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Stop expecting the greatness of T2......Better then T3 and Genisys
JERICH947827 February 2017
Terminator Salvation gets panned left and right.....but let me first say this is way more better then T3 and Genisys by miles.

Not only is it a serious terminator movie.....its more faithful to the first 2, yes it has plot holes and not die hard terminator violence but what do you expect when companies are trying to make everything PG13 for money.

This is the Terminator movie you get, to throwbacks to Guns n Rose you could be mine to a CGI arnie wreaking havoc, yes it could of been done better but some of it is actually really good, just accept and stop expecting the greatness of T2, that was cameron and this is MCG two different directors.

The acting is good, don't know what everyone is going on about with Bale being a weak connor when he is perfect for the role, yelchin plays a fantastic kyle reese and sam worthington is great as marcus.

Relax, watch and enjoy a good summer action movie with no expectations, the opening helicopter scene is a work of art.

TS - 7/10
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I don't understand why people dislike this so much
beornmatt20 January 2020
This movie has a...um...different ending? Yeah, it's different but despite all that I really don't get all the hate. It's an enjoyable action flick that builds on the Terminator franchise in a satisfying way. I dig it.
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Terminator Salvation is a great sequel to T1 and T2
smithjackson-444454 December 2018
Wow, this is a decent film- I was thoroughly entertained and this despite going in with low expectations. McG manages a great color palette and the action sequences are awesome. Sure, this isn't as great as The Terminator or Terminator 2 but it is surely better than T3 and a lot better than the other works in the cannon. Both Bale and Worthington are fantastic. Go watch Terminator salvation now.
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Best non James Cameron sequel
I am trying to forget T3 and the others sequels. Re-watched it on bluray during quarantine. This movie brings new elements to the Terminator lore: new robots, new locations, great production designs and great VFX, and brand new story... For me, the best non James Cameron sequel And it is weird to see back Anton Yelchin (RIP).
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The 80's and the 90's aren't coming back.
xenazues4 June 2018
I have seen a lot of reviews on here, more than I usually read. And it is way too many 1's. This movie is no where near a one rating. I've been watching a lot of movies since I was a little kid. From cheesy 80's flicks, to straight to TV. This is no where near a 1. This movie sits at a 7 for me. Would have got an 8 but I'm super hard on the female acting in these new generation of movies.

This movie by now is 9 years old so nothing would be giving it away. But with that said Linda Hamilton in the first one was 19 years old. And she can act. Which is why 7 or 8 years later in Terminator 2 her acting was polished the movie was even better. It is not a secret if the female character can act you are going to have a good movie. The female acting in this movie was decent which is why it got a 7 from me.

But I can see why people gave this a one. The first Terminators were scary. The machine just kept going. You also had the awesome 80's music, along with the clothes. I mean seriously Sarah O conner was riding an 80's scoter and listening to head phones. And going to the club. Just a lot of vintage stuff in that movie which brought it back to the 80's. The 90's was even better in T2, crazy hair cuts, dirt bikes and the graphics in that at the time were unique.

But they did try to incorporate some of the old ideas. John Conner goes "come with me if you want to live", the motor cycle scene still is exciting as it was almost 30 years ago. The naked terminator. Normally during these remakes I get bored or fall asleep. It was action through the whole movie. I don't know if it was christian bale. Or who it was. But I felt entertained.

If people came here looking at this review thinking they are get a play by play of the movie. I'm not doing that with this one. You have to watch and please don't listen to these negative reviews. They want to live in the past on something that has already been done.

Once again don't try to watch this thinking this is going to be like the fist 2. It is not. Its just going to be great acting and simply a plot that action. Nothing over the top where its mind blowing. Expecting this movie to be like the first 1 where they were on to something new, and the second one where they had some super special effects is asking too much. It was well written movie. And its great to have all the Terminators. Cause I do.
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Salvation takes itself seriously. Is this so much to ask from future sequels?
johnnyweston10 November 2019
This would be the third best Terminator film and the closest we have gotten to a realistic take on the future war from the original Terminator films.

What I love about this film is the post apocalyptic setting and the grittiness of it all. No out of character jokes like T3 and the silliness of Genysis.

There are some amazing scenes, this film trades big budget emotionless action scenes for more personal intense realistic altercations between earlier terminator designs.

The film is not quite a classic but thoroughly enjoyable serious about what it wants to achieve. This is a story arc and setting I would love to see another sequel to.

