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Fun baseball video
switzr14 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is a fun baseball video to watch. It was produced before television became overrun with "Top 50", "Top 10", and other lists for everything imaginable. This video makes no attempt to place the 50 home runs in any kind of order, which I like a lot. It does include the ones we have all seen a million times, like Fisk, Thomson, and Reggie, but also includes some seldom seen, insignificant home runs that are just fun to watch, like Bo Jackson homering while calling timeout, Luke Appling's old-timers game home run at age 75, and Duane Kuiper's only career home run in 3,379 at bats. And it is narrated by Hall-Of-Fame broadcaster Mel Allen. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys the history of the game.
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