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A Lesson About The Constitution
ccthemovieman-119 June 2007
This was a "first" for me: a short Looney Tunes cartoon in surround sound. It was great to hear. It's Daffy Duck, but done only a few years ago, in 2004.

Daffy's running for President of the United States and if he wins, one of the first things he'll do, he tells Bugs Bunny, is "outlaw rabbits."

Bugs quickly sets Daffy straight: a President can't enact laws; that's the job of congress. He shows Daffy the laws right from The Constitution. Hmm, Daffy isn't pleased. Bugs, for some reason, encourages him. "There have been a lot of funny boids elected to congress," he states, "but you would be the first duck."

Soon, Daffy comes back an elected congressman from Long Island, telling Bugs he'll make a law ordering rabbit season to be "a minimum of 12 months a year." Bugs doesn't seem perturbed.

Daffy's "no more duck season" bill fails, as does his other political efforts which includes a trip to the Supreme Court, on Bugs' suggestion.

In all, this is a quick civics lesson; not very funny, but informative. Lost in the politics is the colorful artwork and the decent job done by Joe Alaskey who performs double duty, voicing both Daffy and Bugs. He does a fine job, particularly with Daffy. It would be harder to match the great Mel Blanc as Bugs.

I appreciated the final graphic in here that says, "In loving memory of Chuck Jones." That was nice. This can be seen as part of the "features" on the Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume Three DVD.
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movieman_kev31 October 2005
Daffy Duck is elected into congress. Seem the perfect opportunity for hilarious madcap hijiks to ensue, but alas they don't. Nope, this is an educational short to tell the young ones about the three branches of government. It pretty much fails at saying anything more then what those three branches are and leaves it at that. Not really that educational at all when you think about it. And as such it doesn't warrant multiple viewing, heck I'd be hard pressed to say that it even warrants one viewing. This recent animated short can be seen as an extra on Disc 3 of the Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 2.

My Grade: D
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No more Duck Season!
angrybeavers139 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Well, it had been 7 years since a Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck cartoon had been produced ("From Hare to Eternity" and "Superior Duck"), but it had been 12 years since Bugs and Daffy rivaled in a short together ("Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers"), so this was a nice throwback, and a wonderful tribute to the Bugs vs. Daffy combo made famous by Chuck Jones and Friz Freleng.

Daffy is running for president thinking he can make a law to outlaw Duck Season, and extend Rabbit season to a minimum of 12 months a year (typical verbal cartoon humor). But, Bugs informs Daffy that the president does not make laws. Congress makes laws, and the president enforces them (whether he likes them or not. Ha!). Daffy is of coarse, appalled by this factoid, but then decides to run for congress. His idea for Duck/ Rabbit season is not welcomed. Daffy then decides to drag Bugs to the supreme court, but Bugsy points out he's performing illegal search and seizure. Daffy begs forgiveness, and decides to look over a copy of the constitution that Bugs had in his rabbit hole. Bugs taunts Daffy, and then turns to the audience and gives advice regarding laws, and what you should do if someone tries to take away your rights.

