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It's quite good, actually.
preetharoy24 November 2009
I don't understand why this movie has a current rating of 4.7/10. I loved it! True, some characters could have been given a meatier role. But overall this is a good, sweet one with plenty of action and excellent animation. Penélope Cruz sounds sexy (as usual), and Nicholas Cage is unrecognizable as Speckles the mole (I didn't know it was him until I saw the credits), but he's terrific. And though they appeared for a total of a little over few minute, Bucky the hamster (who is a quarter ferret) and the three mice were adorable.

I'll recommend this movie to anyone looking for a good laugh on a lazy afternoon. And for the kids! 7* out of ten!
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A team of highly trained rodents use their combined skills in covert special-ops
goesling26 July 2009
Who doesn't like guinea pigs? I wouldn't be surprised if Cavy sales rise after the impression these CG 3-D specimens create in the PG audience. Their mouths alone are cutely depicted and entertaining in their own right.

I had read a small unflattering local review and didn't want to waste my time. My 8 yr. old Son, however, got his own idea from the trailers, and wondered how a "review" could possibly say it was "no good" as I had reported. So I took he and his 10 yr. old buddy to the matinée.

I'll admit there were a couple of wordy moments where the illusion was broken for me, but on the whole, with the involving 3-D effects, there were enough chuckles and action to leave me wondering why it was trashed. I've seen much worse. I liked it better than Alvin & the Chipmunks, and Up... but I think Monsters VS Aliens was more re-watchable.

As we left the chilly theater to enter the hot afternoon, I asked the boys what they thought. "It was awesome!" Well, not my exact thoughts but it wasn't a bad distraction from more serious current affairs.
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Not exactly as bad as what haters are ranting about.
helmutty5 September 2009
It is not all that bad, at least it tries its to be an enjoyable family movie flick. But as usual, Disney movies now are getting haters around the world due to its popular teens and live-action animals-talking movies. So now, when they see a live-action Disney movie whether it has teenagers singing or animals yapping away, they would be put off immediately. Whatever it is, G-force is fun with 3-D. Kids would like the cute animals coming near them.

The story: G-Force has a simple story which is also not creative. But that it is not what kids want, they would want to see action blazing through their ways. As this being a Jerry Bruckheimer production, you can expect at least a car chase and some explosion but only more mild. Trevor Rabin did a good work in creating epic music. Though a kid movie, expect some rude humour but also at the same time, some lessons to teach your kids.

Overall: Definitely not as bad as what haters say. In the end, it is just meant to be an enjoyable fun romp. You don't like animals talking, this is not for you. A good movie for the holiday. Just leave your brain at home if you want to enjoy this.
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What a waste of money and time!
patrihawks25 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
As a parent of two children, ages 6 and 8, my family sees a lot of movies and has been highly anticipating G-Force after all the hype that was placed on it. What a disappointment!! The funny parts that are shown on the trailers are not funny in the movie. There's a couple of scenes that might merit a chuckle; the use of the word "couple" is pushing it. Even my kids said that they were very disappointed because it was more of an action movie. Basically, all the decent parts were in the trailers. I usually don't dislike a movie this much, but I disliked this one enough to register here and make a comment about it since I use the reviews a lot myself. I'm really feeling jipped right now over this movie.
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Don't Waste Your Time
cooleymlc25 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Our kids are grown, but being a 6th grade teacher, I talked my wife into going and seeing this. In the first half hour there was no laughter coming from the audience. The 3-D was OK, but I expected more from Disney. You can tell it wasn't the Pixar people behind this film.

I really expected to laugh and enjoy the FX ride, but the action sequences left me bored and I didn't fall in love with the characters. It was cute and might be OK for a 7,8 or 9 year old. Anyone younger won't understand the plot line and older kids will be bored. This film sure wasn't worth the ticket price.

It was just a disappointment all the way around for me. Maybe Bruckheimer will get it right next time.
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Great family fun!!
zena_198714 August 2009
I thought this film was great,i don't understand why it didn't get a higher score.

The storyline was fast paced, the animation and effects superb and the guinea pigs were generally funny.

