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vendettaemail1 December 2005
After seeing the movie in a class of mine and having a talk with the filmmaker, I found out exactly why the film bombed the way it did. The creators of the movie had no intention to call the film "8MM 2." Originally, the film was called "The Velvet Side of Hell" but was changed at the last minute by Sony Pictures to 8MM 2 without letting the filmmakers have any say in the matter. By doing that, it screwed them out of theatrical releases and doomed it to a straight to video release with minimal advertising.

Again, this is from the filmmaker's mouths, not mine, so I really can't say what is truth, and what is hype.

If you look at the film as "Velvet Side of Hell," it isn't THAT bad. It isn't great, but it is not god awful. It would basically just be a B-movie that likes to show boobs. But as a sequel to "8MM," the film fails terribly.
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Very Erotic, Amoral, Predictable, but Attractive Thriller
claudio_carvalho5 June 2006
In Budapest, the ambitious diplomat and aspirant congressman of poor origin David Huxley (Johnathon Schaech) and his fiancée of wealthy and traditional family Tish Harrington (Lori Heuring) travel to a hotel in Alhambra to spend a weekend together before their marriage. In the hotel, they fantasize and have a threesome with the delicious model Risa (Zita Görög) as part of his bachelor party. When they return to their normal life, they are blackmailed with a porn video of their sexual encounter with Risa. David and Tish go to the pornographic underworld of Budapest trying to retrieve the tapes and avoid a scandal and damage in Tish's father and David's career.

I was surprised with "8 mm2", since I was expecting a garbage, but I found it very erotic, amoral, partially predictable, but also attractive thriller. The beginning does not develop the character of David and Tish as it should, but later the viewer begins to understand their motives. David's is clear, since he is ambitious, aiming to climb to a higher social position at any cost, therefore making the plot point in the conclusion of the story partially predictable. But Tish is the great character of his movie, since she is a much sexualized woman, who fantasizes her sexual life playing games with David, and entwined between her fear and curiosity and desire about the underworld of sex and pornography. Due to the strong sexual content and nudity, this movie is recommended for specific audiences. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "8 mm 2"
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s-kelle15 December 2007
This is not at all a bad movie, if you drop the following expectations:

  • 8mm sequel?? It has nothing to do with 8mm, the movie with Nicolas Cage.

  • Story? The plot is not hugely elaborate, it's a blackmailing story which takes a slight twist at the end.

  • Actors? Acting should have been with more heart and more convincing.

Other than that, it's a highly enjoyable movie. It's full of masterfully photographed erotic, film-noir atmosphere, very nice on-location footage from Hungary and an excellent soundtrack.

Although the story has its deficits, it serves well for generating a big deal of suspense. Much of the suspense originates from the psychological interplay between the different "opponents" in the movie. It's not about dull action scenes or car hunts.

Altogether, still worth a 7. Good time watching.
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why call it 8mm 2???
travthompson30 December 2005
The movie on a whole wasn't bad, it was actually all right, but it has nothing to do with the movie 8mm. There is no reference to it, the plots are not even remote similar. It just seemed like a publicity act to title it that, so that didn't sit well with me. Other than the trick to get you to rent it, its not a waist. The acting in this movie is solid, the characters are believable. The story line is a little sketchy and jumps without really understanding the point. Be prepared for a lot of random nudity. Over all its not so bad. I would recommend it as a date movie for a younger couple. Its a sexy thriller/who did it type story similar to Basic Instinct
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Underrated Director
rbrowne-410 April 2008
J.S. Cardone has been putting out little gems like this one for years now. I think he has a great story sense and a great eye as a director. He always manages to make these lower budget movies look very classy and this one is no exception.

Was the plot predictable and sometimes improbable? To some degree, yes. But ultimately it doesn't matter, because you have a good time following these two as they take their journey through the dark side of Budapest. The sex and nudity may be a bit too much for some, but I found it tasteful and artistically managed.

