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Simple, but genius
weetoo-too12 September 2008
This is one of those films that you really enjoy watching and when you see those running letters at the end you just want to lay back and clap your hands. Even when you're alone at home, seriously. Genius lies in simplicity, because on one hand, you can say, that you've seen so many films with partly similar scenario, but on the other this one looks totally different. It has something that keeps you interested. For example the old good school look. I mean, every time when I hear that the movie is based on school life it seems to be kind of lame. Not with this piece of art. First of all, script is good. Very good. As I said, it is simple, but on the same time very catchy. The movie is slow, but everything that happens means something, so it isn't boring at all. Secondly, both leading roles are perfectly acted. Finally, the views are very pretty.It is surprising how the suburb can be so beautiful and warm and that you really would like to be somewhere in the film. Anyway, picture is a must see I think.
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Great, beautiful, haunting
dennnyz5 October 2008
I have seen this film almost 10 times in the last two weeks. And every other time, it gets better, and delivers something more to me. Every little details adds something to the picture, and every moment just fits perfectly to its place. It is captivating, and brilliantly acted by both Jesse MacCartney and Elizabeth Harnois. This is a movie that will leave you madly in love with life... The best about it is that is is not preaching, it leaves a lot to the imagination, to fill in the characters, to figure the spaces in-between and to imagine what follows after that. Just the type of story that gets the most because it reaches to another level of involvement by the viewer. It gets 10 out of 10 from me not because it is complicated, deep and life-changing, but because it is so simple, funny and unforgettable that it touches every part in you.
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10/10, loved it.
IDoLikeNachos30 September 2008
This movie is captivating. The characters believable (by this I mean their whole personality doesn't change by the end) and the atmosphere is believable.

Yes, the story line may be a bit of a cliché and is well known to most, but the way it is told is different than other movies that seem to have no grip on reality, and because of this it makes it heart wrenching, beautiful and leaves you with a longing to see it all over again and a feeling of quietness that is only broken when someone arouses you from your daydream with a request to do the dishes, or the laundry, or the cat litter. Maybe that's just me?

Anyway, a must see movie. Great acting by all involved, great dialogue and wonderful directing. The best teen romance that has ever been filmed, a gem in a sea of tinted glass.
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An unconventional love/life story....
Alleyrocks22 September 2009
I would always see the cover at the video store, or online, and just kind of tucked it under my not-worth-seeing column. Honestly, I mean, Jesse McCartney?! But, I was in a what-the-heck mood and decided to watch it. So I entered this fictitious world, and the breath (and tears) barreled right out of me. It was so funny and simple and, just, real.

Half the movie--which some might find frustrating--was an enigma of sorts, a mystery. Who is this guy, an a** or simply out of his mind? But once the director finally lets you in on the secret, you find it's well worth the wait. The whole story unravels onto its own intricate, wonderful plane of everyday-beauty.

You become so invested in these imperfect characters. In their journey to discover love, truth, themselves, and each other.

Quick dialogue, a movie filled with raw emotion and a surprising amount of talent from "that girl from that one Disney Channel movie" and "that hot Summerland guy who sang that song about some pretty girl with a beautiful soul!" Though this movie isn't really for everybody, I highly recommend at least the attempt b/c it could really leave you with something like it did for me:-)
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Do not miss this. This will reach out to your soul and touch the person inside of you
dimnd24 September 2008
One of the best movies of all times. No kidding.

Well, to start with, I've done just watching this and I can't even start to describe this... I mean, there are movies that I say are "great" or "amazing", but I always forget that when I say those words I mean something completely different. Because in comparison to Keith, those greats and amazings are just OKs and goods (maybe).

This movie is simply mindblowing. It brought up all the good in me, the kind of good that I almost forget I have. The kind of good that makes you wanna help people. The kind of good that makes you think and remember that my problems are NOTHING in comparison to what some people might face. The kind of good that reminds me that every single day, every minute, every second I live, all that time, those days that I sometimes (quite a lot) think are boring. All that some people don't have. I have the health, the time and so many opportunities that I long time forgot to appreciate.

