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A midquel which tells the story of how Bambi meets and gets to know his father
UnicornMaiden12 February 2006
I grew up watching the old Disney movies, and Bambi has always been one of my favorites. When I first saw that they were making a new Bambi movie, I was really torn. I hoped that it would be a good follow-up, but was afraid that it would ruin the whole Bambi experience.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the movie, though not as good as the original is far surpassing many Disney sequels.

The animation quality is good. Not only is it much better than most of Disney's recent sequels, it is is actually up to, and at some points even surpassing, the animation in the original. The songs were beautiful, and to my immense relief, they are all sung in the background in the style of the original. There is only one point at which any of the animals sing. It was extremely cheesy, but mercifully short.

The only real failing of this movie is that it lacks the fresh, genuine feeling of the original. While Bambi I felt unique and novel, Bambi II often feels cliché and it seems like they are recycling some material from The Lion King. The addition of Ronno as an antagonist adds nothing to the story but goofiness and low-quality humor. The Great Prince's character seems to be the caricature "single dad" struggling to understand his kid. And while Bambi's character has always been humanized (as are all animals in Disney movies) he seems far more "human" and much less "animal" than he did in the original.

Overall, I liked this movie, and was able to get a few nostalgic moments. Although it does not quite live up to the original, it is nevertheless a sweet and enjoyable movie.
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Blown Away
RideIn13 February 2006
I did not expect to like this movie.

I am currently studying animation in college, and perhaps more than other people I've been expecting less and less from Disney since they started putting out sequels to their classics. I've been terrified ever since I heard that a "midquel" to Bambi was in the works, since I was positive it would be another campy, over-the-top rehash of the original.

Imagine my surprise, then, at the quality of Bambi 2. Perhaps it's because there's a legitimate gap in the original story for this to fill (Between the death of Bambi's Mother and his return as an adult), or maybe because of the creative details that were added (Several ideas and sequences were taken straight from the book, which was a nice surprise), but I found myself genuinely enjoying this movie.

Disney really seems to have put some thought into the kind of legacy they're picking up here. The themes and art style of the original are carefully preserved, the characters are expressive and lively. There is no sarcastic or self-aware humour; the writing is thoughtful and the storyboarding is beautiful. My one qualm are the two songs used in the film. They seem too...modern. I missed the choir. Luckily, those are two brief moments in an entire film.

If it had been left up to me this film would never have been made, but I can't imagine it being done with more care and respect for Walt's vision. The characters are treated with respect, the story has real meat to it, and the result is a great movie.
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Very sweet
Smells_Like_Cheese4 August 2008
I'm sure everyone can remember the first time they saw Bambi, I'm also sure that most of you have cried while watching Bambi, it's one of Disney's most touching films. So I got to see Bambi 2, while normally we have a million Disney sequels that are major disappointments, but Bambi 2 surprised me, it was very well done and was nicely put together. I really enjoyed the animation, the voices, the story, they were really lovely. The one flaw that comes into sequels is how different the voices are from the previous film, despite that you can still notice a difference, Bambi 2 fits the voices very well for the characters. I also enjoyed this new chapter into Bambi's life as he is learning how to become a prince, but still holding onto his childhood and his favorite friends.

Bambi is having a hard time, his father has to take care of him but his father also has no respect for him since Bambi isn't as brave as he is. Bambi will do anything to just get his father's respect, with the help of some old friends like Thumper and Flower, he'll try his best to over come his fear and be a brave prince. But he's got a new enemy, a mean fawn, Ronno, who constantly teases him about his flaws. Bambi is also having to learn how to grieve the death of his mother and make sure that he doesn't meet the same fate as she did.

