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I love this show!!
missyclrs18 June 2006
This is an awesome show. When i get home super tired, i make sure i stay awake to watch it. Derek is sooooo funny (and not to mention a very attractive guy). Casey is an awesome character as well. Edwin and Lizzie are good characters, and i think they should be put in more often. Marti is adorable and love how she says things without thinking them through (but then again little kids do speak the truth). I love how Casey got her parents room and the parents moved into the basement. Personally, if i were Casey i would have preferred the basement. I cant wait for new episodes!! This shoe really is awesome and everyone on it is very fortunate to be on. Ill keep watching, so long as the show continues to do the great job that it is doing so far!!
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Great Show
ac_fan0017 January 2006
This is a great show. I enjoy watching it on the weekends. Casey and Derek are hilarious. I'm glad the show was picked up. I hope it continues for a while longer. The cast is great too. Casey and Derek fight just like any other siblings I know of. I like the plot and how each kid is involved with the show. I give the show a ten. Good going everyone. I can't wait to see what else is in store for the family. This is a great brother and sister show, no matter what the age. Disney always seem to find a great show. It's a bit of a mixture of Lizzie McGuire and That's So Raven, which are also two popular Disney Channel shows. Keep it up!
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All the qualities of a great show!
lilpuppyluv13210 August 2006
This is a great show with superb acting. Ashley Leggat(Casey) portrays her character wonderfully, and Michael Seater (Derek) is perfect for the role of a rebellious (and don't forget good-looking) teenager. Ariel Walker(Marty) is absolutely adorable, and is a natural for her role of Marty, a fussy young toddler. David Madger(Edwin) and Jordan Todosey (Lizzie), who act as secret allies in this show, look like they really enjoy playing their parts, and makes the show fun to watch. This is a great family show many people can relate too. Casey and Derek's constant fighting add a lot of laughs to this overall great show. I give Life With Derek two thumbs up!
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life with derek-one of the better Disney shows!
xxWHOAAdudex19 December 2005
Life with derek is a great show, better then most shows played on Disney channel. Before this show started to air, i had a feeling i would love it, because a great actor, one of my favorites, is on it, Michael Seater. Casey's craziness makes the show what it is, as well as Derek being mean and always getting his way.Ashley Leggat is a very talented actor who can really play her character well. Another character on this show that i like is Sam who is played by Kit Weyman. If you have seen the episode babe raiders, his character starts to play out better in this show. The show has comedy, some drama, and is just a great show. I really do enjoy watching this show on the weekends. Overall, this is a show that you can watch alone, with family, and with friends, and you can really enjoy it.
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Somewhere between "Malcolm in the Middle" and "The Brady Bunch"
tvcritic200716 January 2006
What a refreshing change from what you are used to seeing on the Disney Channel. It's zany like Malcom in the Middle with a "Brady Bunch" format. This show presents itself as a family drama and a comedy at the same time. It brings forth family crisis and conflicts that could easily happen with any family and adds a strong touch of humor. In the word of the immortal Howard Cosell, "it tells it like it is." Well directed, with a strong cast, this show is one of the best that Disney has aired. Daniel Magder (Edwin) and Jordan Todosay (Lizzie) are cast as the "unsung heroes" and they pull it off effortlessly. I'm really looking forward to season two!
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An Above-Average Family Show
kingpigeon12 December 2005
The United States is famously suspicious of its quiet neighbors to the north. So I'm particularly pleased that Disney is distributing "Life With Derek" in the U.S. The show is well-written, well-acted, and clever (in other words, expect a speedy cancellation). Step-siblings Casey and Derek are excellently portrayed as well-rounded teenagers capable of doing both good and evil (while still remaining consistent and in character). While it would be impossible to expect a family program to capture the savageness that characterizes real adolescent life, the show goes a good deal further than most, displaying welcome flashes of mean-spirited fun in its portrayal of siblings maneuvering for the upper hand against one another. If we're going to blame Canada, it's only fair to also give them credit when credit is due.
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LOVE this Show!!!!!!!!
tink14-130 November 2005
Life with Derek is a GREAT show I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Michael Seater is ADORABLE!!!! And the chemistry between him and the younger part of the cast is GREAT!!!! The whole cast is great! Ariel Waller plays the youngest child a little girl named Marti and she is soooo cute!!!! Ashley Leggat is not my favorite but she does do really well in the role of Casey so it works. Jordan Todosey (Lizzie) and Daniel Magder (Edwin) are really cute as the middle children and work really great together! Everyone on this show is great and I love it definitely one of my favorite Disney Channel shows by far!!!!!! I would Definitely recommend this show to anyone!!!!
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Wonderful, Simply Wonderful!
Kirsten DeCaprio10 December 2006
I think this is my favorite show on Disney Channel. First off, they casted everyone PERFECTLY!Second, the characters are all cool. Derek is so lazy and careless its hilarious. Casey is so up tight that when she let's loose it's funny. Marti is so dang cute that you just want to pinch her cheeks. Edwin is always trying to be like Derek, so he is pretty funny. Lizzie is going through puberty crises ALL the time and it's funny to watch her be so clueless. The parents are always trying to act "cool" or "hip" and they are NOT! Anyways, this show is awesome. Just watch a few'll be hooked!I give it a 10 out of a 10!!!!!
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Out of the Mold
bfried513 June 2007
Two Disney Channel shows break the mold of typical Disney fare--that is it does not look canned, packaged, and wrapped in the same box (with many of the same actors (duh) and scripts).

