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Probably the most ambitious movie Private has ever made
cricharddavies14 December 2007
And considering that in previous productions they've gone so far as to film "pop shots" in free fall, that's saying something. With a remarkable nine sex scenes filmed on three continents, the first part of Allesandro del Mar's two part epic weaves a mostly fascinating tale of a quest for lost Nazi treasure.

The sex scenes are predictably hot, and they're also mostly well set-up and proceed logically from the storyline. There's only one that could have used more setting up -- a scene filmed in Spain where Claudia Ferrari's character is expected to "be nice" to the brother of a drug dealer so as to arrange a meeting with the brother. The film skips right from her being informed of this to the sex scene without any explanation as to who the other girl in the scene (played by Sarah Blue) is supposed to be. While this is normal for many videos, it's a step down from other scenes in this video. Contrast the way that Lenny Power's earlier scene is set up, with an extensive flirtation between Horst Baron and Claudia Ferrari that is interrupted.

That scene also provides a nice bit of a meta-commentary as well. George Uhl's character (the ex-husband of Claudia's character, and her partner in the quest) gets trapped in a room while the encounter between Lenny Power, Horst Baron and Kevin Lange is taking place. Far from being aroused by what he's overhearing, Uhl's character is just annoyed that the sex seems to be taking so long and leaving him trapped. Is it possible that this is director del Mar's way of gently mocking the audience for watching this stuff, essentially paying to be in the uncomfortable situation described?

Regardless of such artistic considerations, this was an above average storyline that left me eager to find out what was going to happen to the couple in their quest for gold and glory and lots and lots of sex. Unfortunately, the second part failed to live up to the standard of the first, but maybe nothing could have ...
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Another great one from Private...
dpfacialfan17 September 2011
This is a really good porno movie, even if it is quite heavy on story. Usually the story in a porno movie isn't that great, and mostly the sex scenes has nothing to do with the story. The good thing is that in this case the story supports the sex scenes in a good way. The beautiful and sexy Claudia Ferrari plays the main character in this film. She finds out about a old Nazi treasure worth 100 million dollars, and she will do anything and "anybody" (if you know what I mean) to get her hands on the treasure.

This movie is filled with many very beautiful women who do nasty things. This movie has something for everybody. We get to see boy girl scenes, threesomes with one woman and two guys, threesomes with two women and one guy and plenty of double penetration. We get to see a total of 9 different sex scenes during the 1 hour 40 minute running time. That is a little too much in my opinion and as a result some of the scenes felt very short, because the story also takes up a lot of the running time. The film would probably have been a 10 if it was 30-40 minutes longer with the same sex scenes.

I at least liked all 9 sex scenes and a couple of them I really loved. That is really unusual for a movie with a total of 9 sex scenes. Usually there is some really awful scene in there, but not in this one. One reason might have been that the sex scenes where kind of short so instead of becoming bored with them, I found myself wanting to see more. The first scene with Lucy Lee was really short, not much more than 5 minutes long. The scene was quite good but nothing spectacular. Lucy looked good, although she has looked a lot better in other scenes, and she gave a good performance. In this scene Lucy had sex with just one guy and that is a real shame, considering this girl does her best job with two or more guys at the same time. The second scene was a threesome with Alexa May and Alissa. Both girls looked really good in this scene and they also gave a good performance.

The third scene was a threesome with Delphynn. I really liked this scene and I would have liked to see more of this scene, because it was also a really short scene, about 5-6 minutes. Delphynn might not have a good looking face but she has a really good looking body and she gives a good performance as well. Here we get to see her DP:ed in both the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. I really enjoyed seeing those two cocks slide in and out of her pussy and ass. This scene was also set up nicely in the story by Claudia Ferrari. The fourth scene was also a threesome involving double penetration. This time it was Lenny Powers who got the honer of being DP:ed. This scene was also quite good and Lenny gave a good performance.

The fifth scene was a threesome with Claudia Ferrari and Sarah Blue. This was a good scene and Claudia Ferrari really outperformed Sarah Blue in this scene, despite Sarah making a good performance. It was like Claudia gave Sarah a lesson in being a porn star. The sixth scene was also a threesome, this time with Ellen Saint and Jessica May. This was a good scene but nowhere near great. It was definitively the worst of "the four threesomes with two women scenes" in this movie. The seventh scene was a short blowjob scene with Claudia Ferrari. I would've really liked to see a full sex scene instead.

Well at least we get to see Claudia receive a real good pounding in the great final. This movie really saves the best for last. We get to see the last two scenes at the same time. Usually I don't like when they cut back and fourth between two scenes, but here it really works because both scenes are great. In one scene we get to see Simony Diamond and Stacy Silver in a great threesome, and in the other we get to see an even better gang bang with Claudia Ferrari taking on three guys at the same time. Both Simony and Stacy look spectacular as usual and give good performances like the cock hungry sluts they are. Claudia looks like she enjoys herself a lot when she gets to screw three guys with big penises at the same time. She takes the double pounding like a champ and you can really tell that this girl has been double penetrated by big sausages before. In the end she even sucks a fourth guy off and the scene ends with all four guys unloading on Claudia. Too bad they mostly unload on her tits because it would have been nice to see that pretty face totally covered with cum. The only minor fault with the final scene was that Claudia still had her dress on for the scene. There is no point in covering up a porn goddess like Claudia Ferrari because she looks much better completely naked.

All in all I really liked this one and I recommend it to everyone who likes porn. This is a movie where Claudia Ferrari gets to dominate and if you are a fan of Claudia you really need to see this one...
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