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Doctor Who and tabloid rumours: when have they got it right?

Mark Harrison Aug 24, 2017

When have tabloid rumours been spot on about Doctor Who, and when have they been, er, less accurate?

“Look Who's the Doc's new assistant!” On Tuesday, the Mirror's front page trumpeted an exclusive reveal that Bradley Walsh would be Jodie Whittaker's companion in the new series of Doctor Who.

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The one-time Sarah Jane Adventures guest star would be the first companion actor to have hosted a quiz show with the same name as a 1960s serial, but beyond trivia, the report has been fairly well received as far as we can see – Walsh is a decent actor, who's worked with incoming executive producer Chris Chibnall before on Law & Order UK, and a fun screen presence. But given the source, might it all be a load of bobbins?
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Jonathan Sothcott interview: producing independent films in the UK

Kirsten Howard Aug 8, 2017

Producer Jonathan Sothcott talks about running an independent film company in the UK, finding the right project and a post-Brexit industry.

Jonathan Sothcott has had a hand in producing a whole lot of independent films here in the UK over the last decade. You may have even seen a fair few of them yourself, especially if you’re a Danny Dyer completest.

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He’s the man behind Hereford Films, the production and financing company he runs with partner Damien Morley. If that name rings a bell, it might well be because Morley owns a modelling agency that takes care of most of the Page 3 girls, and the entrepreneur has even recently launched a bid to buy the Page 3 brand off The Sun himself.
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Broadchurch series 3 episode 4 review

Louisa Mellor Mar 20, 2017

At the halfway point, Broadchurch series 3 is building up a strong thematic context around its central investigation...

This review contains spoilers.

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Trish Winterman’s rape may be at the centre of Broadchurch series three, but around it, a thought-provoking case file is being compiled on sex, power and the ways straight male sexuality can harm women and girls.

By placing story threads about online porn, sleazy pin-ups, adultery, teen sexting (if that’s what Daisy’s storyline turns out to be), even dating apps—adjacent to the attack on Trish, this series tacitly prompts us to consider the relationship between it all.

The tacitness is key to its success. Without pounding a podium or shaking a fist, writer Chris Chibnall is building a recognisable
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Personal Ballots: Best Actor and Best Actress

And so it's come to this, the finale of the traditional Oscar-like categories in our own annual Film Bitch Awards. All the nominations have been announced in the first round ("special" non-Oscar related categories still to come). It's years like this when I wish You wish 5 were a much larger number in so many fields. There were seven leading ladies I really wanted to honor and six leading men but five does not equal six or seven. Alas. It's also strange when films you really love are denied any nominations in your own prizes. Such was the fate of one film from my top ten list (Embrace of the Serpent). Fences and Lion, two Oscar hopefuls I'm quite fond of, also look deceptively unloved with only two nominations each though with both Best Actor and Best Actress citations, Fences can't complain. 

tfw when you realize you're nominated for a Film Bitch Award.
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Spotted: Madhur Bhandarkar in Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar

Spotted: Madhur Bhandarkar in Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar
After having made many of realistic films like Fashion, Jail, Traffic Signal, Page 3 and the more recent Calendar Girls, Madhur Bhandarkar announced his next film titled Indu Sarkar, which is based on the infamous 1975 Emergency. Reports have it that the film will span a 21-month long period from 1975 to 1977, when PrimeRead More

The post Spotted: Madhur Bhandarkar in Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar appeared first on Bollywood Hungama.
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Shahid -A cradle snatcher, says ‘Baby wife’ Mira

Koffee with Karan is getting cosier day by day. We have got all the more reasons to say this after the gossip birdie dropped-in those inside talks during Shahid and Mira’s love filled episode. Well, the baby wife spoke and to our amusement better than her hubby. The much-in-love couple Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput have finally shot the episode and they did really well. Mira excelled her first ever interview. The sources on the set revealed: Mira spoke from the heart. She wasn’t guarded or measured in her comments. She is young and bindaas, which reflected in her attitude and conversation. When Karan asked about her Delhi-based family and their reaction to her marrying a big actor, she underplayed it saying it’s not a big deal for them. ‘They are from a literary background and were never star-struck’, she said. Shahid added to it saying, ‘They
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Madhur Bhandarkar to be conferred with Dada Saheb Film Foundation award

