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FANTASTIC - A must own for every die-hard Spielberg fan!
Spielberg_Fan12 August 2005
Courage & Stupidity is a phenomenal short about the making of Steven Spielberg's Jaws. As I huge fan of Steven's, this movie is a great. Even if you just like Jaws and know of some of the hardships involved in making it, you will enjoy the film.

It is jam-packed with homages to many of Steven's films. You will appreciate this movie much more if you are familiar with Steven's films. Homages to Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Color Purple, and Amistad, and various characters from other Spielberg's films make appearances, including Elliott from E.T., Alan Grant and John Hammond from Jurrassic Park, and Carl Hanratty and Frank Abignale from Catch Me If You Can.

If you are a Spielberg fan, don't hesitate: GO BUY THE DVD!
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Great movie and I found it on DVD!
johnsmithauction15 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The guy who originally reviewed this short movie obviously did it before it came out on DVD since you can now buy it direct from the movie's website.

Since I've seen the DVD version, I'll comment on that. The DVD is very entertaining, especially if you are any kind of Spielberg fan. I watched it with my girlfriend and we both enjoyed it but it wasn't until I watched it with my lunatic buddy who is totally into everything 'berg that I fully appreciated all the little inside jokes that the film had to offer.

As a matter of fact, the movie keep getting longer and longer each time we watched it since we kept scanning backwards to see the stuff in the background.

Buy (or maybe even rent?) the DVD. @ $12 it's cheaper than going to the movies and even if it is playing at your theatre, you can't get them to rewind it.
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Good Movie, If you can find it.
couponsite23 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this in NY at a festival and loved it!

It came across as a studio movie.

As a matter of fact, I think it should have been longer. Maybe they ran out of money and could only make it a half hour. If that is the case, they could have saved some money on the production and extended it to 90 minutes. For instance, instead of shooting it on film, they could have used digital cameras and saved a ton. They used non-named talent so I assumed they saved some money there, not that the actors needed to be named talent; they were all quite good. It just seems they could have done a feature length movie with this topic, but, hey, what do I know about movie making.

As far as getting a chance to see it, I'm not sure where or when this film will pop up in your area, but if you see a notice or advertisement, go see it. It's well worth it.. especially the guy at the end in the "interview". (Hint: it's thrown in after some credits roll).

Bottom line: Funny original movie, but too short.
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Delightful but possible front for a Hollywood director
drsamjackson25 September 2006
I really enjoyed watching this movie.

It felt like I was watching a Disney-type movie in compressed format.

What do I mean? The film hits all points from funny to meaningful drama. Unfortunately, due to the length, it only hit the surface of scenes that could have been expanded if the film were feature length.

I am amazed on how professional it looked and the quality of the actors. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that a Hollywood guy directed and financed this himself and used "Darin Beckstead" as a fake name or as a front man. I mean who is this "Darin Beckstead" and how could he go from nowhere to make something like this (this thing must have cost at least $200,000 to make).
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