Bambi 2 is a definite recommendation, it's a different Disney sequel than I've ever seen because it seems like this one could have been in the theaters. It's very well done and just a total pleasure to watch, wither it's by yourself or with the family. I loved the return of Thumper, it's always a pleasure to see him on screen, I loved when he was trying to show Bambi's father that Bambi could be brave, but Bambi needed more time, so Thumper does his best to distract Bambi's dad, it was so cute and funny. This was a good movie to watch, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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Bambi 2 - One of the fewest good sequels from Disney
Alfred_wong27 January 2006
I had to admitted that the sequels of most the original Disney Picture movie were often disappointing. However, after I had seen Bambi 2, I found that it was an enchanting, funny and warm movie, it is definitely one of the fewest best sequels came from the original one.

The story happened to be in between the scene that Bambi's mother was gone and the prince, his father, took him; and the scene he grew up. It is talking about how Bambi lives with his father. At the beginning, his father took care of Bambi temporarily until he find the suitable one to take care of him. As a prince, his father appeared to be quite tough to him at the beginning. However, when they lives longer and longer, the father and son relationship grew. Bambi started to enjoy living with his father. Though they were living so happy, his father found the suitable one and Bambi was sent away. Through an accident, finally, the great prince changed his mind and determined to raise Bambi by his own.

The film is well organized. The characters are well-designed and redrew and the story unfold naturally. The background music was so pleasant to be listened to and match the scene very well. Some scenes were quite memorable, Bambi plays with his father and his father slowly unfold his mind. I can see that he really care about Bambi. it is so warm.

Although the original one was more than 60 years ago, the sequel gave me the feeling of the movies of 19th. The original movie gave me a little bit sorrow and made me sad; But this one gave me warmth and hope.

All above are just my personal opinions, other may not agree perfectly, but, for me, it is worth watching and it is one of the fewest best sequels from the original one. I scored it 9.
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Bambi 2, a GREAT Disney sequel.. FINALLY! :)
aekid1720 February 2006
I'm an 18 year old guy, and I watched Bambi for the first time when I was 3 years old and I still remember how sad I felt when his mom died. I was thinking Bambi 2 was going to be another dumb Disney sequel.. but it was actually VERY nice to see how Disney kept to the "feeling" of the original movie.. very innocent. I loved that about the original. I bought the 2nd movie the day after it came out for my two brothers who are 7 and 10.. and they loved it! So.. I have to say, GOOD JOB Disney! :) We're proud to have Bambi 2 on our shelf with the rest of our Disney classics.

sincerely, "A guy raised on Disney" lol!
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Not as bad as I expected but still not up to the that any surprise??
maxeythecat24 January 2006
Well, kiddies......... those horrific visions I had of Bambi, Thumper and Flower line-dancing in their ghetto-rap outfits with some knuckle-headed "Poptart" caterwauling in the background were all for naught. I'm not gonna give away all the goodies-would'nt be fair to all my fellow "Mousies" to spew out any spoilers- but I can tell you this......aside from a few issues that sorta chapped my inner child, this is simply the best DTV that "The House of Mouse" has ever released. The animation is every bit as good as a lot of the recent theatrical films , with beautifully rendered background art and an overall "Technicolor" look that was for the most part quite dazzling .........and how about them voices? I gotta admit the casting is excellent.

Story-wise, well....that's one of the things that I still ain't all that thrilled about . Despite having been "kiddiefied" from a book that was essentially written for adults, the original "Bambi" was still a wonderful film that catered to both ends of the age spectrum, a talent that Uncle Walt had in spades. This midquel is squarely aimed at the lunchbox-tetherball set to the point that unless you're a complete animation nut like yours truly, you might find one or two scenes a bit too cloyingly ooky to your liking. Still, it's heads and tail above any of the previous DTV "Twosies" and even a few of the "Feature" flicks released over the past 15 years, and I honestly think it's gonna do quite well.