I think it's a shame this thing was tagged 8mm2. It would likely have been treated better by the reviewers here if it had been called something else, since it obviously has no relationship to 8mm, which, I think, is an inferior movie.

I've tried to make it a point to find as many Cardone films (either written or directed) as I can. Frankly, being a novelist myself, I would love one day to see Cardone adapt one of my books. Unfortunately, that's not something I have control over...
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Nothing to do with original 8mm
Queer-qatfm22 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Sure, this flick set in Eastern Europe is filled with sexy, but it absolutely has nothing to do with the Nicholas Cage flick "8mm" An ambassador's daughter and her fiancée mix it up with a local woman in a threesome that ends up being taped. The tape is used for blackmail and the stakes get higher and higher as the couple try to work it out themselves instead of going to authorities.

The sex comes and goes -- and would be the only reason for renting it, I suppose if you like this sorta thing -- and is quite gratuitous towards the middle when we cruise along the porn scene looking for the "other woman." I definitely question how it got into Blockbuster even with a Youth Restricted Sticker considering how just a hint over the edge of soft core it is. (Oh that's right, it's the double standard. Actual art-house flicks like "The Dreamers" and "Y Tu Mama Tambien" get castrated R versions, but Straight To DVD crap like this get the UNRATED banner proudly attached. Whatever.)

The acting is horrible, the plot is mind numbingly unoriginal, but really the worst offense is the idea that this is a sequel to 8mm. I'd give the flick a D for a grade and be nice, but considering they tried to trick me, it gets the F it frankly deserves.
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Come for the sex, stay for the smirks...
dilligaff27 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
David(Schaech) is an other-side-of-the-tracks guy who has made good as an attorney and is now on his way up in the political world, and he just happens to be engaged to Tish(Heuring), the buttaface daughter of another quick-rising politico. So the happy couple sets off to Eastern Europe for a little pre-wedding fun...a little drugs, a little threesome--you know, your typical political vacation. Then it's back to work and wedding planning...UNTIL...they discover that someone has photos of their threesome!and a video!and is blackmailing them!it could ruin his career as well as her father's. They can either (a)tell the police and run the double risk of being exposed or (b)do a little investigating on their own to find out who's behind it. Which do they choose? Precisely, and so we have a "sexual thriller" that nearly rivals Showgirls in plot, dialogue and acting. In order to find the source of the blackmail David and Tish must venture into such horrible places as...the internet...strip clubs...a porn store. Um, does this sound to anyone else like a typical Saturday night for thousands of men? And the irony of the course of action the couple chooses must have been lost on some major people involved in the film. Going undercover as a stripper/porn wannabe and her agent to *prevent* a scandal? Hmmm. Anyway, there's this whole subtext about exhibitionism, voyeurism, shame, and desire (Is the couple secretly getting kicks from this "forced investigation"? Does she enjoy being watched, and does he enjoy watching?) that could have been interesting if someone had taken making this film seriously, but instead it's just poorly done and seems to make the plot drag all the way up until the twist (yawn) ending--though I will say it at least ties up a few questionable loose ends. Most films of this type don't always feel the need to do that. As for the actual sexual parts of the film, well it doesn't star Jenna Jameson--but for something that can be found at Blockbuster it has more than its fair share of ooh-la-la moments (walking onto a "real" porn shoot in the middle of filming being one of them). Do the sex scenes make up for the lacking plot? Not really, unless you're that desperate for a sex scene without being caught browsing at the local "24 Hour" store. But this is no worse a "sequel" than Ocean's 12; and then there's that moment of realization in both when it becomes apparent you've been had and someone is laughing all the way to the bank. At that point you can (a)laugh at yourself for being as dumb as the movie and finish it with a few (more) beers or (b)do a little investigating to find out who's behind it--and realize that you should have known better when you saw that Jonathon Shaech's next role is in Roadhouse 2...which I'll also probably watch because I'm a glutton for punishment. If you like films like Jade, Showgirls, Basic Instinct, Sliver, Road House, and Wild Things then you'll probably hate yourself for liking this one, too.
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What started off as an alright film, it ended pretty badly
Smells_Like_Cheese7 December 2006
First off, the first thing that came to my mind after I finished this film last night was "Why the title of 8MM 2?", because I saw the first one obviously, and what did this have to do with the first movie's plot? The only thing that was similar was the fact that the couple had to go into the porno industry and that wasn't even needed in the plot, because after you see the ending that I will not spoil, it just didn't make any sense.

