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He's Stifler like tofu is meat
Sandcooler11 March 2008
Whoever owns the rights to "American Pie" is being pretty capitalistic about it. You can name twenty characters Stifler if you want, it doesn't change the fact that this is a rather uninspired effort to cash in which bizarrely works. You can judge it standing by itself, but just keep in mind it was never intended to stand by itself. So here Stifler's brother Matt (who's not even the same guy from "American Pie 2") is punished for pulling an on all levels pretty lame prank. The Sherminator meanwhile has become a school counselor and sends him to band camp, which as it turns out, currently employs Jim's Dad. It's like bad fan fiction came to life. So naturally he pulls more pranks on the rivals like, two. They get back at him like, once. The rest is filled up with very bothersome references to the actual "American Pie"-movies, semi-naked chicks and extremely irritating love subplots including a horrendously clichéd nerd you just can't possibly side with. Add a last fifteen minutes that's like the Siberian prison edit of "Family Matters" and you start wondering why it's still somewhat enjoyable. Perhaps it's the presence of Eugene Levy in yet another movie he's too talented for. The sunscreen gag was pretty good too I guess. This "American Pie presents" crap needs to end though, even if you don't give any thought to how a movie can present anything, it's still a thorn in the eye to the franchise.
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Amusing, titillating, and bloody irritating in equal measures.
BA_Harrison8 November 2012
A spin-off from the successful American Pie films, Band Camp features none of the series' central cast members, and only a couple of its peripheral ones, the action focusing on the antics of 'douche majeure' Matt, younger brother of the legendary Steve 'Stiffmeister' Stifler. After Matt (played by Tad Hilgenbrink, who does a pretty good Seann William Scott impersonation) goes too far with one of his practical jokes, he is sent to band camp for punishment, where he continues to cause all manner of trouble, at least until the predictably cheesy finale when he has an epiphany and changes his ways.

American Pie and its sequels are renowned for for their gross out humour, so Band Camp naturally does its best to emulate this style, being as outrageous as possible, with gags involving a variety of bodily fluids and bizarre sexual situations—some of which are reasonably amusing, most of which aren't. However, another major factor in the success of the American Pie series was the heartwarming friendships forged by its likable group of high-schoolers—and that is where Band Camp totally screws up! By concentrating the action on such a colossal jerk as Matt, a person who goes out of his way to alienate and irritate almost everyone he meets, Band Camp immediately sets off on the wrong foot and continues to do so until the very final scene.

Thankfully, the band camp that mischievous Matt is sent to is also attended by some extremely attractive girls, including rather delicious band-leader Elyse (Arielle Kebbel) and busty tuba playing babe Chloe (Crystle Lightning) which does mean that, from a bloke's perspective at least, making it through to the bitter end isn't quite as difficult as it could have been.
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Not one real good laugh and it focuses too much on one character.
Boba_Fett113820 December 2005
The charm and the success of the previous 3 American Pie movies were its characters. "American Pie: Band Camp" focuses mainly on just one character, Matt Stiffler, the younger brother of Steve Stifler who we all know from the previous 3 American Pie movies. Tad Hilgenbrink really isn't bad as the new Stifmeister and he impersonates his older 'movie brother' pretty well and convincing but he however isn't given exactly wonderful material to work with. It also is too hard and too much for him to carry this entire movie on his own. The movie could had surely used some better sidekicks and other characters to help and make this movie a better one.

"American Pie: Band Camp" lacks some real good memorable moments and well executed jokes. There isn't ever really something hilarious or original happening in this below average straight to video teenage comedy. The story is too simple and it lacks some real depth and credibility. The movie also lacked some real good and fun witty dialog. It's a very flat movie with some simple and not always funny jokes and moments in it.

It's fairly good entertainment to watch but it lacks the characters and memorable jokes and moments from the previous 3 American Pie movies.