Hopefully after the bombs of Genysis and Dark Fate we can get back to a story which concentrates on the script and character development. Give us a future war.
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The movie might not be great but still watchable and will entertain
sauravjoshi8518 May 2021
Terminator Salvation is a Sci-fi action movie directed by McG and stars Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Late Anton Yelchin, Moon Bloodgood, Bryce Dallas Howard, Common, Jadagrace Berry and Helena Bonham Carter.

The fourth instalment of Terminator brings you the continued fight between humans and the machines. This time the fight is against the new model T-800 that can wipe out humanity from earth.

If you have to enjoy this movie you have to watch the movie with a fresh perspective and without any comparison from it's previously made parts. If you do so you will surely enjoy this movie.

There is nothing new in the plot and the plot is predictable and bit mash up but the execution of the movie is decent, the movie is filled with action scenes, gun fights, chases and some emotion.

Acting is superb and I have to admit that Christian Bale has infused a new life in the character of John Connor, he looks macho, strong and is perfectly effective. Sam Worthington was great and gives a superb support to Christian Bale, he impresses whenever he comes to the screen, rest all of the characters had limited screen space but they will impress.

Screenplay is fast paced and intense and will keep you on the edge of the seat, action scenes are superb and must be appreciated, us of CGI is also effective. Few viewers might complaint that nothing new is been offered and CGI is been used excessively and I also agree to some extent, but still the movie is an all round decent action thriller movie which misses sometimes and sometimes got hit and we can't deny that it's a fun ride.
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Fair action movie
aheaven200521 March 2021
Once you manage to settle back in the series timeline, the movie is actually a fair dystopian action entertainment. Bale offers a strange grunting Connor, but it actually works in the end.
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War Torn Future
JoelChamp8517 March 2021
The more action based film of the franchise. Good cast and the Terminator designs are really cool and mean looking. The FX have been kicked up a notch, finally allowing us into the war torn future.
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Some nice action but where's the tone? Where's the mood? Where's the atmosphere?
enjoiskaterguy31 May 2009
The atmosphere that James Cameron and Stan Winston had created for the first 2 films in the franchise is what really hit me and still does to this day. I think that was the key component along with consistency and approach that gave the Terminator film it's unique style and attractiveness. It's metallic-blue overlay, infused with creepy whines of music and heart pounding edge of your seat suspense was what really created this secondary reality if not for only an hour long. It made us have a connection to these characters. A sense of believability in what was really going on. But it was those elements that were able to harness the inner workings of this dark dreamland. In essence the first two Terminators were projected nightmares in a sense, as if you were running and running, but no how fast you ran, the shadowy figure on your toes just keeps closing in. THAT is what made those films so captivating.

Now these elements in one way or another were tried in this newest installment of the franchise. I see it as I've heard before as a "hit and miss" movie in which it got some key features to play out in the film, but lacked that essential tone T1 and T2 romantically portrayed.

I have talked in lengths with individuals on why this film didn't quite hit all of it's projected(we hope) targets and I haven't really heard a clear and analyzed answer. Some say it was the amount of sub-plots that were involved, the lack of plot, the empty character development, the slight cheesy factor, and or the overall weak story and unnecessary additions to the Terminator franchise. Although these all valid arguments to say the least and I would agree on them full heartily, I don't see it as the culprit of the problem here of why this film did not life up to it's expectations.

I think, like I said above in the first paragraph, that it was the direction the film was taken in perspective to it's overall tone and mood. God bless his soul, Stan Winston. For if he were alive I think we would have seen a more polished version of what we have now witnessed. I also think it was a bad part on McG for giving the O.K on the revised Terminator theme by veteran composer Danny Elfman. I don't know why in the hell the screened audiences gave the thumbs up on that one. Another issue of course is that most of the scenes were in broad day-light. I understand that McG wanted to get a different take on the war, but I don't think this was pulled off in any respects to what James Cameron had in mind for the war.(Shouldn't the sky be filled with pollution and dark particle manner from the nuclear explosions creating an ever-dark wasteland?) This was CRUCIAL and they blew it. I don't see why they didn't go with more night scenes. It is one of the strongest representative thematic elements portrayed in the Terminator 1 & 2.(I am not even going to mention T3 because of the ridiculous amount of mistakes made)

The Rating: A main point that needs to be addressed for sure is the film's PG-13 rating. Of course they did this to appeal to a larger demographic of movie-goers, but they did it in expense of the true grit and bones that T1 and T2 had. I don't see why a Terminator film should be even considered for a PG-13 rating. Anything lower than an "R" rating does not do the title justice. The series is called Terminator for a reason...They are killing machines. THAT'S IT. I think that this is one of the biggest insults to the die-hard community of Terminator fans everywhere.

