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Fantastically Overblown
Mike Keating12 April 2007
Blades of Glory is the story of Chazz Michael Michaels (Ferrel) and Jimmy MacElroy (Heder), two rival ice skaters banned from competition after a podium brawl at an "Olympic" event. After Jimmy's stalker finds a loophole in the rulebook (yes, you read that right), the pair join forces to reclaim their rightful position at the top of the skating rankings.

While it follows the predictable rise, fall, and rise again pattern of most comedies, Blades of Glory is different enough to be memorable. The costumes are ridiculous, the set-pieces are brilliant (including a very awkward chase sequence involving a crossbow and an unfortunate mascot), and the performances, what these films hinge on, are excellent.

The Ferrel-Heder exchanges are drenched with homoeroticism, and their struggles to come to terms with each other's lifestyles (Ferrel: "I'm a sex addict. It's my cross to bear" and Heder: "If you can dream it, you can do it!") are funny enough to carry the film for large sections. The supporting performances of the Waldenbergs (Will Arnett, Amy Poelher, and Jenna Fischer) fill in the gaps successfully, their conversations charged with an unusual mix of villainy and incestuous desire. Then of course there are the skating scenes, which are quite a sight to behold, in all their spandex-and-diamonds splendour.

Overall, Blades of Glory is hilarious. Pretty much every aspect of it is fantastically overblown, and it keeps you laughing quite steadily for its 90-minute running time. Boom!
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Pleasantly surprise, solid comedy throughout the whole movie!
revadirchy31 March 2007
I saw the preview several days ago and figured it was just another case of, "put the funniest parts of the movie in the trailer to hook the public and then be disappointed later", but I was surprised and the comedic cohesion between John H. and Will F.. The dialouge was some of the funniest I've heard in awhile and the physical comedy was timed perfectly. This is not just another mediocre performance from Heder and Will that we have grown accustomed to. This movie really delivers and there were plenty of great cameos. Including Jenna Fisher from the office and even Nancy Carrigan. If you truly have an eye for good comedy, they you'll love this movie. I think it was the best comedy I have seen in awhile.
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Funny and worth a watch
kelandis28 March 2007
I saw the press screening of Blades of Glory last night, and I have to say...I haven't laughed so much at a movie for quite some time. Jon Heder shines in his role and portrays a character that seems carefully written to avoid any similarities with Napoleon Dynamite; I was actually surprised that there weren't any references to ND (that I noticed), since there were a few Ferrell lines that reminded me of Anchorman (which was just fine!). Ferrell and Heder work wonderfully together; the ice skating scenes are pulled off very well; and, of course, there are tons of quotable lines. Overall, a funny, satisfying movie (especially if you're into ice skating or Anchorman/Talledega Nights-type humor).
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I'm happy to say that it is VERY FUNNY
atliel15 March 2007
When I first saw the trailer for this film I didn't think much of it. It looked as if it were just trying to cash in on the popularity of Will Ferrel after the success of Talladega Nights. Well, I was wrong, big time wrong. First off, almost every scene in this film is hilarious and the trailer does it no justice. Don't get me wrong, I love Will Ferrel films for the most part but this one looked like it would be an exception. Instead this film fits perfectly with my taste in comedies like Talladega Nights, Zoolander, Anchorman, Water Boy, Old School and Billy Madison. If you like these kinds of films you will love this film.
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This film actually warrants a sequel!
Rogue-326 April 2007
From the very first second I laid eyes on the absolutely hilarious poster for this film, in my neighborhood multiplex a few months ago, I knew with extreme certainty that I'd be seeing it the very first week it opened. Caught it on Wednesday and I'm here to say the movie most definitely delivers on the promise of the poster, big time.

Jon Heder finally gets a role he can have some fun with for a change (which hasn't really happened since Napoleon Dynamite), and he's superbly cast as the sheltered and phobic Jimmy MacElroy, the perfect foil for Ferrell's sex machine on skates, Chazz Michael Michaels. Ferrell is fast becoming more and more adept at portraying genuine characters in his movies, not merely hollow caricatures, and he is clearly in his element here.

