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This movie sucks as much as it is old
deepakjaiswal10 July 2010
I really cant believe I spent an hour and my money to watch this movie. No, the movie is longer than an hour but I could not bear it for than that. It took 5 years for the movie to come out and it does look outdated. Kareena Kapoor is chubby and nobody likes her chubby. All the jokes and comedy is outdated and people were yawning in the hall when the actors were trying to make people laugh. The director misused the good actors Shahid and Kareena. They have got potential but this movie is a plain disaster. Hindi movies are all about music and who listens to Himesh these days?? The dancing, the silly college life, the dialogues everything is seen so many times before that one can guess whats going to happen next before the dialogue is even delivered.

Stay at home and stare at wall, that would be more fun I am telling you.
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It blindly follows the English Romantic Flick SERENDIPITY (2001)
bobbysing1 August 2010
In the current techno times, the easiest way to know how long a movie has been into its making is to simply look at the mobile phones being used in its scenes. The various models in the hands of the characters would clearly give you the idea of how old the product actually is. And that's exactly the case with "Milenge Milenge", which was scheduled to be released a long time back. Moreover the jaded looks of its lead pair also tell the long tough story behind the scenes.

But that was not news to the general public since its promos and music clearly revealed its real production status. The actual and sad news is that the movie is entirely a devoted inspired version of the John Cusack & Kate Beckinsale starrer English romantic flick "Serendipity" released in 2001 and has got nothing in original as such added by its director Satish Kaushik.

Admittedly, I already knew that its story was based on the English Hit but I really didn't expect it to be such a straight lift or copy from the original source. Though it starts with the same clichéd college and youth festival sequences, where the boy and girl meet to fall in love. But after its initial hour the movie simply starts following "Serendipity" blindly. Every single scene post intermission is precisely copied from the English movie as it is. In fact even the side characters, sequences and added comic scenes are also there exactly in the same manner as in "Serendipity".

For instance, as seen in its original, the heroine here too believes in destiny and wants to test it in order to find her true love. The use of Currency note and a book to write the names and address of each other by the couple are straight away copied. Further the lift sequence, the shopping bag element, the credit card receipt, the greedy seller at the store, the address hunt in the godown, the two moving to another city to find each other and the last moment marriages of both the lead characters are all adapted just like that.

Funnily there is a small sequence in the Original, where the heroine's friend screams looking at a duplicate PRADA purse being sold on the road side at a cheap price. Even after being told about the wrong spellings of PRADA on it, she still feels excited to buy it. Now this scene is no- where relevant to the script and is added only for having some fun moments. But even this scene gets copied in "Milenge Milenge" blindly where only the brand name changes from "PRADA" to "GUCCI" very creatively. What a true inspiration indeed!

Hence, it once again becomes very difficult for me to write about a creative product which is not original from any angle in the first place. Satish Kaushik has earlier given a massive hit in the past as "Tere Naam". So from a director of his stature a straight and clear lift from another source without any courtesy was really not expected. His direction may be fine for the people who don't care at all that he has borrowed. But personally I was quite taken back by this kind of an unofficial version project being associated with the name of Satish Kaushik.

The acting of both Shahid and Kareena is just OK considering the actual time span of the movie in which it was shot. But Shahid supporting the chain smoking act, should have been strictly avoided. It was really not needed, even if the film was released a few years before. In the supporting cast, everyone plays his or her role like a routine but Satish Shah, Kiron Kher and Aarti Chhabria were completely wasted in their small acts. However Satish Kaushik himself shines in his short cameo. Musically, Himesh Reshamiya's score is just fine with nothing exceptional.

Now why I am in a hurry to finish up the review? That's because I am least interested about writing about some finer details of a movie which is entirely lifted from anyone else's creative efforts. Inspiration can be accepted but exactly similar sequences……are really not what the young Indian audience is looking for. May be the makers have their own truthful arguments over the inspiration issue but if you ask me, there can never be any justified clarification for such an act in the creative world. Yet, I can only wish that it is an undisclosed official version of its original.
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Lacking & Dated
CupcakeLovesMuffin27 July 2010
This movie, was perfectly fit for 2004-2005. If it released then, it would have definitely done better than it is doing now.

Starring Kareena and Shahid, this is the usual done and re-done story.. Kareena goes to a tarot card reader and says she will meet her love of her life within the next seven days, on a foreign beach.

Obviously, she believes it, and has to go abroad for something, and the story unfolds.

The beginning of the movie is bearable, but as it develops, it doesn't work. Before the scene even begins, the viewer knows exactly what is going to happen. This is one of the reasons why it doesn't work.

Another reason would be the acting. Four years ago, Shahid and Kareena weren't exactly the most talented actors. After their acting was recognized in certain movies (Jab We Met) they did quite a lot of movies, especially Shahid Kapoor.

The music is just forced, the only likable song would be the Himesh track,the rest are just sort of there.

It's very dated, and not really entertaining, just one of those half-baked, cheesy movies that you won't want to watch again.

Not Recommended, unless you don't have ANYTHING to watch. Definitely not in cinemas!
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Not here, or there.
Nida-r_78610 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, so this movie began filming in what? 2004? okay, so let's look at this movie as an old movie. What movies were like in 2004, and not compare it to the modern times. It's boring. Predictable. No good songs. Dialog can be guessed. Not even much of a 'sizzling' chemistry.