I thought the cast really made the characters come alive,

I would definitely recommend this for families and children,

the people giving it a bad review are not those whom it was made for. It is simply just a fun action film for kids, its's not trying to be a tarentino masterpiece, Disney did a great job on making another great flick for the family! The play-station game is great too!!
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A fun adventure, but a cookie-cutter and ridiculous plot spoils it.
Faisal-Hashmi21 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
G-Force, the family adventure by producer Jerry Bruckheimer (Pirates of the Caribbean), isn't a bad movie by any count and works as a fun kids movie. But a tired and formulaic plot means the movie is no 'must-watch' by any means and caters mostly to the little ones. The story follows a specially trained team of secret agent guinea pigs that work for the US government. Their mission is to stop an evil billionaire (Bill Nighty) who manufactures home appliances from taking over the world through a microchip he has planted in them.

To begin with the positives, the animation is top-notch. The guinea pigs look very photo-realistic and after a few minutes you forget they're CGI. There is an inherent cuteness factor to them, and just like last year's Alvin and the Chipmunks, the filmmakers know that this will be the biggest draw for kids and their parents. There are plenty of jokes to keep a smile on your face (although the toilet humor gets old after a while).

But that brings me to the story. How many times have you heard this: "Evil genius wants to take over the world and only the unlikeliest of heroes can save the world."? Too many to count, I imagine. And G-Force fits right into that category. The plot is tired and doesn't attempt to bring anything new to the table. There are subplots strangely similar to last year's Bolt, and the finale has an uncanny resemblance to Transformers. Aside from being predictable from the very start, the biggest problem here comes out in the final reels – the villain's motivations are laughably ridiculous. As if it wasn't hard enough to stomach the improbability in an evil billionaire's plan to take over the world by installing timed microchips in every home appliance he manufactures, the final act tries to implement a twist so ridiculous and far-fetched that one wonders what was going on in their mind when coming up with it. Sure, kids will chew it up, but adults are sure to gasp at the screen at the stupidity of it all. Still, lessons are learned and there's a bit of emotional quotient towards the end that makes partially saves it.

Another problem is the action scenes. There are too many of them, and most of them are uninvolving. The movie opens with a 10 minute long covert operation that gets tiring a quarter of the way through. And every other ten minutes or so comes another chase or mission that only serves as eye-candy and gets monotonous and unfocused, especially in the finale. The special effects are great, but what's the need for exploding cars and buildings in a kid's movie?

The voice acting is impressive. Sam Rockwell, Penelope Cruz, and Nicolas Cage do a great job bringing their characters to life. Bill Nighty plays a stock villain with no character development or motivation, and it comes across badly. Zach Galifianakis impresses as the leader of the team, but Will Arnett is wasted in a small and too serious of a role for a comedian of his caliber.

So is G-Force recommended? Mostly if you have kids or are between 3-13 years old. It's not a bad movie by a stretch (it's much better than last year's Beverly Hill Chihuahua) and you will not get bored in the theaters, but it's a shame that the movie could have been so much more. They had an interesting bunch of characters on screen, but unfortunately they settled on making cookie-cutter Hollywood fare than something truly unique.

Rating – 2.5 out of 5 stars.
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Kids and Kids-at-Heart will Surely Enjoy This
3xHCCH11 October 2009
"G-Force" is basically a kid's movie, so it should be judged as such. The story is about group of specially trained guinea pigs who were able to uncover a diabolical plan for world domination by the leading home appliance manufacturer. Not really a plot for an Oscar bait film, but for kids, it works.

Being produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, the requisite slam-bang action sequences are also there. And since the characters animated, the possibilities for these sequences are limitless and only bound by the imagination of the animators. The guinea pigs are drawn to be very cute and lovable, and the audience is effectively drawn to root for them.

I personally enjoyed the voice talents. I liked Penelope Cruz' voicing of the sassy girl guinea pig Juarez. Her delivery of her lines was sure and sexy (for a guinea pig). Hehe. Nicholas Cage's voice work for Speckles the genius mole is topnotch, and unrecognizable as him. For the human characters, I was surprised at the credits that the G-Force trainer Ben was actually Zach Galifianakis. He is definitely the polar opposite here of his character in "The Hangover" where I first saw him.