The beginning of the movie, the set-up, is wonderfully written, and the over-the-top tone that's established in these opening scenes is successfully carried throughout. The energy level stays high, the plot never gets tedious or bogged down, and, best of all, the routines that the two of them perform together as partners are truly hilarious and original. I was left wanting more, and that speaks volumes.
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Classic Farrell and Heder - which actually works out really well!
tajna_rabota1 April 2007
What can I say? The whole theater laughed during this whole movie. There were a few cheap laughs and some very obvious jokes thrown in, but the delivery was par for the course as far as Farrell is concerned. In other words, if Farrell is your kind of comedic character, you'll love this movie. If, say, Hugh Grant is your idea of a comic character, you'll probably hate this movie. Will Farrell's character was essentially Ron Burgundy on ice skates, which is a great idea. Ron Burgundy was, of course, the embodiment of the so-called "alpha-masculine" persona of the '70s and '80s. - unabashedly proud, sexist, and narcissistic. Put him into a sport that in many peoples' eyes in inherently effeminate and you've got a sure-fire crowd pleaser.

Jon Heder was a little less Napolean Dynamite-ish in this movie. He is still the same innocent, ignorant, nerdy, awkward person as in his debut character. That said, he is a little more image-aware in this character, and as the movie progressed I saw less Napolean Dynamite (a major problem in his career until now, IMO), and I saw more of this "other" character. Heder's character is hard to describe other than to say it is Napolean Dynamite combined with Derek Zoolander - a lovable ignorant narcissist. Put that on ice skates opposite Ron Burgundy the figure skater and you have 93 minutes of great fun.

What really makes this film work is Farrell's willingness to do anything in a movie and Heder's reluctance to do such things. They are polar opposites as far as comedic actors and their comedic emphasis are concerned. But those two personalities really work well to complement each other on screen in this film. 8/10
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Wonderful Film! I Loved It!
Bloomaholic31 March 2007
I saw this movie last night and I have to say that I was impressed. I went with a friend to see this and I didn't think it would be that funny. The trailers were hilarious, but I thought they had used up all the funny jokes in the trailer and left nothing for the movie, boy was I wrong. If I went more than 5 minutes without laughing, there were very few times I did.

The story is quick and is fast paced, I was never once bored or wondering what time it was and when it was over, I wanted to go back and watch it again!

I have never been much of a Will Ferrel fan, but now I am, he was absolutely hilarious and it was a great match to put him with Jon Hede. They played off of each other wonderfully and just a random argument between them had you rolling on the floor with laughter. The movie stayed pretty fresh and I didn't feel like it was mindless humor and I even really felt for the characters.

It was a funny and interesting plot and unique and you couldn't really, entirely predict the ending, so it kept me guess. What was great,was that it started off really strong and ended strong as well and the ending left you pretty satisfied. For a comedy, it surpassed my expectations and I simply loved it! I recommend anyone and everyone to see this movie! I loved it!!! 5/5 stars!!
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Better than I expected
violentsociopath30 March 2007
I wasn't expecting much from this movie for two reasons: a) Heder hasn't done anything funny since Napoleon Dynamite and b) I thought Will Ferrel's shtick would start to run thin. Both actors played the type of character I expected from them. Heder gave something similar to the Napoleon Dynamite character and Will Ferrell was Will Ferrell. What I didn't expect was the humor. Ferrel carried the show and played the funniest character by far, but Heder didn't drag him down like I thought he would and the two worked well together. Heder was Jack Lemmon to Ferrell's Walter Matthau.

As far as the supporting cast, Poehler and Arnett were good as the Machiavellian doubles team that are the skating rivals to Ferrell and Heder's characters, but no one else really stood out. Jenna Fischer was lackluster as Heder's love interest and Craig T. Nelson did not make for a funny or interesting character either. Two people I thought would have been able to shine in larger roles were Andy Richter and Rob Corddry. Both are funny guys, much funnier than Nelson or Malco, and were underutilized in this film.