A diplomat and his fiancée are in Hungary and notice a woman who is swimming naked in the pool area, she's very attractive, so when they see her at a club, they decide to have a little fun and have a steamy threesome. But things get extremely intense when the diplomat is mailed pictures of them all having the affair, fearing that it might go public and jeopardize his career, they pay off the guy who sent the pictures, the diplomat freaks out and "kills" the guy, leading into a murder case. He and his fiacee decide to find the girl they had the affair with, but things just get deeper and darker as they go further into what they got themselves into.

What could have been an alright thriller, turned into an unexplained and not well thought out movie, which was sad. Like I said, the title really has nothing to do with the first one, so don't fall for it. It's just a sexual thriller that makes no sense, but it's good for those nights alone, because quite frankly this is one of those films where it's so close to porn that it might as well be labeled as soft core.

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Sooo underrated!. Very interesting film
billy-oeo5 December 2012
I had watched this film many years ago, almost when it came out, and i remember I was thrilled. I was always curious why the ratings were so low, until recently, when I ran into this film again and now i think its safe to say it truly is so underrated!

The story takes place in Budapest where a young couple (soon to get married) spend a weekend. As every similar movie filmed in the Eastern Europe, it creates a dark and mysterious scenery. It also contains many nude and sex scenes which may look excessive but in my opinion they contribute to the whole atmosphere.

As you probably read in the storyline, the couple gets secretly filmed and then blackmailed by some people which appear to belong in the Hungarian Mafia. The plot evolves beautifully and as far as the actors.. i know Johnathon Schaech's acting is not that gifted but you have to admit that guy looks really cool lol

Personally, I don't care if it has nothing to do with 8mm I neither if it should be called differently. Whichever the title is, it is a nice film especially for those who are into mystery-crime-thrillers.I definitely suggest you to watch it and even if you don't get that excited I guarantee you ll have a fun couple of hours :)
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Actually, very intriguing and dark political - sexual oriented sequel.
insomniac_rod15 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I have to admit that I'm a huge fan of the original "8 MM". I didn't expect this sequel to be equally good or even half as decent as the original, but I decided to give it a chance because I read it's plot here in IMDb.

The truth is that I ended up liking it big time mainly because it deals with topics that are very interesting for me: politics, sex, promiscuity, threesomes, Europe, guns, and mobs.

Everything gets screwed up for a couple that travels to Europe and after having a steamy visit to a night club and participate in a threesome with a super hot European beauty; they're taped during their threesome and later getting blackmailed by unknown criminals. This leads to a very interesting and bloody investigation.

Some situations include murders, visiting dark places that include prostitution, drugs, and more.

The political point of view is pretty interesting mainly because it deals with labor aspirations, laws, and we can see how corruption works at all levels.

Lori Heuring is extremely sexy and I enjoyed her sex scene. I mean, I enjoyed every single moment she was on screen. ;) The direction is just regular and the cinematography does it's work pretty well. I mean, I always cheer up for the combination of darkness used in colorful settings.

After the ending I thought to myself: "Man, this was a solid entertaining, dark and violent flick, I enjoyed it".

