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  • This movie challenges complacency in the media-arts, offering a fresh alternative to "reality" television, presenting instead "surreality" television. Our host with the most "Sir Real" interviews his latest special guest, a couple who have merged mind, body, emotions, soul and gender to become the one abominable character - Gareena.


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  • Inseparable Bonds challenges complacency in the media-arts, offering a fresh alternative to "reality" television, presenting instead "surreality" television.

    Our host with the most "Sir Real" interviews his latest special guest, a couple who have merged mind, body, emotions, soul and gender to become the one abominable character - Gareena.

    Inseparable Bonds

    A mini-feature/film; written & directed by Lars Magnus Holmgren. Copyright Lars Magnus Holmgren (Frankenskippy) September 2003 - All rights reserved.

    19 minutes 30 seconds, live-action + CG animation (FULL LENGTH VERSION), 13 minutes 55 seconds, live-action + CG animation (SHORTENED VERSION)

    Screenings and Awards:

    1. Screened at The Moving Picture Company, London, September 2003 2. Screened at Bio-Reykjavik in Iceland November 2003. Won equal-first as filmmakers-of-the-month. 3. Awarded 2003 OPIÐ BÍÓ's Most-popular International Filmmaker" (offered only once every four years). 4. Accepted into the upcoming Bio-Reykjavik Best-Of2003 screenings to be held in February 2004. 5. Screened in the short-film-festival at AEAF (Australian Effects and Animation Festival), December 2003. 6. Nominated for - 'best cutting-edge film' @ BAA (British Animation Awards) 7. Submitted for screening on the TV- show Mosquito; Swedish National Television 8. Finalist - screenings at Bermuda International Film Festival, March 2004, USA. 9. Accepted as finalist Fearless Tales Genre Fest, May 2004, USA. 10. Accepted as finalist into DC Independent Film Festival, April 2004, USA. 11. Reviewed in Broadcast magazine February 2004 12. Included in the Official Selection of the NEW YORK SHORT FILM FESTIVAL, April 2004. 13. Accepted for screenings at Siggraph (the Animation & Electronic Theatres), LA USA, August 2004. 14. Accepted for screenings at The Independent Festival of Digital Arts, Berkley CA, June 2004. 15. Accepted for screenings at The Brooklyn International Film Festival, Experimental Category, USA, June 2004. 16. Winner of VIDFEST (Vancouver International Digital Festival) Critic's Choice Award in the Experimental/Mixed Media category. 17. Internet screenings via BIFF in collaboration with Metal Tiger Vision visit: www.metal-tiger.com/mtv.html 18. Accepted for screenings at Da Vinci Film & Video Festival, Corvallis Oregon, USA, July 2004. 19. Screened at 'Muppet Talent Time', Beirut Lebanon, June 2004, as part of artistic collaborative. 20. London Nightclub: DJ Lester Parker screened my work as part of his show "Hoi Polloi", April 2004. 21. Accepted for screenings at Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF), September 2004. 22. Awarded the Seahorse Award for best short film; Moondance International Film Festival, May 2004, Boulder Colorado, USA. 23. Included on the Televisual 2004 DVD; Julys issue of the journal 24. Awarded Best Fiction Film at San Francisco Short Film Festival 2004. 25. Awarded and screened at Festival Der Nationen, Austria, June 2004. 26. Accepted for screenings at Shriekfest - International Horror/Science Fiction festival, California, USA, September 2004 27. Accepted for screenings at Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival - International Digital Shorts Competition, November 2004 28. Accepted for screenings at Spiritual Film Festival, February 2005, Goa, India 29. Accepted for screenings at Goteborg Film Festival, as part of the Mosquito Showcase, January 2005 30. Screened at Seoul Animatheque as part of Siggraph In Seoul, December 2005 ARCHIVE: Archived at The University Of Technology, Sydney

    Notes on the Sir Real character:

    Sir Real has all the "smarm-charm" of a television chat-show host yet moves like a cool Jazz-jack-in-the-box.

    Picture Fred Estaire, Jim Carrey in The Mask and the "Willy Wonka" character played by Gene Wilder in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, all rolled into one.

    Sir Real is able to shift between realms ... he is like a holographic projection from a faulty projector that keeps threatening to erase his image from (existential) existence. This is visually portrayed by the electric-aura effect and further enhanced by sound effects as distortion (out-of-tune-radio) to his voice.

    Note: See below also for paragragh on "time displacement".

    Notes on the Gareena character:

    Audience expectation was a point of focus. I wanted the character Gareena to traverse the roads of personality - from banality, eccentric hobbies and fetish, antagonistic retaliation to attempts at enlightening the viewers by preaching their brand of esoteric visionary philosophy. The idea being that this personality-merger has allowed for a quantum evolutionary leap in mind, yet the residue of egotistical patterns and habitual hangovers still linger on with their now united persona. I wanted a personality that the audience find difficult to categorise.

    The Post-Operative self, Gareena:

    I drew reference from many sources, The Dr Who "Davros" character, Max Headroom, Bladerunner, Frankenskstein's monster, the Hannibal Lecter character (especially the close-up psychoanalytic dialogue between 'Claris' and 'Lecter) and Pin-Head from Hellraiser. This was all shaken and stirred with dollops of sub-cultural references, varied human cultural trends and esoteric philosophy.

    Gareena is 'wired' in such a way as to allow a total fusing of their former individual selves, becoming the one entity, although, I envision that the surgery required was a secretive 'backyard' affair, using cutting-edge (futuristic/sci-fi) technology yet rushed in such a way as to leave wounds unstitched, and no time time to monitor the operation's success, hence there is a sense that they are like a human-'dada' sculpture, slowly decaying/self-destructing. Another side effect is that their guiding 'willpower' could not be successfully merged. Sometimes they communicate effectively as one, talking in unison, although more often than not the 'will' of one character often drowns out the other's so as one speaks the other will go into a catatonic sleep and then wake up to complete the sentence ... Sparks and flames show their willpower entangled with heated emotions creating short-circuits in the machinery.

    Like a thorn in the proverbial butt of utopian dreams, the Gareena character serves as a tongue-in-cheek reminder that ultimately perfection in life is acceptance of its inherently imperfect stage.

    Gareena's habitat/dwelling:

    Existing within a fish aquarium, like a mini-mobile-home with skateboard trucks and wheels, driven by a mish-mash of lawn-mower parts with motorcycle engine, they live like sci-fi cyber-nomads of the particularly freakish kind. They are able to use their combined power of psyche to operate this vehicle.

    Time displacement:

    Time is an all important ingredient in what I envision "surreality TV" to be about ... so I used variations in the grade from full lush TK colour to 1930's sepia and B&W complete with scratches and camera shake. The audio also reflects this transition to really make the viewer feel like they are being pulled through a vacuum in time.

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