There is no room for Mediocrity in trying to follow up after T2: Judgment Day. Lets hope and pray that us as an online community hold the next bunch of crazies accountable for their creative actions for the next installment of the franchise.
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I know what I am..
59Tenzin15 March 2021
An alright sequel. I really wanted a movie after Judgement Day and here it was. Not as good as the trilogy but still had that atmosphere and elements of the original.

An ok story a bit predictable and has some flaws. Decent writing and great acting. The cast was likable, they did a pretty good representation on the characters such as John and Kyle, though Marcus's motives are a bit questionable. And very good visuals and music.

Overall a semi-enjoyable film.

Memorable: No Rewatchable:No
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Better than any of terminator movies made after the orgininals.
gal_gurbazar21 February 2021
I mean story wise it's reach. Acting is good in general.
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Starts slow but gets better
coolerdbz7 February 2021
It was quite boring for the first 30 minutes or so but eventually started to get better. It obviously does not compare to the original Terminator movies though.
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No one will ever surpass the first 2
neverends13 January 2021
My dad rented terminator on beta. Yeah I'm old. I snuck down the hall and watched it and to this day it's one of my favs (I did the same with first blood and still love it). No one will exceed these films but I've enjoyed them all many times
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This is a good Terminator Film
rrella30 December 2020
First watching this in a long time and I must say, this is not a bad movie at all, it is quite good.

It took the saga forward. It showed us the war we always wanted to see. The character development of Marcus was off the charts. We also had some nods to each of the first three movies. I wish someone continued the story from here because T1, T2, T3 and Salvation work well together. The rest are a travesty to this once great franchise.
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I don't understand the hate
jwkc223 October 2020
Genuinely, I don't understand the hate directed to this movie. On re-watching years later, it still stands up. Yes there are some clunky moments (e.g. Worthington screams too much, recycled Alien3 idea, Bloodgood turning the sexpot etc.), but overall, the story slots into the Terminator universe perfectly. It's actually the best attempt to restore the grittiness of the first movie. The new Terminator forms are interestingly creative. Bale is perfect as John Connor and portrays a leader you can believe in. I thought Bonham-Carter, in a small part, was standout. I think part of the problem is the unconventional narrative structure that follows Marcus's awakening for while before the threads are brought together - but the plot works. It's a sci-fi action film, with emphasis on the action.
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If T3 let you down TS can help - If T2's your standard, well.....
gabepugh19 June 2009
Spoiler Free Review

Some would wonder why I gave Terminator Salvation 9 stars if I'm already suggesting it's "No T2". The answer is simple: I judge franchise sequels not just as stand-alone films, but more importantly how they fit into the franchise, and how they affect it going forward. On these two fronts Terminator Salvation excels.

I have always loved the original Terminator. I really loved T2 as well, but the fact is T2 is Sci-Fi/Action/Adventure/Drama. There were even plenty of humorous parts.

The Terminator, the original, was Sci-Fi/Action, bordering on Sci-Fi/Horror. The idea of machines that never tire and never stop pursuing you, that can kill 50 people to get to you, where ever you are..... that's just plain scary, and in my opinion doesn't leave a lot of room to laugh. My best nightmares feature pursuers like that. Much more thrilling than anything this life has offered so far.

Salvation removes most of the humor and makes the future, and these bad-ass killing machines a little more gritty and unrelenting. Not much time to laugh when death is always approaching. I for one like it better that way.

Many will say this installment doesn't live up to the 1st and 2nd. (forget the 3rd, who's only good scene came at the end - at least the writers had the balls to let Judgement Day happen) I would agree, in some respects. This doesn't have the "almost-whole family appeal" of T2, or this human-core of Sarah Connor running for her life in the original. As a matter of fact, other than a few touching moments you could definitely say this one's colder, but again - I would expect nothing but cold and pain, fear and desperation in a future that has humans at war with sentient machines. Even the sound of it. War with Machines. Too awesome.

Bring on the Apocalypse!
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Great Action Supported By a Great Storyline
Amartier7 June 2009
Terminator: Salvation was not what I expected at all. I thought it would be a great action movie with no real storyline, but I was wrong. The story was well thought in just about every way.

The main focus of the movie's storyline was the Terminators' attacks on the humans. They would have to resist against the machines for mankind's very survival. Unfortunately for the resisters, the machines were stronger, faster, and more durable making them a difficult if not impossible enemy to fight. That part was pretty straight forward, but what was impressive was the movie had also personal struggles for Jon Connor and Marcus Right. This sometimes would start to get confusing, but it made the characters seem more interesting than just some randomly created idiots carrying guns.