Give it a chance but don't think about the dark masterpiece from 1999.
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For all of the bad comments this film's getting i liked it.
badgrrlkane11 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
It is a good suspense sex-thriller. It has a stupid title as it has nothing to do with the 1999 film 8MM that had Nic Cage in it, nor is it about a movie done on an 8MM film, & it is similar in the vein of it has to do with the underground porn world in the country of Hungry, but that's where the similarities end. If you're looking for the same style of film as 8mm you will be disappointed. If you like sex-thriller's done in a B-movie way, you'll really like this. I did. Great plot & surprising ending switch. The un-rated version has a lot of nudity (especially full-frontal female nudity) & unfortunately the extremely hot,underrated actor Johnathon Schaech didn't get all the way nude (just a butt shot!) but he did a very good job in the film as did Lori Heruing &Bruce Davison. My only gripe is I wish they would've used Julie Benz more as i'm a big fan of hers from her days on Buffy & Angel. This should've been released as it's own film not as a sequel. Idon't think that it would've seen a theatrical release regardless though. Definitely worth a look-see though. Especially if you're feeling horny & don't want hardcore or softcore porn. Namely a sexual film but with a decent plot. ** out of *****
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Nothing like the first one
lastliberal17 June 2007
This was a complete departure on 8MM. There was no Nickolas Cage looking into a snuff film. This was about a couple that were being blackmailed.

Johnathon Schaech (Woundings), who was or still is married to Christina Applegate, stars with Lori Heuring, a Maxim Top 100 hottie. They take a trip to a hotel, are filmed in steamy sex and blackmailed. Of course. Lori's daddy is going to be a Supreme Court Justice and she is worth millions, which she ends up paying a huge sum of and all is rosy. Or is it? I saw this coming a mile away, but it was still good when it happened.

Even if the journey was predictable, it was enjoyable to see the seamy side of Budapest, and to visit a club where the main attraction is lots of full frontal nudity. The film features some ménage à trois, girl-on-girl, and regular sex with more boobies than you can count. Forget the story and just enjoy the soft porn.
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Title was confusing. . . Film was good, , , Lead actor was great. .
WayGoneBy18 May 2006
Why 8MM2? Sure does not fit; no reflection, reference, resemblance to 8MM!?! The story line was good - the ending was the bomb! Did not expect it - for sure. The photography was good and the main characters definitely had chemistry. I don't know that all of the sex scenes were necessary - some were definitely for shock value. The actors really made the story believable and held your interest.The lead actor was awesome - I've seen him in other films and his characters are believable - he generates passion. His acting is as good as his looks -awesome!!! This would have been great in the theater - not many better films shown on the big screen.Go figure!
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Sexual political thriller...
dwpollar10 February 2008
1st watched 2/9/2008, 4 out of 10(Dir-J.S. Cardone): Sexual political thriller that doesn't really succeed in any of these areas very well except early on where there are some interesting soft-core scenes. The movie starts off portraying a couple exploring their sexual fantasies amidst their work environments or wherever and whatever suits their fancy. The couple takes an excursion to a retreat and bathhouse where they run into a woman that's willing to be a part of a three-some and fulfill some of their fantasies. At this point, we only know that this couple is well off but we don't know until they return that the fiancé is part of a well-to-do political family. The man hopes to be on the rise to the point of possibly getting a congressional seat after the marriage. They then receive a package in the mail from an anonymous source with explicit pictures of their encounter at the bath house and their qwest begins as to how and why they were filmed, who sent the package, what they want, and how to clear their names before any of this gets out. This qwest becomes an obsession that leads them deeper into seedier worlds and takes a lot of their time, to the point where their friends & family wonder what they're doing all day and why they look rundown all the time. This movie is interesting at times but drifts into ridiculousness as they personally seek out the problem instead of getting the police involved early on because of their pride. This mistake, of course, keeps the movie going. The performances are fine despite the no-name cast but the lunacy of the situation overrides and the movie starts to become ho-hum about ½ the way through. And of course, they throw in a twist at the end that defies and challenges everything that happened prior(as is the norm these days when they don't know what else to do to spice up the movie). This doesn't help this movie one bit, though.
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Pictures don't lie.
michaelRokeefe6 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is a sequel to 8MM(1999), but not a continued storyline. The career of a prominent politician(Johnathon Schaech)is about to derail. Everything looks in his favor to climb the political ladder. His fiancée(Lori Heuring)is beyond wealthy and her daddy(Bruce Davidson)is an Ambassador. Schaech's becoming a congressman is in jeopardy due to an extortionist with revealing photos and a video of the young couple having a sordid sexual tryst with a model/prostitute(Zita Gorog)in Budapest. They must delve into the underworld of sex and pornography to retrieve the evidence in order to save the young politician's career, as well as his future father-in-law's.