This movie is released in 2010, let's compare it to now. If you're going to see this movie just for hot scenes with the lead pair, or a cute Shahid, or hot Kareena. You're wasting time. These songs don't belong back then or even now. It's boring.

Story: Guy reads girl's diary and lies to her making her love him. They love each other. Guy wants to change for the girl. Girl fins out the truth and leaves him. They love each other, are going to get married to other people. And what comes next? In a bride's costume, she goes to meet the one she is destined with.

The end.
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It's 2010 guys!
sonia-belhaj14 July 2010
Delayed movies are rarely good. Well, see this one for example. The story is kind of empty, the whole lot is a bit cheesy, I could've written the script AND made it better! As I was in the cinema, I was saying the characters' lines along with them, so easy to predict...

Moreover, it was a bit annoying how they kept meeting without seeing each other... Blah.

But the worst thing is that the movie is disappointing as it reflects Bebo and Shahid's 2005 way of acting, which has improved lottts now. Have you seen how excellent they both were in Jab We Met? And Kareena in 3 Idiots? And...? One good point, it shows all the work they have done from then to now.

This movie is not good, as it's a 2005 average movie that seems totally offbeat in 2010's Bollywood.

The songs by Himesh Reshammiya aren't too bad, average as always.

It feels nice to see Bebo and Sahid on screen together, but the magic isn't really back...
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Serendipity + Grease = Milenge, Milenge
Sherazade22 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Even if this had been released when Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor were still dating, it would have still been a sure flop. Very poor, not even the songs could save it. This very dated(releasing a movie that looks like it was made in the mid 1990s in 2010 was a bad idea) blatant copy of two Hollywood movies is just horrible to watch. If not for the fact that I was watching it with people, I would have stopped the DVD a longtime ago. I never realised how annoying chit-chatty obnoxious friends, over-produced music numbers, over-worked dialogues, stupid story lines were in Bollywood back in the day but if there is one thing that Milenge Milenge achieved it's to drive home the point of how annoying dumb movies like this were. They even went as far as to copy Kate Beckinsale's brown jacket from 'Serendipity' and did I blink and miss Amrita Rao in a cameo as a would be substitute love-interest for Shahid Kapoor's Immy?
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It is not that bad
chiko_arch125 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Guys the movie is not that bad..After seeing the rate and reading reviews I expected to see a complete disaster..But actually it wasn't that bad..Just let us agree on a couple of things, first that "Milenge Milenge" is the Hindi version of the mind blowing movie "Serendipity", second that none of the songs was like these which attract your attention, third that Shahid Kapoor was a kind of clone of Sharukh khan in "Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge", fourth it is not one of Kareena kapoor's best performance, and last but not least "Milenge Milenge" does not have "Jab we Met" magic...Though it is very watchable and I would not consider it a disaster like I consider "Dostana" and "Mohabbatein" for instance...So watch it and enjoy just do not expect an extraordinary movie
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totally excellent, totally intriguing!
Hunky Stud1 March 2012
I have seen quite a few films by these two actors. I think that this is one of their best. I like Kapoor best, he has sparkling eyes that can really speak. If he can improve his English pronunciation, and find a good agent in Hollywood, I think that he can totally be successful. The only problem is that Hollywood is still a little discriminating against people who are not white.

The rating for film is totally wrong. This film is quite fun to watch. The DVD's sound quality is excellent, if you have home theater, you can wear different sound coming from different speakers. Not that many Indian films have that quality.

Second, the music score is excellent, too. It sounded like it was composed by someone from Hollywood.

And there are plenty of unexpected twists, just when you thought that fate will help them to reunite, it took a different turn. Unlike some other Indian boring romantic films which I sometimes have to read something else at the same time, this one kept me watching till the end.

well done!
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This film is just awesome.Its all about destiny and it also describes that you have a power to change your destiny.
wahablateef29 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know why this film gone flop? It's all just because of us, why don't we admiring such quality film.Oh! what I am saying,everyone like ridiculous far from the real life Hollywood films, blah blah!! Anyways my rating for this film is 9/10.Awesome story,Awesome plot,everything about the film is awesome. This film is describing the destiny importance in our life.Most of us don't believe in such things now-a-days.But that such thing(destiny/fate) does exists and we can't neglect it at all, rather we have to accept it, and if it is against us then we definitely have a power to change it as according to our desire and ambitions.
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Enjoyable romance
Aryia23 August 2011
I wasn't awaiting too much from this movie, but I was agreeably surprised and enjoyed it.

Contrary to the other reviewers here, I didn't find it dated. Well, not really. It's a romance. If you find this one dated, then you probably find them all dated.

What I liked about this romance is that instead of fighting and making up or not knowing what they want, the characters in Milenge Milenge spend most of the movie desperately looking for each other. It's different, and it gave a good rhythm to the story. I also liked the fact that it wasn't too cheesy and that it focused the plot on the idea of destiny rather that on unconditional and extraordinary love.

Also, a reviewer said the film wasn't funny. Well it's not really supposed to, since it's far more a romance than a rom-com. Only let's say the first half hour has some humour and, I thought, it managed to be funny.

Acting , directing etc. are OK.

Really, there isn't anything awful in this movie. If you don't like romances, even the un-cheesy ones, well stay away from it. Otherwise, if you don't have anything against the genre, go for it! It was a rather nice one-time watch for me.
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