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Canon Of Film: ‘Dark City’ (Directors Cut)

In this edition of Canon Of Film, we look at the director’s cut of Alex Proyas’ underated gothic noir, ‘Dark City‘. For the story behind the genesis of the Canon, you can click here.

Dark City: Director’S Cut (1998)

Director: Alex Proyas

Screenwriter: Alex Proyas and Lem Dobbs and David S. Goyer

At some point, it went from cool to cliche to say that you were a fan of ‘Dark City‘. I think it’s well-respected and well-known enough now, but at one point in time, even people who thought they really knew sci-fi and all the famous archetypal elements and the films that created them like Fritz Lang’s ‘Metropolis‘ or Kubrick’s, ‘2001: A Space Odyssey‘ or Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner‘, a lot of those fans didn’t catch on to Alex Proyas’s ‘Dark City‘ ’til way later. It was practically ignored by the general
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What Happened To Alex Proyas?

Tom Jolliffe looks at the career, rise and fall of Alex Proyas

Born to Greek parents in Egypt and subsequently raised in Australia, you could say that Alex Proyas has an interesting background. He started, as a lot of film directors have, in music videos (working with the likes of Inxs and Sting). To many his first film might be assumed as The Crow, but several years earlier, and fresh out of college he made Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds. This was a small post-apocalyptic film, every bit as odd as the title suggests, but undoubtedly carrying a certain Oz charm.

When The Crow was in development, the source material being so heavily influenced by music (particularly The Cure, Joy Division and Iggy Pop) and with an intention to include a notable soundtrack to the film, meant that there was a natural lean toward hiring a director with a music video background.
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Great Films Unfairly Forgotten in Time

Tom Jolliffe on forgotten films…

Time is a cruel mistress. It’s the one constant and something no one can alter (except Marty McFly and Doc Brown). Looks go, memories fade and in cinematic terms a film can be forgotten over time. Now sometimes it’s probably a good thing. Take for example the turn of the century and the release of Battlefield Earth. One of the undisputed turkeys of modern cinema. An unmitigated disaster on every level. However it’s not one that always springs directly to mind nowadays when people thing of cinematic disasters. In part there’s been even worse since, and on even more bloated budgets. In that respect, time has been a little kind.

However there are a lot of films which were good, great, maybe on occasion cinematically important which have become hazy memories over time. Perhaps they never quite got the recognition or
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‘Forgotten’ Girl Haunts ‘Ouija’ Duo

‘Forgotten’ Girl Haunts ‘Ouija’ Duo
Ouija director Stiles White has come on board the supernatural thriller Forgotten for Ld Entertainment, Variety reported. White will team with his spouse and writing partner Juliet Snowden to pen the script. The duo also teamed on the scripts for Boogeyman, Knowing, and The Possession. The film is set on a remote island where two women reunite […]
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The Flickering Myth Reaction to the first Black Panther trailer

The Flickering Myth writing team share their thoughts on the first trailer for Marvel’s Black Panther

On Friday evening, Marvel Studios gave us our first look at 2018’s Black Panther movie with the release of the official teaser trailer for the film, which sees Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station, Creed) directing and Chadwick Boseman reprising the role of T’Challa from last year’s Captain America: Civil War. Read on to find out what our writing team made of this first look at the Phase Three solo movie…

Helen Murdoch: After seeing the poster I was a bit worried but I enjoyed the trailer. A few teases here and there and not too much reveal. Now if they could just leave it at that!

Ben Robins: Black Panther is probably the Marvel property I know the least about, so it was strange watching a Marvel trailer and not getting any of the usual fan service.
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Doctor Who: The Pilot geeky spots and Easter eggs

Pete Dillon-Trenchard Apr 15, 2017

Huge spoilers, as we unpack the Doctor Who series 10 opener - The Pilot - in search of references and treats.

This article contains spoilers for Doctor Who.