The humor was low brow to be sure, just like in every other project Ferrell does, but I happen to like that sort of humor, so I enjoyed it.
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"Blades" is surprisingly funny
Warning: Spoilers
Will Ferrell and John Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) as figure skating partners. Sounds like a bad SNL skit? Right? I wasn't expecting much from this comedy whose trailers looked dull and uninspired. It seemed sure to bore. So when I sat down in the theater, I went in prepared to hate this movie. But then the credits began to roll, I was pleasantly surprised by the roll of names: William Fichtner, Craig T. Nelson, Amy Poehler, Will Arnett (Gob on Arrested Development), Rob Corddry, Jenna Fischer (The Office), and Romany Malco (The 40 Year Old Virgin). So I knew that even if the movie stunk, it would be fun to see the actors together on the screen. Also surprising was to see that Busy Philipps (Freaks and Geeks) had a role in creating the story.

The story is simple: arch rivals Chazz (Will Ferrell) and Jimmy (Jon Heder) are forced to become figure skating partners after they are banned from competing in singles skating. With the help of their coach Craig T. Nelson--in David Carradine mode--the men try to put aside their differences and compete for gold.

Will Ferrell does another variation on his Ron Burgundy/Ricky Bobby character: clueless egotist full of machismo. But he does it incredibly well and this time adds the wrinkle of being an insatiable sex addict. Not surprisingly, he gets the movie's biggest laughs and successfully carries the movie. Jon Heder is okay. He doesn't get in the way of Ferrell and surprisingly, given his monotone acting, scores a few laughs as a cherubic man-child. Amy Poehler and Will Arnett compliment the movie well with their absurd comic turns as brother and sister skating partners and arch-enemies to Chazz and Jimmy.

The film has a surprisingly light touch and at times feels like a live action feel gooder from Disney. But Ferrell as sex-addled Chazz dispels any notion that Blades is family fare.

The movie is instantly disposable, but very funny. Audiences are gonna enjoy this one.
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Will Ferrell does not Disappoint!!
MVBarra130 March 2007
This movie is a must see. If you enjoy Ferrell you will love this film. It is just a feel good laugh out loud comedy. There is not a bad performance in the movie. I didn't care for the Hector (Nick Swardson) story line. It was mildly funny in a sort of creepy/annoying way. That is the only blemish on this hilarious movie though. Ferrell and Heder play very well off each other. I am glad to see Heder play something a little different then Dynamite. Yes he sounds very similar but thats his voice. Poehler and Arnett make a great pair that you love to hate. Its great to see Craig T. Nelson doing what he does best, playing a coach. The end of this film rides the line of being either so stupid or comic genius, For my money its GENIUS!!

This film is a must see. Especially if you are a Ferrell fan. It is great. Full of new lines destined to become classics quoted by the teens of America.
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Blades of Glory IS Comedy
AOKlicc31 March 2007
Overall i would have to say the movie is nothing too special but is a very funny film i would like to see again. If you're looking for something to relax and enjoy a entertaining hour and a half with a friend, this is a good movie to go to. Will Ferrel is funny as in other films and fans of his will like it. John heder's character in some ways resembles napoleon dynamite with different flavor but it works. only concern would be for any young children because of the prevailance of sexuality. If you're offended by homosexuality there will be certain parts you will loath. But most people shouldn't be offended and will find this movie very entertaining.
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Funny, but no Dodgeball
Simon Parker7 April 2007
Will Ferrel has fast become one of the most popular comedy actors in modern cinema. A few years back he was the man who did the great little cameos, the man who popped along on the rare occasion to deliver the most memorable sequence in the movie before running off with his pay check. Then something happened, suddenly he became popular. Anchorman displayed him as a force to be reckoned with, slowly but surely Ferrel became a lot more well known. And then something truly horrific happened, that truly horrific thing is simply called Bewitched. Despite being the best thing in a bad movie his career hit a stumble somewhat, he wasn't sure what comedies he should be in. He got a bit more on firm ground with Talladega Nights, but that didn't propel him to the extreme greatness I found him before Bewitched was made. With him also messing round with more serious roles in Stranger than Fiction I wondered if he could hit his stride once more. Well Blades of Glory sees him sprinting once more, its a shame then that no one else in the movie can keep up with him. You see while Blades of Glory is a very funny movie full of very funny ideas, its also a movie thats seriously lacking until the ending. The major problems are that the supporting cast are just way too forgettable. The main villains, while having amusing moments, aren't memorable, the coach is certainly no Patches O'Houlihan from Dodgeball, and the creepy stalker is so wasted an opportunity its almost pitiful. Jon Heder finally delivers a performance that is at least passable since Napoleon Dynamite, and as I've said Will Ferrel is simply brilliant.

