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Creepy on edge horror movie.
Lost_Highway28 August 2005
The film centres around Jack, a photographer who lost his faith three years ago when his wife went mad and disappeared, without her his talent for art has gone too and he makes a living taking naked pictures of women for a website called 2ndcumming ( a play on words as we discover later). Jack finds himself in possession of the holy grail, which it is believed that any who look upon it will die, however he appears to be immune to it's powers, but nothing is what it seems in this excellent horror/thriller.

The movie is very slow, and is all the better for it, do not expect fast paced action and buckets of blood in this one! The start of the movie reminded me of a Lynch film as the dialogue and actions of the characters is slow and methodical, the whole film has a Lynch like feel to it and moves along as if we are getting nowhere, even the climax of the film is no Hollywood wham bam explosive type ending. The characters in the film all pretty much have something to do with the plot, there are very few incidental characters and the acting whilst a little wooden at times, keeps well in time with the pace of the movie, especially good as it is a cast of unknowns. Clearly influenced by some of the more creepy Japanese horrors that have come out in recent years, this relies heavily on chills and fear to give it it's edge, I was honestly shocked to see such a film coming from America. Throughout the film I was genuinely spooked and on edge, no particular jump out of your seat moments but the atmosphere of the movie keeps you unnerved throughout.

I highly recommend this if you don't mind your films slow and steady, do not expect the pace to pick up to Hollywood action speed at any point, this is a movie about atmosphere and emotion. A good American film for those who prefer the chills of Japanese horror movies and are looking for something a little more then blood and guts.
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Arts, Pornography and Religion
Claudio Carvalho13 September 2008
The lonely artist Jack Fender (Daniel Patrick Sullivan) still grieves the death of his beloved lover Tina (Allie Smith) three years ago. He lost his inspiration and his faith on God and presently he is taking pornographic pictures for the mobster Sparky (Roger Anderson) and his partner Limpy (Laurence Skorniak) for a pornographic site managed by Nibbles (Circus-Szalewski) and Scooter (Quiana Whittler) under the protest of his agent and friend Alex (Lance Mulvaney). When Jack witnesses a car accident in his neighborhood, the wounded passenger gives a box to Jack, asking him to protect and never open it, and he discovers that he is protecting the Holy Graal. From this moment on, weird things happen to Jack, having visions, nightmares and the permanent sensation that strangers are watching him. While swimming late night in a club, Jack meets the sexy Iona (Janina Gavankar) and his inspiration returns but he finds also the hidden reality.

"Cup of My Blood" is a weird and atmospheric horror movie, developed in low pace and building mystery and tension with great potential wasted with an illogical and frustrating ending, where no one and nothing are like seem to be. The Protector, who defines himself as a pornographer, murderer and saint, is completely incoherent for his holy mission. The truth about the characters does not make clear which side each one is (good or evil?), and the last scene seventy-seven years later is unnecessary and quite non-sense. Anyway this movie has an original story disclosed in an intriguing screenplay and deserves to be watched at least once. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Taça de Sangue" ("Glass of Blood")
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Scary, Sexy and Off-kilter served with a Twist
tpm88694 June 2005
I was lucky enough to attend the Chicago premiere of this spooky epic and it really delivered the goods. Director/Writer Lance Catania has rewoven the elements of the horror genre into a commentary on modern society and the power/creepiness of religion. Plus it has some saucy gore and sex!

Pornographer Jack Fender (Daniel Patrick Sullivan) has accidentally(?) come into possession of a religious icon. Within his wacky, underground world he must come to understand why he must, by any means, protect the icon. Looking to separate him from his holy possession are a strange group of brutally surreal characters. Jack, while trying to figure out why he was chosen, also is in the unenviable position of not being able to trust anyone.

Catania has a way with an intriguing story, plus he displays a love for the "money shots" of the blood, guts and flesh. Playing like a tragi-comic opera, the broad scope of Fender's predicament also allows for the occasional (and sometimes nervous) laughter. As a director/writer of this original story (shot on location in Chicago), Catania displays a passion for the subject in every frame. But even through the exploration of his interesting and complex themes, he never forgets the reason why horror films have their wild appeal (wink-wink, nudge-nudge).

