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Richard Armitage was definitely "In Divine Proportion!"
LuvDemBrooders24 January 2006
Firstly, I only watched this to see the lovely TDH* "Blue-Eyed Wonder" Richard Armitage as Phillip Turner. I've been a devoted fan of his since seeing him as John Thornton in the BBC's 2004 "North & South." Of course, I would have preferred seeing 90 minutes of RA being on-screen but it's called, "Inspector Lynley Mysteries" and not the "Richard Armitage Mysteries." LOL!

Secondly, the story was pretty interesting but there were a few gaping holes of credibility. It could have been better written and consistent. And frankly, too much time was spent on the byplay between Lynley and his Sergeant, Barbara Havers. Nearly five minutes of watching Havers breaking down in the tall, handsome Lynley's arms at the end was unnecessary. Especially since that time could have been inter-cut with updates on what happened to the other characters (i.e., Phillip Turner! After all, he did stand up heroically to the killer and get shot for his attempt at redemption!)

Thirdly, as this was the first full episode of "ILM" that I've ever watched, I'll reserve judgment about the series overall until I've watched the other three eps in this series. But, my overall impression was that both the writing and directing could use some sprucing up. I did like watching the TDH Nathaniel Parker and to some extent the SDP** Sharon Small prance around on-screen. But the pacing seemed very slow. I had expected to see it flowing better and the dialogue snappier. The two leads looked and sounded like they were running lines with each other rather than talking.

I guess I've just been spoiled by watching that old curmudgeon Inspector Morse before.

Overall, I did like it and watched it twice last night. I saw more things that I enjoyed the second time around since my attention wasn't quite as focused on wondering when RA would appear. Also, I liked Burn Gormley as Billy Verger. I'd just seen him as "Guppy" in "Bleak House" and liked seeing him in this very different role.

Now, I'm anxiously awaiting RA's performance as Claude Monet in the BBC's "The Impressionists" which should be broadcast sometime this Winter.

RA Rulez! LDB

*TDH (Tall Dark Handsome) **SDP (Small Dark Pretty)
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A completely unexpected ending, fibonacci - wow!!!!
Parker Lewis3 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This episode was the first episode of season 4, and thankfully Havers has recovered, but Lynley has been on the phone with his wife Helen, who lost their child in the series 3 finale. We don't see Helen in this episode, but she's spoken of throughout the episode.

The murder of the London interior designer, who was a local before going off to university, was a mystery and we really were kept guessing until the very end, and with fibonacci and all, what a shocking ending. Her affair with one of the locals was sort of steamy by British standards I guess.

Adie Allen was a real standout in this episode, as was Burn Gorman. Both of them deserve greater stardom and I had to check their IMDb profiles to see where their acting careers have taken them.
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