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You must see this one
aa_Turk17 December 2005
This movie, which begins with the gathering of several individuals having been imprisoned because of the crimes that were never committed, contains plenty of comedy material and excitement.

Before watching this movie you ought to have seen "O simdi asker".

This movie was shot as a sequel to the one above.

After that you can watch this movie.

With its extra ordinary scenario this movie takes its place amongst the most successful ones ever.

Especially Levent Kazak's performance is spectacular.

Excellent production.
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very smart comedy... !
floransalijakond19 April 2005
Very good script (Levent Kazak) . very clever story . The idea is brilliant. very good acting, good production and direction of Abdullah Oguz, music is good, but not satisfying.

Shooting black(sh) humor is not a easy thing to do in Turkey, but finally they did it. Although its a dark film, funny, its also very charming.

Turkish films are getting better every day. Problem of the industry is not be able to reach international market, O Simdi Mahkum may not be one of them .

I must admit that film was little long. but still, it was new.
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Good acting , bad directing. A great disappointment for the fans of Turkish cinema.
imdb1913 December 2005
I have watched the film yesterday .First of all ,i have been thinking that this film is the sequel of O Simdi Mahkum , who was directed by Mustafa Altioklar; who is a talented Turkish director. Meanwhile , we understood that this film goes it's own way and the only similar things are the three characters whom were played in that film.

The film goes 60 minutes to get all the characters in the same place. We can see that the director cannot forget the times of being a popular serial director in Turkish TV s Asmali Konak (2003 - 2004) Can u remember the film after watching , i don't think so. A new failure to , Abdullah Oguz directing history.
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