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  • On September 1st, 2001 a spy receives information that something terrible will happen soon.

  • September the 1st, 2001. Elliot, an American C.I.A. agent holding top secret information on the immediate future of the world, disappears. His sole aim was to meet his daughter Orlando, whom he abandoned ten years before. Irène, a French agent who used to work with him, and David, his adoptive son, will help him and lead the girl to her father. Chased by William Pound, a strangely poetic psycho, they will defy the dangers of international espionage from Paris to Venice and finally get to Elliot on September the 11th 2001.


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  • In 2001 a French Intelligence agent Irène (Juliette Binoche) eases into a small village in the French countryside to find Orlando (Sara Forestier), the daughter of ex-CIA operative Elliot (Nick Nolte) who dropped out of the spy business a decade earlier with no real explanation. Elliot has contacted Irene and asked her to retrieve his daughter Orlando and bring her to a secret location so he can meet with her. Irene is also instructed to pick up Elliots step-son David (Tom Riley) for the same reason. Along the way Irene sees that David and Orlando do not get along, Orlandos very French attitude about Americans doesnt sit well with the very American David. During their travels Irene realizes that she is being followed by a maniacal assassin named William Pound (John Turturro) who leaves a trail of dead contact in his wake as he attempts to get closer to Elliot in order to kill him. Irene senses his closing in but keeping in touch by telephone and not letting her know that he is killing off her contacts. Eventually during their travels to meet Elliot, David and Orlando grow to love each other and look forward to meeting with Elliot but William Pound closes in and Irene must confront this assassin bent on killing Elliot for the secrets he holds.

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