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a light glance on growth, love and maybe life
Fabio Baroncini14 August 2007
I like Francesca Archibugi since "Mignon è partita" and "Verso sera" (with the magic Marcello Mastroianni), her eye looks always deeply inside growth and relations between youth people and adult ones - but she's also able to take light glances on life and problems... I loved this movie too, despite stupidity and non-sensitivity of Rome's teenagers... but then India and Kerala surely take the audience to a wiser vision of life, and love can make (A)Pollo(nio)'s young heart to do the right thing and call back Chiara's husband... OK I think it's clear I don't like the simple equation cinema=amusement - but this film contains also funny situations and a little humour... and Chiara-Giovanna Mezzogiorno shows all of her wonderful beauty, as well as Angela Finocchiaro acts at her best - unfortunately the role just can't permit Anna Galliena to do the same... PS I think I saw a child delivery for the first time on a movie screen: and this made me love "Lezioni di volo" even more!
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Armand27 September 2010
A film like a spring morning. Story of a travel in India. A delicate love story. A world - strange and seductive. Few questions, a lot of answers.A movie as a poem. About self definition and the price of gestures. About shadows and truth. About roots and the fruits of its touch. About freedom and ages. About friendship behind the colors, in hear of nuances.It is strange to say if it is a good film. It is only a form of image's wind. Without rules or moral lessons. With sand drops and ash way. For me it is only a great window. Or stained glass. Or contour of a bird. Beautiful and nostalgic, lost of a age skin and dreams as clods or bricks, is story of two young men for who the shadow of Don Qujote is more present than any refuge.
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