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Doctor Who is back for its 36th series, and with it are our viewing notes - a weekly guide to the references, similarities (intentional or otherwise!) and generally interesting things about each episode. Whilst we’ve crammed in as much as we can find, this is by no means a definitive list - so if you’re sat there thinking ‘You fools! You missed this!’, feel free to plop it down in the comments below. But remember: Don’t phone, it’s just for fun.
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‘Logan’: 10 Ways Hugh Jackman and James Mangold Convinced Fox to Make A Bold and Bloody Superhero Movie

‘Logan’: 10 Ways Hugh Jackman and James Mangold Convinced Fox to Make A Bold and Bloody Superhero Movie
Logan” will open huge this weekend, but the well-reviewed R-rated “Wolverine” sequel starring Hugh Jackman will provide Hollywood with something it needs more than great box office: It means permission to challenge the status quo.

Studios are in trouble. Box office is down four percent for the year to date — and the main culprit is combining familiar franchise properties with tried-and-true formulas.

Of course, “Logan” is the 10th installment in the “X-Men” franchise, which 20th Century Fox launched 16 years ago with producer Lauren Shuler Donner. But “Wolverine” director James Mangold didn’t direct it like a sequel.

Here’s how Mangold threw out the studio rulebook — and why Fox let him.

1. Get the backing of a major star.

Immediately after finishing “Wolverine” in 2013, Jackman and Mangold had a chat: Did they want to do this movie again? “If there was one, it would be his last one,” Mangold told me in a telephone interview.
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Nick Viall on the Bachelor Moment He Considered a ‘Fiasco’ — It Might Not Be What You Expect!

Nick Viall on the Bachelor Moment He Considered a ‘Fiasco’ — It Might Not Be What You Expect!
He was devastated twice on The Bachelorette and had a summer fling on Bachelor in Paradise, and now Nick Viall is looking to find a love that lasts as The Bachelor‘s latest leading man. Read his exclusive blog for People every week and follow him at Twitter, @viallnicholas28!

Hey guys! We’re back where we left off with Corinne and Taylor confronting one another at the rose ceremony. To back up a little, let me just state the obvious: This is an environment that is filled with all personality types, so of course it is unrealistic that everyone will get along.
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It Came From The Tube: A Cold Night’S Death (1973)

Sometimes a small cast and an intriguing premise are all that’s needed for effective TV horror. (And it makes it a hell of a lot cheaper to produce too.) Case in point: 1973’s A Cold Night’s Death, starring Eli Wallach and Robert Culp, a two man tour de force pitting man against man against the fragility of the human mind. Plus monkeys!

Acnd originally aired on Tuesday, January 30th as an ABC Movie of the Week, which was always a top 20 performer, getting trounced only by Maude and Hawaii Five-o over at CBS. (It’s hard to beat the combined star power of Bea Arthur and Jack Lord.) But fans of finely turned horror always knew that ABC was the place to be.

Let’s check out our brittle and frosted faux TV Guide to see what’s in store:

A Cold Night’S Death (Tuesday, 8:30pm,
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‘Donnie Darko’ Turns 15: Richard Kelly On Making a Cult Film and Taking a Seven-Year Break

  • Indiewire
‘Donnie Darko’ Turns 15: Richard Kelly On Making a Cult Film and Taking a Seven-Year Break
It’s been 15 years since “Donnie Darko” first hit theaters, but audiences are still clamoring to see writer-director Richard Kelly’s 2001 cult classic on the big screen. Arrow Films’ 15th anniversary release has sold out several screenings of a new 4k restoration of the film, which began an exclusive run at the British Film Institute in London on Saturday and expands nationwide in the U.K. on December 23. No plans have been announced regarding a potential release in the U.S.

Read More: ‘Donnie Darko’ to Receive 4K Blu-ray Restoration, Potentially Revealing the Mysteries of Time Travel

Set in 1988, the movie stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a troubled teenager who’s visited at night by an imaginary friend named Frank, a haunting figure wearing a large rabbit suit. Frank tells Donnie that the world will end in 28 days, six hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds, and manipulates him to commit a series of crimes while sleepwalking.
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Rogue’s Gallery: Star Wars actor Ben Mendelsohn’s greatest villains

With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story imminent, Sean Wilson explores the litany of memorable bad guys from Orson Krennic actor Ben Mendelsohn

There are many reasons to be intergalactically excited about the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, not least because it will reveal the events leading up to Darth Vader’s majestic entrance in A New Hope. It also has an outstanding international cast on its side, chief among which is Aussie character actor extraordinaire Ben Mendelsohn, poised to add to his gallery of memorable rogues with his role as Death Star Director Orson Krennic. So what better time to celebrate Mendelsohn’s most memorably creepy roles so far?