This is the kind of movie that makes you remember to cherish every second, to leave a mark on life of every person, to have no time to waste, because one day it might just all end. Just like that.

I'm sorry that my review is kind of a mess, but it's hard to express everything I feel at the moment.

And going back to the movie. It is amazing. Brilliantly shoot. Brilliantly casted and acted. Written so well I can't even describe. I'm going to see this in the cinema, I'm going to buy a DVD (and keep a copy of any other format it'll be released in). This is something that you WILL regret missing and thank the almighty after you'll see it. Amazing...
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A walk to remember just better...
KristiansAlhimionoks11 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
A beautiful love story between two young people.

I liked this film a lot and people who want to see good romantic film (not like every Hollywood blockbuster) will be very happy and satisfied with this choice.

This film delivers to audience what it was supposed to deliver, a lot of emotions.

The director Todd Kessler did a fantastic job and I hope I will be hearing from him soon.

I've seen Elisabeth Harnois's performance in One tree hill and I understood that she is beautiful and talented actress but I didn't know she was so good. Jesse McCartney also was very good and I think this film introduced us with two great actors.
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One of a kind
niklas4310 September 2008
Wow... that was all i was able to think after watching this movie. I mean i wasn't exactly expecting too much of this movie, but it took me by surprise. "Keith" is just what I'm looking for in a movie, its fun, its dramatic, its filled with love and its got a point "The Sky is the limit".

Still moved by the movie i dare say that i can not put a finger on it, there is no flops, nothing that could have been done better. Its simply a perfect movie, all you gotta do is sit back and enjoy.

See this if: You are a human being.

10/10 "Fun and touching with a twist of love. What more could you ask for"
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A movie to remember
the-endless-darkness12 October 2008
This movie is wonderful. It is not just another teen drama story, though it contains such elements. It is not just a story about two people finding true love but also finding their true selves during the journey. A girl, whose life was so organized, a beautiful, popular girl who had everything, from the perfect grades at school to the perfect boyfriend. A guy who had nothing, a geek guy so distant from her perfect little world. It isn't just love. Then what is it? Well, the sky is the limit...

"Keith" touched me more than I had expected a movie could touch at all. I give it 10 points. Worth watching!
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A touching love story with outstanding performances!
imdbjunkiegal12 October 2008
I have been awaiting this movie for about two years, and I was not disappointed.

Besides having an excellent and gripping story, the performances from Harnois and McCartney were purely exceptional. As far as I'm concerned, this amazing film should have been released mainstream, as it would have been a huge success.

Apart from capturing your attention, pulling you in and keeping you there, this movie will leave a mark on your heart that you will remember forever.

Watch it.
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Be prepared to forget the world around you for 93 minutes
Blue-flame2 January 2010
This sums up precisely how GRIPPING this movie is. Did you ever expect a teen romance movie to be able to do that? To be so SIMPLE yet INCREDIBLE that it blows your mind...To be so INTENSE yet REAL that you feel that it depicts some part of your life... To have some similarities with some movies you've seen before but NEVER in a way that could make you lose your sleep..."Keith" will.

This movie has the best script, direction, cinematography, acting, musical score you can ask for and in the end, I was just left speechless!

This movie makes one think why can't more movies be like this...A teen drama/romance can also be deep and meaningful...

From the very first scene, this movie catches the attention and doesn't let go of it. It is so easy to relate to the characters and feel all that they feel. It leaves you with so much to think about that it's just sad most people have no idea that this movie exists. Hence I felt compelled to write a review for the first time ever...

DON'T let any EXPECTATIONS formed by the names of the actors or the movie poster keep you from seeing this movie. Because NOTHING you EXPECT can EQUAL what this movie ACTUALLY is.
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Excellent little gem of a film.
cemk-211 December 2008
I must admit after its release was so much delayed, I had a bad feeling about "Keith." I was also afraid to see Jesse McCartney trying to be himself and failing miserably as he did when he guest-starred in Hannah Montana. I was so much surprised...