So what goes wrong with Blades of Glory then? Mainlly its the hit/miss rate of comedy that affects it the most. The movie does have a lot of hits, and when it hits hard the movie is heading into Dodgeball greatness. The unfortunate thing is that for every hit you usually get a miss as well. And when the movie misses, it misses pretty badly. Thankfully the hit rate is still pretty good and the fact that these scenes are so damn funny you ignore the bad scenes makes it a still enjoyable experience. The supporting cast as I mentioned has problems as well. Will Arnett and Amy Poehler have the potential to be great villains, and the well staged finale sees them almost living up to their potential, but the fact that they're under-written and under-used is a big weakness. The central romance with Heder and Jenna Fischer is also a bit of a misstep as it never seems to be going anywhere and its not remotely believable.

Thankfully Blades of Glory has a superb finale that sees it at its comedic best. In fact had the entire movie had the wit and humour of the last twenty minutes then the film could easily be just as good as Dodgeball or Zoolander. The characters are also extremely likable, well the lead two are very likable at least. Heder makes his character interesting and still being reasonably funny, he at least tries to keep up with the comedic genius of Ferrel, he never reaches him but he has his moments when he almost does. Of course the genius behind it all is Ferrel, this might not be as good as his performances in Anchorman or Talladega Nights, but he's still clearly having a blast, and whenever he is either drunk or screaming you can't help but laugh like mad. But the scenes that truly show the comedic genius, have got to be the ice skating sequences, or at least any scene wearing ice skates (you'll know what I mean when you see it). Whenever the skates are on the movie excels, leading to the finale involving a routine to Queen's Flash Gordon. I was crying with laughter the minute I heard the song start.

Overall Blades of Glory is an entertaining movie that features great performances by Heder and Ferrel. Unfortunately it collapses under the weight of these two performers and nothing else can keep up with them. A great ending and some truly funny moments dotted around make it a movie well worth seeing. But don't expect anything amazing as it never reached Dodgeball territory.
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How hard can acting be?
Puritan7710 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Two skaters, Two bad actors, and 1 terrible script = Blades Of Glory. I have thought a LOT of times when I see a terrible movie, that it is definitely the worst movie ever made...well, after watching this, I now have a new #1. Will Ferrell's character does something out of the ordinary in this film, he likes to get who would have thought? Chazz Michael Michaels???, wow I'm thinking Will Ferrell came up with that all by himself. Everything he said was pure idiocy and far from funny, same goes for Heder. John, listen man, YOU ARE NOT FUNNY!

Most of the people in the theater left before it was half over, leaving only a handful of people who were mostly sleeping or passed out from boredom. I fell asleep once and had a nightmare that someone was throwing shards of glass in my eyes, then I woke up and the movie was still going, then I silently started weeping to myself because it wasn't a nightmare at all, it was a comforting dream, the real nightmare was on the screen in front of us. I don't see how people involved in something like this can make large amounts of cash, and just like this movie, it's pointless. To save everyone time and money DON'T SEE THIS! Or, you can have the same affect at home like you just watched it.

Go to the corner and stare at the wall for 2 hours, then take $10 out of your wallet and use it for toilet paper.
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not as funny as i thought it would be :(
khuniak19 April 2007
Well a pretty cliché movie, was really looking forward to watching it and felt totally let down by ferrel. His acting seemed sub par and to be honest the whole movie just felt totally wrong.