One other bone of contention I have however, are the songs.Granted, they used a few snippets from the original's score, but all the stuff produced exclusively for the current film was your typically weak, formula-laden "contemporary" numbers that are so cookie-cutter bland that you can't even distinguish one from the other. That was one of the most wonderful things about the first movie ...even more than sixty years after it's release, the songs were so well written that they sound just as good now as they did then. Sad to say, it's gonna "date" the film in a most unflattering way. Second b.o.c. I have is in regards to some of the character animation ie: Ronno, the porcupine and the groundhog, especially Ronno. Pretty average design that clashes terribly with the rest of the animation and the exactly the sort of quality you come to expect from a DTV.As said, the rendering of "Bullyboy"Ronno was the times his looked like they'd been lifted straight from "Balto III".....not impressive in the least. On the other side of the coin, The Great Prince looked gorgeous as did the other deer.......Friend Owl was drawn absolutely spot on, though Thumper and Flower did look nice they still did'nt look quite enough like their original incarnations to retain all their charms. As for Bambi himself, well.......let's just say that 90% was beautifully done, but unfortunately the animators' attempts to "modernize" his facial expressions in a lot of his scenes failed quite miserably and were very disappointing. Despite it's flaws, it's still better than all the previous Disneytoon releases and well worth at least one watch.
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Proves that sequels(Or prequels) can work
Daawesomesquee15 November 2009
I know a lot of you hate these sequels(Or prequels), but seriously, this one was great! It explains what happens between after Bambi's mother's death and before he grows up, and focuses on Bambi and his father, The Great Prince Of The Forest.

I found it entertaining, not wandering off the original's storyline too much, and overall really good. It's better than you expect it to be.

I don't know why people hate sequels and prequels so much. To be honest, I think most people don't give them a chance. But you should give this one a chance, it's not disappointing.

I'm really fond of the songs. And did I mention the voice-work is great? Obviously not like the original voices, but hey, that can't be helped!
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Surprisingly great sequel
ellie_jude17 September 2006
I know many find that the sequels are disappointing and a real let down for the original film however i found this sequel fantastic! The animation is superb, and you can tell there was a huge amount of effort into making the scenery as great as the first one. It's a great in between story about from when Bambi's mother dies and he is reunited with his father the Great Prince. Bambi and his friends Thumper, Flower and Faline are all there and are wonderfully voiced. It was very funny yet it was also a strong story showing Bambi getting to know his father, very emotional at some points! I really really enjoyed it!! I hope that you give Bambi 2 the chance to prove its quality before discarding it as another disappointing sequel.
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So much better then other Disney Squels
QutPnut17 February 2006
Absolutely wonderful. The casting is the best too. I don't think any one could have played the Great Prince better. I was really worried when I heard there was going to be a sequel. Especially after the let down of Little Mermaid II and Cinderella II. This time Disney hit the target and made a killer movie.

I would definitely advice others to get this movie, even if you have not seen the first one. (Which it has to be impossible for someone to not have seen Bambi. lol) Even if it is very child like in manor, I felt just as touched by it as I was by the first one. I know it kept me on the edge of my seat, and I'm in college!
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A Perfect Sequel: Modern Disney WIthout Being Infantile, Beautifully Animated
museumofdave6 April 2013
Once upon a time...Walt Disney made timeless, beautifully animated classics for children, stressing the universal quality of the tale, and avoiding current references, cheap laughs (such as having animals fart) and in-jokes directed at adults. Well, folks, this wonderful films is a throwback to those days--its a grand, if often poignant, adventure in the woods, as Bambi learns to be courageous with the help of Thumper and Flower (back again, the former with four sweet, giggling sisters) and with his father.

This is, indeed, more a film for the present (since Mommy was taken away in the original) a Sonny-Daddy bonding movie, but the animation is gloriously anachronistic, carefully hearkening back to the classic Disney look, immersing the viewers, be they children or adults, in the luxurious changing seasons, all the while telling a solid story.