Madhur Bhandarkar to be conferred with Dada Saheb Film Foundation award
After being awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India, the national award winning filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar will be conferred with the Dada Saheb Film Foundation award for his contribution to women centric films on the occasion of the celebration of the 147th Dada Sahab Phalke Jayanti, on the April 24, 2016. Madhur's highly acclaimed and successful films like Chandni Bar, Page 3, Corporate, Satta, Traffic Signal, Fashion, Heroine and others have mirrored societal issues for women often working like an expose. He is a torch - bearer for women -centric films, starting the trend of realistic cinema, more than a decade ago. Bhandarkar has earlier been honoured at many national and international film festivals like Syracuse Film Festival, New York, Cairo International Film Festival and Indian film Festival, Berlin. He was conferred with Raj Kapoor Smriti Award by Maharashtra State Government and Iconic Man of the Decade by Women Economic Forum held in Goa.
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Film Bitch Awards ~ The Grand Finale

Another film year closes. Tonight when the Best Picture prize is handed out (it'll be a nailbiter down to the wire, even if The Revenant is taking lots of craft prizes) it's all over but the post-mortem party and then we're on to 2016's movies. At last! But first, if you haven't checked Nathaniel's own annual tradition the Film Bitch Awards (the name came from friends in college before the site existed -- yes, i was giving out imaginary prizes every year since, like, junior high -- and it stuck for better and Seo worst), please do.

Nominations and gold, silver, and bronze medals in 18 traditional categories and 22 "extra" fun ones have all been announced. Consider this a yearbook of Tfe's most beloved screen adventures and obsessions from the 2015 film year. I wish we could have an awards show (perhaps a video show for 2016? though we'll need more funds first.
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Changes Coming to Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Review-Journal

  • The Wrap
Changes Coming to Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Review-Journal
Craig Moon, the publisher of the Sheldon Adelson-owned Las Vegas Review-Journal, sat down with 20 staffers last week and laid out a series of changes. The daily practice of printing editorial independence guarantee on Page 3 is suspended, according to the Los Angeles Times. In addition, all stories about a proposed football stadium championed by Adelson must be reviewed by the publisher. A new editor is coming onboard and employees are reportedly worried about potential changes to the Review-Journal staff. Also Read: HuffPost's Donald Trump Headline: 'Wtf Gop? Racist, Sexist, Xenophobic Demogogue Wins Nh' “Moon did tell us there’s no hit list,
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Madhur Bhandarkar to be conferred with Honorary Doctorate

Madhur Bhandarkar to be conferred with Honorary Doctorate
It seems to be raining honours for filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar. Close on the heels of being awarded the Padma Shree by the Government of India, the national award filmmaker will be conferred with an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Arts by a Gujarat based Rai University at its annual convocation ceremony on Saturday, February 12, 2016. Madhur Bhandarkar 's highly acclaimed and successful films like Chandni Bar, Page 3, Corporate, Satta, Traffic Signal, Fashion, Heroine and others have mirrored societal issues for women often working like an expose. He is a torch - bearer for women -centric films, starting the trend of realistic cinema, more than a decade ago. In an official statement, the spokesperson from Rai University said, "We want to honour the hard work and commitment of the director who hails from a middle class, non-filmy background and has carved a unique space for his genre of cinema through his sheer perseverance and focus.
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Madhur Bhandarkar to be honored at Rafi Peer International Film Festival in Pakistan

  • Bollyspice
National-Award winning filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar will be honoured at the Rafi Peer International Film Festival to be held in Lahore, Pakistan between 17 to 19th December. He will receive the Rafi Peer Memorial Award for his immense contribution in highlighting social issues in sensitive manner and for portrayal of strong female protagonists in his films.