So the story is pretty impressive, but what's better yet was the action and pace of Terminator: Salvation. Of course with the name Terminator, automatically you'd know this would be an action movie. It's mot that of the "typical action" movie though. There are a lot of surprises or sudden sequences that will throw you into no thoughts but of the movie. Better yet, it's not lame or stupid where there are unrealistic scenes flashing. Terminator: Salvation focused on a strong pace of action, and thoughts carried out to scenes of the movie of "what would we do if real terminators really tried exterminating us?" The answer to those questions would be in the scenes.

Overall, the acting is pretty good, though I do have some issues with it. Christian Bale would sometimes overact, especially in the beginning. A theory for that is either Jon Connor is a hot headed exaggerated character, or Christian simply messed up. Marcus Right was well acted though. His confusion and rage was well acted throughout the whole movie which was fairly impressive.

Concluding, Terminator: Salvation was a well acted and well polished action movie topped with a dramatic story. I strongly recommend that people who haven't yet seen Terminator: Salvation go do so.
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I don't understand the bad reviews at all...
ShinKyo817 June 2009
I'm not going to talk about the movie in detail (there are plenty of reviews about that). Instead, enough to say that it's an action-packed, enjoyable ride in the Terminator universe, with an OK plot and average actor performances. Since I knew McG was behind the camera, it was obvious the movie would not turn out as shiny as we wanted, but I enjoyed my time through the two-hour length of the film. Not an academy award best motion picture winner, but really enjoyable in the end. Great photography, jaw-dropping special effects with a balanced mixture between real and CGI elements, eye-candy believable terminator machines (don't know what bashers were expecting) and some enjoyable characters which lead the movie with such small effort.

It gets to my nerves that lately everybody is waiting for the GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE every time they go to the theatres. You may think I am being too indulgent with McG, Christian "tantrum" Bale and the whole crew, but I had a good time enjoying this piece of visual entertainment which is Terminator Salvation. So if you are planning to have a nice time at your local theatre, give it a try. If you are ticking your Academy Awards' nominees list, just draw a cross in this one and move along. Otherwise, buckle up and enjoy the ride! :) 8/10
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Terminator Salvation never had a chance with some critics.....
Leightonthegreat3 June 2009
When i heard they would make yet another Terminator i thought Oh God Please No! Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, wasn't actually a bad film in my opinion, its a good film. The problem T3 has, is how amazing the original two were. Terminator: Salvation, did i expect it would deliver when going into the cinema? Not hugely, i expected nothing close to Terminator 1 or 2, and lets face it, why should we, they are two among the best Sci-Fi films ever to be made. Did it deliver? Yes, of course it did. It is an extremely well made movie. I believe this film was doomed by some critics before it was released. First off, Terminator Salvation does what we want, plot development. John Connor being the weakest of all of them, with Kyle Reese being excellent. The audience meeting Kyle when he was younger, its great how much alike this actor is too the Kyle of the first film. Very well casted. The action is great, its fast moving, it never leaves you feeling bored, so its an all round great film, and doesn't get lost in CGI and become a big exploding mess. Also the references to the original Terminator is great i love the little traits. What i do have a problem with in a respect is how little the actual story is documented. The first two films done this extremely well, especially the second. i do feel maybe John Connor is a bit weak at times, but the other characters more than make up for it! maybe also the chase scenes are not as great as the other 3 films, but a film as a whole, its pulse racing. Being introduced to the T-600 as well was really great, nice to see the younger models. It isn't the same as the first 3 films in the fact its a different kettle of fish, it barely documents an actual terminator like the previous 3 done so well... yes you may argue there were loads of Terminators, but even Marcus didn't have the scale that Arnie's T-800 was given in the first two films. (I don't mean screen time) I think this is a brilliant film though, and it doesn't deserve any bad press at all, if this didn't have Terminator attached people would be saying it was one of the greatest films in a long while, people just want to pick at something. So its better than T3, its nearly as good as Terminator 2 and i personally think on a level with Terminator. What is there to complain about? They could have made a god awful film and churned it out too make money like they have with many franchises, we should be thankful a film of this excellence was released. Great film 8.5/10
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Enjoyable ride, not quite there but lots of fun...
jora_dyn21 May 2009
I was actually rather surprised that this film was as enjoyable as it was. After reading several scathing reviews I was very worried going into this film. Overall I had a good time watching it.

Now I should preface this with the fact that I am a huge fan of the Terminator films/franchise. I think that overall the look was amazing, the action and CG were great and the acting was mostly good. I think the film suffered from not enough character development and I think that McG was on the right track, but needed a tighter script and story to work with. You can tell in the film that he is a fan of the first films... I definitely got a kick out of all the throw backs to the films. Not just the obvious ones like the music choices or one liners, but also subtle things like single handed shotgun cocking or single handed pipe blows, or the choice of settings and shots.

