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8 Mar. 2005
Record Breakers
Shirley discovers his audience has psychic potential. Shirley gives the best wedding present of all to several couples before they take their vows - a graphic and scary insight into their futures. Its round two of the Spirit Academy auditions. Shirley is joined by Princess Diana and Jimi Hendrix in spirit form on the judging panel. Shirley challenges the contestants to channel the spirits of dead celebrities in order to win a place at Spirit Academy. The Paranormalists: Shirley's apprentice Colin Reynolds (Marc playing another character) entertains a group of OAP's by...
15 Mar. 2005
The Complaint
The BBC forces Shirley to apologise on TV to Mrs Oxley. Shirley gave Mrs Oxley a reading and she complained that he'd stolen words from the obituary of a newspaper and used them in the reading. Shirley offers career advice to several people and informs them what he sees of their future occupations. Kininla, Chrissy, Erol, Stella, Kim, Joel, Sylvia and Maria are the unlucky eight to win a place at Spirit Academy. The contestants learn they only have a blanket or mattress to sleep on and only get their dinner if they can predict what it is using their psychic abilities....
22 Mar. 2005
Shirley tells the audience about a cheeky e - mail he has received from Sue in Derby concerning his weight. Shirley explains that success brings money and money brings food. Shirley uses his powers to explore people's problems using their bodies. It's the second week of term at Spirit Academy and one person has to leave. Shirley sets the contestants a tarot card challenge and observes the exercise as they give one another readings. Stella is chosen to leave Spirit Academy. The Paranormalists: Shirley's apprentice Ian Jackson (Marc playing another character) meets male...
29 Mar. 2005
Shirley shows the audience a drawing of Sheba which a viewer has sent in. Shirley points out that nowhere in the show's title is Sheba's name mentioned. He stresses the show is not a double act and sets fire to the drawing with a lighter. Shirley announces that Sheba won't be joining Shirley on the spirit side. He was forced to send the Alsatian away as she bit a baby's face off in heaven. Shirley touches objects given to him from people and gets a psychic impression of the history of the object. At Spirit Academy Shirley has detected an evil spirit. He channels it ...
5 Apr. 2005
The Award
Shirley swigs from a bottle of champagne and has a trophy in his hand. He tells the audience he has won the best international TV psychic award. His prize looks like a football trophy though. Shirley visits Harrow Borough F.C. and trains the team from a psychic's point of view. The team don't take kindly to Shirley's tips and advice though and constantly mock him throughout training. Shirley storms off the pitch when one player kicks a ball at him. Shirley teaches the Spirit Academy contestants how to deal with troublesome spirits. Kim is voted out of Spirit Academy ...
12 Apr. 2005
Shirley tells the audience he is cooking on gas in tonight's show. Shirley visits Vauxhall City Farm and talks to the animals. He tells the farm owner that his animals are cracking jokes to one another and that one of the horses wants to visit Brazil. At Spirit Academy the final four contestants have to fight for a place in next weeks final. Shirley challenges the contestant's abilities to channel spirits on mass. Kininla is voted out of Spirit Academy. Shirley is drawn to two members of the audience, a young man and an older lady. The spirits tell Shirley they're a ...
19 Apr. 2005
Heaven and Back
A radio controlled car rides onto the stage with a small teddy sitting on it in the form of a dog. Shirley says it's his spirit guide Sheba. It's the grand final of Spirit Academy and the finalists are set for their biggest challenge to date, a psychic assault course. After a messy assault course involving readings and bobbing for stars in a paddling pool of gunge, Maria is crowned the winner of Spirit Academy and is presented with an award in the shape of a coffin. Shirley Vs The Sceptics: Shirley confronts Nick Pullar, manager of Sceptics in the Pub - a group that ...

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