Satan, may I have the next dance?

Rating ***1/2 stars
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Interesting and Atmospheric
Iok9 December 2005
When Jack Fender (Daniel Patrick Sullivan) - former photographer turned pornographer - witnesses a car accident, the dying passenger charges him with a task: take care of the box she's carrying. Don't look at what's within and keep it safe. Jack takes the box and is soon haunted by strange dreams, weird visions and a feeling of acute paranoia. And rightly so, as the box contains the Holy Grail and there are forces who will go to great lengths to get their hands upon it...

Imagine if David Lynch was Japanese and he'd directed The Ninth Gate.

That's probably the best way to describe "Cup of My Blood," a creepy, atmospheric supernatural thriller that delivers some very well-timed shocks, has a great sense of dread, features some nice "in-camera" SFX (ala Jacob's Ladder) and some very well executed (no pun intended) gore scenes, which, although not hugely visceral, are enough to keep schlock fans happy without offending the more sensitive horror fan.

One other point to raise is the superb use of sound in this movie. Atmospheric rumbles, almost bordering on the subsonic haunt the movie's soundtrack, creating a very disturbing, eerie atmosphere of dread.

Sadly, performances are a mixed bag, with some stilted acting and - to be brutally honest - dialogue that's at best, okay and at worst, bad. Despite its faults, though, it manages to retain a great sense of dread and an interesting - if at times confusingly overplayed - plot.

Whilst the movie's basic plot is straightforward enough (providing you stick with it - just roll with the "flashbacks/intercuts," as they're explained later), but some extra backstory on a couple of characters and a clearer explanation on exactly WHY the Grail is so important (being Christ's cup aside) would have helped.

As it is, "Cup of My Blood" falls short of being a great movie. With a stronger cast, a little tightening around the edges and a little more exposition it could have been superb. As it stands, it's a solid, entertaining enough movie that I doubt will make anybody's Top Ten, but kudos to Lance Catania and crew for producing a chilling, different and interesting movie. I look forward to seeing his future work.
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Good Theology
thewag7774 December 2005
This movie will offend many Christians. However, I do not think that is the reason it was made, though I am sure Lance Catania knew it was inevitable. Here we have a new approach to the Holy Grail myth. This one is not so pure as those of the past, such as 'Indian Jones, The Last Crusade.' This movie mixes religious icons and chosen protectors of the Grail, with sex and murder. Many Christians, especially fundamentalists, will be deeply offended and denounce that as a Satanic production.

I am a pretty conservative Christian myself, but not only am I not offended, but this movie made me think about the nature of good and evil. Jack, the chosen protector of the Grail, does not believe he is worthy. Well, he is right about that, but that is not why he is chosen. He is a capable man, a man who can withstand trial and tribulation. He is also capable of doing things that good Christians could not, mainly murder. Therefore, he is chosen. The grail must be protected by someone who is mighty in this world, not the next.

Here is my theological conclusion, and I think this is what the writer was going for. God has given us free will, and most of us use it to serve ourselves. Therefore, the world is full of sexual sin, murder, theft, and all manner of iniquity. Of course God could change that, but God will not violate free will. Therefore, God's servants on earth, to accomplish there goals, must be willing to do worldly things. If we all live perfect, righteous lifestyles, we will be helpless in this world. That is fine, because Heaven awaits. However, we have things to accomplish here. I guess what I am saying is, the message of this movie is not one of blasphemy, but one of realism. The world is what it is.

I don't know if I am right or not, but certainly this movie was written to challenge the norms of contemporary Christian beliefs and make us think. It certainly did that for me.

