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Truly awful - avoid at all costs
m-m-iles8 November 2006
I saw this film last night at the Leeds Film Festival and it was dismal. Knowing very little about it, I was hoping for something a bit Cronenberg-esquire, but it became apparent very quickly that it was just a clumsy, plodding rehash of Being John Malkovich. The story involves a couple of scientists watching the thoughts of several people who work in the same building. And at that point the makers obviously ran out of ideas, because the individuals' thoughts are completely uninspired and trite. For the most part their thoughts simply articulate what they're doing at that moment and are no more candid or revealing than a chat in a pub. One character, reading the Sun, grumbles slightly about footballers wages, then leers over a topless model; another character complains to herself that no one ever listens to her; a third gets upset because her coffee mug has gone missing. The film staggers on like this for about an hour and a half before bumping into a horribly clichéd conclusion. I've never walked out of a film, but the last time I was this tempted was when I saw Trial by Jury. And this was worse: I was so bored. The film has no visual flair, no insight into the characters, and nothing happens. It's like a very simplified sitcom version of Being John Malkovich with all the jokes removed.

A surprising number of well-known actors appeared in it. The female scientist and the actor who plays Denzel in Only Fools and Horses were pretty good. It's just a shame they were saddled with such awful roles. Whoever funded this needs a slap.

Finally, I'm stunned by the other hugely positive comments on this film - and suspect that they have been written by members of the production team. How else would someone have seen it four times when it's never been generally released (and never will be). At the time of writing the film has 64 votes, 36 of which are 10s and 14 are 1s. I'll be adding to the 1s.
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Great original film...
paolo-5114 June 2005
I was fortunate enough to see this movie and I must say it totally took me by surprise in every sense of the word.

The film movie is well paced and the concept is incredibly original, well thought out, perfectly shot and constructed. The characters are just wonderful and their talent shines through giving this film that extra added atmosphere. The cast were brilliant. I enjoyed every minute of it and was taken aback by the ending.

The director has done a great job and I hope to see all his future projects on the big screen.

If you like original film making and what to leave the movie theatre with your brain ticking over and tested on what you have just experienced this is the movie for you.

Excellent Film.
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Fantastic achievement in invention, wit and filmic craftsmanship
Peter Zander26 May 2005
I have seen this film four times now, and must say that I actually enjoyed it the most the last time: It did not pall, because of the richness of its texture, the interest one takes in the story, in the characters, in the relationships, and because of the chutzpah of some of the extraordinary scenes that take one completely by surprise, or assume a different significance each time one sees them without losing the sense of fun one had the first time. And one looks forward to seeing them again. I relished the acting performances, which are uniformly outstandingly good.These are believable human beings in extraordinary situations. The exploitation of the medium of film shows both great craftsmanship and great invention, an added dimension to enjoy. This is an accomplished piece of work, to which I would unhesitatingly have given 10 marks out of 10, but for one tiny aspect of the otherwise superb soundtrack: for very good reasons, with which I cannot quarrel, voices were at some moments distorted, which I found distracting. This is great work, and deserves recognition, acknowledgement and support: this team, with so short a past, has a great future.
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what great imagination
gyro_autogyro16 August 2006
after having seen this film I can only but continue to think about the subject it touched upon. It deals with a theme that is very hard to even put into words, let alone put to the screen. I am always pleased to see an indie film that remains untouched by a set formula but remains true to what it really is without making any excuses! A great story that leaves one wanting more even after the film has ended... The characters are real, the story is mad but great, it seems fast moving for most the time and the end is a wake-up call for what we are truly aiming for. It wouldn't surprise me if this kind of technology already exists. But let us not tempt fate yet...
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One to watch
lslusk21 May 2005
This movie is "One to watch" without a doubt.

If you are looking for something original and refreshing then you must see this. It's always good to see something from a new director.

The script matches the pace of the story well and the characters keep you glued to the screen every minute. Who said you always need huge budget explosions and exotic locations to be entertained. Hollywood don't always make the best movies.

It would be great to see more from this director.

If you like this kind of movie maybe check out American Psycho or similar.
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