Animal Kingdom (2010)

Although he had enjoyed a multifaceted and lengthy career beforehand (including appearances in Australia and Knowing), it was the release of David Michod’s disturbing and gripping Aussie crime drama that brought Mendelsohn to international attention.
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Horror Highlights: Monsters Unleashed, The Humanity Bureau, Stanley Wiater Horror Auction, Coffin Joe Trilogy, Trouser Snake, Head Of The Family

To celebrate the upcoming release of Marvel's Monsters Unleashed #1, launch parties will be hosted at local comic stores on January 18th. Look for exclusive items at these launch parties including a Monsters Unleashed sketchpad. Also: casting details for The Humanity Bureau, details on the Stanley Wiater horror auction, the Coffin Joe trilogy is coming to DVD, a look at the short film Trouser Snake, and Head of the Family Blu-ray release details.

Monsters Unleashed Launch Party, Sketchpad, and Variant: Press Release: "New York, NY—November 30th, 2016 — Run if you can! Hide if you must! Monsters have invaded the Marvel Universe! Nothing can prepare heroes across the globe for Monsters Unleashed! But you can be prepared! To coincide with the highly anticipated release of Monsters Unleashed #1, Marvel is bringing widescreen action and epic destruction to your local comic shops with Monsters Unleashed Launch Parties. Not only is your local comic shops
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Nicolas Cage headlines sci-fi thriller The Humanity Bureau

Tony Sokol Dec 1, 2016

Parts of the next Nicolas Cage film are to be shot for virtual reality, it's been revealed...

Things are heating up for Nicolas Cage, who has three new movies incoming imminently. What's more, Cage is also now set to star in the upcoming science fiction global warming film The Humanity Bureau.

The Humanity Bureau will be directed by Rob King (Something More). The screenplay was written by Dave Schultz. The cast also includes Sarah Lind (Wolfcop), Jakob Davies (If I Stay) and Hugh Dillon (Assault On Precinct 13).

“We’re extremely excited to work with the incomparable Nicolas Cage on this project,” Kevin Dewalt, CEO of Minds Eye Entertainment said in a statement. “We’re certain that The Humanity Bureau will be a hit with his legions of followers.”

“We’re excited to be working with Nicolas Cage on this incredible film, and we feel that the subject matter,
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The Walking Dead season 7 episode 5 review: Go Getters

Ron Hogan Nov 22, 2016

The Walking Dead season 7 checks in with the Hilltop Colony in this week's episode, Go-Getters...

This review contains spoilers.

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7.5 Go-Getters

I think, at this point in the season, we all could use a respite from Negan. After all, he’s constantly talking to people, constantly cracking jokes, and constantly showing up to check out his new investment in Alexandria. And when we’re not watching him pal around with Rick, we’re watching him torture Daryl via Dwight’s record collection. Finally, in the form of Steven Ogg’s brilliantly realised Simon. From his first reappearance, he immediately finds the note that the writers have been trying to find for Negan. He’s funny, he’s got an appreciation for art (to the point of taking
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The team behind sci-fi Restoration on creating a film that's also a web series

Restoration (Photo credit: Jeff Paine).

Sci-fi thriller Restoration recently aired on the Nine Network and is currently streaming on Stan.

Shot at Docklands and on location around Melbourne, the film is set in a near-future world where humans are able to have their memories downloaded and backed up.

Oliver Klein (Grant Cartwright, Barracuda) wakes up.after a routine backup with his memories restored into the body of another man (Steve Carracher, Vanished).

Restoration also stars Craig McLachlan (The Doctor Blake Mysteries), Nadia Townsend (Knowing, City Homicide), Rosie Lourde (Starting From Now, Embedded) and Elizabeth Nabben (Winners & Losers).

The film was directed by Stuart Willis, who co-wrote the screenplay with Matthew Clayfield. Willis told If the idea was inspired by the ubiquity of smartphones and cloud technology, and influenced by the extended periods that both writers often spend away from home for work.