Now, as a horror movie (here comes the sleaze), this movie was good but not great. It had its bloody scenes, but nothing shocking. It had the beautiful seductress, Iona, (She's hot) but its been done. I think Angelique in 'Hellraiser, Bloodlines' was a better seductress. This has more to do with the script than the actress, however. I gave the movie an 8 out of 10. This movie isn't bloody enough to impress those who like blood and sex simultaneously. As a horror movie, it is mediocre and I would not recommend this as a first choice. But, if you've seen all the other latest horror films, than you may as well watch this one too.
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Reasonable piece of ... bad movie :)
siderite13 August 2006
The entire story was so confusing and illogical that at one time in the film I just decided to stop trying to understand it. Enough said, there is a Holy Grail, a special breed of people that can see the Grail and not die called Protectors, some weirdos that want to help the Protectors (let's call them the Geeks) and some other weirdos that want the Grail for some unholy business. They all kind of shoot each other, full of Faith and all.

The beginning is pretty well done, with tensionate soundtrack and graphical to gory moments. But it just continues like that. There is no sense of anything after a while. After really dumb dialogues and scenes, where even the girls that come to pose for porn sites look bad, the whole thing degenerates into a mindless bloodbath. Lots of fake blood and then, the end. A final scene that shows what is going on after 77 years. Why 77? What was the purpose of the movie? No answer, really.

Conclusion: almost bad and totally boring.
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Honest Shot, Many Successes, Horror Gluts Check It Out
Poe-174 September 2005
Lots of things going with this for Horror Buffs. Won't be on any top ten lists but in this day of Horror Drought "Flesh for the Beast" is much welcome. Plot has been outlined already (and is much more fine than some reviews suggest), there are no loose ends if one is paying attention and not locked into the elementary tale-telling of beginning, middle, end. We got your gore, we got your nudity and we got your in-your-face things. It caught the 70's feel the crew was after (check extras for that)and 70's horror is not a bad thing to aspire to. In today's glut of Not-Horror trying to pass for Horror, "Flesh for the Beast" is friendly.
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pmg2069 August 2005
Not a good "wow," regrettably. Jack is a porn photographer now, after the death of his girl a few years back when he tossed his lucrative photography career aside. He witnesses a car crash where he's given a box, told to keep it safe, and to deliver it from evil; he'll know to whom to deliver it when the time is right.

108 minutes later, salvation is yours. We're first treated to a few bits and pieces of religious history, touch on the rapture (if you want more on that, try Left Behind from 2000), some dark commentary on the direction of modern society from a guy who wires together batteries to keep The System up -- though when the power flickers, the lights and computers go dark for several seconds, then those precious batteries bring everything back up like nothing happened (no login screens, flying Windows windows or happy Mac sounds, nothing).

If you're a big fan of oodles of blood, a bit of demons and the undead tossed in for good measure, and a grail everyone wants to get their hands on (and unlike Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail, this one isn't just a beacon over the Castle Anthrax), dive in. Otherwise, there's plenty of other fish in to the sea -- toss this one back.
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Worst movie ever
superlux6919 December 2005
Wow, this was a waste of my life. I wish I could take the 1 hours and 48 minutes of my life back. The story was brutal, and very unbelievable. This movies is just garbage. I warn you, if you watch this, you too will wish for the almost 2 hours of time that this movie wasted back. The acting in this movie is also very brutal. Sometimes it sounds like they are reading their lines from cue cards. I am in shock, and awe, that movies like this are actually made. Sure it had a small budget, but so did Napoleon Dynamite, and look how successful that movie was :). I give this a 2 out of 10, because it wasn't the absolute worst movie I have ever seen, but it is sure close. Anyways, you have been warned...
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Creativity Maxed Out!
actresschica22 August 2005
I hate to give up almost $10 to see any movie. So off I go to see Cup of My Blood, and I promptly returned the next night to see it again! Whatever anyone else wants to say about script quality or bloodiness in the film: to you folks, I say "Pshaw"---->Used to indicate impatience, irritation, disapproval, or disbelief.