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Surprisingly, not that bad
mjw230513 February 2006
I have to admit, that i was expecting the forth edition to the American Pie series, with its almost complete absence of original characters (Except for Jim's Dad and the Sherminator) to be dreadful. Thankfully its actually pretty good, Tad Hilgenbrinck (Matt Stifler) pulls off an incredible performance as the Stifmeister's younger brother; its like Steve Stiflers back (really he's that good)

Matt Stifler is assigned to band camp, as punishment (revenge) by the Sherminator and that's where the trouble starts, more antic's involving instruments, cameras and Jim's dad follow and with plenty of laughs 'American Pie presents Band Camp' comes out with at least some credibility as a part of the American Pie Series.

Missable, but worth a look 6/10
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Actually, pretty decent movie... in an indecent sort of way
siderite26 July 2008
It's not some great masterpiece of cinematography, of course, but the actors are acting well, the script , even it is as cliché as they get, it well written and the lead character makes a great Stifler act. I mean, I even wondered if the actor playing the original Stifler's brother is his actual brother!

Short story shorter: phony bad guy finds love and decides to come out of the closet and show the world his inner beauty. Lots of American Pie type jokes, but better than what I had expected and it was perfect for a sleepless night with nothing else to watch.

Bottom line: comparable in quality with the first American Pie.
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Pleasantly Surprised
jasonklingensmith28 February 2006
After hearing quite a few negative comments/remarks/reviews about this film, I had somewhat lowered expectations.

Not to mention the fact that it was following what is undoubtedly the greatest comedy trilogy of our generation, and perhaps arguably any other. Attempting to follow the footsteps of any of the American Pie's is quite a task, let alone all three.

Anyway, I expected disappointment. This was in no way as good or as funny as American Pie 2 or American Wedding, nor was it as groundbreaking as American Pie. But, there were certainly a lot of laughs. I was impressed at the acting of the guy who played Stiffler's younger brother.

As someone who basically grew up with the American Pie movie series, I'll always enjoy those movies, and watch them with a sense of nostalgia, for I was in similar points in my life to all the characters at the times the moview were originally released. For that reason this movie actually made me feel old.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by this movie, and am considering adding it to the collection. I'd say it's a solid 7-8 out of 10. Definitely worth watching, but not quite the caliber of the original three.
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If you liked the others, you'll enjoy this slice!
toadfan30 December 2005
I must say I like all the American Pie movies, but without the original cast I was a bit skeptical. This movie has all the crude humor and laughs that the others had. I enjoyed the character of Matt Stifler although I think they could have gone even farther with the making of the videos. Overall a very good teen flick that anyone can enjoy. I liked this better than most comedies lately and I hope that Matt and Elyse can return in "American Family" since Michelle was pregnant in this one. I think that would be a great way to end the series. I'm hoping that people give this movie a chance and realize that although the Stifler character is over the top, the movie does send a message. It's a funny and sometimes disgusting way to do so but definitely a worthy one indeed.
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The Sherminator's back!!! Behaviour modification required!
OrdinaryDay26 February 2006
The best part of this whole movie is seeing The Sherminator again! He's now a guidance counsellor at High School and he is the one who sentences poor old Matt Stifler to summer camp! Apart from the Sherminator, Jim's dad is the only other original cast member to make a reappearance but he is really funny in it and the jokes are really well orchestrated. It doesn't work all of the time, but what teen sex comedy does? The point is it at least works half the time, with one in two jokes actually being funny and that is more than you can expect from this kind of movie. Nowhere newar up to the standard of American Pie 1 or 2, but easily an improvement on American Wedding!
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The best of the pie spinoffs but still....
deatman921 June 2012
This one is definitely the best of the American pie spinoffs but that really is not saying much.

This movie follows Stiflers brother, Matt stifler as he pulls a prank on the graduating class. He is sent to band camp for it and is forced to stay there with a bunch of nerds. So he decides to follow in his brothers foot steps and make a girls gone wild spin off video called band geeks gone wild.

This movie is not terrible by any means there is some pretty funny jokes. The acting is pretty bad from everyone except euegene levy of course. But overall If you like American pie movies i say its worth a watch.
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Love it!!
razor-9017 September 2008
I walked into the video shop one day to get a few DVDs.. I glanced down and saw "American Pie: Band Camp". I thought "Wow, a new American Pie?". I was pretty sceptical but got it nevertheless.