The subject is familiar, so there are no great surprises there. Opposites attract, and as we are in the 21st century, there must be a twist in the storyline. However, it's a generally well put-together script and the dialogs aren't to make you run away. The tension between the lead characters is well balanced, so no problem there either. The storyline with the South American student who looked older than some parents there was a bit too pushy, too in-your-face, but one has to tell a story somehow, right? Direction and photography were well adequate and better than some such films, so that too is a plus.

However, the main standing point of this film is its acting. Jesse McCartney is back in form, i.e. as good as he was nominated for Emmy awards. His phrasing, accent, facial gestures, pacing are spot on. He really shows how good an actor he is (actually, as good as, if not better than, Aaron Johnson or Sean Biggerstaff from the other side of the Atlantic) and it's a good thing that he finally is there not trying to hide his imperfect skin, feeling no problem with the bush that he has to wear as his hair, and really involved and involving as an actor. Elisabeth Harnois is also showing great talent, at times overacting or underacting, but she's a really well-thought lead.

All in all, it's a touching, beautifully told film based on a great short story by Ron Carlson. I am most glad it's finally out and I am very much pleased to see this little gem of a film. I recommend it without any doubt; go see/rent it.
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Break out the Kleenex. ::sort of spoiler::
lakemag12 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
It's very hard to get a 10 out of 10 for me - but this one was way up there. We've seen these story lines before (Dying Young, Here on Earth, Walk to Remember) and I'm sure we'll continue to see them. This movie was pleasantly surprising - the acting wasn't too forced, and it translated really well to apply to teenagers and 20-30 somethings everywhere. A+ to teen-heartthrob Jesse McCartney for pulling off a serious role that relied more on substance than on looks.

Who should watch this: girls for sure, guys who don't mind crying

When you should watch it: definitely when you want a tearjerker and are in the mood for your heart to ache a little
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Plays better in the moment
em8907200215 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This is the classic coming of age tale intertwined with the doomed youthful romance.

It's a decent enough story that's enjoyable to watch, and the music is pretty good. But, there is also quite a bit of sentimental manipulation (poor, no mother, no siblings, good-natured and likable social outcast with a terminal illness, enough said).

On the plus side it was good to see characters that didn't respond in the standard manner (i.e. the girl's boyfriend didn't get into a dumb fight with her new love interest).

And, to the film makers credit, the film went beyond the predictable ending which would have been at the airport; after all, it's not just about a doomed romance but also about the girl's growth into maturity.

However, a deeper exploration of the girl's internal struggles with the developing relationship and final acceptance of fate would have benefited the movie.
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A good lesson, NOT a good romance
mangogoth2 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
First off, Keith gets a star for good character development. This movie has all of its characters keep their personalities from start to end, there's no unrealistic behavior from anyone.

Now onto the bad. The character Keith is a sociopath-- this is the opinion of my mother, who has received an education in clinical psychology. He lies easily and without remorse to Natalie. He manipulates her horribly. I strongly suspect he intentionally left his pill bottles where Natalie could find him, and he pre-planned his "co-suicide" attempt with her in the truck. Both of these things were done in order to manipulate Natalie into feeling concern and pity for Keith. We clearly see Keith grin in the multiple instances when he succeeds in making Natalie act in the way that he wants her to. Ultimately, Keith destroys Natalie. He sleeps with her and then leaves her (both sleeping with Natalie AND the subsequent rejection are needed to please Keith, because he wants to cause Natalie pain). In the airport scene, we find out this was Keith's plan all along.

