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Not horrible or sleazy enough
slake091 October 2006
I'm a big fan of sleaze and horror movies, when you put them together that's my sweet spot: horrible sleaze. You're not going to get it in this film, though.

There is certainly sleaze, in the form of girls being kidnapped and tortured, tied naked to various things. The sleaze isn't very sleazy, though. It didn't register very high on my sleaze meter, mainly because none of the girls were in the least attractive, nor did they attempt to act as if they were even threatened. They seemed to be thinking more about what was for lunch, or maybe when they could score some crack.

Forget the effects, they were lame in the extreme. The lameness was contributed to by the bad acting; effects are harder to believe when even the actors and actresses aren't buying into them.

Cinematography was pretty bad, they could have hired a couple cameramen from a porn movie and done better. In fact, that might have raised the sleaze factor enough to make it enjoyable. As it is, there are a lot of dark shots where you can't see very clearly, and what you can see isn't looking too good.

The horror factor is nil. Null. Zero. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I've seen kids movies that were more frightening. There's no camp here, either. It's just a movie that attempts to be shockingly sleazy, but doesn't even come close.
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terrible worthless junk should be sent straight to the landfill
raymio175 October 2006
This movie was absolute trash. The director and stars(?)should be banished from making movies forever. The paper-thin plot concerns a sleazy director played by the sleazy director (now thats acting) advertising on the internet for women to star in a snuff movie.

There's no horror at all, the girls look strung-out and bored, the direction is pointless, the music is misplaced (heavy metal in a library scene?), and the lighting is awful. The director should have cashed in a couple more shopping carts full of aluminum cans and gotten a script, sober actors, and a few light bulbs. As it is, this is one disgusting, nasty, worthless mess of a movie.
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One of the worst horror/slasher films ever made.
pulpnicktion13 March 2008
Kill the scream queen may sound like a good slasher flick but it is terribly boring and very dumb.

Kill the scream queen is about a crazy filmmaker who auditions girls to be in his snuff film. He rapes and tortures them. This is trash that is not amusing, suspenseful or entertaining.The killer has no motive,okay maybe hes just sick...and very dull. Maybe they could of gave a victim a story of their own. Anything could be an improvement. It needed a lot more.

They could of put just a little more into it. I love horror/slasher films but this is ridiculously bad.
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Could easily be better
Henry Tjernlund28 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Could easily have been better. In fact maybe so much so that if the filmmaker hadn't tried even as hard as he did, it might have actually been better.

On a good note. The lighting was reasonably okay. But pretty much everything else was lacking. Wobbly camera work. (Yeah, yeah, I know, that's supposed to be the style now.) Poorly recorded audio. And editing that looked like someone watched too many Ulli Lommel movies (which are some of the worst edited movies.) To sum it up, the movie seemed to be a rationalization for the director/writer/main-character to get some young women naked, put them in fake bondage, and grope them, while saying "menacing" things.
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I don't get it
the_wolf_imdb3 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Is this movie supposed to be some sort of amateur soft BDSM porn or what? I really do not get the message of the film, because it is too soft to be porn, too twisted to be art movie and too lame to be considered horror or drama.

It really seems to be just an amateurish attempt for the somewhat twisted snuff like soft porn (it is really stupid description but I cannot describe it in different manner). However, if you do love BDSM porn, there are better alternatives on the internet and you will not have to suffer the dialogs and completely wooden performance of the actors. I would never say that before but it seems to me now that you do need some acting talent for porn as well!

I really do hope that the author / writer / "star" had enjoyed touching the breast of the "actresses". It was probably the only good part of the movie and it was probably fun for him as well. So one extra point for that!
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Not as bad as it's being made out to be
hocfocprod4 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
While I was watching this movie I never thought I'd be defending it. It's honest enough from the begininning about not having much of a plot. There's no real characters to latch onto except the killer. Some of the acting can be better, but most of it is capable.

I know, a three out of ten isn't stellar, but there are reviews saying it was shot poorly and completely useless, etc. I think it set out to do what it's supposed to fairly well. The lighting is minimal at times, more natural than most audiences are used to, but it's supposed top look like a camcorder snuff film. In fact, at times the quality is probably still too high to be true to that, but nobody would make it through tne minutes of camera work that's truly that bad.

