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Dave Gorman interview: Modern Life Is Goodish

Rob Leane Oct 30, 2017

Dave Gorman chats to us about his journey from Googlewhack Adventure to Modern Life Is Goodish...

Dave Gorman: Modern Life Is Goodish returns to Dave very soon, for its fifth series, with the eponymous comedian/writer/PowerPoint enthusiast diving back into the weird world around us, in search of life-affirming moments, barmy internet comments and more hefty chuckles.

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After watching the first episode of series 5 a bit early, we got the chance to chat with Mr Gorman over the phone. The call was delayed slightly, because Gorman was stuck at a garage trying to sort out his Mot. Once we were connected, that seemed like a good place to start our rather long chat...

Is everything alright with your car?
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Taskmaster: one of TV's funniest, most unexpected comedies

Wesley Mead Apr 25, 2017

As series 4 of Taskmaster arrives on Dave, we salute one of the most enjoyable shows on TV...

In a media environment where every outlet is battling for attention more intensely than ever before, TV channel Dave has carved out quite a handy niche for itself. Many years since its erstwhile days as UKTVG2 - the ghettoised cousin of dusty sitcom purveyors UK Gold - a prominent Freeview Epg position and a remarkably successful rebranding has allowed the channel to build its own fanbase and identity. It’s now “the home of witty banter”, its schedule jam-packed with panel shows, satirical comedy, and male-skewing reality.

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In recent years, the heightened awareness
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Dave Gorman joined by projector for 'Powerpoint Presentation' tour

Dave Gorman joined by projector for 'Powerpoint Presentation' tour
Dave Gorman has announced details of his new UK tour. The stand-up comedian, who recently made a hugely successful return to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe after an eight-year absence, will tour major venues across the UK with a special guest - his projector screen. Dave Gorman's Powerpoint Presentation has been described by one reviewer as "effectively a double-act with his technology", during which the Googlewhack Adventure star wants to show the audience his "Powerpoint presentation". Gorman's sell-out shows at the Fringe came during a busy 2011, which saw him release his fourth book, Dave Gorman Vs the Rest of the World, host his monthly comedy night in London and headline Dave's One Night Stand for digital channel Dave.

The 40-year-old continues to present his Sunday morning radio show (more)
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Geek shows and movies on UK TV in the coming week

Going Postal! Chuck season 3 in the UK! Paul Cornell's brilliant Pulse pilot! FlashForward and Fringe finales! Movies! It's quite a week of viewing ahead...

The highlight of the bank holiday weekend is a real treat, indeed. Sky will be airing its third venture to the platter-shaped world of the imagination and skilful word play of Sir Terry Prachett, with the eagerly anticipated adaptation of a Discworld favourite of many, Going Postal.

Starring Richard Coyle (Coupling, Strange, Franklyn, Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time) and Claire Foy (also starring in the BBC pilot of horror-drama Pulse), the first part airs Sunday 30th May at 6:00pm on Sky1, and Part 2 follows on Monday, May 31st at 6:00pm. Both parts will be shown again on Sky1 and Sky2, so check your local schedules for the best time to catch it. We'll have a review shortly after the first showing
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Dave Gorman: 'My shows aren't contrived'

Dave Gorman: 'My shows aren't contrived'
Dave Gorman has brushed aside suggestions that his TV programmes are contrived. The stand-up comedian told Metro that he often rejects strange ideas for shows sent to him by members of the public. Gorman said: "People assume I do things thinking they'll become a project but the events in Googlewhack Adventure weren't contrived. They actually happened and it only looks like a project because I gave it a title. "While I was doing it, it was pretty unpleasant and (more)
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