This would be a wonderful, 10/10 movie, if Keith were seen as a bad guy. But he isn't! The director loves Keith, and his passing is seen as tragedy. His cancer is seen as a total excuse for his disgusting behavior. The fact is, just because someone is unlucky, it isn't ever an excuse to go out and ruin someone else's life out of jealousy just because "it isn't fair". Keith is, plain and simple, a manipulative, egotistical, jerk. Girls need to stay away from guys like Keith. If a guy (or girl) controls you as much as Keith does Natalie, needs to be with you all the time, "shows off" their mental illnesses like Keith does, GET OUT immediately. Nothing good will come out of it. Natalie's devotion to dead Keith's memory is seen as romantic at the end of the film, something that makes me furious. She's left her friends and future in pursuit of trucks. If that isn't a fall from grace, I don't know what is.
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Did this Movie get any awards because it should!
nywildest1021 August 2009
I just watched this movie and I am in love with it!! Seriously it Blew my mind because of how good it was. I picked to watch so randomly because of Jesse & he was Brilliant from start to finish!

the story was so beautiful & made my eyes water at the end. in amazement. it wasn't just another teenage love story. it was so many great things about it. it made me think of things on such a deep level. and made me wonder how i would react if this was to happen to me. i love this movie and if i ever meet either of the main characters/director/writers i am going to thank them for this beautiful story.

i hope there is a book for this.
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Unoriginal and pretentious, a creepy story.
phantom_pixie23 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
An unoriginal and overly pretentious story about a popular girl falling for the not popular guy. But with the twist that the guy had set goals to ruin her life.

Nathalie is a hard working student, with good friends, a loving boyfriend, college dreams and a scholarship. All to the dislike of Keith. And the last thing he wants to do before he dies is to ruin it. While stalking her and working his way in to being her lab-partner. He starts by forcing her to spend time with him to keep her grades up. Keith seems, convenient to the plot, to know all her secrets. We later find out he was just messing with her head. Keith's delinquent behavior and lies leads Nathalie in to a downwards spiral that causes her to loose everything she worked so hard for. At the end she has given up everything for him, and he tells her that all he has done was to mess with her life since she had everything he wanted. She continues to pursue him with love, and at the end he tells her that she is the worst thing that happened to him. (This movie sums up the beaten woman syndrome, if a man treats you like crap, then hold on to him and you will eventually make him love you.) Because this is a high-school film, we are led to believe that this behavior is charming and romantic, had this been a movie about adults then Keith would just be a creep.
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Bittersweet prep flick keeps viewer guessing
charlytully25 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Among the most refreshing things about this high school drama is that KEITH is NOT over-the-top (think YOUTH IN REVOLT) or too clever for any age (think JUNO). Instead, KEITH is a quirky story focusing on the value of self-sacrifice. While it shares this theme with the recent and laudable EASY A, singer Jesse McCartney's title character Keith is no Hester Prynne. Neither is the initially superficial Natalie (portrayed by Elisabeth Harnois), who decides by the end of the movie that no one's life is a prom, so why wait until age 22 to face this fact.

For the most part, KEITH is a well-cast movie, though Ignacio Serricchio as foreign exchange student Raff (Natalie's first-shown boyfriend) seems that he could have been cast more aptly as an exchange student from Generation X. That is, he looks 10 years too old for his part.

Perhaps it's not too clear what Keith, as soldier #3 in his sixth grade play, saw in Natalie, cast then as the Princess, a role she maintains in her not-so-real-life well into her senior year of high school. But, for whatever reason, he pities her, inducing him to make this tennis queen (in danger of being swallowed by Duke University) into his own private Idaho--as in a major reclamation project--just for the hell of it.

Probably there are worse ways to spend one's unusually precious time compared to Keith's decision to impart chemistry, carburetor repair, and actual humanity to a stuck-up prom princess. Though his beloved vintage yellow Chevrolet pick-up truck becomes a tangible legacy for Natalie, it is Keith's modeling of values such as spontaneity, empathy, and humor that count as his greatest gifts.
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Blown Away
johnmayergurl8312 December 2008
I came across this movie on YouTube and was struck with deja vu. "Wasn't this that Jesse McCartney movie I had heard about a couple years ago? That took forever to come out." So I figured I may as well give it a shot, I did miss Summerland. haha

I knew nothing about the plot of this movie going into it which made for an even better experience. I was glued to the screen the entire time. GLUED. This movie is exciting and unpredictable but not in an action movie thriller sort of way. It really touches base with you and the acting is completely captivating.