Some folks complain it isn't long enough, which I think is just another indication that we have become overstuffed and incredibly greedy--the original Bambi was a minute shorter than this, Dumbo just above an hour, and even Snow White only ten minutes longer. Do we need to SuperSize everything? Bravo Disney! If you had called this Prince Bambi instead of Bambi II, it would have cleaned up at the box office! Sensitive adults are advised to bring hankies.
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Fills in gaps in the original storyline( yes the original left storyline in the editing room)
davidkinney12 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Maybe the animation is computerized now and maybe the DTV Sequels are not going to hold a candle to the original art from the hearts of incredibly talented artists under Walts guidance, But Bambi II is much better than many of Disney's other Classic sequel attempts to make money on nostalgic baby boomers.

It may be blasphemy to say this but Bambi felt incomplete to me. Once I got over the misery of his mother being shot and watched it as an adult, I figured out why. The sequel answered the questions I didn't know to ask as a kid about the first movie. What happened after Bambi met his father in that heavy snowfall and before the spring he shook owls tree scratching his antlers? Why was the dancing on clouds moment after meeting Faline ruined by some buck challenging Bambi. Why did Thumper ask if Bambi remembered him, where had Bambi been, and for how long? He was teaching his dad how to loosen up. He was dealing with a big mouth bragger and unintentionally creating a rival that would later challenge him for Faline. Rondo, as far as I could tell was never named in Bambi, but the fight between him and Bambi makes more sense after the sequel.

If you stop the DVD of Bambi just as Bambi goes looking for his mother and you start Bambi II the story picks itself up almost seamlessly. I am still a little confused by how many springs go by before the birth of the twin fawns.

My only negative is a very minor one. Two new characters: The porcupine and the ground hog are funny and slapstick but I am not sure how essential they are to the plot and how much was an attempt to get a better running time.
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A movie classic for the whole family to enjoy.
mcrrjfoley4 February 2006
Bambi II is one of those rare gems of a movie that you can feel good about watching with your children. It combines a touching story of a father and sons's relationship as they struggle to deal with the loss of Bambi's mother. A subject that is not easily tackled but the director, Brian Pimental deals with it beautifully. He uses humor and sensitivity to show us how Bambi is dealing with his father's high expectations of him. The use of humor between Bambi and his friends, Thumper and Flower keep the story light enough for kids to enjoy.

As far as sequels go this one makes the grade. It's not an easy task to create something as good as the original but Bambi II succeeds where others fail. It's fresh enough with it's humor but still stays on track with the feel of a classic Disney movie from the the opening scenes to the the musical score.
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Surprisingly good!
jluis198428 November 2006
Since The Walt Disney Company started to started to make direct-to-video sequels to their feature length theatrical releases in 1994 (with the release of "The Return of Jafar", sequel to "Aladdin"), it has earned an infamous bad reputation due to the often low quality of these sequels that seem to be made to capitalize on the original's name only, without really caring for delivering a good story, or good animation; almost as if there was not a real concern about making a good film. To my surprise, "Bambi II", the direct-to-video "sequel" (as it's more like an addendum) to the 1942 classic, is a considerable improvement over the previous series of sequels and it even surpasses most of the current Disney theatrical releases in terms of quality, art, and most importantly, entertainment.

"Bambi II" is about the long unexplored gap of the first "Bambi", covering the events between his mother's death and his growing up to adulthood. Under the care of his reluctant father, the Great Prince (Patrick Stewart), the young saddened deer (voiced by Alexander Gould) must learn to overcome his grief, his fears and to assume his place as heir of the position of Great Prince. However, his father is not too fond of caring for young children, so Bambi's tutelage will prove to be a difficult experience for both. Fortunately, Bambi will find some support from his friends, Thumper (Brendon Baerg) and Flower (Nicky Jones), but he'll also have to meet his soon-to-be rival, the mean deer Ronno (Anthony Ghannam), for the first time.

Making a follow-up for a classic like "Bambi" is not easy, but the fact that the writers (Director Brian Pimental and newcomer Alicia Kirk) decided to explore an entirely "missing chapter" in the life of the young deer instead of making a proper sequel, gave them enough freedom to create a story that not only is fresh and original on its own, it also gives continuity to the original without disrespecting it or blatantly copying it. Using the original film and Felix Salten's novel as inspiration, Pimental and Kirk craft a story about learning to be a father, and overcoming the loss of a dear relative, as well as about growing up and facing the vicissitudes of life.