It's not particularly scary, but it is disturbing at times. There are one or two characters who don't come across as believable at all and the soundtrack does get tiring at times, but overall it was put together cleaner than a lot of camcorder movies.
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I've never ever seen any movie as bad as this...EVER
sugarnspiceh0330 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
i love all horror movies, a list to d list....but this was horrible with a capital HORRIBLE! the same CRAP all the way peak, nothing but a bunch of broads naked and this dumb dude "raping" and "humiliating them"...sucked! horrible acting, ugly women, a dude that wasn't nearly as intimidating as he should have been to play the part of a "snuff" movie maker. there was no point to this movie at all. i was super interested to watch this when i read the summary. it sounded good, even though the reviews all said it was horrible, i gave it a was just as bad and directed and shot the same as "slaughtered vomit dolls"...yet again, sounds gross and scary-my favorite type of scary movie...but it was nothing but a camera moving around an "actor" who had NO point or story line what so ever. period. i would never in a million years recommend this to anyone...not even a blind,deaf,mute human would enjoy this movie. sorry folks.
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Sleazy scream queen massacre
Dr. Gore16 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers

A maniac kills women for his snuff movie. All of the women are wannabe actresses who can't wait to be tied up and humiliated in the name of entertainment. The maniac, (Bill Zebub), can't wait to accommodate them. He's a talkative kind of killer. He likes to articulate everything he's going to do to his victims. It kind of takes the suspense away when every nasty move is spelled out ahead of time. Zebub says he wants to shock the horror world by killing the useless scream queens that are ruining horror by taking their tops off and screaming on cue. "Kill the Scream Queen" is an attempt to get back to basic exploitative horror by cutting out all of the fluff and getting down to it.

This is an interesting sleaze fest. Zebub strikes me as the kind of filmmaker who takes his horror movies very seriously. In "Kill the Scream Queen" he goes off on many tangents as to why recent horror has been diluted with a bunch of weak flicks, particularly ones that have scream queens. Of course I must disagree vehemently with this blasphemy. Scream queens are great. Why would anyone want to kill them? Of course Zebub exposes his hypocrisy by having naked women in almost every second of his movie and they're usually screaming. Horror movies need scream queens. Where would we be today if Jamie Lee Curtis hadn't screamed her head off in "Halloween"? Women will be screaming in horror movies until the end of time. Don't fight it.

In "Kill the Scream Queen", women walk into an abandoned bar, get tied up, usually get a big, red rubber ball shoved in their mouth and are promptly either raped or killed. But this flick is not just about tying women up, humiliating them and then killing them. Oh no. It's much more than that. Well, not much more. It's also about Zebub trying to bring real porno sleaze back into horror so that he can shock the jaded horror fans. He makes a good run at it. But it's still the same old problem that haunts most B-movies: Bad acting, unconvincing effects, etc. I wasn't shocked by any of the scenes although the exploitation level on this one is over the top. If you're looking for some pure B-movie sleaze, this one will work for you.
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My all-time lowest rating ever given---
jswindter016 January 2015
My vote is that of one, single, lowly *star*.

I am one who absolutely loves b-grade horror flicks to such a degree that even in some of the more crappy, lowest b-grade flicks I can still actually find entertainment value... but here, in this piece of "film" I can find zero, nil, nada, narry a single redeeming quality!!

How is it that utter waste, such as this, somehow is able to make its way into production, post- production, and even distribution? Yet, true talent with original concepts/content, or at least a fresh spin, on horror plot points/characters.. they get back burnered, pushed aside, and many times even permanently shelved never to see the light of day???!!!! How is that when we have such all out, pathetic garbage thats not even worth a single dime, nor worth ANYONE'S TIME spent on a single viewing of this MESS!!!

Unbelievable, it is, and it is exactly this type pure crap that gives the modern horror genre the stinking bad taste thats left in the viewers proverbial mouths from having witnessed such pathetic material.

WoW! Bill Zebub your "original" name is a perfect indicator of what your capabilities are in the movie making business... $hit, IMO!

1 pathetic star out of 10(and IMO, it doesn't even deserve 1 *star*)
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