Shazam! (2019) Poster


Mark Strong: Dr. Sivana



  • [Shazam and Sivana are in the sky] 

    Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : Only I have the power to unleash...

    Shazam : [can't hear him]  Wait, WHAT?

    Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : will beg for mercy...

    Shazam : Are you making some, like, big, evil-guy speech right now or somethin'? You're like a mile away from me, and there's traffic and cars and stuff! All I see is mouth-movin'!

    Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : As I feast on your heart...

    Shazam : Ah, whatever, screw it!

  • Mister Mind : [laughs]  Primitive symbols. You walking, talking monkeys with your cave drawings, you assume there's only one means to gain magic. No, no, no, there are more ways than a mind can imagine.

    Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : What in God's name...?

    Mister Mind : I named the gods, Doctor, not the other way around. Oh, what fun we're going to have together. The Seven Realms will soon be ours.

  • [Billy gets a phone call] 

    Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : Come home, Billy. Come home.

    Freddy Freeman : [screaming]  Supervillain! Supervillain!

  • Freddy Freeman : You're a supervillain?

    Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : Worse.

    Freddy Freeman : Telepathic ability? My mind is blank, you can't read it!

    Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : I don't have to read your mind. Because you're going to tell me everything.

  • Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : Which particular sin are you, I wonder?

    Mr. Sivana : [terrified]  I'll give you anything! Money, the company, whatever you want!

    Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : There it is. It's greed. Do you think all your money was worth anything? THIS is real power!

  • Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : Greed, you can have him.

    [Mr Sivana gets eaten] 

  • Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : One thing I have accepted is: I am not pure of heart.

  • [Billy comes home] 

    Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : Good boy, Billy. Because that's all you are.

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