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Great recapping of some of the most influential women in television history!
TruPretender26 April 2006
What a nice thing to see, as this little documentary special gives us a countdown of the 50 most wicked women in prime-time history. The best choice that could have been made in terms of a host, was executed rather well. Joan Collins, who is, herself, one of the most wicked women ever, co-hosts this fun 120 minutes with "OC" star Melinda Clarke. Both vixens sizzle the commentary with their sexy personalities and campy narrations. Only Joan Collins could compliment her former character all throughout and get away with it, because even she knows how great her past-time as Alexis Morel Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan was. Melinda Clarke also has fun, as will you, should you dare take on the power of these feisty women.

Such wonderful memories are recalled throughout with favorites from "Melrose Place", "Dynasty", as well as other fun characters as Whitley from "A Different World", and Sally Solomon from "3rd Rock From the Sun". Even Karen Walker from "Will & Grace" is ranked on the list, and rightly so. Heather Locklear gets a double dose of respect as she is given two places.

One complaint, and probably the only one, is that some characters are present, that should not have been put on the list. We are given a character from "That 70's Show" as a wicked woman in prime-time, when shows like that should not count. Places such as that could have been saved for Ana Alicia's Melissa Agretti Cumson Gioberti from "Falcon Crest". Jane Wyman's Angela Channing is also not present. Just the same, even funny D-lister Cathy Griffin is given a place on the list for her personality! The most important ones belong in the "top 7 deadly sins" as Melinda Clarke would say it, and rightly so. Who do you think is #1? I'll give you a clue, her character's name is the longest, and she is the most well remembered from the 1980's! These really are wicked women!
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