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You Have 1 Day to Watch These Movies Before They Disappear From Netflix

Netflix giveth, and Netflix taketh away. Although September will yield a ton of fun additions to the streaming platform, there are quite a few titles that will go away throughout the month. So if you're not done sobbing over A Walk to Remember or quoting Zoolander, you better get cracking. Time is ticking. Expiring Sept. 1 2 Fast 2 Furious A Walk to Remember Anywhere but Here Avengers Confidential: Black Widow and Punisher The Bridge on the River Kwai Call Me Crazy: A Five Film The Color Purple Crocodile Dundee Days of Thunder Defending Your Life Double Jeopardy Everybody Loves Raymond, seasons one to nine Exporting Raymond Flight of the Intruder Girl Rising Hachi: A Dog's Tale Hardball The Haunting Nick Cannon: Mr. Showbiz Our Man in Tehran Primal Fear Roboshark Roman Holiday S.W.A.T. Sins of My Father Spanglish Traffic The Weather Man The Wood Zoolander Expiring Sept. 4 Melissa and Joey,
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Horror Highlights: Dolly Deadly, Like A Bat Outta Hell, The Cursed, A Haunting At The Park Hotel, Flytrap, Dark Cove, Dam Sharks!

We have a packed Horror Highlights today! Heidi Moore’s Dolly Deadly creeps its way onto Blu-ray on August 23rd. Also: release details for Like a Bat Outta Hell, The Cursed, and A Haunting at the Park Hotel, as well as home media info for Flytrap, Dark Cove, and Dam Sharks!

Dolly Deadly Blu-ray Release Announced and Cover Artwork Revealed: Press Release: “Dolly Deadly is a feature film of the psychological horror/revenge genre written by Heidi Moore and Cassandra Sechler. It’s sure to be a little creepy, a bit silly, and a lot of fun (think Troma meets John Waters).

The story of Dolly Deadly revolves around the warped psychology of a tormented young boy who can only relate to his doll collection, and the only relief from the pain in his life comes with slaughtering those he has learned to hate the most. Everyone in his trailer park!
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TV on Tap: Logo Honors Glbt Trailblazers, “Wilfred” Saved a Fan from Suicide and Did “True Blood” Recast an Actor Who Didn’t Want to Play Gay?


Saved By the Bell principal Dennis Haskins will by appearing on Jennifer Falls as the principal of Jennifer and Dina‘s high school — who is still in charge now that Jennifer’s daughter is in trouble.

This isn’t going to help with the people who already blame him for Brothers & Sisters‘ worst storyline. Buzzfeed claims that the reason Luke Grimes quit True Blood was that he objected to his character, James, having a romance with Lafayette. According to Buzzfeed, Grimes was fine if Lafayette had an unrequited crush on James, but he didn’t want to participate in a story where a mutual romance developed between James and Lafayette. On the other hand, this seems to confirm that True Blood‘s final season will include a romance for Lafayette.

True Blood‘s Nathan Parsons, being stunning.

Paul Scheer says that Ntsf: Sd: SUV:: is on indefinite hiatus, “We may revisit Ntsf,
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Briefs: A First Look At Ben Affleck’s Batman, “Fantastic Beasts,” And Previewing The “Glee” Season Finale

Birthday shoutouts go to Hunter Parrish (above), who is 27, Lena Dunham is 28, Robert Pattinson is 28, Stevie Wonder is 64, Stephen Colbert is 50, and Armistead Maupin is 70.

Antonio Banderas: Homophobes Are Mentally Ill

Clay Aiken Wins Nc Dem Congressional Primary

The Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts is scheduled for November 2016, with plans to start a franchise.

TV Line previews tonight’s Glee Season Finale, and it’s bad news for Klaine.

It had to happen.


— Günter Stassler (@GuenterLois) May 12, 2014

Zack Snyder tweeted out the first image of Ben Affleck as Batman

I shot this with my @Leica_Camera M Monochrom. #Batman #Batmobile #Gotham

— ZackSnyder (@ZackSnyder) May 13, 2014

Here’s your Tasty Two For Tuesday With Matt Bomer. These are from yesterday at the NYC premiere of The Normal Heart

And here’s The Weekly ShoutOUT™. Each
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20 Least Romantic Movies Ever

Like an avenging angel wrapped in red cellophane, Valentine’s Day is back to remind us all that we should be better lovers. You know what, Valentine’s Day? F*ck you and the Whitman’s Sampler you rode in on. Here are 20 reasons why nobody should bother with romance this February 14.