The movie was very cliché, much of it seemed ripped straight from the movie "Zoolander" now that is a funny movie. Don't get me wrong there are a few really funny scenes and many that will make you cringe but overall the was for me below average and didn't quite pull it off.

This movie just seemed like ferrel tried to hard, and the entire movie seemed like he was trying to boost his own ego. My only recommendation is to wait for this movie to come out as a rental and save yourself some money.
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Funniest I've seen in years
Patrick Moore12 April 2007
I have not laughed so hard in at least ten years.

During the first routine that they were both in, I laughed till I thought I couldn't laugh any harder. Then, As soon as I started to relax, something even funnier happened. 5 straight minutes like that and I was almost on the floor.

Will Ferrel has been a favorite of mine for a long time and this movie takes the cake. Jon Heder made a perfect partner for him in this movie. The two played so well off of each other. they need to do more movies as a team.

As usual, Amy Poehler plays the perfect Evil Woman so perfectly and Will Arnett is such a natural in his character alongside her.

Jenna Fischer and the rest of the cast fill out a perfect collection for a very funny movie.

I don't regret one penny of the money spent to go and see this one and I plan on buying the DVD as soon as it is available.
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This year's worst movie so far
dirkwildenborg2 May 2007
First let me get this straight: This production has nothing to do with art. It is about moneymaking and moneymaking only.

There are no clever jokes here; this movie's definition of fun resembles the word "straight" in the first line I wrote being torn out of context and used in a practical situation. Every supposed laugh is based on clichéd gagging and tired stereotypes. This movie even bypasses logic, when needed, to give way to these "jokes". Some kind of "sex addict" (I didn't make that up; the movie actually makes use of this given) who can skate with the best but is at the same time dramatically out of shape? Sounds awesome!

Also, how exactly is it "funny" that a guy like him skates the way he does? Where does it make sense that in figure skating, a macho with sex appeal but without any skating techniques wins prizes?

The movie spends no time on character development, except for the hideous scene where the awesome sex addict explains how he got his tattoos - this of course will turn out to score high numbers on the scale of all-time idiocy. It also flat out screams 'homophobic'. The antagonists (stereotyped gayish brother and sister, where everything gay = evil/bad/unworthy of success and needs to be defeated...) are horrendously designed and perform miserably.

The plot is non-existent: two guys who can't stand each other (but can relate anyway due to one thing they have in common) end up doing two things:

-either liking or disliking the other -either winning or losing a final showdown

What ever will it be?! Can you stand the tension???

The script for this disaster is thus pure lameness and doesn't care about morale or reason. If I were gay, I'd feel insulted by this movie. If I were a figure skater, I would feel insulted by this movie. If I were Korean, I'd feel insulted. If I were human, I'd feel insulted. Oh.

I hate this production from the bottom of my heart. Just when I thought I knew what lame was, I saw this and wow, I didn't know lame looked like two idiots getting paid lots of money for pretending to be skaters and doing other dumb stuff nobody cares about? Thanks for pointing this out Will Ferell!

If you wanna see this kind of movie done right, go see "Stuck on you". It isn't perfect but it is fun and has class.
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"What the f**k was that?!"
Kip Wells (sonydude32)15 April 2007
The summary perfectly sums up my thoughts about this sub-par comedy, which is more idiotic than hilarious.

There were some moments in the film that warranted a light chuckle. For the most part, however, the "humor" was largely unremarkable and relied more on shock factor than anything really smart and witty. Now, there's nothing wrong with shock factor in comedic context, but you can't rely on it virtually all the time as it seemed to have been done with this picture.

Couple this with the ridiculously overblown finale involving rockets (I won't go any further if you actually want to see this film) and it all makes for a film that ended up not being real satisfying nor truly amusing.