A very strong rated R due to very graphic sexual activity. Not fade away or quick shots of the sex either. So this erotic thriller is not meant for everyone. And it is worth watching again in spite of the lackluster unimaginative ending.
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Slow moving
xredgarnetx28 January 2008
B-movie darling Johnathan Schaech stars in 8MM 2, which has absolutely nothing to do with the nasty Nic Cage horror film. Someone simply bought the rights to the title. Schaech and his fiancée (Lori Huering) are secretly filmed having sex with a prostitute in a Budapest hotel room, and subsequently blackmailed. They try to uncover the blackmailer before images from the film are put on the Internet for all to see. The problem is that Schaech's fiancée is the daughter of a very important and wealthy man (Bruce Davison, in what amounts to little more than a cameo). Obviously shot on the cheap in Hungary, the film goes nowhere. The sex scene featuring the threesome, which might have made the movie worthwhile, is not particularly titillating. I can see better on an episode of NIP/TUCK. And the ending has a twist any astute viewer will have figured out 10 minutes into the movie.
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Go rent the original and save your $3.
noizyme19 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Wow, what's this on the video rental store's shelf in front of me? Nothing other than a questionable "sequel" to 8MM. It wasn't a very good sequel to a movie that had a very definitive end and an abundance of emotional depth far greater than this movie.

Basically, from the plot outline verbatim, an American diplomat, David Huxley, and his fiancée, Tish Harrington, venture into the sordid underworld of sex and pornography in Budapest, Hungary to find out who is blackmailing them with a porno video taken of them with a prostitute, Risa. The entire story is based around the various characters who make up these various sex clubs and strip joints throughout the city. The mystery is solved when, in the end, Tish finds out that the ransom money for the video and (essentially later on in the story) her fiancée which came out of her trust fund money is basically going back to her future husband as the story unfolds til the bitter end.

I didn't like how this had nothing to do with the original 8MM at all. The only thing close to the original is the type of thriller that it was, the fact that David ends up with some kind of bondage contraption over him to keep him prisoner looks like the kinky world of the first film, and the fact that the entire movie has sex emblazoned throughout almost every key scene. Otherwise, its a totally different movie. It made for a lousy love story, even before the end is known, which makes the ending more of a possibility because I didn't believe the words coming out of David's mouth the whole time. But we were warned that he was a liar about most things that might get him in trouble.

There were ridiculous nude scenes in most of the "shocking" moments of the film, which were trying to stir emotions in the audience to cheer for Tish to figure out the plot so she can leave this "hellish" sex debauchery. I counted at least 11 ridiculously filmed sequences when there was nothing but sex to be shown. Even the menu screen on the DVD is nothing but film with naked women on it to make the DVD seem totally provocative.

David was no heroic person throughout the film. You could guess he was the main problem long before the end. The actors who played each role were all new to me, which might explain how they got so many of them to strip down to gain acting "respect." There were plot holes (How did David and Richard finally impress Tish's father by getting the lease they wanted when David was so wrapped up in this damn investigation to try and find a prostitute?) There were cheesy technology moments (like the talking email program dressed up like a bondage queen), and a gay brother character which did nothing but show how the director was trying to get a Joaquin Phoenix knockoff to play this character. The tag line featured on this profile for this video is complete BS, too, because it wasn't even about a last breath. Nobody really dies. But they did have a good car crash sequence that came out of nowhere...but that was a good 10 seconds long out of an hour and 3/4 long movie.