When I returned home I looked up the film. I saw that it was never released at the movies and that it was a lower budget film with rookie actors as opposed to it's older brothers (AP 1, 2 and the Wedding).

So I started watching and from the start Tad Hildenrbink (who plays Matt Stifler) blew me away with his likeness to Steve Stifler and his charm and charisma. He was outstanding. Then a beautiful figure graced the screen and she went by the name of Arielle Kebbel. She was absolutely gorgeous and did a fantastic job in her role.

No, the movie wasn't anything like its predecessors but it has me hooked. There is just something about the movie that makes me watch it on a weekly basis. The story is great, I love the music used, the characters are awesome and when I watch this movie it makes me feel great. I love it and recommend it to everyone! 5 stars!
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Bye, Bye American Pie
wes-connors12 October 2008
Tenacious young Tad Hilgenbrink (as Matt Stifler, brother of Steve) is sent to "Band Camp" for monkeying around with his school's instruments. There, he plans to take moving pictures of women undressing. Go figure. Anyway, he falls for adorable Arielle Kebbel (as Elyse), which helps him make a "mature" decision about his stiffing collection. Erstwhile Eugene Levy (as Mr. Levenstein) is around, to help weakly provide "Pie" continuity. Not even half-baked shenanigans, for this fourth serving of the "American Pie" film franchise. Ms. Kebbel and the "playmates" are very sexy. Mr. Hilgenbrink makes a noteworthy first impression, in the starring role; but, this material is just mind-bogglingly weak. Whatever. Beats unemployment.

** American Pie presents Band Camp (2005) Steve Rash ~ Tad Hilgenbrink, Arielle Kebbel, Eugene Levy
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Different, but good in its own way
willdavidson1 November 2005
After watching the previous 3 American Pie movies, i was eagerly awaiting the next installment...and as usual i was expecting the pointless storyline, heaps of laughs and a reasonable detachment from the characters.

To my surprise, this movie is nothing like its forefathers, but to my delight it gave a new chapter to the American Pie meaning. Detached as it was, they still managed to round up a few of the old stars, even though they only had small roles.

Personally i thought Arielle Kebbel was absolutely amazing, and quite strangely i found that this movie had (in my eyes) a much deeper storyline than the others, and in the end pushed out some meaningful stuff.

So after watching it 8 times in a row, i decided that it indeed failed my expectations of an American Pie movie, but greatly exceeded my movie enjoyment expectations.

All in all this is a great movie, where you become more attached to the characters and even in its differences they still manage to get a few laughs in, a as usual a few nude scenes.

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Definitely Not on Par with the First Three
steeda76312 December 2005
I love the American Pie movies. I think they set a new standard for teen comedy flicks. But this installment just does not cut it.

This movie is absolute garbage. Nobody in their right mind wants to sit through an hour and a half of some kid doing a lame Steve Stifler impression. The rest of the acting was at most on par with some of the crappier made-for-TV Disney Channel movies, which to no surprise, some have the same director (Zenon was a real winner). Most of the profanity and "nude scenes" felt forced, as if they were there for prerequisite purposes only and offer no humor or shock value whatsoever. The aforementioned "nude scenes", by the way, are actually more or less left to the imagination, as each one cuts away before any real nudity happens (with the exception of Matt Stifler's corny bedroom game scene where you get to see 17 year old boy ass - who isn't looking forward to that!). Nudity isn't required by any means but it was definitely one of the stronger draws of the series. On the one hand we actually have high school aged kids realistically portraying their roles (as opposed to 25 year olds playing high school kids), but on the other that's where another fault lies: these are amateurish kid actors and are barely believable roles (Chinese gang member at band camp? sure!). The jokes are lame. The hidden camera stunts are old and uninteresting.