Brian Pimental (one of the writers of the 90s classics "Beauty and the Beast" and "Aladdin") takes his first chance as director giving life to this story and he doesn't disappoint. With a respectful, almost humble approach to the original film, he manages to capture the essence of "Bambi" and setting up the events that lead to the original's conclusion. Most of the current direct-to-video sequels by Disney have distinguish themselves for a considerably lower quality in the art department, but "Bambi II" is truly an exception, as it seems that the animators really tried to stay true to the first film's style (although of course, there were some modernizations), as even some backgrounds were reused to keep the same art direction.

The young Alexander Gould (Nemo in "Finding Nemo") once again proves that he has an enormous future as an actor (at least for voices) and gives life to Bambi with a natural freshness. Patrick Stewart, who voices the Great Prince, truly gives the feeling of stoicism and coldness the Prince must have, as well as his hidden heart of gold, forced to be hidden by the Prince's duties. Overall, the rest of the cast make a very good work, considering they had to try to emulate the work done almost more than 60 years before. Without modern slang or self-referential phrases, the cast gives an effective (and welcomed) sense of continuity between this film and the first "Bambi".

"Bambi II" will surely please most fans of the original, but while it's an honest attempt to make a respectful and original addition to the main storyline, it becomes a bit too clichéd for moments. The use of a couple of pop ballads may prove damaging on the long road, as while the songs are really good, they take away that atemporal characteristic the first film had and will definitely make the movie outdated a lot sooner than expected. Anyways, when compared to the other sequels Disnaye has been releasing, this flaws are really minor, as "Bambi II" makes a nice addition that at times surpasses the current theatrical released Disney films.

Sure, "Bambi II" is not better than the original, and that's OK because it doesn't try to be better. This modest and humble addendum to the story succeeds in what it's set up to make and delivers good entertainment and brings back good memories of the original. Walt himself would be proud of this sequel to his favorite film. 7/10
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Bambi 2- An excellent sequel to a great classic.
aznmastermind514 February 2006
Bambi 2 really touched my heart. I watched the original Bambi movie frequently when I was young, so seeing such a great sequel of one of my favorite childhood movies really heartens me. The plot of the relationship between Bambi and his father, basically the ideas of love and growing up, and the feel in general of Bambi 2 are almost exactly like those of original film, and the music, voices, and sensational character and background artwork are also very similar. In addition to appealing to those who loved the original, Bambi 2 is also filled with humor and adventure that kids of this generation would enjoy. The correlation between Bambi and Bambi 2 is brilliant too; no awkward adjustments are made to accommodate an altered storyline. Especially when compared to many other substandard Disney sequels, Bambi 2 is definitely a superb continuation of the classic masterpiece.
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A must see!
debinaz1178 February 2006
This movie was extremely entertaining. I am not a big fan of sequels, especially animated ones, but this one is really well done. Disney didn't try to use all the same old jokes and funny lines from the first movie. Patrick Stewart is great as the voice of the Great Prince.

I like that the story is not of Bambi's son but goes back to right after Bambi's mom dies and follows his transition at that time. My kids just love it, have already seen it three times! Flower the Skunk is our favorite with his squeaky smell release! The animation and music are beautiful too.