Life With Derek breaks the Disney mold (as does Phil of the Future). The show has plausible situations, like step-siblings involved in sneaky plots, or real relationship troubles.

Life With Derek does not have the stars always winning, having fabulous careers at the age of 12, or moving into the White House. The stars aren't always in new clothes, the house isn't in perfect order (or in the best neighborhood) and the kids cry and complain like people in real life.

What bothers me about the Disney Channel is personified by such candy trash as High School Musical (or anything with Cordon Bleu). What I like about Disney is Derek and Phil.
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Life with Derek
Eishael956 November 2006
I want to talk a little about Life with Derek, surely it isn't really much of a comedy but it really had good roles, this show talks about how life goes on, for example two teenagers, Casey, a mature-minded teenager and Derek, a rebellious teenager are totally different I go with Casey mostly because all her roles give a lot of good information, sometimes, and Casey and Sam make a great couple, don't u think. I sometimes go with Derek on some things. 1. Clever 2. Pranky 3. Rebellious I am these things, but I go serious sometimes, Casey gets tired of stuff that Derek does sometimes like I do with my younger sister, she is Derek and I am Casey In the house.
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This show is really great!!
Meg Stacey22 July 2006
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SHOW!!! My fave character has to be Lizzie! Jordan Todosey is an amazing actress and she does her character really well!! I also really like Ashley Leggat as Casey. I'd seen her on Darcy's Wild life a few times and she didn't get me too excited, but now I really like her as an actress! And Also, I have to mention that Daniel Magder is pretty cute as Derek, even though his character bugs me, he is a good actor. I watched this show only once and then I got hooked!! This show is super fun to watch, and great for the whole family. I can't get enough of Life with Derek, the conflict between the two teens is delicious to watch and usually has me clueless, wondering who will win next. I am recommending this to all my friends.
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FLgalNco18 July 2006
A religious Disney Channel watcher, I'm pleased to see something as refreshing as this show hit the air. The only other show on Disney I feel, that's this honest, is Boy Meets World & that's on at 3am. Life With Derek is refreshingly honest in it's themes & performances. While as Disney shows are made kid friendly, Phil of The Future, That's So Raven, & The Suit Life of Zach & Cody to name a few, Life With Derek manages to be equally kid friendly but more realistic, more relate-able for young audiences. About a teen-aged girl named Casey & her little sister Lizzie whose mom re-marries & the 3 of them move into their Stepdads home whom happens to have 3 kids of his own. A teenage son, Derek, & his two younger siblings Edwin & Marty. The show brings to the screen themes of divorced parents, changes, sibling rivalry, high school issues, & family matters & values. And though the themes are slightly sugar coded, they are far less so then in any other Disney shows. I personally find the show inspiring, funny, honest, & entertaining. The cast is superb, especially the young miss who plays Marty, by far & away the most realistic toddler I've ever seen on TV.
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about the show
angeelalala10 July 2006
i love watching this show also. the fact that two families moving in together because their parents got remarried to each other may seem normal. but casey and derek puts a lot of twists to it which makes this show hilarious. casey is a girl who isn't afraid to speak her mind, while derek is a guy whos quite the rebel. and they both are always at it with each other. its really funny though. they show it every weekend but i wished they showed it more often.

i give this show a 10 out of 10. its unique, you never know whats going to happen. but its a great comedy for all familys at the same time. if you ever get the chance you should watch it too and see for yourself.
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Cool Show!
kaylak130 May 2006
This show is really cool, and my uncle works for it!! his name is Shane Kinnear.

