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4 Cult Movie Marathon Volume Two (DVD) – Exploit Yourself for Hours! (Crossover Review)

As a fan of cult classic exploitation romps and binges there are few sets that appeal to me as much as The 4 Cult Movie Marathon series from Shout Factory. With the two new volumes in this series, the first two volumes, they’re stepping into some ground that is wholly appropriate for the label and which has been dominated by the Drive-In Cult Classics series from Mill Creek Entertainment and touches on some of what has made the Vinegar Syndrome a breakthrough label in 2013. The competition between these moving parts could be incredible, digging ever deeper to uncover the raunchiest, campiest and most exploitative. That’s not to say there aren’t a horde of labels and series vying for the crown of king smut, but I’m enjoying what I’ve seen from Shout and Vinegar especially. When there’s no more room at the bottom of the barrel,
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