On a regular basis, I was jumping in my seat and squinting my eyes shut when I was sure someone or something was going to jump out and scare the daylights out of me. The local Chicago talent had me at "Now, it is dark." The shots of my dear city had me at the first dark and creepy shadow. The story idea along stands out among thousands of old and tired ideas. And, the dirty combination of blasphemy, sex, blood, creepy dark shadowy things and art made my heart race, my eyes widen, and my mouth hang open for a good two hours after I left the theater. The thought was, "Did I just watch what I think I just watched?"

Best $18 I ever spent in one weekend.
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Fails in every way a horror film can
WasteBot10 October 2005
The story is not believable.

The acting is not believable.

The horror techniques have long since grown old and boring.

The result is that it's not scary. That is the primary problem. I never felt surprised or shocked. I didn't care about the characters. In fact, it was more like watching a poor zombie film where you simply can't wait for the next body to get ripped apart simply to keep you amused.

Lucky for everyone, this has been a good year for zombie and gore films, so you can check out Land of the Dead instead. Or even a better than average ghost film like Dark Water. Or a spookier, more brutal than average super-hero film like Batman Begins.
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Clumsy Fodder for Mystery Science Theatre 3000
dilbertsuperman10 December 2005
This movie contains some of the worst acting or should I say excuse for acting I have ever seen in my life. It looks like a student film casting call demo where the actors are reading their lines for the first time in their life- wooden does not begin to describe.

Our not so spooky plot revolves around a mysterious box that must obviously contain the holy grail. It accidentally drops into the hands of a porno photographer for a website. His wife was wacky and hit the bucket some years ago and he has been tortured in his head ever since.

I can say without error that this movie contains the worst comedy delivery and the crappiest plot twists ever. Orgazmo was a touching introspective into the human experience through the eyes of a master artist by comparison.

You can watch this movie. but do so with the understanding that it is clumsy retarded and stupid and moronic beyond the call of duty. This movie requires the aid of strong intoxicants to be watchable.

As you watch this horror of a movie you will be left wondering, how the HELL did any of these fools think for a second that what they were doing didn't totally suck?? How could they wrap at the end of a day of shooting and think any progress had been made? These fools couldn't act their way out of a paper bag. I would have fired the entire cast and had them taken to a secret CIA prison in Eastern Europe to be tortured into confessing various crimes that made good press for my military junta.
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I'd rather stick pins in my eyes ...
gingernutmeg23 January 2011
Why would I rather stick pins in my eyes? Because with pins in my eyes, I'd never, ever have to watch this awful, awful film ever again. The story is ridiculous, and having accidentally stumbled on this film I spent the entire time trying to work out whether or not I was watching some kind of soft porn rip-off of the Da Vinci Code. However, that would actually be a compliment, and this film is nowhere near that good.

It has no redeeming features whatsoever - the lighting, acting, over-grading (why is everything green?) score and story are awful. There's nothing about this film that makes any sense. It's like some kind of X-Files/Twin Peaks wannabe made by an eighteen year old and his mates, where they've based the whole film on one of those 'really profound and clever' ideas you get when you've had way too much to drink ...

You get the impression whilst watching this film that the writer and director are trying to be 'shocking' by combining religious and sexual imagery. It just looks deeply, deeply silly and adolescent and serves no purpose at all - it's like they realised the story was so dull that the only way to keep even part of the audience watching was to throw in some boob shots.

Awful film - don't bother.
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Bewildering and boring bad B-movie
kendotec-111 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILERS ________

This movie is exceptional in it's confused storytelling and weird polished uncreepy scenes that simply go for the shock effect, like 50% of the whole time. I quickly became bored with the story which first seemed to consist of a Photographer who has a creative crisis and doesn't know who he can trust. We then learn that he has some friends that run a porn webpage and hide some religious mumbo jumbo behind the pictures, I mean come on!... The acting is horrible mostly because of the bad script I suppose, the whole movie seems to be just a joke, and not a good one.
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Well Rounded Indie Horror...
terrible219 November 2008
Pleasantly surprised by this "Independent" Horror/Thriller, which has remained under the radar for a while. Low budget Indie films need to be taken with a grain of salt, and in some cases a few aspirins, but "Cup Of My Blood" delivered a well rounded viewing experience. The cinematography was top notch, as was the screenplay which moved flawlessly through an engaging story. Director Lance Catania obviously did his homework, and learned what works (and what doesn't) when it comes to selling the suspense. Part "Da Vinci Code" and part "Demon Knight", COMB was refreshing to see, when you consider what some people like to release as horror. The virtually unknown actors play their parts to great effect, and the lighting scheme adds a creepiness not often seen in the genre of film. Looking forward to seeing more from this up and coming director.
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Chilling and Intelligent
damienthorn1019 January 2006
This is an amazing film, but is not for everybody. Its not for people looking for sophomoric humor and a plot spoon fed to imbeciles. You need to think. I won't waste your time with the plot synopsis because its already been covered.