And I can understand Chris Owen may be short of work, but how did they manage to cast Eugene Levy in such a despicable role yet fail to cast the kid that played Matt Stifler from the first two movies, who was actually entertaining? Possibly because they blew the entire movie budget on Levy? I'd believe it! If it weren't for the ultra strategic placement of swear words and gratuitous wonder bra scenes, this should have been ABC Family or Disney Channel fodder, at best. The director should be downright embarrassed.
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Leftover Pie
SnoopyStyle16 February 2014
Matt Stifler (Tad Hilgenbrink) is the younger brother of Steve Stifler. He's going to be a senior next year. After playing a prank on Elyse (Arielle Kebbel) and the school band, Stifler is punished by sending him to band camp by school counselor Sherminator. Nevertheless, Matt wants to be the next Stifler to do Girls Gone Wild type videos on the unsuspecting campers. Jim Levenstein (Eugene Levy) returns as the camp counselor to replace Jim's Michelle who's pregnant.

This is strictly the leftovers, a straight to video movie. Tad is no Seann William Scott. Other than Arielle Kebbel and Eugene Levy, there isn't any notable actors. The story makes no sense, but worse of all, it's not funny. Basically, it's an easy way to do a pretty good franchise with a lot of tits on the cheap. It's quick money for the producers. I never really cared about the idiot or about the movie. But there are a lot worst out there.
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Cool aid
bevo-136785 October 2020
So many funny jokes it's hard to mention just one. Lots of boobs too
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Laugh out loud awful
ivko28 December 2005
This movie is bad. Seriously bad. Outrageously bad. But don't get me wrong. I'm not saying don't watch it. Just don't watch it yourself because you'll be bored to tears. Watch it with a group of friends and have fun mocking it. And believe me, there is so much to mock here...

Where the original 'American Pie' was a surprise hit that showcased talented young stars and had a funny and even occasionally touching script, 'Band Camp' is filled with talent that could only have been culled from local high school drama clubs. And the script, such as it is, is literally built entirely around a one line joke from the original movie. So if you thought 'Pat, the Movie' and 'Stuart Smiley Saves The World' were brilliant comedic gems then this is the flick for you. Plus you'll like it cause' it has boobies!

But even if humor aimed at 12 year olds doesn't normally float your boat you can still enjoy this movie. Get it as a gag gift for one of your friends, gather around the tube, invent a drinking game having to do with pee and poop jokes, fire up whatever makes you happy and laugh your a** off. Movies this bad don't come around that often.
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movieman_kev6 August 2012
In this first of a series of direct to DVD sequels, Steve Stiffler's younger douchier brother, Matt, gets sent to band camp as a punishment for sabotaging a school band function. 'cue wacky hijinxs' (no not really) Featuring Eugene Levy and Chris Owens as the two sad sacks who were in need of money so bad that they'd reprise their characters from the previous films.

Unfunny and forgettable, why have I waited this long to review such a piece of excrement? Quite simply because it was already streaming on Netflix. I'd be damned if I were to actually seek out and pay for this moronic swill.
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A not terrible cash grab
bastos21 October 2020
What do you do if you're the producer of a profitable movie franchise that seems to have run its course? Well you produce very cheap STV movies carrying the name of the franchise and try to convince Eugene Levy to be in all of them, of course. This is clearly a cash grab to capitalize on the success of the American Pie movies, which were already not Citizen Kane, but did have some heart to them which seemed to please audiences, making them a success. Here, in the first of a series of STV movies, we have Stifler's brother trying to follow on his brother's footsteps. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, being a mostly harmless rehash of the formula, lacking a bit of the charm of the originals, but making for an all right if forgettable watch.
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A Great and very funny Teen Sex Comedy
jseph1234-262-6174884 August 2020
I personally enjoyed all of this film and laughed my butt off for a lot of the scenes and their were some great dramatic as well as touching scenes.
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Ask for a teen-movie, and I'll recommend this one!
fiveseven-11 November 2005
Very good storyline and this installment flows in neatly with the other installments of American Pie. The new debutant who acts as Matt Stifler, is such a great actor and has shown evidence that he has influenced and used Steve Stifler's personality. The sex scenes aren't as intense of the previous series, however there are good twists, lots of humour and the plot is so excellent. It's just one of those teen-movies with jokes, tricks, girls and boys, sex and a whole lot of partying. One of the best movies in the American Pie series. It's a pity that all the old characters have moved on however the new characters were just as good as the old ones.
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I can't believe they made this movie!!
lazaroj26 November 2005
It's a shame after 3 great movies that this atrocity was made. Its just plain terrible. When I picked this movie up I actually had no idea that they even made a fourth movie. The entire cast has been recycled with the exception of Jim's Dad and the Shermanator.