Well this show is really cool but some of the actresses bug me a little. but thats all. each episode is different and they all have cool story lines and I'm glad that this show does not have unrealistic perfect characters, they are all so normal and realistic, OK well watch the show!! I love to watch it and cant wait for the new season, but the only bad thing is is that the channel i watch only has it Friday nights at 7:00 pm and I'm always out on Friday

Well i luv it bye
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I love this show
caileemae2128 May 2006
I just woke up and wanted to watch something on TV that I didn't have to really get into, I started to flip channels until I came across something worth watching and thats when I came across "Life with Derek" it was the main character, Derek (Michael Seater) who drew me into watching the show. Not only is he pleasing to the eye but unlike many Disney shows, hes actually a phenomenal actor. The way he interacts with Marti is just so adorable. You can see in the way he picks her up and throws her around that he really loves her. Casey in the show (Ashley Leggat) is also a very good actor, so are the other younger siblings, Edwin and Lizzie. I like Casey, but I often feel that she doesn't belong in the family. Everyone is so laid back while she is very stuck up and is out to change the world. (my opinions of course) She does add some change to the show, she makes the family a bit more balanced because she is very smart and and wants to do well in life. Well to end this comment, I would just like to add that I have tivo'ed all the episodes because it really is a good show. I usually don't like Disney channel TV shows because they are very babyish and don't deal with realistic problems in the world, but this show is very relatable and they behave like a real family. I suggest that you check out the show, i'm sure you'll fall in love like the rest of us have.
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monkeyface7712 February 2006
don't get me wrong i absolutely love this show! 10/10 for me. But the one thing that creeps me out is that ashley leggot is almost 20 years old playing a teenager! I was watching confessions of a teenage drama queen last night and decided to do some research...i never would have guessed she was 20! but...i guess thats y they put her on this show isn't it( i still love her!) seriously i know I'm a little old for this show....but its kinda my guilty pleasure! my recommendation: keep on making more episode and then make a DVD! seriously though....w/o Casey in this TV show i would not have liked it at all. thats how i can relate because i had the same situation thrust upon me last year. its hard and annoying...i think this is an awesome show for anyone going through a family merge...its just so relatable!
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A good show for preteens, one of the better Disney programs
xxpinkpanther22 January 2006
Even though I've only seen a few episodes of this show, Life With Derek seems like one of the better Disney Channel programs, and is good for 11-, 12-, and 13-year-olds. It deals with crushes, family, friends, school, and everything else in life all in one. I think Casey represents a good image for teenage girls, and Ashley Leggat portrays her feelings well in a lot of the episodes. The acting is pretty good, and the shows deal with real life issues. Even though I would recommend this show for preteens, everyone in the family can relate to this. There are younger children, middle children, older children, and parents in the show, and all are pretty normal and fit into the storyline. Sometimes Ashley Leggat's acting can be pretty unconvincing, and Casey can be a bit over-dramatic, but she makes up for it in her better episodes. Also, sometimes things in the show may be a bit cheesy.

Overall, Life with Derek is a pretty nice show, despite some of it's flaws. I would give it a 7/10. Above average, but not the best. You could dedicate half an hour to it. :)
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best show ever
Amy16 June 2006
I love this show life with Derek is the best show on family channel yet. I think Kit Weyman, Sam is so gorgeous =) I'm so glad him and Casey are together it took long enough gosh. Anways Michael seater does a great job with the role of Derek. and i hope Sam and Casey stay together for a while because i think its cute I never miss an episode of this show i don't go anywhere unless i watch life with Derek. i wonder who Derek's gonna end up with in the end. Haha Marty's so cute and so funny. and Edwin is really smart yup so yeah i love this show and i hope its on for a while

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What a terrible show
krizoitz21 May 2006
Based on what little i have seen of this show I don't think I will ever watch it again. Its not even remotely believable and frankly the Derek character just makes me angry.