I have to say that Anton Yelchin as Kyle Reese did a fantastic job. He was probably my biggest worry in the film as Michael Biehn's, Kyle Reese is probably my favorite character in anything ever, so basically he had big shoes to fill. Well I didn't think it possible, but he actually made me love that character even more. So mad props to him. Again I think this was a very valiant effort by McG, he needs to work out a couple kinks for the next films, which I really he gets the green light on.

Basically there are a few of loopholes and inconsistencies which could bring you down if you linger too long on them, but if you are able to get past that it is definitely worth watching. But those are in all the films, even the second has some. (I'm not saying it's better than, so don't stone me!) In short I had a lot of fun at Terminator Salvation.
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Watch it as it's own
jtw92920 November 2009
Before viewing the film "Terminator:Salvation", there are a few things that you need to take into consideration(especially big fans). One of them being that this may be considered the fourth in the franchise, but its really its own movie. This movie has been bad mouthed from day one. It seems that so many films produced today are remakes, based off books, or taken from older franchises. So why does this one take more of the cake than others. I saw this movie in theaters and enjoyed it very much, and yes I am a fan of the series. McG deserves much more credit than what he got. This is not the best and not the worst, it is what it is. A fun, load, and rip roaring flick.P.S- You want bad, go watch the Twilight series. That movie makes money off of selling sex(Have some goofy looking kid play Edward and see how ya' do, just saying).
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greendanton27 June 2009
First of all, ignore the negative reviews for this movie because if an action movie receives negative reviews by critics its almost sure to be good. This is a very worthy and excellent addition to the Terminator series. Christian Bale is perfect for the role of John Connor , Sam Worthington does a hell of a good job as Marcus Wright and Anton Yelchin is great as Kyle Reese. The action in this movie is mind blowing and will keep viewers entertained as this movie is full of them. The cast is great , the action is awesome and the story rocks .What else do you need? This is one of the better summer blockbusters of 2009 and director McG's best film yet.
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Very well done....
malibu-710 December 2009
I was somewhat hesitant to watch this movie. I didn't want it to be too dark and bleak and depressing. I mean, it was somewhat dark, but there was hope at the end. It's not a mindless action movie. It's definitely an action movie - but a good story I thought. Very entertaining! The story was well done. The characters were great - especially Marcus. You felt what he felt. I think this movie deserves higher than a 6.9 - it's current rating (as of 12-9-09). If you're a fan of Terminator and T-2 - then see this. I did see T3 but was not impressed w/ it and cannot remember much about it (when something doesn't leave an impression, it's usually not that good) - in my humble opinion. I dunno - maybe I need to see it again. I really like Marcus in this movie. I won't give anything away - no spoiler here. Just watch this - you should like it. :-)
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I liked it better than I expected, and was far less disappointed in comparison than other fans seem to have been.
FiendishDramaturgy27 May 2009
Wow, where do we start with a franchise film so rich in history...and so riddled with continuity errors? The time line problems began with the very first sequel, directed by Cameron himself, and perpetuated with T3. why then, is everyone so freaked by time line errors in T4? Depending on which line to which you subscribe, T4 still deviates vastly from BOTH sequels and begins a new alternative reality spin all its own.

And then there was the highly publicized expletive-filled Bale rant broadcast over and over and over ad nauseum. Upon seeing the film, I can better understand why that happened...this is a GRITTY film, full of angst and dancing testosterone. As "worked up" as Bale must have had to have been in order to pull off these angst-filled scenes (one after the other after the next), he exhibited amazing control in not HITTING the guy who blew the scene for him. I'm no longer upset or offended by his diatribe.

That brings us to the movie. Well, yes, there are problems with it, and many state that this film brings little to the franchise history and instead contributes to the growing list of errors and problems with the franchise, but I have to disagree.

This work, for me, demonstrates an intent to give us millions of machines marching en masse on human survivors in the attempt to quell a birthrate upsurge of the pestilence which has somehow managed to take control of its world...Mankind. The promise for something better is not only present due to how little this movie actually contributes, but by the actions and deeds therein.

There are several contrivances, and truthfully they were rewriting the script as it was being filmed due to Bale's demands, but all in all (and all things considered), this is an enjoyable film that not only is better on second viewing, but manages to ingratiate itself into the library of Terminator franchise films (or will when it's out on DVD in an unrated, extended director's cut edition, that is).

I liked it better than I expected, and was far less disappointed in comparison than I was with the Star Trek reboot.

It rates a 7.8/10 from...

the Fiend :.
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