Kids and the kids-at-heart will enjoy the cartoonish action of "G-Force". Hey, it is animated after all. Although with the excellent CG imagery of the animal characters are really so realistic. The kids and I had a great time. We did not even remember that we did not watch it in 3D. The action is very palpable even in regular 2D format.
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This movie has something for everyone -- to hate!
thefonzisgod29 July 2009
Disney has hit rock bottom with this one. There's so many flaws it's hard to determine a good starting point.

First off, the characters are very unlikable. There's the typical straight character, stereotypical black g-sta, mysterious foreigner who is the object of aforementioned characters' desire, and jolly fat guy who likes food. Yes that's right, this movie makes a jolly fat guy unlikable, a feat I once thought impossible. Zack Galifianakis (Alan in The Hangover) plays the agent who trains all the guinea pigs, although not unlikable, was very boring. Although none of this was the actors' fault, they had very little to work with. Which brings me to my next point.

The script was terrible, every single joke that was written fell flat on its face. There were references to well known movies like Apocalypse Now, Scarface, and The Untouchables, but even those I couldn't find funny because it was as if the writers didn't put them in because it worked naturally, but rather set out to make references to the movies and just inserted them into any place that sort of made sense. There were also quite a few fart jokes in this movie, something that Disney never should have stooped to.

The music selections were nothing but the latest Top 40 hits, and each seemed to be used at least three times in the movie. Only once did I find that a song made sense for the situation.

For me, the only redeeming qualities were that the animation was very good, and Steve Buscemi's character, who I found mildly humorous. Also that it was a lot shorter than most of the other movies I dislike.

I understand that I'm not part of the target audience but if you're planning on taking your children to this movie, consider this, the kids in the theater only laughed once through out the entire movie. I would never see this movie again, it was truly a painful experience.
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Family Friendly Adventure, Just Lacks Laughs.
Matt_Layden24 July 2009
G-Force is a specially trained team of guinea pigs, a mole and a fly. They must foil the plans of Saber, a millionaire, who wants to take over the world with these home appliances that ultimately transform into Megatron. Or something along those lines.

I watched this one because it was available in 3-D. My first Disney Digital 3-d film. From the aspect, the kids will enjoy the things that pop out at you. This film has a few of those moments, water, debris and glass. Although it just didn't do it for me. The 3-D in this film didn't enhance the film or astonish me. Thus, it ultimately feels like a gimmick and will until a certain film that is planned to be released in the near future apparently plans to change that. I'm not saying it wasn't well done, I just expected more.

The film is mixed animation and live action. The animation is obviously the rodents and insects, while the cast is formed of Hangover star Zach Galifianakis, Will Arnett and Bill Nighy. Galifianakis is really timid here and Nighy does his whole British thing, while Arnett plays the G-Rated version of an A-hole. Nothing memorable, and the kids won't care about these people. They want to see the funny guinea pigs do funny things. Yet, in the theatre I was in, which was full of kids, had hardly any laughs. That's not to say they won't enjoy themselves, because the film is entertaining. It's just not that great a comedy.

The voice acting is great, Sam Rockwell plays Darwin, the lead commando. Tracy Morgan is Blaster, if anyone has seen him on 30 Rock, it's the same here. Penelope Cruz is the female character, who toys with the boys on which one she likes. Nicolas Cage plays Speckles, the mole who is a tech whiz. In this film if you did not know it was Cage playing this character, you would never know it was him. The voice is so different that is makes you scratch your head, well done on all parts.

The child favourite without a doubt is Hurley, the guinea pig that our team meets in a pet shop. He has a bad case of flatulence and is the 'dumb' friendly character. He gets the most laughs, which like I said, wasn't many. Finally Steve Buscemi has a small role as a hamster and he plays it exactly as you would picture Buscemi to play it. The voice work from everyone was top notch, but if I were to hand it to anyone, it wold be cage for his transformation to the unknown.

The animation is well done, the final action sequence does feel like it comes straight out of transformers, but it looks neat. The interaction between human and creature is still noticeably fake, even after all these years they can't seem to perfect this. Since this is a Bruckheimer film, you know there has to be non-stop action. This involves car chases left right and centre, covert-operations and battles with giant creatures. The film is fuel injected to the bone with this. There are moments here and there to slow everything down, yet they are extremely short and don't seem to do much to create conflict for the characters. When the guinea pigs are told they aren't special, they get doubt themselves, this lasts all but one scene because in the next they get a pep talk and are back to the chase sequences.