1. The Talented Mr. Ripley

Ripley is a great movie, but it’s long on suspense and deception and short on romance. Ripley connives and insinuates his way through a whole gaggle of actual and imagined romantic partners – both female and male – and even those who manage to survive to the final reel are most assuredly a bit more guarded after dating him. Side note: did you realize that the guy that Ripley romances and then murders is Derek from Smash? Seriously, one of the best casts ever assembled, and also Gwyneth Paltrow.

2. Looking for Mr. Goodbar

Anti-romance, anti-feminist,
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Briefs: Viewers Check In To "Bates Motel," Anderson & Snooki, and Fred Phelps Tastes The Rainbow

Jonathan Groff in NYC.

Birthday shoutouts go to Ae Royalty Miz Liz, Glenn Close, who is 66, and Ricky Wilson would have been 60. We still miss you, Ricky.

In ratings news, Bates Motel was the highest rated original drama in A&E history. Chipotle Cancels Sponsorship of Utah Boy Scout Event Over Antigay Policy. Where in the world is Maggie Gallagher?Below you can see a teaser for the returns of All My Children and One Life To Live.

Westboro Equality House: Aaron Jackson Paints Rainbow Home Across From Anti-Gay Church.

Below you can see Anderson talk to Snooki about partying at the GLAAD Awards.

Introducing our new feature - The Daily ShoutOUT™. Each week we're going to focus on one out athlete/performer and feature a daily pic and career timeline. We'll be showcasing the big names, but also the lesser-known gay celebs who deserve more recognition. This week we
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Hidden in the Wood Acquired for Us Distribution

  • DailyDead
After it’s appearance at Fantasia and FrightFest earlier this year, it has been announced that Artsploitation Films has acquired distribution rights to Hidden in the Woods:

“Los Angeles, CA– Artsploitation Films is pleased to announce the acquisitions of a new Horror film Hidden In The Woods at the recently concluded Ventana Sur Film Market in Buenos Aires. Ray Murray, President of Artsploitation Films said about the film: “Hidden In The Woods is quite a different film than those we’ve previously acquired: it is a pure, deliciously gruesome horror film that, while incredibly violent, has in its heart a tale of survival against all odds. We are excited to be able to present this film to adventurous American audiences.”

Hidden In The Woods was a much buzzed about film at this summer’s FrightFest in London. According to the FrightFest promo the film is “a deranged frenzy” and contains
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New-wave queer film: embracing the real

A fresh crop of directors are rejecting stereotypical roles and predictable plots, creating films that deal with real life and rounded characters

Ira Sach's new film, Keep the Lights On, follows the decade-long relationship between two men who meet on a New York phone-sex line in 1998. It includes explicit sex and copious drug use; it also includes domestic squabbles, quotidian work hassles and meals with friends, straight and gay. No one comes out or dies, and everything is shown with the same fluid, elegant transparency. "I feel very few films convey the communal nature of urban life these days, the lack of boundaries," Sachs says. "'Those are the gays over there' – that's not how we live any more."

Keep the Lights On is at once very good and conspicuously ordinary. Like several other recent features about gay characters by gay directors, it deploys naturalism – often shooting handheld in found locations
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Top 100 Greatest Gay Movies

  • The Backlot
Brace yourselves. This list of the Top 100 Greatest Gay Movies is probably going to generate some howls of protest thanks to a rather major upset in the rankings. Frankly, one that surprised the hell out of us here at AfterElton.

But before we get to that, an introduction. A few weeks ago we asked AfterElton readers to submit up to ten of their favorite films by write-in vote. We conducted a similar poll several years ago, but a lot has happened culturally since then, and a number of worthy movies of gay interest have been released. We wanted to see how your list of favorites had changed.

We also wanted to expand our list to 100 from the top 50 we had done previously. We figured there were finally enough quality gay films to justify the expansion. And we wanted to break out gay documentaries onto their own list (You'll find the
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Are American Movies Getting Religion When it Comes to Sex?

A Good Old Fashioned Orgy

It was one thing when Hollywood released two "friends with benefits"-themed movies this year a few months apart: No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits.

But a mainstream movie about an outright orgy? A Good Old Fashioned Orgy, which opened last weekend, seems like something new, right? Could it be that Americans, and American movies, are growing up? They're we're finally getting, um, religion on the topic of sex in film?

