Another Gay Movie (2006) Poster

Jonah Blechman: Nico



  • Bonnie : You didn't come home last night. What's going on?

    Nico : Mom, I think... I like guys.

    Bonnie : ...DUH!

  • Nico : We dunno shit about anal.

  • Bonnie : I was sure you lead an alternative lifestyle, the first time you did Madonna. I mean cripe! How many three year olds can say they performed her entire Blonde Ambition concert! Oh! Strike a Pose! Remember?

    [Home video footage of 3 year old Nico dressed as Madonna] 

    Bonnie : I'd admit though, I did start to suspect a lot earlier. See how you already had that little swish in your step?

    [Home video of toddler Nico wearing heels] 

    Bonnie : Oh yeah. You were always mommy's special boy. There you are at your first rock concert. Carol Channing was on FIRE that night. And that's the time you dressed up like Karen Black in Airport 75 when we flew to Florida! THERE'S NOBODY FLYING THE PLANE!

    Nico : OK! OK! I get it!

  • Richard Hatch : [about to sign Nico's copy of his book]  Who should I make this out to?

    Nico : [flirting]  Mr... Ben Dover.

    Richard Hatch : [interested]  Oh you beast.

  • Andy Wilson : Isn't anyone bottom curious?

    Bonnie : What are you curious about, Andy?

    Andy Wilson : Uh, we were just talking about, um, it's, uh... where do you get your hair done? Because my mom's looking for a new place.

    Bonnie : Oh, thanks! I highly recommend Wal-Mart's beauty salon. Be sure to ask for Mr. Lans. He is a genius with a curling iron... and such a flirt!

    Nico : See? She just doesn't *get* it.

  • Andy Wilson : [answering the phone]  Rainbow Video.

    Nico : [on the toilet, sweating]  I'm about to explode!

    Andy Wilson : Did you take the enema?

    Nico : Yeah... three of them.

    Andy Wilson : [laughing]  Oh my god!

  • Nico : Muffler. She does half the cheerleading squad and we can't even cop a handjob!

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