The plot is one that we've all seen before. Unlikely heroes stopping someone from world domination. So don't expect anything new in the story department. The reveal at the end is lame and predictable, the whole bad guy plan is extremely far fetched and doesn't make sense. Although if you're expecting this film to make sense I guess you're in the wrong theatre. These are talking guinea pigs after all.

The film is entertaining and the kids will most likely enjoy it. It does seem like a typical Hollywood kid flick and it is exactly that. There's no life lessons learned and by the end of the film your kid will want a new pet.
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Probably the worse kids film I've ever seen at the cinema
Neil Fawcett4 August 2009
OK, technically it's brilliant. Obviously a lot of money and effort has been thrown at the visuals, but unfortunately the plot and writing has come a distant second to this. The story is just about adequate, but the writing/dialogue is generally just dull dull dull.

There seems to be no intelligence or flair to it at all, leaving children at best just entertained by cuddly animals talking, and at worse adults wondering why they're having to endure such boredom.

I've seen a number of 'kids films' at the cinema and this has got to be the only one I've watch feeling so un-entertained by. Quite simply kids, and definitely parents, deserve better than this!
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B-Force (Boring)
laughmaker4424 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I have to start off by saying that this is one of the most boring family movies I have seen in awhile. And Yes, I did happen to see the 3-D version which had its fun moments. G-Force is a movie that tries to have all elements that makes a blockbuster movie a blockbuster movie as well as many other lame additions. There are explosions, FBI agents, secret agents, crazy 'robots', more explosions, lame jokes, that fat guy who can do nothing yet is somehow the most loved, a cheesy love triangle, "car chase",and cute lovable rodents...Oh and by the way...they can talk...

Overall I just found this movie boring and not worth the cash. It may be for you, but I am honestly a go-lucky guy when it comes to films but strangely this one just simply bombed and I regret wasting my life watching it...
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One word! AWFUL
karvan_g24 July 2009
Don't bother seeing this movie. Especially not with the kids. In the show that I saw, there were a total of 10 of us in a theater which could accommodate about 150. There were 4 kids. I pity the parents of the kids who had to pay to get the kids here. Total waste of time! Possibly the worst movie I have sat through. Was this supposed to be a comedy or an action movie or an action comedy movie. I don't know where it was going anyways. Just a jumble of ideas. I guess there were too many cooks, and boy did they spoil the broth! To be honest, there were a couple of funny moments in the movie (okay more like chuckle moments). But nothing worth even a penny. I went to this movie because I saw "Jerry Bruckheimer". Wrong reason!
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I loved it. Its not for the serious movie goer
simon38187 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this in 3D at the cinema and loved it. OK, its never going to happen and totally ridiculous but who cares, its fun. Guinea Pig secret agents have to stop a company infiltrating the world with ordinary electrical appliances with explosive chips in them - yeah can happen anywhere. Its a definite on my Feel Good List as I watch this whenever I'm feeling down and it cheers me up. Its definitely not for movie goers who take films seriously and judge if they can really happen. It is seriously worth viewing at Christmas time with the family as I'm sure the kids will love it and will want the toy guinea pigs that have just come out.
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So bad it hurts
Jackpollins28 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
In a strong year for kids movies so far with Monsters Vs. Aliens, Up, Coraline, and many more, G-Force stands out. This is not a good thing. G-Force stands our as the first film of the year that will be unbearable to kids and adults alike. I saw this in 3D, but I technically didn't see this in 3D because there really isn't 3D. The one or two moments of 3D don't do anything special in the first place. The story is of four guinea pigs: Darwin (voice of Sam Rockwell), Speckles (voice of Nicolas Cage), Bucky (voice of Steve Buscemi), and Juarez (voice of Penelope Cruz). They are trained superheroes out to stop the evil Saber (Bill Nighy) with the help of their human hand, Ben (Zach Galifianakis), and government agent Kip Killian (Will Arnett). The voice actors and live actors alike are throwing away their career on this bomb. Sam Rockwell, who has been building his career for the past five years, now has to spend another five years getting his career back. Nicolas Cage, a big star who's been working in Hollywood for twenty years, needs twenty more years to get his respect back. Steve Buscemi, a forgotten actor is reminding people he exists by wasting his once recognized career. Penelope Cruz, fresh from her Oscar for Vicky Cristina Barcelona is going back to being in movies that only will make money, and is losing her respect for it. Bill Nighy, a now respected actor is throwing away his career just as it started. Zach Galifianakis, is starting to become a well known actor, starting with The Hangover. Now he threw his respect out the window. Will Arnett, respected for his work in Arrested Development and his work with Amy Poehler is throwing his respect out the window as well. I hated, hated, hated this movie. Skip It.
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A Travesty
glove2728 March 2010
Few words come to mind while trying to write about this particular piece of cinema. This is quite possibly the effect of actually watching the unfortunate burlesque that was G-Force. I will admit to having seen this movie under duress and out of obligation, which likely will have decreased the potential for enjoyment.