Go rent (and maybe buy) the original. It's one of Joel Schumacher's better and more original films. It has everything better about it from this film. I wouldn't recommend seeing this unless you want to compare apples to oranges.
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Not Underrated
artpf1 November 2013
David Huxley, low-born self-made legal counsel at the US embassy in Budapest, may expect his career to be boosted by his impending marriage to Tish, daughter of old money tycoon and ambassador to Hungary Harrington. But when the happy couple spends a night of hot sex at a spa, including a threesome with an exhibitionist model, they are secretly filmed, and the suspect is found murdered in their hotel. To handle the blackmail, they venture into a sex club where porno movies are made. Tish volunteers to 'act' so David can snoop around, but that only gets them into even greater danger, which ultimately proves most deceptive.

Firstly, this has nothing to do with the Cage movie. It's basically a Silk Stalkings sex romp. The sets are lavish. The story is nonexistent. It's actually rather boring. The woman who gets black mailed is a horse faced dog.

Not worth your time in the slightest.
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Unrelated and rather forgettable
Leofwine_draca23 June 2015
Ostensibly a sequel to the Nicolas Cage snuff investigation flick 8MM, 8MM 2 turns out to have nothing to do with that film. In fact, it was originally an independent movie called THE VELVET SIDE OF HELL, before Sony swapped the title and released it as one of those direct-to-DVD cash-ins (see THE HITCHER 2, etc. etc.). It has nothing to do with 8MM at all, and is more of an erotic thriller along the lines of BASIC INSTINCT.

The film was shot in Hungary, which allows for a handful of interesting location shots, although for the most part this is a murky enterprise. It sees a couple drawn into the seedy world of porn production when their encounter with an exotic model is filmed by a bad guy who is subsequently found dead in the hotel. With the police on their tail they attempt to track down the bad guys responsible.

Very little happens in this rather uninteresting thriller, whose made goal seems to be to show as much naked flesh as possible. The entire production is padded out with copious female nudity, with sex and stripping the order of the day. Despite all these flesh shots the film feels rather tame and predictable, with the crime elements of the story perfunctory rather than engaging. A weak cast and disposable characters don't help much.
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Really weak ending
Alan-4016 May 2006
This thriller's formula has been done so many times that you really have to be asleep to not see how it will turn out very soon in the movie. The story is so weak that the script resorts to having the manipulator in the story act "in character" even in scenes with no other characters in them. In other words, when there is nobody to manipulate except the audience. You can't write any more about it without writing a spoiler.

The visuals are pretty and sexy, and one would like to know more about Lori Heuring's character Tish. She does a good job balancing her conflicting emotions the story puts her through -- fear and curiosity and unwanted desires. Hers is the only thing that makes the movie interesting.
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Those who think the original wasn't very good might want to give this a try
davideo-214 November 2007
STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning

David (Johnathon Schaech) and Tish (Lori Heuring) are a couple in Budapest, on business commitments and staying at a luxury hotel. One night, they meet an attractive woman at a nightclub and invite her back to their place, where they end up in a threesome. All is well, until David receives some negatives in the mail and he and Tish end up being blackmailed. But when some people involved in the deception are found murdered, things get messy and they are forced to enter the seedy underground world of pornography and hardcore bondage to track down the woman who may hold the key to everything.

Whereas the original film dealt with the concept of snuff films, this straight to DVD sequel deals with the more wholesome (!!!) theme of threesomes and sleazy sex. It plays like a porn film, a cheap piece of titillation with plenty of hot T/A action going on. If this sounds like your idea of a good film, you'll probably like it, but you'd probably be more at home in a porn shop than a video store.

This tries to copy the original film's dark and voyeuristic feel, but while it does a pretty good job of this, it still can't hold up to that of the original's. It has an apathetic story, with a dodgy narrative flow. And compared to Cage, Schaech comes across as interminably wooden.