Its obvious Catania and the film making team love what they do. Their passion is evident in every frame. Every shot is composed with emotion and subtext in mind. It is beautiful to look at. The lighting dares to be dark and heavy, so unlike most horror films that are bright and over-lit.

Cup of My Blood never goes for the cheap scare, the cat jumping at you kind of crap. Catania creates a mood dark and melancholy. Its a slow burn that leads to scares growing out of the story and Jack Fender's situation, rather than contrivances thrown arbitrarily at the audience. When the scares come, its quite jolting. Catania also isn't squeamish in his depiction of violence. There are buckets of blood, but its devastating and ugly, not celebratory. Catania has developed the characters to such a degree that when the violence occurs, we truly care about them and it is quite affecting and horrific.

The acting is also top notch. The performances by all are subtle and and multi-layered. Again, a departure from most recent horror films where the characters are loud, abrasive smart asses who have no depth and nothing to say other than cracking jokes and insulting each others mommies. Stand outs are Daniel Patrick Sullivan as Jack Fender and Janina Gavankar as Iona. Sullivan's performance as Jack is tortured, wrenching and brilliant. Gavankar's smoldering depiction of Iona is daring, sensuous and very evil. I hope to see much more from both of them.

This is something different, something smart for fans of the genre who appreciate not being talked down to or being treated like morons by the filmmakers. It deals with a subject most are afraid to address, faith. And it does it very well.

I'm eagerly anticipated what Catania delivers next.
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Nice low-budget indie-horror film; Janina Gavankar very good.
smatysia9 August 2015
Wow, this film has some really, really bad reviews. I didn't think it was bad at all, overall. It certainly has some faults. Most of the cinematography seems a little bit overexposed, with a noticeable greenish cast. I thought that this might be an artifact of the DVD transfer, but it seems to be deliberate. (But then everyone is seeing it from the same DVD, I'd guess, so who knows) There is a certain amount of bad acting, including from the "star" Daniel Patrick Sullivan and the interestingly named Circus-Szalewski. I thought the plot was at least interesting, if not always completely thought through. Some pretty good acting from Roger Anderson, Allie Smith, and particularly the lovely Janina Gavankar. I hope to more stuff from her in the future.
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This Cup is Empty
ghoulieguru7 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
In CUP OF MY BLOOD, a pornographic photographer finds out that he's meant to be the last Guardian of the Holy Grail. This is basically a soft-core porn version of the DaVinci Code. If you are practicing Christian or are easily offended, you might want to skip this movie and the rest of this review.

The movie starts off like the Ring, but instead of a video tape that kills anyone that watches it, it's an old wooden box which contains the one and only Holy Grail. Everybody that opens the box and sees the Grail dies a horrible death. Enter the pornographic photographer, who is struggling to take artistic pictures for a porn website. His boss is a stereotypical creepy businessman who keeps telling the photographer that he's trying too hard. As you might imagine, this gives the filmmakers plenty of opportunity to show nekked ladies. It spirals into soft-core mediocrity pretty quickly.