A kid's movie isn't always meant to be a meaningful work of cinematic art. However, filling children with this meaningless dribble will lead more towards the stupid and thoughtless society of George Orwell's 1984. This movie had a budget of over 80 million dollars and more than tripled that in gross revenue. What does this say about today's society? It points towards a general decline of intelligence and as well as a decline in the ability to discern between that which is worthwhile and that which is detrimental.

My last complaint is the music choice. Someone got paid too much for finding the songs featured. I could have saved them money and just directed them to billboard's hot 100. The music was an obvious and shameful attempt at pulling in the masses of popular media controlled adolescents.

I want nothing further to do with this morbid bit of refuse.
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G-Force (2 Stars)
Austin Takahashi2 February 2012
Home appliances are about to cause global chaos, and highly trained guinea pigs are our only hope. Well, not really. We have the Marines, the Army, the Navy Seals, Home Depot, and much more. But this is a movie by Disney, so them guinea pigs will have to do for now.

Okay. What we've got here is a Disney movie with talking pets as the main characters. With that knowledge, we're gonna need a chubby one for the cute factor, which is Hurley. A little romance is mandatory, which is made possible by Juarez. Of course, we need someone for the laughs. That is why Blaster is here. A team like this needs a leader, Darwin. And a movie like this needs fart jokes. At least two of them. No questions asked

Read more here: http://localmoviereview.com/g-force-movie-review/
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Nothing incredible, but still rather enjoyable
DonFishies24 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Darwin (voiced by Sam Rockwell) leads a team of highly trained, and apparently "genetically engineered" guinea pigs (unfortunately, I am not kidding) who are trying to become FBI special agents under the guidance of humans Ben (Zach Galifianakis) and Marcie (Kelli Garner). Unfortunately, the FBI does not want to continue funding the pet project and pulls the plug after an unsanctioned mission to obtain the evil plans of household appliance magnet Saber (Bill Nighy) ends in failure. But Darwin knows Saber's plans, and along with the rest of the G-Force, try to put a stop to it.

As ludicrous and preposterous the idea of special covert agent guinea pigs sounds, G-Force is nowhere near as bad as it looks. It will not win any Oscars, and it is far from the best film of the summer, but I was pleasantly surprised going in with low expectations. The entire first half of the film, starting with the raid on Saber's mansion and continuing with the FBI's termination of the guinea pig project, is just enjoyable from start to finish. It has imagination, flavor, and everything you could expect from something made for kids, but partially geared at adults. It knows its audience, and while it throws a lot of technical jargon at the audience, it stays firmly within the realm of straight-faced fantasy, even as we absurdly view guinea pigs taking part in flight simulators and parachuting off rooftops.

Even the characters, obvious archetypes as they are, seem somewhat well thought out and put to screen. Darwin is the noble leader, never wavering from his goal. Blaster (Tracey Morgan) is the wiseass clown of the group, prone to being gutsy and showing off. Juarez (Penelope Cruz) is the sexy lady of the group, complementing the attitudes of both guys with an unparalleled levelheadedness. And then there is Speckles (an almost totally unrecognizable Nicolas Cage), a mole with some serious computer skills. Yes, I realize I just described the personalities of CGI rodents, but these early moments of the film make any cynically minded film fan wonder why they doubted this insane idea for a movie in the first place.

