuff included in the movie. But I very well know that this movie will be a block buster(in tamilnadu, at least), thats because of the fans Rajini has...

But at some point of time, I believe that people will stop watching a movie just for the hero present in it, rather than the quality of story the movie has...
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