Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007) Poster

Naomie Harris: Tia Dalma



  • Gibbs : Jack! The world needs you back something fierce!

    Will Turner : Cutler Beckett has the heart of Davy Jones, he controls the Flying Dutchman.

    Elizabeth Swann : He's taking over the sea!

    Tia Dalma : The song has already been sung! The brethren court is called!

    Jack Sparrow : I leave you people alone for just a minute and look what happens, everything's gone to pot!

  • Jack Sparrow : Why should I sail with any of you? Four of you have tried to kill me in the past... one of you succeeded.

    [looks at Elizabeth; Will looks at her; she looks around, guiltily] 

    Jack Sparrow : Oh, she's not told you. You'll have loads to talk about while you're here.

    Jack Sparrow : [to Tia Dalma]  As for you...

    Tia Dalma : Now, don't tell me you didn't enjoy it at the time.

    Jack Sparrow : Fair enough. You're in.

    [begins going down the line of pirates on the beach] 

    Jack Sparrow : [to Ragetti]  Don't need you, you scare me. Gibbs, you can come. Marty, Cotton... Cotton's parrot, I'm a little iffy... At least I'll have someone to talk to.

    [to Tai Huang] 

    Jack Sparrow : Who are you?

    Tai Huang : Tai Huang. These are my men.

    Jack Sparrow : Where does your allegiance lie?

    Tai Huang : With the highest bidder.

    Jack Sparrow : I have a ship.

    Tai Huang : That makes you the highest bidder.

    Jack Sparrow : Good man. Weigh anchor, all hands! Prepare to make sail!

    [takes out compass] 

    Cotton's Parrot : Weigh anchor!

    Barbossa : [pats the charts in his hands]  Jack... Which way ya goin', Jack?

  • Tia Dalma : My sweet, you've come for me.

    Davy Jones : You were expecting me?

    Tia Dalma : It has been torture, trapped in this single form, cut off from the sea. From all that I love. From you.

    Davy Jones : Ten years, I devoted to the duty you charged me. Ten years, I looked after those who died at sea, and finally, when we could be together again, you weren't there. Why weren't you there?

    Tia Dalma : It is my nature. Would you love me if I was anything but what I am?

    Davy Jones : I do not love you!

    Tia Dalma : Many things you were, Davy Jones, but never cruel. You have corrupted your purpose, and so yourself, and you did hide away what should always have been mine!

    [turns him to his untentacley human form] 

    Davy Jones : [caressing her face]  Calypso.

    Tia Dalma : I will be free, and when I am, I will give you my heart, and we will be together always... but if only you had a heart to give.

    [turns him to his tentacley monstrous form] 

    Tia Dalma : [his crab claw arm reaches out and chokes her]  Why did you come?

    Davy Jones : [unable to pull his arm back through the bars, he walks through them]  And what fate have you planned for your captors?

    Tia Dalma : [angrily]  The brethren court? All of them, the last thing they will learn in this life is how cruel I can be.

    [Jones turns to leave] 

    Tia Dalma : And what of your fate, Davy Jones?

    Davy Jones : [turns back]  My heart will always belong to you.

    [he leaves] 

    Tia Dalma : [smiles softly to herself as she hugs the bars] 

  • Tia Dalma : Witty Jack is closer than you think!

    [mast of the Black Pearl appears in the background, Jack perched on top] 

  • Tia Dalma : There's an evil on these seas that even the most staunch and bloodthirsty pirates have come to fear.

  • [Elizabeth sees her father in a boat that headed towards the land of the dead and is trying to get off the ship to him] 

    Tia Dalma : She must not leave the ship!

    [she and most of the crew members rush towards her to stop her] 

    Elizabeth Swann : Father!

    Governor Swann : I'll give your love to your mother, shall I?

    Elizabeth Swann : Father!

    [Will grabs her and holds onto her while she cries] 

    Will Turner : [to Tia]  Is there a way?

    Tia Dalma : [shakes her head]  Him at peace.

  • Pintel : No one said anything about cold.

    Ragetti : I'm sure there must be a good reason for our suffering.

    Pintel : Why don't that Obeah woman bring Jack back the same way she brought back Barbossa?

    Tia Dalma : Because Barbossa was only dead. Jack Sparrow is taken body and soul to a place not of death, but of punishment, the worst fate a person can bring upon himself stretching on forever. That's what awaits at Davy Jones' locker.

    Ragetti : Well, I knew there was a good reason.

  • Captain Barbossa : [after reaching Shipwreck Island]  I do not renege on a bargain once struck, but we agreed on ends only, the means

    [caresses her hair] 

    Captain Barbossa : are mine to decide.

    Tia Dalma : [angrily]  Caution, Barbossa: do not forget that it was by *my* power that you were brought back from the dead-or what it'd mean if you fail me.

    Captain Barbossa : [changes Barbossa's hand into a skeletal form for a brief moment; this enrages Barbossa, who grabs her by the shoulder]  Don't you forget why you had to bring me back, why I could not leave Jack to his well-deserved fate! It took nine Pirate Lords to bind you, Calypso, and it'll take no less than nine to set you free!

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