But as the second half begins, with the team stuck in a pet store alongside chubby farting guinea pig Hurley (Jon Favreau) and zany bipolar hamster Bucky (Steve Buscemi), the film comes to a screeching halt. Yes, the entire plot of trying to stop Saber continues but for some reason (perhaps due to the general audience the film is directed to), the film becomes enamoured with the concept of family. While this should not be a problem, it totally chips away at almost everything that has come before it. The audience understands the ragtag team has a special bond together; it does not need a batch of no less than six writers to tell us this. It makes for uncomfortably boring scenes and horrendously bad dialogue. Some of the silly one-liners are comically bad enough (and rip off classic lines from actions movies like Die Hard and Raiders of the Lost Ark for the mere fun of it), but the forced dialogue about not having a real family is just downright atrocious. It slows the film's pace down far too much, and it barely picks up afterwards. And an action movie like this, especially coming from the Jerry Bruckheimer camp, needs to be fast paced.

What I also found a bit off was the comedy. I was expecting the film to be filled to the brim with juvenile laughs, but even they are conspicuously missing. The crowd of children laughed at the obvious moments (like the irritating "Poop in his hand!" bit from the trailers), but they did not seem to even budge at other moments that could have been funny, but were not. I found it instead, focused more on the action which includes the requisite Bruckheimer car chase. And while some of those scenes are handled more epically than I ever could have imagined (specifically the chase scene), others could have done with a bit more work. The sheer amount of balls-to-the-wall action is still rather impressive for a kid's movie.

The CGI for the most part is actually very well done. In any scenes involving humans who are not Galifianaskis, the guinea pigs look incredibly fake and obviously not real. But when they are interacting with each other, their gear and even the setting around themselves, they are incredibly lush and believable. Some scenes look so advanced that it becomes frightening to think these animals are not the least bit real. Their hair moves in the wind, gets soaked in water and dries just as fast, and their noses twitch incessantly. Their movements against the CGI appliances (that inexplicably turn the movie into Transformers III near the end) are a bit questionable, but for the majority of times, it is very well done. Seeing it come to life in 3D is one of the better presentations this year (outside of the breathtaking detail of Coraline and sheer wonder of Up), and wowed me more than I thought it would.

While none of the real life actors really gets a moment to really make something of their character (aside from Galifianaskis, who does a total 180-degree turn from his off-the-wall socially inept performance in The Hangover), the voice acting is stellar across the board. Everyone puts an excellent amount of effort into their characters, and really make them sound alive and real. I think Rockwell and Cruz could have done a bit more, but the almost totally unrecognizable Cage adds yet another character to his bizarre resume.

G-Force will not please everyone, but its imaginative attempt at originality makes it a worthwhile film to watch. It has some great action pieces, and some really good CGI. With some massive story tweaks, and a bit more comedy, it could have actually really astounded me. But as it is, it's still better than Transformers.

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G-Force, well it made me pass out a few times just like G-Force...
AncientChineseSecret24 July 2009
The trailer was better than the movie or as a NY musician sings The Preview is better than the movie. Okay, Okay, I was forced to watch this. After all the crummy commercials I couldn't tell if I was watching the start of the film or not. Everything seemed to be filmed fast so the viewer couldn't grasp the scenes... in the blink of an eye they were gone, but the film seemed to drag on with the dialogue like salt water taffy on a pull which puts one to sleep like History 101.

No one in the theatre laughed, the music was out-dated, and then there was the Damien music...and the forced accents were hard to understand...come on Dora doesn't have a heavy accent like that get real.

Then a blatant statement made from the mole which is equivalent to what Commie Bernadine Dohrn said about America... I was floored what are you all doing to future generations, really???

Then all the abuse toward the animated GPigs. How sad for the real ones in the near future.

I do think there was a good message that there is value in everyone no matter where you come from and that you are only limited by what you know about yourself. But that was only one minute out of 90.

I had to give it a 3. The animation was great but the film content was not worth the time. I need to go youtube to get this film out of my head.
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G-Force movie review
unirico4113 July 2009
I have to hand it Jerry Bruckheimer, is there anything this man can't do? I never thought he could pull off a family animation film and he has without a flaw. 'G-Force,' Disney's new animated 3-D movie experience is a wonderful and fun film that kids as well as parents can enjoy. My wife who is in her 40's loved it and laughed intensely throughout the film, particularly, at Tracey Morgan's guinea pig character 'Blaster'.