.There.s always that moment when you come
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Australian Sci-fi Thriller Restoration Seals Deals with New Zealand's Sky and Virgin Australia

Australian sci-fi thriller Restoration is set in a near-future world where humans have their memories downloaded for backup, and one man awakes after a routine backup with his memories restored into a body that is not his own. It is directed by Stuart Willis and features a stellar cast that includes Australian actor Craig McLachlan (The Doctor Blake Mysteries), Nadia Townsend (Knowing, City Homicide), Stephen Carracher (Vanished), Rosie Lourde (Starting From Now, Embedded), Elizabeth Nabben (Winners & Losers) and Ailís Logan (Alvin's Harmonious World of Opposites). The film had its Australian premiere on the Nine Network’s free-to-air channel 9Go! earlier this month and will be streamed on Australian subscription video-on-demand service Stan from September 8. Sydney-based production company Midnight Snack...

[Read the whole post on]
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Star Wars: Rogue One - breaking down the second trailer

Ryan Lambie Aug 12, 2016

We dig into the second trailer for Star Wars: Rogue One to see what secrets it contains...

Nb: The following contains Rogue One speculation which some may consider to be a bit spoilery.

We don't yet know whether Disney's plans to expand the Star Wars movie universe with bi-annual spin-off movies will be a success, but we can see a positive side to the idea straight away: the spin-offs could allow filmmakers to explore different styles of storytelling within the existing franchise.

Case in point - Star Wars: Rogue One. Although it features many of the things we know from Star Wars movies past - Stormtroopers, the Death Star and so on - it takes a perspective we haven't seen on the big screen before. Where the central Star Wars narrative is a space opera about the Force and Jedi knights, Rogue One is a
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Craig McLachlan sci-fi thriller Restoration to premiere on Nine and Stan


Midnight Snack Productions has announced that science fiction thriller Restoration, starring Craig McLachlan, will premiere on the Nine Network and Stan later this year.

Directed by Stuart Willis and independently produced by Midnight Snack.s Toby Gibson, Restoration is a one-hour film set in a near-future world where humans have their memories downloaded for backup.

It follows the story of a man who awakens with his memories restored into a body that is not his own. thrilled to have closed a deal with one of Australia.s leading free-to-air commercial television networks and with pioneering Svod service Stan,. said Gibson. very pleased Restoration will be seen by a wide Australian audience..

Midnight Snack is also currently exploring international options for the film.

.Having secured an audience in Australia, as well as Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu territories, now looking to expand
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Gods Of Egypt Review

  • TheMovieBit
The career trajectory of Alex Proyas is one that personally fills me with great sorrow, having lapped up his early work with glee. Breaking into the Hollywood mainstream with The Crow, and then immediately following that up with the weird and wonderful Dark City, the Australian director proved to be an endlessly inventive talent with an eye for wholly unique visuals. Then Knowing saw all the good will he had garnered come crashing down with a tornado of preposterous storytelling, muddy science, and Nic Cage going full Nic Cage. He hasn’t been seen or heard of for seven years, and now he makes his come back with Gods of Egypt, a wannabe epic fantasy that got off to the wrong foot that whitewashed a cast of Egyptian deities with the likes of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Gerard Butler, and Geoffrey Rush. That proved to be the last of it’s worries though,
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Exclusive: Gambit solo movie update – “We’ve got to get the script right,” says producer Simon Kinberg

During Flickering Myth’s chat with X-Men: Apocalypse’s producer Simon Kinberg, the conversation drifted to a few of the other projects he’s involved in. Deadpool 2, Fantastic Four 2, the third Star Wars Anthology movie – he’s a busy guy.

But with 20th Century Fox quietly dropping the Gambit solo film from its October 2016 release slot, we asked for an update on where the project is right now.

“We’ve got to get the script right,” admitted Kinberg. “We just didn’t get the script to the place where we all thought the movie deserved. So we’re still working on the script. We’re very close, actually, to being done with the script. And the hope is that Channing [Tatum] has a couple of movies he has to shoot, but that we would shoot at the end of this year, or the beginning of next year.”

“It’s looking really good,
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