Getting up to leave the theater, all I could mutter was "what the f**k was that?!" Whatever happened to razor-sharp wit and believable situations in comedies these days?
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ziggystardust1730 August 2007
I just couldn't stomach it. It was incredibly dumb. It was boring. I'm amazed that people put up with this crap from Hollywood. I'd rather watch all the really funny, creative stuff that regular people are putting up on youtube. Maybe some day, if regular people ever wake up and realize how much they are collectively paying for the soul-numbing, pablum Hollywood churns out, they'll figure out how badly they are being ripped off. Reading all these glowing reviews about a crappy movie like this is like listening to someone raving about a gourmet dining experience at McDonalds. Make your own entertainment. Boycott Hollywood! Don't buy into the advertising and psychological manipulation that you need to be entertained by "experts". Free your mind.
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pugheaven22 August 2007
What a load of rubbish... this is up there with one of the worst films ever made (and without a doubt one of the worst "comedies" ever made). I just couldn't understand when we were meant to laugh... it was so cringeworthing bad it was getting embarrassing watching it. The worst thing as well is the fact that Will Farrell is a good actor and can be up with Stiller in the comedy film stakes and he's been given this kind of poor material. The acting throughout is good enoough... but the script and story just isn't enough to hold any interest. It's trying to be Kingpin (10/10) on Ice and fails miserably... It really astounds me and worries me that some 20% of people are giving this 10/10 for what is an appalling comedy... how can this compare to something like Dodgeball/Kingpin/Naked Gun etc etc? Sorry but can't find anything to give it higher than a 1/10 and the problem is, this is now about 3 turkey's Farrell has made now??? Where's he go from here as I certainly won't be bothering watching anymore of his "comedies".
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A great comedy that is definitely worth the exact opposite of what this movie was
secretempire131 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was so boring. I have lost all faith in Will Ferril being a good comedic actor. My friend was psyched to see this movie because various sources gave it great reviews. I was hesitant to go along because I know this would end up another stupid comedy with dumb sexual references and Will Ferril being a childish drunk-off-his-butt character. And do you know what? I was right. It's has bad actors, Will Ferril being drunk, Jon Heder, and Ice Skating. To me, that is a recipe for disaster. I chuckled 4 times during this movie and didn't laugh at all, except once at my own joke as to how bad the movie was. I told my friend I was going to go to the bathroom, when instead I just sat outside the theater for 10 minutes playing on my cell phone. The story line is stupid in this movie, and it is such a terrible movie. I don't know how the people in the theater were laughing like crazy at all the stupid antics of Will Ferril. Bottom line: Don't SEE THIS MOVIE!
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Sophomoric clap-trap
IOBdennis6 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Did I remember to laugh during this stupidly inane piece of trash? I don't think so! Nothing, absolutely NOTHING was funny. It was so inanely stupid that it was downright insulting. Here's the basic premise of the film: how many ways can you make homophobic jokes? Let's have them grimace at touching hands. Let's invert them so they have each other's crotches in their faces. And make sure that at every possibility, Will Farrell indicates his displeasure and disgust at homoerotic overtones with the same weary expression. It's almost as if the actor himself was saying: "Here we go again. I have to register displeasure." Lame! A terribly poor excuse for a movie.
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I was sorry I didn't see this at the theaters...
popsicle82018 February 2009
The Iron Lotus is much better than the Pamchenko Twist!

I bought this on DVD remembering how great the trailer was. I wasn't able to see it when it first came out due to work reasons.

When I bought the DVD I wasn't expecting much especially since I wasn't a Will Ferrell fan. And I didn't even know who Jon Heder was. (He did blond really well, when he is actually dark-haired.) Since first seeing it I can't seem to stop watching it. I'm beginning to wore out my copy. I think I need a new one. ;p

I've developed a new appreciation for both Queen and Aerosmith because of this movie. Before, I thought these bands were just okay but associating their music with such a great flick makes me sing out loud their songs now. :)

I guess nobody can really please everybody because people who think this film is trash think that people who like this movie are just too young to know any better or are just semi-intelligent. Well, I beg to differ because this film has a lot of witty exchanges and terrific acting. I'd give it 10 stars!