I highly recommend this one for young and old alike!
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By far one of the better Disney sequels-: never fails to bring a smile to my face
TheLittleSongbird6 October 2009
I honestly wasn't expecting Bambi 2 to be as good as it was. I found it it sweet, funny and adorable. The original Bambi is not only one of my favourite Disney movies, but one of my favourite movies ever. I thought this a very worthy sequel, well it was more of a midquel really, if a tad rushed in places. I liked the fact that they focused on Bambi and his father, after his mother dies, and the story itself was very sweet and well crafted. The animation was beautiful here, not quite as splendid as its predecessor. I have seen sequels like FernGully 2 and Secret of NIMH 2 where the animation is dull, tacky and choppy. Here it was colourful, vibrant and fluid, just look at the wondrous backgrounds. And I absolutely loved the soundtrack, that alone contributed to the film's charm. Of course I do slightly prefer the original's music, but the soundtrack here was so pleasant to the ears. The characters were every bit as likable as they were in the first- Bambi if you forgive the fact his facial expressions were overdone at times, was still adorable and appealing, and Thumper is hilarious. If there is one thing I prefer over the original, it is that the sequel is funnier than the original. The original, while having some very funny moments was more of a tearjerker and a genuine one it was too. In the sequel, there are five or six funny bits in the first fifteen minutes alone. The voice acting was most impressive, special mention must go to Patrick Stewart, who was perfect as the Great Prince. My final verdict is that it isn't quite as good as the stunning original, but along with King Of Thieves and Enchanted Christmas, this is in the top 5 of my favourite sequels. A solid 8/10 Bethany Cox
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Nice pictures but boring story
Luigi Di Pilla25 March 2007
I caught Bambi II on DVD in our last winter holiday in Arosa with my four year old son and my wife. I noted Bambi 2 on my list time ago because my son and my wife liked the first part. This sequel therefore is not so good as the prequel. There's nothing new here and there are no plots and twists. The story is set up on sentimental moments and the pictures have plenty of colors representing the wonderful untouched nature. My son liked especially all the friends of Bambi in this animation film and he said the bad dogs with the hunter should be forbidden in the forest. The final verdict of my wife and mine is boring but my son liked it anyway. 5/10.

Now I can cancel Bambi II from my watch list. See instead FINDING NEMO, BAMBI I, MADAGASCAR, ICE AGE I + II or POLAR EXPRESS.
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Sequels will always be disappointing...
Iulians200222 April 2006
... especially when it comes to a masterpiece like Bambi.

I'v seen Bambi II about a week ago, and I thought it's OK. But today I watched Bambi again, and at that moment when I thought about Bambi II again, I realize how a big caricature they made.

There is no atmosphere that the original Bambi has, it is just some action in the forest made with modernized graphics. It is just a former shell of the 50+ years old masterpiece.

Where is that feeling that created butterflies in my belly when I re-seen the scenes from Bambi, when the men appears for the first time, Great Prince first appearance, all this blending perfectly with the sounds and background music that complements all the drama and comedy. Such sounds that are combined with music as in the meadow scene when the deers run around, or the first rain for Bambi, background music that is found on the hole length of the movie.

Where is that attention that the original Bambi had, and that made it perfect? It had 4 voices for Bambi, 2 for Faline, 2 for Flower... Just by looking at this aspect you can see the work involved between the two movies.

The voices from Bambi II, the childish, human manifestation, ruins all the beauty, and leaves this movie way behind the original.

Again the current Disney company just created a sequel "just to be there" and make some money, indeed, trying to be close to the original, but still ending up in a very big disappointment.

The hole beauty in Bambi was the ambiance it radiated, and how the atmosphere was created and presented, being a total pleasure to watch it as an adolescent like me, having the same feelings I remember I had when I first saw it, and I am sure it will be a pleasure to continue to see it again and again even as the years pass by. All this being totally discarded in this sequel, being again just a cartoon for the little kids.

In the end I did not read the book, maybe some day I will, but at least they could have invested at least half the time as the producers have done 50 years ago, and maybe try to fill it up with actual actions from the book, that the first movie had to trim and cut scenes before the film previewed.

So Bambi II will be OK only if you just want to see something new, but don't expect anything that provide such mood and atmosphere as Bambi (1942) did.

My vote for Bambi II is 5 of 10, while Bambi fully deserved the 10 out of 10, 5 stars rating.
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Bambitoo, not that bad (dad)
leplatypus3 September 2017
In a magazine about Disney that i read recently, this animation was considered like an awful sh.t, totally shameful and disastrous..

