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Season 1

20 Nov. 2004
Awful Impalement
A Scotland man is pierced by a garden stake after slipping on ice; A Colorado man is stabbed in the eye after falling off a wall.
Ice Man
A man with an incredible tolerance for cold temperatures tests his abilities in an ice chamber.
13 Dec. 2004
Trapped Underwater
A woman falls into a blowhole and becomes trapped in an underwater cave.
13 Dec. 2004
Human Lightning Rod
Experts examine a man who has been struck by lightning four times and survived.
Bungled Bungee Jump
An illegal stunt goes awry, causing a group of friends to fall nearly 200 feet from a bridge.
Crushed by Earthquake
A man suffers crushed legs and a collapsed lung from an earthquake.
Sky - High Survival
A man survives hours in the harsh elements after stowing away on the outside of a plane to escape the Cuban government.
Tornado Survivor
A man survives after being picked up by a tornado.
Over the Falls
A man survives after going over Niagara Falls without any protective gear.
17 Mar. 2005
Humans Can't Fly
A man is shot from a human canon; a woman is hurdled through the air by a medieval catapult.

 Season 1 

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