Somehow, the photographer realizes that there's a secret code hidden on this porn website called "The Second Cumming". He clicks on a link and is given a series of clues that lead him to discover that the Holy Grail really exists, and that he is the meant to be inducted into a group of Sacred Knights that protect the cup... kind of like the old Knight from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I couldn't really tell if the filmmakers were trying to be clever or shocking and irreverent. The end result is that it's not any of the above. It comes off more as a poorly executed live action version of a South Park episode. This actually might have made a good South Park. I can almost see Cartman web-surfing through a bunch of porn websites and finding out that the cup of Christ exists and that he's supposed to be the Guardian of the Holy Grail. When you start thinking that a horror movie is akin to South Park, you know you're in trouble.

While our porn photographer tries to deny that he's destined to be a Templar Knight, he's almost seduced by a girl that he used to photograph. She turns out to be a demon, or a succubus or something. The succubus tries to get her hands on the Grail, but our porno photographer wins out and protects the cup of Christ from the demonic bimbo. This movie is pretty empty. It's not shocking, it's not controversial, it's just boring. Whether or not you are easily offended, you can skip this one and not feel like you've missed anything. Watch an episode of South Park instead.
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cup is running over
chopchopchoppi29 December 2005
what a great movie.very was quite mysterious and innovative.kudos to all! keep up the good work.the unknown actors did a very professional job. we hope to see more from them in the future.the movie was greatly enjoyed by all who watched it.there were lots of surprises and twits and turns.there are not very many religious horror films out there, so this is refreshing.we are looking forward to the next horror film from this team.the best of luck to them.this may be the next spielberg /craven or carpenter -a whole new genre for the horror industry-one that needs some bring on the new and different in the world of horror..
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Couldn't Finish It
hbeeinc2 February 2013
There's uneven and then there's this movie. The premise that the last person you'd think should look after the Holy Grail is the one chosen to do it...well, I've see it before.

In the first half hour, the only person I wanted to see (Tina) was dead already. The hero was like a post car-wreck Bill Pullman. The porno king kept reminding us he was acting. Limpy has a good look but not compelling enough to wait hour and eighteen minute for. And the writing was atrocious with needless amounts of exposition AFTER you know what going on. Or some heavy hand line like "I got degrees in Philosophy, Religion and Art." Hm. And this picture as RELIGIOUS themes? You must be very important to the plot. I'm sure some trailer park trash found stuff like this "real inneresting" but it made me laugh. And not in a good/bad way.

Still, the final nail in the were the innumerable audio stings faking you out. It's a valid technique but it gets dull watching and actor on the screen constantly flinching. I can almost picture the audition - "Now, there's a lot of flinching in this movie. Let's see you flinch."

Go watch God Told Me To, instead. At least that's an ambitious mess.
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Art-house Horror
alanforester1018 April 2006
Some of the reviews for this film are so bad, that I'm not sure what horror fans are looking for. This film is scary, well acted, professional and smart. It's sad that some people are satisfied by much less. When a really good film like "Cup of My Blood" comes along, they criticize it for being different than most of the horror junk out there. Don't listen to them, see it for yourself. Once this film starts, it just doesn't let up. As the twists and turns unfold, the true calling of the main character becomes chillingly apparent. If you are one of those horror fans who like "Brain Damage" films, you might not like this "Cup of My Blood. It'll be way over your head. This is the closest thing I've seen in a while that could be called an "arthouse" horror film.
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Who was the person jumping at the camera?!!
prolinx200311 July 2006
I rented this movie from BlockBuster on a recommendation from a friend. I was pretty excited to hear about another horror movie that was made independently then went straight to DVD. I was hoping it would be like Evil Dead, but it was more serious (and less loud). It was kind of slow moving here & there, but the storyline was very cool and there were some really surprisingly good actors that I had never heard of before. I heard that someone in the cast or crew died! Does anyone know if that's true? One last question, because I watched the part over & over trying to figure it out: That demon who jumps at the camera in the bathroom or whatever scared the crap out of me! But I have to ask- is it a guy or a girl?! It ~sounds~ like a girl crying, but it's so hard to tell these days with make up and all. Utterly CREEPY! Could you just imagine walking into use the bathroom & having THAT jump out at you? LOL, it would be a mess! I'm just curious, if anybody knows? Definitely worth a look!
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