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Entertainment Weekly
Wahlberg, with shaggy hair and a pumped bod he wears more convincingly than any actor, plays Vince as a guy who truly doesn't expect to win. That makes his rib-bruising triumph all the more believable and touching.
The A.V. Club
Sure, the unlikely ascendance of 30-year-old Vince Papale from working-class suds-pumper to Philadelphia Eagles benchwarmer is a victory for the little guy, but it's still more of a personal victory, and that's what makes it touching.
Chicago Tribune
The actors make it work. Greg Kinnear's Coach Vermeil exudes Southern California good vibrations without a lot of fuss or attitude.
Village Voice
Invincible joins "Rocky" or "Hoosiers" or "Breaking Away" as one of the few satisfying sports movies in which the foundation built upon a heap of clichés holds strong.
Handling both directing and cinematography duties, Core invests both with a clearly impassioned sense of place, period and perspective regarding this fanfare for common men.
The Hollywood Reporter
A neatly packaged Walt Disney Co. picture with bone-crunching football action; a nice sense of the blue-collar, male-dominated milieu that nourishes football fanaticism; and a few too many tugs at the heartstrings.
L.A. Weekly
Core has a touch with actors, too, and there are surprisingly fine performances here.
Invincible counters its predictably inspirational trajectory with close attention to historical detail and blue-collar hardship.
From the poor set design to the mediocre acting to the paint-by-numbers screenplay, this is TV fare at best.
Invincible is like a thick, sweaty slab of NFL comfort food.

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