Of course, the problem with movie trend articles is that there are so many movies released every year that you can always find examples to support almost any point you want to make. I mean, when it comes to sex, Cruising (1980), Basic Instinct (1992), and Showgirls (1995) weren't exactly chopped liver.

Cruising's infamous gay S&M club

And let's face it: the mere inclusion of sex and sexual topics in movies doesn't necessarily mean the
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New Release: Latter Days Blu-ray

Tla Releasing, one of the nation’s largest distributors of Lgbt-oriented films, will launch its new premium Blu-ray label Tla Select this summer with the August 30 Blu-ray debut of one of its best-selling DVD titles, the 2003 romantic comedy-drama Latter Days.

Steve Sandvoss (l.) and Wes Ramsey star in Latter Days.

The Blu-ray will be priced at $29.99 and will import most of the original DVD’s bonus features, including deleted scenes, an audio commentary, a behind-the-scenes featurette, music videos and a photo gallery.

The acclaimed Latter Days, tells of the relationship between Aaron (Steve Sandvoss, Fling), a handsome Mormon missionary who’s attempting to spread the word of his religion in Los Angeles, and the beautiful Christian (Wes Ramsey, TV’s CSI: Miami), a West Hollywood party dude.

Written and directed by C. Jay Cox and co-starring Mary Kay Place (It’s Complicated), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Hesher) and Jacqueline Bisset (The Deep
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Five Reasons You Should Love John Carpenter

Next month, director John Carpenter releases The Ward, his first film in ten years. While his four decade career has had its share of ups (The Thing), downs (Memoirs of an Invisible Man), and more downs (Ghosts of Mars), Carpenter remains one of the most influential genre filmmakers of all time. He has fans across all demographics, from weather enthusiasts…

(And pirates!)

…to eye patch fetishists…

(And Goldie Hawn!)

…to undercover aliens attempting to hypnotize humans with subliminal advertising.

(Which is a weirdly specific demographic, but one that will eventually take over the world.)

However, Carpenter’s gay following isn’t particularly mobilized, outside of a few revealing Kurt Russell Snake Pliskin costumes around Halloween. This is a shame, because Carpenter’s oeuvre has a lot to offer the gay film buff.

Here are the top five reasons why gay men should love John Carpenter...

5. John Carpenter films star tough
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Tla Releasing Makes a Move to Blu-Rays

Lgbt-oriented film distribution label Tla Releasing will soon start releasing Blu-rays, kicking off with its celebrated title, "Latter Days." The select Blu-rays will be released under the new label, Tla Select. Among the other titles Tla plans to re-release on the format: "Another Gay Movie," "Another Gay Sequel" and "Boy Culture." Full release below: Tla Releasing’s Premium Blu-Ray Brand Tla Select to Launch Aug. 30 with Re-Release of Hit Film ...
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Video of the Day: A Montage of Cinema’s Worst Writing Cliches

Cliché: a phrase, expression, or idea that has been overused to the point of losing its intended force or novelty, especially when at some time it was considered distinctively forceful or novel.

With Hollywood producing so many movies ever year, it is no surprise that they are often full of clichés. Jeff Smith created this montage under the Bottoms Up Productions label for acclaimed movie blog, showing clips of some of the biggest movie clichés from a total of 102 films. The list of films are below the video. Enjoy!

“You Just Don’t Get It, Do You?” – A Montage of Cinema’s Worst Writing Cliche from Jeff Smith on Vimeo.


0:00 – 2:00


1. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)

2. Breaking and Entering (2006)

3. Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007)

4. Annapolis (2006)

5. Daylight (1996)

6. Platoon (1986)

7. The Invincible Iron Man (2007)

8. Tooth Fairy (2010)

9. Hud (1963)

10. The General’s Daughter (1999)

11. Clockers (1995)

12. The Karate Kid, Part III (1989)

13. I Sell the Dead
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The Gay List

One of our favorite mantras around the AfterElton offices is “because visibility matters.” Indeed, the idea that gay and bisexual men need to be visible, both to ourselves and to the wider culture, is one of the principle reasons even exists. After all, it is only by being visible to family, friends and the world that we’ve been able to overcome the stereotypes and bigotry used to justify discrimination against the Glbt community.