On the other hand, my watching was rather peaceful and interesting. Maybe the fact that i still haven't watch the original explains my attitude but it would be only marginal.

OK : the start is a bit rough because we catch up Bambi and his father just after mom/wife death in winter… We don't know more and it's true that Bambi doesn't seem particularly affected by such a loss…

If we put that apart, however, the movie is rather good : it's just about 1 hour so it's rather quick ; The passing of seasons, winter trough summer, is beautifully done : the colors are vivid and for one time, the songs echo to the ambiance ! The characters are well drawn, especially to read their feelings as for humans. The story focuses about Bambi learning the ropes to become the future king : we can regret the 1st rank seat but Bambi seeks also a connection with his distant father and the way to be brave. The most important is that Bambi has a lot of friends (cute Thumper !) to help him and have fun so i believe every little kid can have fun with it ! For sure, bigger children and maybe grown ups could be easily bored but that's not the point as the movie is not for them !
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A beautiful story of Father and Son
tom-4372216 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is one of the very few Disney sequels that manages to be on par with the original. Clearly the people working on it did everything they could to capture the spirit of the original Bambi and for the most part, they succeeded.

The greatest part of this movie was Patrick Stewart as the Great Prince of the Forest. In the first movie, the Great Prince was merely a role model and we never knew much about him but this movie fleshes him out and creates a very likable but not flawless character. And they couldn't have chosen a better actor to replace the late Fred Shields. I felt like this was more the Great Prince's movie than Bambi's, partially because his character was a mystery for 64 years so the people working on this film had to be careful with how they handled him. Personally, I think they handled him extremely well. In the original movie we only have Bambi's mother's word that he's brave and wise but in this movie we actually see his bravery when he defends Bambi from a pack of dogs and hear some of his wisdom such as "feel the forest". However, they also give him a playful side and show that he's struggling to be a good parent and sometimes makes mistakes, such as trying to send Bambi to live with someone else.

Although Patrick Stewart stole the show, Alexander Gould did a great job as Bambi. The most powerful scene in the movie was when the Great Prince found Bambi at the bottom of the cliff after he defeated the last of the dogs. Anyone who's seen the original Bambi knew that he would survive and the writers knew that they knew, but there was one very simple word that made that scene stand out.


Until that scene, Bambi never referred to the Great Prince as dad and it's clear that the writers were saving that simple word specifically for that moment. And I must give kudos to Gould for the delivery of that line. Yes, it's only one syllable and anyone can say it easily, but Gould not only nailed the grogginess Bambi was feeling as he regained consciousness but also the love he felt for his father, despite the fight they had earlier in the movie. After that scene, Bambi continued to refer to the Great Prince as dad and the Great Prince realized that he couldn't send him away to live with anyone else, showing that they had both realized how much they loved each other. This also fits in nicely with the first film as the Great Prince went out of his way to find Bambi in the forest fire and lead him to safety. Now we know that he didn't just do it because Bambi was his heir but because he genuinely loved him.