Better than I thought it'd be, I suppose, and better than your average one of these DVD direct sequels that seem to be coming out a lot these days, but really, haven't we seen enough? **
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With better actors for the main couple, this could be a very good thriller
guisreis23 November 2016
The story is nice, but the main couple (Johnathon Schaech and Lori Heuring) is so irritating! Indeed, the beginning of the movie (before Zita Görög in the pool) is one of the worst I have ever seen in a film, with bad acting and poor dialogues. It gets better, as the thriller has an entertaining story, until the end, but all the long dialog scenes do annoy throughout the movie (differently for the more action-oriented ones). Other actors do a good job, particularly those whose characters are involved in sex industry, such as the pornographic photographer and the brothel mobster owner. As a matter of fact, all the red-light underworld scenes are very nice. Some of the most famous hardcore stars from Hungary have (nude) cameos or minor roles.
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It's not the sequel to to 8mm, and it's really not that big of a deal, cause it still sucks
subxerogravity24 March 2016
Well, I knew it was not going to be a direct sequel to 8mm, but both movies have no connection, which is explained on the DVD extras that this was a stand alone film until the studio head try to make more money by connecting the movies.

But I saw the movie without this info, but even after understanding this the movie still is not that good.

It's too predictable for me, which made it very cheesy. you can see the ending coming a mile away once the pilot is revealed.

I can't say that the acting was bad because it was the very good acting that allowed me to see the ending coming, but the story was lame and too formulated without enough twist and turns to shake me from knowing exactly what's coming.

I saw it because I herd it was a good soft-core porn film. Wrong! I've seen better, I've seen a lot better, it's a mediocre erotic thriller, but not good enough to over shadow the formulated story.

Skip it!
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A quite good thriller for sure
zlswl3 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Not a great movie but was quite impressed with the thriller side of the story with an unexpected ending. Aside of that, there's a lot of sex scenes, good ones actually, and even a porn scene with a close up of lesbian sex. It is interesting to see the underworld of these former soviet states and their greed for sex and money. Easy to understand what happens when you have countries such Hungary, Czech Republic, Latvia, Romania, etc,.. with so many beautiful women but no jobs around. I didn't know that there was an unrated version of the movie so I think I will watch this one now. It was quite good acted as well even though the actors / actresses are not any big stars.
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Toilet Acting, Yet Captivating
bacardicazz2 November 2013
I recently bought 8MM 1&2 together as a bundle. I felt like the first movie was an okay thriller, with some stellar performances by the accompanying cast. After watching the second movie, I was dazed as to the connection between parts 1 and 2: there is none. In the first movie, the protagonist goes looking for the fate of a young girl who ended up starring in a snuff film. His investigation finally leads to Dino Velvet, a deranged porn producer. The full title of the second part implies ("The Velvet Side of Hell")that we will be diving into Dino's debauched world a bit further, but that is not the case. In fact, there is not a single connection between this film and the first. As an explanation, I believe the production company wanted to make a few extra bucks and decided to give the film a more recognizable title.

When I checked the extras, the director seemed like an artistic person, but he was too gratuitous about his actors, to say the least. He kept going on about how they 'understood the script'. If that was the case, the two protagonists reflected it poorly. In scenes where they get a dramatic close-up, they lack depth and conviction. And instead of building character persona, their characters just seem to make random statements, having no real perspective or opinion of their own. For instance, when Tish is shown the photo's in the diner, she reacts with "we look seriously hot in these". Scenes later, she sees the photo's as a matter of life and death, stopping at nothing to keep them from the media.

The concluding scene tries to combine elements of Fincher's The Game with elements of Singer's The Usual Suspects, but comes off as a cheap imitation (how can Risa or the cop be alive?).

Nonetheless, it is an intriguing film to watch. The morbid underworld of the Hungarian porn industry is depicted goth-like with an ominous feel to it. As a shooting location, the Alhambra baths are amazing. This location is highlighted by the introduction of the scantily clad character Risa, portrayed by Zita Gorog. Watch this movie when you have already had desert, you are still full of the main course but you could go for a late night snack.
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