That quest for visibility explains why we have done so many polls including the AfterElton Hot 100, the Fifty Greatest Gay Movies, the Top 50 Gay TV Characters, and the 50 Best Gay Books. After all, it’s not as if Entertainment Weekly is going to ask gay and bisexual men which guys we think are the hottest, which movies mean the most to us or, in the case of our latest poll, which celebrities we most admire.
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When it Comes to Gays, Teen Sex Comedies Are Growing Up

There’s a theory that you can tell more about a society from its “low-brow” pop culture than you can from its high art. If that’s true, there’s not too much that’s more low-brow than the teen sex comedy, movies which are usually celebrations of male promiscuity and debauchery – often with a vague or bittersweet moral tacked on at the end.

What are teen sex comedies saying about gay people?

Surprisingly, the news lately is pretty good. A trio of recent teen sex comedies, Easy A, She’s Out of My League, and I Love You, Beth Cooper, have either included sympathetic gay teen characters, or joked about gay themes in surprisingly progressive or inclusive ways.

Of course, gay folks have always existed in teen sex comedies in some form or another. It’s just that they’ve usually appeared either as brief sight gags to be ridiculed or,
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Ask the Flying Monkey: Can a Movie Made by a Gay Artist be Homophobic?

This week: Does it matter if negative portrayals of gay people are created by gay people themselves? Plus, is Bugs Bunny bisexual?

Have a question about gay male entertainment? Contact me here (and be sure and include your city and state and/or country!

Q: What do you think is the worst portrayal of gay folks by a gay artist? – Milo, Indianapolis, Indiana

A: Oh, man, that is one serious can-o-worms! But I also think it’s an absolutely fascinating question, because of how the idea of social or “gay” responsibility clashes with the notion that artists have a personal responsibility to tell the truth as they see it. After all, it’s not the job of any artist to create propaganda or “sanitize” the truth.

But what if I think a project by a gay or bisexual artist portrays gay people in an inaccurate, stereotypical, or offensive way? If we’re both gay,
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Ask the Flying Monkey: Why Don’t More Gay Movies Star Gay Actors?

This week: Who’s really the most powerful gay guy in the world? Is Mark “Money for Nothing” Knopfler homophobic?

Have a question about gay male entertainment? Contact me here (and be sure and include your city and state and/or country!

Q: Recently, I've been reading about the movie Role/Play starring real-life boyfriends Matthew Montgomery and Steve Callahan and it got me thinking about gay-themed movies in which the gay leads, romantic or otherwise, are portrayed by openly gay actors. So far I've come up with seven other movies: Adam & Steve, Back Soon, Eating Out 3, A Four Letter Word, Long Term Relationship, Save Me, and Shortbus. Are there any others out there? -- Aaron, Chicago

A: There are surprisingly few.

Generally speaking, the lower the budget, the more likely the actors are to be gay and out. Why? Well, not to be unkind to some very talented indie actors,
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30 Greatest Gay Actors #15: John Epperson

Who is John Epperson? He’s an American drag artist, actor, pianist, vocalist and writer who is mainly known for creating the glamorous and hilarious drag character Lypsinka. Lypsinka was born in late 1988 when Epperson’s act was a late-night addition to the bill of Charles Busch’s Vampire Lesbians of Sodom at the Provincetown Playhouse in New York. His acts have since consisted of lip-synching to meticulously edited show-length soundtracks created from snippets of outrageous 20th-century female performances in movies and song. Ever since Epperson has appeared in full-length solo shows Off-Broadway, including The Boxed Set and As I Lay Lip-Synching. According to Epperson, the prototype for Lypsinka is stage actress Dolores Gray but other actresses who have influenced his work includes Ann-Margret, Charles Pierce, and Charles Ludlam.

Epperson has stated on various occasions that he preferred to be seen as an outsider saying, “When I see [gay] people who
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Seven Movies with Homophobic Jokes (and Three Without!)

Gay jokes are still so common in American movie comedies that most of them barely register. That’s why, whenever anyone points out how common they are and says, "Hey, maybe this is contributing to a culture of prejudice," there tends to be a immediate and furious counter-response of: “Political correctness!” “It’s just a joke!” “I don’t see what the big deal is!”

People don’t see what the big deal is, because they’re not seeing the big picture, which is that this isn’t about any one joke. It’s about the fact that these jokes are so common – in a way that jokes about other minorities such as African Americans or Jewish people or Asians or women or the disabled, simply no longer are.

And yet no longer making jokes about "stingy Jews" (except ironically) or casually using the n-word as an insult didn't stop comedians from telling jokes,
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