The story is about a team of specially trained secret agent guinea pigs that take on a mission for the US government. They're dispatched to stop a diabolical billionaire, who plans to taking over the world with household appliances. A bit ridiculous, right? Yes, but it's made for infants.

The voices here are top notch, except for Penelope Cruz who seemed uncomfortable voicing animation. I always have thought that is a talent very different from being in front of a camera and not everyone will equate their on-screen performances with their off-screen performances. Tracey Morgan was the highlight, but it was Nicolas Cage who surprised everyone by changing his voice for the mole character 'Speckles'. The voice was unrecognizable. On a interesting note, at a press conference, Cage spoke about how his kids didn't know he voiced the character, and the same goes for all his work, because he wants to shield them from his celebrity. Essentially, he implied that his children have no idea he's a big time Hollywood superstar and will do everything from them ever knowing. Interesting, huh?

The 3-D experience was the best I've ever seen, and I'm not just saying that. Kids are so lucky that this film was made for them and not adults. The director Hoyt Yeatman, a visual effects guru, personally told me that he finished rendering the film just last week. Are you kidding me?! Not to get too technical, but the reason for such an onerous task is the attention to detail. According to Yeatman, the rendering took years with several hundred people working on it. If this isn't a labor of love than I don't know what is, but it shows and we're all lucky for it.

Overall, I thought the film was funny, visually pleasing, and the pacing was never dull or incongruent. 'G-Force' is made for kids, but parents are going to be pleased applauding right into first place at the box office. Funny enough, I asked Jerry Bruckheimer if there was a sequel in the works and he said, "If we fill the seats with happy customers, we'll do another one". That's not going to be a problem.
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"This is an EX guinea pig movie!"
Cinema_Fan4 August 2009
This new Walt Disney feature, yes, this is a Walt Disney production as it is a Disney distribution, has to be the biggest exercise in pointlessness in movie-making, period. There used to be a time when the Disney moniker stood for quality, originality, intrigue and fun, sadly, with the help of a tiny group of guinea pigs this quality of leadership has withered away.

Competing with the kiddie market with animated / live action films as Warner Bros. Cats & Dogs (2001), Universal Pictures Small Soldiers (1998) and Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) from Amblin Entertainment (and the Disney Studios too) for example, this, G-Force is far beyond what is to be expected from this iconic studio. There was a time when Disney's reputation took them far and wide with respectability, with the animated / live action film as Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971), for example, there was an era when quality mattered.

Kids should find this entertaining, fun even, but this is a film that should be seen on the "Children Television Channel", as this certainly is not one for the older kids, the attention span may just be tested, and older kids just may find this a rather dull affair. There just is not enough happening here to warrant any age older than this to possibly enjoy it, there are other films on the market, to date, to take the older kids to.

With this latest add-on, we see a script that is far too monotonous, far too unrewarding in entertainment value and exceedingly too uncaptivating, for any mind over the age of seven to say the least. Under this age range, it is the sum of its parts that sells this film, fluffy rodents that play James Bond and in turn, too, are searching for the reason of being.

The Disney ethos of the lost finding themselves, the virtuous crashing through the plight of evil and the traditions of family and friends are, once again, as expected, at the centre of it all, an ever perpetual trait that is still ever present. However, the message here still feels wafer thin, lost in a sea of mundane mediocrity that seems only to plug the gaps of a poor script, weak plot and extremely tiresome film overall. Take away the rodents and we are seriously left with an empty and, again, pointless excuse in film making. By taking it back to the pet shop whence it came and demanding a refund, and in doing so, you may find other more rewarding works of art.
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Great kids MOVIE!!
paulm0764 August 2009
Who ever this last post was from(Author: thefonzisgod from Canada ) does not have kids. I'm seriously concerned as to his sanity level when he states' "First off, the characters are very unlikable" .. hey buddy did you look to see that the Characters were not human,, they are guinea pigs!! Geee whizzz it's a fun filled action movie for "KIDS" ... chill and see it for what it is.. a fun action movie.. My kids enjoyed it so much they would love to see it again. The animation and special effects,, CGI and Real were fantastic.. I can see this becoming a series for "KIDS" ... I laughed just as much as the "Kids" did and enjoyed the puns for adults... If your looking for a MI-3 then don't see this movie.. but if your in for a good time go see this movie.. Job well done!
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Had Me Laughing, But Not At The Jokes
lasagnacrudswirl22 March 2010
Take every movie you've ever seen, watched the trailer for, or even just heard of. Take the good ones. The bad ones. The in-between ones.