This movie has the Cinderella element that I really like and Jimmy MacElroy makes a perfect Cinderella. He's my favorite character in the film. And in this film, I've never seen Will Ferrell look so good. I was also pleasantly surprised at Scott Hamilton's brilliant voice acting. He does make a great commentator. And his co-anchor Jim Lampley adds an interesting relish, making the actual ice skating performances even more exciting. I thank all the creators and collaborators for bringing this film into reality.
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So funny !!!!!
h_wilson9223 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
When I first saw the trailer for this movie - i thought that it was really funny for words and wanted to see it badly.The poster for the film is the funniest I have ever seen.I always laugh when I see this poster.When i went to see the movie at the cinema - the movie lived up to my expectations.I laughed very hard throughout the movie and I almost wet my pants.A lot of people in the cinema laughed so hard that they did exactly the same.

It was very funny and the clothes they wore were hilarious.Also the plot,quotes and characters were hilarious. Some of the funniest scenes were at the icing rink and the scene where the head was chopped off by theice skating rink.The two main characters Chazz and Jimmy got off to arough start in the beginning but became friends like brothers after some teamwork Some of the scenes may be unsuitable for little kids butI thought it was a very good comedy movie.I have seen this movie 5times and hail this as my all time favorite movie.It is also in my opinion Will Ferrells best comedy.
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moderately amusing dopey comedy
Roland E. Zwick7 October 2007
In "Blades of Glory," Will Ferrell and John Heder play two rival figure skaters, Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy, who are permanently banned from the sport when their gold medal tie results in a fisticuffs melee on the arena ice. After the men go their separate ways for awhile, Jimmy learns of a loophole in the rules which would allow them to return to skating but only if they compete in the doubles category. Even though the two men hate each other with the heat of a thousand white-hot suns and they would be the first all-male duo in the history of competitive skating, Chazz and Jimmy agree to bury the hatchet and take a stab at mounting a comeback. The fact that the two of them are complete opposites in terms of demeanor and style - Jimmy is a cupie-faced innocent while Chazz is a swaggering macho man, both on the ice and off - only adds to the absurdity.

"Blades of Glory" never aspires to be anything more than a dopey, crowd-pleasing, mainstream comedy, and, as such, it generally hits the mark. It's true that it runs out of comic steam from time to time and that it is more amusing when the two men are arch rivals than when they are the best of friends, but there are enough laughs to make the film decent fun for the not-too-critical viewer. Ferrell and Heder make an enjoyable comic team, while acting stalwart Craig T. Nelson provides just the right balance as their winning-obsessed coach. As the evil, self-absorbed sister-and-brother duo determined to sabotage the boys' chances, Amy Poehler and Will Arnett, fine comic actors under most other circumstances, are burdened here with having to bring to life two overly broad stereotypes. Despite their talents, that effort ultimately exceeds their grasp.

Special note should be made of the amazing CGI work, without which this film could never have been made. Even though we know none of these actors could possibly be doing any of these skating moves in real life, we are thoroughly convinced of its verisimilitude for the duration of the film. And the movie does a nice job lampooning all the snazzy graphics, corny biographical features, and sappy, self-important commentary that have become a staple of modern TV sports programming.
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Mediocrity on ice
Joey Costanza3 September 2007
** out of **** stars

(long sigh) With Blades of Glory you get exactly what you'd expect: Napoleon Dynamite and Ron Burgandy on Ice. Will Ferrell, once again, is cast as a character with an outlandish ego who is unashamed of his bravado. Remind you of anyone? And Heder? Set comfortably as the geeky shadow behind that bravado. A few laughs? Absolutely. Have we seen this plot before? Surely. Even the casting of the legendary skater Scott Hamilton doesn't come as a surprise. Peggy Fleming and Dorothy Hamill have (thankfully) non-speaking cameos. Let's keep adding those cliché ingredients to make another mediocre comedy: the pretty love interest, the kooky adversaries, the domineering coach, etc, etc. Here are the comedies that come to mind with this same old formula: Dodgeball. Anchorman. Kicking and Screaming. You get the picture. Ferrell, remember Stranger than Fiction? You were going in the right direction with that.

If you want another Big Mac or Burrito Supreme, watch Blades. I myself have tasted these before. I'd rather not choke on something familiar. I'll move on to something else and swallow it down nicely.
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