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Season 1

23 Jan. 2005
Jaqueline always beat her brother Gerard Rochey at fencing. When their dad is killed on the sword of the men of cardinal Mazarin, who rules during the minority of Louis XIV as his regent the queen-mother cares little for politics, and Gerard thrown in the royal Paris dungeons where his evil eminence presides over a satanic order of knights which honors king nor God, she tries to join the musketeers who guard it, cross-dressing as recruit Jaques Leponte, and succeeds by cheating at a sword-duel against D'Artagnan, cocky son of, who with is friends Siroc and Ramon just ...
30 Jan. 2005
Rub-a-Dub Sub
For openers, D'Artagnan saves a baby from a riding cart. Next he teaches suspicious Jacqueline to enjoy a hot spring, taking only a fairly modest peek. Siroc has developed a submarine prototype, but captain Duvall declines joining the test-ride on account of the blue cheese-reek, while in fact he suffers from aquafobia. Duvall also allows D'Artagnan and 'Jacques' to go undercover to catch the Darwood gang of racketeers, whose ugly leaders Snout and Fishface just extorted a fashionable Paris shop. Alas they are quickly betrayed by an anonymous informer and cleverly ...
13 Feb. 2005
The musketeers are ordered by the kid-king Louis XIV to investigate the disappearance of four boys from their aristocratic homes on black horses. This is not to the liking of regent cardinal Mazarin, who wants the king to be his hand-puppet and has his own hand in the kidnapping. Captain Duval gets a visit from his sister Marie and her young children, bright André who takes to inventor Siroc and feminist pest Mimou, fit only for 'Jacques'. Ramon has a rhapsody evening-date with Lina, ignoring she's the enchantress who kidnaps boys as recruits for the cardinal's secret...
20 Feb. 2005
The Exile
Woried, captain Duvall tells the men puritan regicide Oliver Cromwell is visiting, the first British ruler who effectively subdued the Irish threat in England's back, to conclude a peace treaty with Mazarin, while boy-king Louis fears both. On the way back from a visit home, Jacqueline -not disguised- sees a man nearly hanged innocently, and gets him free fighting, fleeing and exchanging secrets. Arrived in the palace, Cromwell demands Mazarin in private to deliver him the royal exile. Back in musketeer uniform, Jacques is part of Cromwell's guest quarter guard, which...
13 Mar. 2005
Da Vinci's Notebook
When the musketeers bring in their laundry, Siroc finds by accident a scrap of the missing notebook of his inventor-example, Leonardo da Vinci. D'Artagnan is forced to 'defend the honor' against the cardinal's guards captain Bernard of laundry girl Mireille, an airhead which has a crush on him. After the captain informs cardinal Mazarin, they torture her father, farmer Huppert, to force him to hand over the pages he found in a field before convening a meeting of the knights of the black tabernacle. There the cardinal announces it contains plans for an invincible ...
20 Mar. 2005
Secrets of the Father
When the famous Charles De Batz-Castelmore, Comte D'Artagnan, pays the garrison a visit, the only one lacking in enthusiasm is his son, active musketeer D'Artagnan, who is sick of everybody drooling over pa's heroic stories. In the palace a list of French secret agents abroad is stolen from a strongbox only Mazarin and the king hold keys too, even Siroc finds no trace on the lock, just a horse hair, from a servant's wig, he even identifies the queen's footman Marcel Bastide, who is indeed the accomplice of the traitor, the debt-crushed Duke de Fourré. Queen-mother ...
12 Apr. 2005
Four Musketeers and a Baby
A dashing, cavalier highwayman worked his way from the French provinces to the roads around Paris, preferentially robbing jewelry from aristocratic ladies,who treasure the yellow scarf he leaves as as souvenir. D'Artagnan nearly catches him, but lets him go to 'save' a victim dangling from a carriage. A baby boy is anonymously delivered in a basket with a note begging D'Atagnan to take good care of it. Although he assures it can't be his, he quickly turns paternal. When the captain outsmarts the mates' attempts to hide the kid, he orders it brought to a nuns orphanage...
28 Apr. 2005
Coat of Arms
The order of the black tabernacle has stolen the body of its First Crusade co-founder Amir Dyalamon, but didn't capture the main prize, a jewel known as the Eye of Gilgamesh, which that 'dark knight' stole as a renegade. Cardinal Mazarin is convinced that must be the doing of a traitor. His obelisk magic resurrects the crusader, who kills the thief (old knight Ivan Tavarsky), with his broadsword, before Ivan can honor his rendezvous with captain Duvall. Siroc experiments with (electric) energy as the biological essence of life, and is given the 'ordinary' body of ...
12 May 2005
The Invincible Sword
The musketeers run from Siroc's metal detector demonstration when the royal palace is attacked by a single man cutting down the guards and heading for young King Louis. The man, claiming to be Siegfried (wielding the Norse mythical sword Notung), would have have made mince meat of Leponte if the mates hadn't intervened. Ramon is wounded dangerously; the Royal surgeon does a lousy backward job, but Siroc nurses him to health. The grateful King hands her the blade, which is authenticated as Ancient. Next she seems to have a sixth sense and manages to prevent more ...
19 May 2005
To Heir Is Human
Innocent country brothers Marcel Le Rue and surviving firstborn Georges Le Rue, mistaken for the target (waitress Celeste's husband and the actual target), are left for dead by men in musketeer uniforms. The cardinal's men search in vain for a letter, as Siroc's spying invention (the rope-telephone) helps the friends hear their captain Bernard discuss in a café. Captain Duvall somehow knew the late mother Pauline Le Rue but won't give details, except to the queen, who despised the 'royal plaything'. George and Céleste attempt to exact their own revenge but bump into ...
The Chameleon
French ambassador Pierre Parisot, a personal youth friend and former musketeers mate of captain Duvall and husband of his former sweetheart Elise, brings the king rich imperial presents from Grand Mughal Shah Jahan's India, where he made a fortune. After the precious cargo is robbed by masked men, Parisot is also identified in the palace as thief thanks to a security camera invented by Siroc. However after Pierre's arrest his hands aren't marked with indelible ink, yet Louis has him thrown in the Bastille on Duvall's undoubted word. Duvall discards Elise's plea to ...
2 Jun. 2005
Author Alexandre Dumas meets his characters D'Artagnan junior and Jaques, discussing their plot. D'Artagnan and Siroc eagerly help Siroc test an animal extracts potion meant to increase male potency and sex-appeal. Laponte's brother Gerard Roget is reported back from America, with a crucifix and the secret of a fled priest he met in the (Canadian) colony Nova Scotia, but captain Bernard is on their trace by the time they can meet.

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