Madhur is known for his realistic and highly acclaimed films like Chandni Bar, Page 3, Satta, Corporate, Fashion and Heroine, among others. All of them have had strong female characters played by talented actresses such as Tabu, Konkona Sen Sharma, Raveena Tandon, Bipasha Basu, Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Film Chandani Bar starring Tabu that won four National Awards would be screened at the festival.

The spokesperson of the Rafi Peer International Film Festival in an official letter stated, “We would be delighted to have Madhur Bhandarkar here with us at our International Film Festival.
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Cell by Cell: ‘Bitch Planet’ #5 (Part 2)

In Cell by Cell, I look deeply into the panels of an issue, appreciating and analyzing the story and artistic composition.

Page 3-4

We step back from the screen to see who is watching: Father Josephson. He has a conversation with his wife before meeting with Makoto Maki who will later be revealed as Meiko’s father.

Of note on this two-page spread is the color transition repeated in the background of most panels. Blue on top, pink on bottom. The gradient is tempered with a gray to make it more subtle, but the connotative effect reinforces the hegemonic power divide that is the backbone of the series. Blue, the color of boys, on top of pink, the color of girls. Men are in power, even in the background color.

Cell 1 continues world-building the Feed. The meteorologist, a pretty, big-busted woman in a strapless pink dress, predicts record-breaking heat
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15 Guilty Pleasure Horror Films To Watch This Halloween

Dimension Films

Anyone who belongs to a Film Society knows that there’s a difference between the films people claim to admire and what they actually like to watch. Schedule an Ingmar Bergman film and a handful of people might show up, but if it’s a Roger Corman movie, they come running.

In public, these films have to be viewed ironically, with comments such as “they’re so bad they’re good” or “they’re good if you like that sort of thing”, which is understandable – who wants to be marked as a fan of Galaxy Of Terror?

If nothing else, the explosion of media has allowed people to watch what they want when they want, and to hell to with what anyone else thinks. You can read The Imitation Game’s synopsis on Wikipedia for when your Film Society friends mention it, even though you ignored it and
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Madhur Bhandarkar Reveals “Why Calendar Girls” in this special blog post!

Releasing on September 25th, noted filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar’s Calendar Girls like all of his films is a look into a world and exposing that world through the eyes of the characters.

Starring five newcomers, Akanksha Puri, Avani Modi, Kyra Dutt, Ruhi Singh and Satarupa Pyne, it is the story of five models – Paroma Ghosh, Nazneen Malik, Nandita Menon, Sharon Pinto and Mayuri Chauhan, who go through various phases from fame to anonymity and highlights the experiences of the young models who achieve success after featuring on a popular calendar.

Mr. Bhandarkar recently took to his blog to reveal his inspiration and why he chose to tell this story in a post titled “Why Calendar Girls”. With permission from Mr Bhandarkar, BollySpice has the full story here!

“I’ve made films like Page 3, Fashion & Heroine in the past and I have been repeatedly questioned about my obsession with stories from the glamour world.
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'Beyond the Lights' director blasts Netflix on Twitter: This has got to stop

  • Hitfix
'Beyond the Lights' director blasts Netflix on Twitter: This has got to stop
"Beyond the Lights" director Gina Prince-Blythewood isn't a fan of Netflix at the moment. Last night on Twitter, the filmmaker called out the streaming service for lumping her critically-acclaimed romantic drama, which just so happens to star two black actors in the lead roles, with other movies and TV shows featuring mainly black casts -- despite the fact that they have little else in common. 1/3 the "more like this" on @netflix speaks directly to the issues we face in hollywood. #beyondthelights is a love story and a music film. — Gina PrinceBythewood (@GPBmadeit) August 5, 2015 2/3 where is the notebook, notting hill, walk the line, dreamgirls? what algorithm do they use? the same that is used by studios -- — Gina PrinceBythewood (@GPBmadeit) August 5, 2015 3/3 if there are black actors in it, only black folks will want to watch it. got to stop. — Gina PrinceBythewood (@GPBmadeit) August 5, 2015 .@1Life_DreamBIG filmmakers have to fight marketing
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Delay in release of Calendar Girls has nothing to do with Censor Board