Mush them all together. Add guinea pigs. Wait--make it...guinea pig spies. Oh, and while your at it, throw a couple top 40s songs in to play at inappropriate moments.

There! You have just created something similar to the movie G-Force.

This movie had me cracking up laughing, but not at the halfhearted fart jokes. I simply could not believe it was possible to shove so many clichés, pointless allusions, and plain old corniness into one movie. I half expected the "bad guy" (who actually calls himself the bad guy, more corniness) to be Darwin's father.

We watched this movie out of Redbox, so we only wasted a dollar on it. That's probably the reason that I could take this horrible movie so lightheartedly. I spent most of the first half in disbelief and most of the second half making fairly accurate guesses of what cliché was going to come next. (Here comes the monologue...here comes the Disney moment).

I guess Disney thought that they should stick to stories about fuzzy animals based off of action movies after their success with Bolt. But what really made Bolt, or a lot of the older Disney movies, or the new Pixar movies, successful is that they have heart. G-Force doesn't, just a couple of cute guinea pigs and some random moments that were so stupid they were funny. And that's not enough to save a movie.
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Best FUN movie of 2009
ChrisTreborn24 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Hi, I watched this movie today and I actually write comments on movies which I hate or LOVE the most. This one belongs to the MOST LOVED category.

G-Force (2009)(********Spoliers*********)

Directed by Academy Award-winning VFX artist Hoyt Yeatman, making his directional debut, G-Force tells the strange story about a secret special US government organization of skilled trained animals. Funded by FBI, this special agent animals got advanced tools, including an high-tech earpiece that allows them to talk to humans. Things went wrong when FBI decided to shutdown the Unit, making G-Force members to crack down the classified case of Leonard Saber (Bill Nighy).

Written by Cormac Wibberley, Marianne Wibberley tells the amazing story of Guinea pigs, happens to be Secret Agents. Even tough the plot evolves with usual "Underdog-Pixar 3D story lines", it really makes a mark during the second half. They managed to created unique personalities to their characters, but at some parts I smelled Stereotypes.

The voice actors were brilliant, especially Penélope Cruz as Juarez the female Spanish Guinea pig, Tracy Morgan as Blaster and Steve Buscemi as Bucky the Hamster. The much surprise came from Nicolas Cage as Speckles the Star-Nosed Mole,and I don't know why he altered his great sound for this character, I found it difficult to recognizance the original voice. All in all it was Sam Rockwell who wind up the show with his Heroic character Darwin.

And the soul created for this movie by Trevor Rabin was stunning. The score really toned the action sequences, and the story development.

As a VFX student I enjoyed this movie from start to end, it's a great fun movie, I recommend it to everyone. In story wise and in technically wise it's eye-candy. I must say I never seen such a CGI execution in detail (not even in Transformers), such a brilliant work from director Hoyt Yeatman. He truly deserves some recognition. And also the legendary producer Jerry Bruckheimer teaming again with Walt Disney for his first 3D feature. By G-Force he really marked his position again.

I give this movie 10 out of 10. And I am waiting for the Sequel!

G-Force = Be the Force with YOU.
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Better a G-String
jdesando24 July 2009
G-Force should be titled C-Forced for "cute forced"—a witless, partially animated adventure about a team of talking guinea pigs working for the FBI to stop a billionaire from ruling the world with Jerry-Bruckheimer-like household appliances, currently patterned after Mr. B's transformers.

If the plot doesn't anesthetize you, the wasting of Bill Nighy as the crazed mogul will depress you because he has not one line to capitalize on his considerable sardonic delivery. And except for a fly buzzing in and out of the 3-D frame, that process doesn't distract from the banality of the film.

I suppose a few in the preview audience laughed occasionally, but I was too preoccupied with the feeling that g-forces were strapping me into the seat so I couldn't bolt before the next near-cute animal came onto the scene.

At least now I know the difference between a guinea pig, a gerbil, and a g-string, or I think I can identify at least one of those.

So it's summer--Kristin Dreyer Kramer reminds me kids need mindless entertainment once in a while in the summer, too. Since I am a kid at heart, I'll do that.
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