As you may have guessed, this is an educational short with Looney Tunes-esquire humor thrown in. These types of shorts are rarely seen nowadays. Most of the education Townes today are poorly-made preschool shows, and none lack any Looney Tunes humor. "Daffy Duck for President" is a great recently-made entry for Looney Tunes, and is certainly a good educational short as much as Chuck Jones' 1949 documentary So Much For So Little. Intrestingly enough, Jones did start this cartoon back in 2000, but he wasn't able to complete. Instead, two directors from Tiny Toons Adventures completed the short and added it to Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 2 DVD. There's even a nice dedication to Chuck at the end who passed away in 2003. I definitely recommend this short, because it captures the original spirit of the classic from the 30s to the 50s, and not to mention, contains some interesting facts about the president, Congress, and constitution. So if you're writing a report about either of these three, this cartoon is something you should view.
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Daffy versus Donald for U.S. President . . .
oscaralbert3 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
. . . may not strike everyone as the ideal choice for Leader of the Free World. Though these are Planet Earth's Top Two Names in Ducks, such a fowl duo will prompt many to ask, "Why are we always choosing between 'the lesser of two evils'?" But if you can spare four and a half minutes to view DAFFY DUCK FOR PRESIDENT, I'm sure that you'll find a lot of food for thought. Since Donald J. Duck already is the Rich People's Party nominee and the FBI is likely to arrest the stalking horse of the rival bunch, there's no reason why Donald won't be facing Daffy duck-on-duck come next Tuesday (which, wouldn't you know it, comes in the middle of most states' duck hunting season!). Though Daffy is older than Donald J., he's young in spirit, has a much better understanding of the Nuclear Triad, and is the healthiest duck ever to seek the White House. Many expect Donald to replace Nonsense Pence with Hulk Hogan as his running mate in the next few hours. If so, I'm sure that Daffy will tap Bugs Bunny, since this hare's name recognition tops that of Citizen Kaine. They can redo the Veep debate Sunday night, during which Bugs will rip Hulk a new one. Considering that Donald dumped baby mom Daisy to dally with foreign chicks, I think that the women's vote will be enough to sweep Daffy into the White House.
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"Very ingenious solution to a long-smoldering problem."
slymusic2 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
"Daffy Duck for President" is a nice modern-day Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck cartoon that is meant to be educational. Bugs tries to teach Daffy the fundamentals of the United States Constitution and the American system of government, which Daffy of course thinks he already knows. Yep, after all these years, Daffy still hasn't done away with his obnoxiousness. He and Bugs play off of each other quite well - as they had done several decades beforehand - with great voice acting by Joe Alaskey.

"Daffy Duck for President" is not an outrageously funny cartoon, but one scene I do find memorable. Right after the opening titles, an excited Daffy sings altered lyrics to the popular song "We're in the Money".

The dedication of this cartoon goes to the brilliant animation director Chuck Jones, who passed away in 2002. In the spirit of Chuck, this cartoon utilizes the most minute facial expressions and physical gestures to obtain laughs from the audience.
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Daffy Duck for President rounds out my Election Day viewing of "presidential" cartoons
tavm4 November 2008
In honor of today being Election Day and having previously seen both Betty Boop for President and Olive Oyl for President, I just went to the Misce-Looney-ous site to watch Daffy Duck for President which it linked from YouTube. Originally storyboarded by Chuck Jones and turned into a book before his untimely death, this latter-day Warner Bros. cartoon was another entertaining lesson on American customs which Jones had previously done with Porky Pig on Old Glory back in 1939. Daffy decides to run as the Commander-In-Chief thinking he'll be able to make a law abolishing rabbits. Bugs tells him that the president can only enact laws so Daffy runs for Congress in order to get rabbit season to occur "12 months of the year". Turns out he's the only supporter of that bill! Basically this was a good way to get children to learn the Constitution and the three branches of government involving two beloved cartoon characters. Joe Alaskey was a fine pick in continuing the familiar voices created by the late Mel Blanc. And kudos for the two directors, Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone, for doing Mr. Jones proud with their pacing of the animation scenes as well as printing a dedication to his memory. My favorite punchline came from Bugs, "At least you're not a lame duck!" This short is available on the Looney Tunes Golden Collection, Volume 2 DVD set.
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Greates Short in a Decade
drpeppersp23 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I really happened to like Daffy Duck For President, I believe this is the greatest Looney Tune short done in the last decade at least. The short stars Daffy and Bugs Bunny in a debate about what the president really does and why. While the short goes on Daffy attempts to become the next president trying pass a law for rabbit season to last twelve months a year. This law is of course ridiculous and shows why the president can never really pass such ridiculous things, because of the system. Throughout this educational cartoon we are given a true example of why we have this system. At the end of the short Bugs breaks it down for us, telling about the three branches of Congress and how it works. Great Job A+, If I could give an A++ I would...............Maybe I would even give it an A+++.....if I could.
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