Delay in release of Calendar Girls has nothing to do with Censor Board
Reacting strongly to reports in the press that the release of Madhur Bhandarkar's new film Calendar Girls is delayed from August to September, as the director is getting ready for a long battle with the Censor Board over its content, Censor Chief Pahlaj Nihalani says, "I've heard other reasons for why Madhur's film is being postponed. It's definitely not because of Censor problems. At least, there's no problem from our end." Elaborating on the cuts ordered in Calendar Girls, Pahlajji says, "There were absolutely No visual cuts. We cut some cusswords and words referring to women as 'bitches' etc. In no way do these cuts hamper the flow of the film. Rahi baat Adults certificate ki. Why should Madhur be bothered if we certified the film for an adult audience. Has he made Calendar Girls for children? Is this a Walt Disney entertainer? It's about girls in bikinis posing for calendar.
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Hollywood, indie film, TV & Bollywood stars to hit the Red Carpet and Liff Opening Night Gala!

London Indian Film Festival returns for its 6th year from 16 – 26 July with some of the most prestigious and thought-provoking new independent films from the Indian sub-continent.

The opening evening gala promises to be a star studded event that culminates in the premiere screening of Umrika, which stars Suraj Sharma (Life of Pi, Million Dollar Arm and Homeland). The first night of this cool film festival takes place at the historic art deco Cineworld Haymarket Cinema.

Expected attendees are Hollywood, indie film, TV and Bollywood stars including star Suraj Sharma and director of Umrika Prashant Nair. Also there will be Adil Hussain who has been seen in The Reluctant Fundamentalist, English Vinglish (Bollywood), Life of Pi, and Tigers and Umrika.

The amazing Konkona Sen Sharma (Indian national award Page 3, Omkara, Life in a Metro), whose films Saari Raat & Gour Hari Dastaan both will be screened at Liff this year will at the gala event.
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Dean Gaffney's 8 greatest hits: EastEnders, Extras and I'm a Celebrity

EastEnders fans are surely rejoicing at the news that Dean Gaffney will be returning as Robbie Jackson after five years away.

Hapless Robbie has become a fan favourite over the years, but Gaffers himself has been entertaining us in the meantime in various ways. Here are a few highlights:

1. EastEnders: Wellard and well unlucky in love

When you think of Robbie Jackson, you probably instantly think of Wellard, one of the best soap dogs of all time. Aside from his friendship with the loyal mutt, Robbie actually had quite a lot of genuinely dramatic storylines, including having to work as a road sweeper for years.

His girlfriend's dad sent him to hospital after accusing him of rape, while he had a strained relationship with his estranged father. He didn't possess the womanising powers of his popstar counterpart, and had to call off his first engagement after she cheated on him.
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Jodie Marsh's new series explores Page 3, sperm donors and revenge porn

Jodie Marsh will return to TLC for six hour-long documentaries on challenging topics.

The series is produced by October Films and and Marsh will be at the heart of each episode with a personal connection to each story.

The series will cover the Page 3 business, the use of sperm donors, so-called "revenge porn", the truth behind parents apparently having babies for benefits, affairs, and arranged marriages.

"Viewers love Jodie for her outspoken and honest approach to tough and important topics," said Head of TLC in UK & Ireland Clare Laycock.

"This new series will take it a step further with Jodie at the centre of the issues she cares most about.

"Jodie's insightful, frank style of reporting and ability to connect with her audience on a personal level makes her compelling to watch. We are immensely proud to welcome her back to TLC."

Marsh will use body cameras, video diaries
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