Sorry but seeing such a spoiled brat get his way time and again? Why would i want to watch that?!? No thanks, there are plenty of other shows that involve devious characters (Phil of the Future's Pim for example) where the evil one doesn't win or if they do not in the way they though.

Not to mention that I think this is a terrible picture to paint about living with step-siblings. Yes life isn't rosy but one could attempt to portray a character that wasn't outright evil and wins.

My suggestion is that you watch this only if you like seeing the villain win.
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My favorite show!
trillionare1227 September 2008
Life with Derek is by far the best show on Disney Channel! All of the cast does a wonderful job, especially the roles of Edward and Lizzy, the two "middle children" who are always trying to make their mark. Ashley L. does a great job of playing Casey, the serious older stepsister, and they couldn't of chosen anyone better than Micheal Seat Er to play Derek. The youngest child, Marty, does a great job and will be seen in more movies as she gets older for sure. The actor and actress who play Nora and George are great too. They usually deliver the lesson but get a good joke in here and there.

I recommend this show to anyone, no matter WHAT age you will love it!
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Great teenage show from Disney
W L12 August 2007
One thing to keep in mind is that Life with Derek is not your typical G-rated Disney show. The show is simple enough for someone under the age of 10 to watch, but a great portion of the show could only fully be understood by ages 10 in up in my opinion. I would call Life with Derek the perfect show for teenagers. Myself being 20, I love the show as well.

My favorite reason being how hilarious the constant cat and mouse chase between Derek and Casey is in every episode. Derek always seems to be one step ahead of Casey, no matter what. Every time you think Casey has done something to pull ahead of Derek, Derek strikes back with another ace up his sleeve. Most of the time the episode ends with the two on even grounds, but that is not always the case.

Though Derek and Casey are the two main characters of the show, they couldn't do it without a terrific supporting cast. The parents, George and Nora are perfect. The two parents are different personality wise, as George seems to be like Derek: Carefree, relaxed and loose. Nora, on the other hand, is like Casey: Serious, determined and plays by the rules.

The other kids in the household complete the family tree in nothing short of spectacular fashion. Edwin and Lizzie are two similar aged kids, and though Edwin is a boy and Lizzie is a girl, Edwin is the wuss and Lizzie is the tough one. Edwin doesn't quite have the carefree personality as Derek (yet). Lizzie has a tough-girl personality that Casey could only dream of. And who could forget Marti, every families typical obnoxious yet cute youngest child.

In conclusion, Life with Derek is a high quality effort like most of Disney's non-animated shows. I am glad Disney picked this up, as each episode is an entertaining circus that sucks you in.
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Life with Derek
lizajane24544 February 2006
I think Micheal Seater is one of the cutest things in the world.He does a great job,you know the annoying brother act!Ashley Legget does a great job ,you know the whole annoyed sister thing.Jordan Todosey is Casey's little sis in life with Derek and she plays the sister who is getting used to her life with Derek and is friends with Edwin.Daniel Madger does a great job as a boy in between being friend with Lizzie and listening to Casey and Derek fighting.Oh yeah,and so does Lizzie.I love this show because it is funny.But that 1 episode babe raider is sexist but I didn't mind.I love this show so much I don't think I could live without it.Marti is so adorable but yet very very annoying.She is so hyper.
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So long to family values!
Chuck Jones17 February 2007
Everything about this show is grating on me. You have the parents, who are irresponsible, self-centered yuppies who are so proteanly useless that that show actually makes story lines around their total ineptitude as parents. I know that it's become clichéd as hell to make wisecracking, obnoxious anti-authoritarian kids in sitcoms, but Derek is so over the top that it is completely unbelievable. My first time watching this show I was absolutely repulsed, I was sure that at the end of that episode that what Derek really needs is to be backhanded from time to time. However, the show seems to be all about not having to take responsibility for your actions - Derek consistently gets away with anything he wants, disobeys his father and stepmother on a whim and is never punished for his actions. This is not surprising, seeing the waste of life that their parents are.

This show is totally void of anything remotely resembling family values, I wouldn't even consider allowing my kids to watch it.
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