The movie has Stifflers brother going to band camp. Within the first 10 minutes there are at least 6 or 7 references to Steve Stiffler to the point where it's really hard not to turn it off. The acting is poor at best with many of the same gags recycled from the originals. Eugene Levy is brought back as a camp director but only plays a small role. Despite all of this what this movie really lacked was a plot. There is simply no story. Please don't watch this movie!!!
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Immature kids this ain't cool sorry!
namsu2210 July 2006
I saw American pie 1 2 and 3 all when i was going into high school/leaving. I found them all pretty hilarious. now I'm going to college, that doesn't mean that i don't find any of the American pies less funny, At first i thought "hey maybe I've changed" but no this American pie is just stupid plain and simple. Its made for kids, its immature, not funny, doesn't reflect anything that happens in high school. I can still watch all the other American pies and laugh my ass off......this one..not so much.

Also i just want to put this in here i saw some 9th grader asking for a copy of this movie then mimicking the wannabe stiffler they put in kids wtf this movie is NOT cool if u think it is you will never amount to anything...seriously wtf
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One of the worst comedy films I've ever seen
MartPol11 June 2011
The original American Pie pitched itself somewhere between Animal House and There's Something About Mary: a kind of warm-hearted, gross-out comedy about wayward, sex-obsessed teens. This travesty of a third sequel manages to turn the concept completely on its head by making a comedy FOR sex-obsessed teens, and ones who don't understand subtlety, irony or indeed humour. Where the original relied on a cast of average-looking males who generally stayed on the right side of lovable, this one focuses on the brother of that first film's deliberately irritating Stiffler. And this Stiffler, goes the brain-addled writers' pitch for Band Camp, is one whose antics we are supposed to rejoice at. What results is depressingly inane, and actually manages the feat of being more desperate and pathetic than Porky's, which the first film was (in the main) sending up. It is devoid of any laughs at all, and the worst thing is that Eugene Levy is in it. He looks, as he should, thoroughly embarrassed in every scene.
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Take a step back!
alexx31328 December 2005
This was a very comedic movie. Sure, it wasn't the same as the first three. It had a lower budget and inexperienced actors, thats expected. If you were buying this movie for its excellent plot and great acting, you may want to reconsider your life. American Pie was never about these things. We all need to take a step back and see that the movie is funny, as much so as the others. Sure band camp doesn't have hot college councilors who hook up with the campers, but its American Pie, they can here. I think we all need to step back and see that this movie, while taking a slightly different approach, still delivered the same type of comedy as the first three, and in large quantities. That satisfies me.
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whitemanwalking26 June 2006
This movie was cr*p. This is possibly the worst movie i have ever seen, as soon as i saw this in the video store, I thought "hmm, this movie doesn't look very good since only 2 of the characters from the first three were there (The Sherminator and Jims dad). But i thought, hey maybe ill be surprised. Boy, was i wrong. I only bought it because i loved the first three.

The actor that played Matt was absolutely cr*p as stiflers brother. He was a terrible impersonator of him and he sounded nothing like him, the only thing he even got close to being the same is, the laugh and even that was a bit off.

I love Eugene levy as an actor but even he couldn't save this horrible piece of Hollywood excrement. I can see why none of the other actors wanted to return.

So in short: 1) Not funny 2) Sh*te acting 2) Terrible Stifler impersonator

this is all i have to say on this. Oh, and one more thing, DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE!
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