Another thing I should point out is that the art is fantastic and looks just like the original film. Overall, this is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, of all the Disney sequels.
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Perhaps the Best Sequel Disney Has Ever Made
alda-mn28 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Plotwise I like this one better than the original! I love the father-son relationship between Bambi and his dad! I love how we get to see the more vulnerable side of The Great Prince, because we never saw any of that in the original movie. The score in the first movie was breathtakingly beautiful and it was better (and scarier), but the music that plays in the background when Bambi is with his father is so beautiful! I liked how they reused "Let's Sing a Gay Little Spring Song" and "Love is a Song" but I would have liked it to be used a little more. I really liked the two songs that were sung in the background in this movie, some have complained that the songs are too popish and modern compared to the songs in the original Bambi, but that is to be expected, it was 2006 not 1942. But they could have done a lot worse and the songs only serve as background music for time-skip sequences (don't know any better word for it". During the first song we see the landscape change as spring comes closer and the animals wake up from their winter-sleep and during the second one we see Bambi and his father bonding. The animation surpasses that of any other Disney sequel and so much thought and research was put into this. Unlike most other Disney movies with sequels Bambi actually left room for one. This sequel explains a lot of things that were never explained in the first one. Like what happened to Bambi after his mother died? Who took care of him? And who was the stag that Bambi fought for Faline? If you watch the second fight with Ronno in the sequel and then watch the fight in the first one you will see that it is exactly the same, so is the way he tries to force Faline to follow him instead of staying with Bambi. It is a great sequel! If you haven't watched it yet you should!
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there's a lot of flaws in this, "SEQUEL" . but, it's still good.
meltingface753 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
so, After viewing the amazing, "Bambi" I was really looking forward to this one. Why? well, Halfway through the first one, Bambi's Mom is killed by hunters. but when Bambi's father comes and takes him away, the first one basically says, OK. Screw this, and just cut STRAIGHT to the Spring. then we see Bambi as a adult already. What happened? did the animators give up? well, Bambi II Explains all that. again, just like my review with Bambi, I will post the Negatives and positives.

POSITIVES: The animation is AMAZING. There's lot of cute moments, and....yeah.. that's pretty much it. Oh yeah, and the ending was Again, Touching...

Negatives: The, "Growling" Secene made me Groan out l loud. it was tedious. Ronno pisses me off. he REALLY Does. I think that, and The whole movie teaching about, "Being Brave" Kinda killed it for me. Felt as short as the first one. And for some reason, It reminded me of "The Lion King" I hate the lion king. so that's really bad.

Overall, It was a Fine sequel. (Excuse me, Mid-sequel) Just, The Brave stuff, Ronno, and The Lion king Similar things, Kinda bothered me enough to knock it down two points. 8/10.
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Better than I expected
badgerboy976 December 2007
This is another case of the sequel not being quite as good as the original. But don't take that as meaning that this film is bad because it was actually a pleasant surprise. For a sequel, from Disney, this actually hit the spot quite nicely.

This sequel returns all the original characters from the first one and they all play off each other nicely. I am partial to these movies because I live in Wisconsin where deer hunting is part of our culture but this one is still a cute movie(I really wish we'd get a look at the hunters in these movies though!). It has everything that successful Disney movies have with the smooth animation, decent storytelling and the occasional tug at your heart strings. I can think of many worse ways to spend 70 minutes of your time. I, as an adult, enjoyed this film but if you have kids this is a great one for them too. If animation doesn't bother you, give this one a shot!
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Just brilliant!
the-original-jam11 October 2006
I had no expectations whatsoever of this movie when my family and I sat down to watch it.

I was blown away. We thought it was brilliant, from start to finish. I also felt the animation was of a very high standard and it evoked memories of the original film.

Everyone at Disney who were involved in creating this film should be very, very proud of themselves. They did a fine job. I could be wrong, of course, but I just felt that this was a labour of love for the creators and their care and artistry just oozes out of every frame of this movie.

Easily the best of the direct-to-video sequels.
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A beautiful and timeless story... again
eileenschu22 May 2006
One of Disney's masterpieces, a true work of art was brought back to life. I loved the loyalty of this sequel, to the original drawings and voices. The characters are endearing and there is added humor in this movie. Thumper's personality has been rounded up more and the beauty and dignity of the forest and the deer in the forest is unspoiled. In my opinion, it is a keeper. The music, though, leaves much to be desired. It would have been more respectful regarding the artistic value of the movie, to have richer music written for it. It was mediocre music and it didn't take away from the movie itself because the animation was so true to the majestic original. I believe that Disney had a keen pedagogic sense. Through his media resources he taught his young audiences (even the young at heart) to appreciate cultural manifestations: Music, a very notorious one. So this is how Disney's aim fails in Bambi II. It doesn't really teach the ear, so to speak, to appreciate the sonic expressions in its music.
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