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  • She seems like your ordinary overweight middle-aged wife & mom except her dream of being a rock star still weighs heavy on her soul, "they" say she can't do it, watch her transform and over come life's brutal obstacles to turn her dream into reality.

  • When Storm Fagan was 17-years-old, she was on the verge of pop super-stardom, but she put her career on hold to marry the man she loved and raise their beautiful daughter. Fast forward 20 years. Her daughter is on the way to college and Storm's rock and roll dreams are rekindled when her husband encourages her to take up singing locally as "Something to do in your spare time - Like Amway." Jay ends up with more than he bargained for. After getting her ass kicked by local bands over her age and dress size, Storm sheds her inhibitions and 35 pounds to put her ambitions into overdrive. First she puts together her own band Siren, from a diverse but talented group of musicians each with a different musical style and background. Despite (or perhaps because of) their history and baggage, the chemistry is magical! Refusing to take "no" for an answer she relentlessly pursues and cleverly wins over Sharon Cox, the best and toughest music agent in town. Storm secretly sells the family car, and ignoring an ultimatum from Jay, steals off with her band Siren in the middle of the night on a multi-state tour, risking everything to find out once and for all if she is still good enough to make the music and her most cherished dreams live again. Storm confronts and overcomes each obstacle that is put in her path, but the traps and trappings of touring, bus breakdowns, alcohol, drugs, and lustful groupies begin to take their toll. Worse yet back on the home front her best friend Renee makes an all out bid to seduce and win Jay for her own. At the end of the road in Las Vegas, everything and everyone come crashing together for better or worse as Storm finds out that win lose or draw, it is better to hold on to your dreams, than to have your dreams on hold.


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  • Comments by Actor / Writer Roy C. Peterson

    Please be warned that I was in this one. Only as a rock fan with no lines, but the reader is cautioned that I'm very prejudiced because I saw so much of the good work that went into making this film.

    I got a special invitation to the premiere in Las Vegas. It's fun to experience the finished product of something when you have thus far seen only diverse shreds. All kinds of good music got edited out. I felt bad about this at first but later Phil Valentine of Stage Left Productions cheered me up when he explained that editing has to be this severe or movies will just end up being too long.

    It's my opinion that Michele Fiore-Kaime is quite a woman. She wrote, produced, and stared in this film. She tool it up to Park City, rented a location, and screened it during the Sundance Film Festival. Eventually she got distribution via Galactic Pictures.

    The story is the best treatment I've seen of the theme about the need within marriage to give your spouse appreciable slack when it comes to the most important things they need for self fulfillment.

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