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Zachary Levi: Shazam



  • [from trailer, Shazam and Freddy confront armed robbers in convenience store] 

    Shazam : Gentlemen...

    [robber shoots Shazam, the bullet ricochets off him] 

    Freddy Freeman : [filming on his phone]  You have bullet immunity!

    Shazam : [shocked]  I'm bulletproof!

    [they both laugh before Shazam's expression suddenly turns serious] 

    Shazam : [turning back to the robbers ]  You're dead.

    [robbers fly out the window in front of a couple] 

    Shazam : [walking out of store with junk food]  Sorry about your window... but you're welcome for not getting robbed!

    Freddy Freeman : Have a good night!

    Shazam : [to couple]  Oh hey, wassup? I'm a superhero!

  • [Shazam and Sivana are in the sky] 

    Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : Only I have the power to unleash...

    Shazam : [can't hear him]  Wait, WHAT?

    Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : will beg for mercy...

    Shazam : Are you making some, like, big, evil-guy speech right now or somethin'? You're like a mile away from me, and there's traffic and cars and stuff! All I see is mouth-movin'!

    Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : As I feast on your heart...

    Shazam : Ah, whatever, screw it!

  • Freddy Freeman : What are your superpowers?

    Shazam : Superpowers? Dude, I don't even know how to pee in this thing!

  • Shazam : I can't talk to fish! And even if I could, what could I do that's cool?

    Freddy Freeman : [wearing an Aquaman shirt]  I don't know, maybe command an army of billions from the ocean?

    Shazam : Uh... well, that's not THAT cool.

  • Shazam : [at a robbery]  I'm bulletproof!

    Freddy Freeman : Hey, guys, can you shoot him in the face?

    Shazam : Yeah, yeah, shoot me in the face!... Wait, what?

    [gets shot in the face several times] 

    Shazam : ...That kinda tickles.

  • Shazam : [holds up the Eye of Sin]  What's that? You say you'll give me everything I ever wanted?

    Super Hero Mary : Don't do it!

    Shazam : Psych! Did you really think I was going to put a demon orb in my head? That's gross.

  • Shazam : [Shooting lightning bolts, to the tempo of the opening notes of "Eye Of The Tiger" from "Rocky" ]  Hands, lighting with my hands, lighting with my hands.

  • Shazam : Did you see what I just did?

    Freddy Freeman : Yeah, you electrocuted a bus and almost killed those people!

    Shazam : ...And then I CAUGHT it!

  • Shazam : [to Doctor Thaddeus Sivana]  You're like a bad guy, right?

  • Shazam : Hey, what's up? I'm a superhero.

  • Shazam : You're the only person I know that knows anything about this Caped Crusader stuff.

    Freddy Freeman : Can I?

    Shazam : Oh, yeah. Yeah.

    Freddy Freeman : [touches the lightning bolt on Shazam's costume] 

    Shazam : It's crazy, right?

    Freddy Freeman : What're your superpowers?

    Shazam : Superpowers? Dude, I don't even know how to pee in this thing!

  • Shazam : [at the Philadelphia Museum of Art]  I can see why Rocky climbed up all the way here.

  • Freddy Freeman : Are you more powerful than a locomotive?

    Shazam : What's a locomotive?

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