I've never been the biggest fan of Jesse's so I was hesitant to watch this. I just remember he did pretty well as Bradin on Summerland and I wanted to see how he did in this. The answer is simply astounding. The entire time I was watching and totally falling head over heels for his character, Keith, I kept thinking "who does he remind me of?!"... about half way through I figured it out. OK don't laugh....: Leonardo DiCaprio. I think Jesse has unleashed the best hidden talent in showbiz with this role and I hope he continues with more movies like these, because he definitely has the ability to handle these types of roles. I was left speechless...

This is now one of my favorite movies. Just watch it.
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Whatever you've read or heard, Keith is better than that.
jm1070131 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I don't believe this review actually contains spoilers, but I'm checking the box just in case.

Keith is a movie about teenagers in high school, but it is not a high school movie. Reviewers who put it into that category, or who recommend it for teenagers only, are missing the point.

Keith is one of the most beautiful, powerful, serious, joyful, triumphant, and universally relevant movies any of us will ever see. It is about what it means to be a human being in a random world, about how it feels to be inside--and outside--a powerful social and political system.

But above all Keith is about love--not the phony, sentimental melodrama of Hollywood romance, and not the impulsive, hormone-fueled engine of adolescence, but the love that selects two people, draws them together into one, and carries them together through every challenge that comes against them. Keith is about real joy and real pain, about life and death and everything in between.

Keith is a remarkable and very rare work of art. Every word, every gesture, every expression on every actor's face, every scene, every moment of this movie is perfect. Characters emerge and develop and grow and interact and fail and overcome as they should in every movie but almost never do.

I've been watching and loving movies for almost 60 years, and I've seen thousands of great ones, but if I could keep only one DVD in my collection, Keith would be it.
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sakram14 October 2017
Kudos to the writers who created this unique simple character who everyone will love once they are 10 minutes or so into the movie. He's funny, extraordinary, and the actor playing him is just perfect for the role.

It is a phenomenal love story, it'll make you happy and sad. I just love Keith, and oh boy is it so underrated... It deserves more attention.

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Jesse McCartney playing the part of Keith was terrific!
kelbell-7412215 March 2017
I stumbled upon this movie one afternoon while sick. I didn't think I would like it as much as I did, the reason being I am 40 yrs old and this seemed to be more of a teen movie. After watching it I think my age actually plays a big part in why I enjoyed it so much because the movie went deeper than the normal teen drama. It dealt with real life issues. I would recommend this movie if you haven't already watched it. It is entertaining and at the same time it stands as a reminder of what is really important in life. The reason I felt compelled to even comment or write this is because the actor that played Keith was absolutely amazing. I've heard Jesse McCartney's name before but I didn't know anything about him or what he is capable of doing in a role. He was great and I look forward to watching him in future roles.
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ella-gulpinar30 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This was an amazing movie. It had everything a movie should have. It was love and life, but it also dark and sad. It reminded med a lot like the movie remember me, but it was so match better. Keith was someone who i think everyone should look up to. He was also someone, i for one, want be like. He understood what life was about and how valuable it was. It felt like he knew everything.

An other thing about this movie was the cast. It was so good. They showed just enough feeling in every scene. Im speechless.

To sum it up, it was many ups and downs, and I don't usually like that in a movie, but in this it made the movie what it was; Perfect.
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You will need a huge pack of tissues by your side...
professionalfangirl6912 April 2014
Even though words are unable to describe this masterpiece I'll attempt writing a review for this wonderful movie.

"Natalie,a confident young lady thinking she's got everything under control , partners up with a mysterious, secretive guy oblivious to what consequences this "partnership" will have in her "well-organised" life.Will he teach her how life's may be full of tragic twists? Will she show him true affection? Will they stay bonded till the very end?

Watch "Keith" to find it all out!"

"Keith" is not the usual teen love story,it's something more than that.It's true love...It's a story of how unpredictable our life can be.It's a story that encourages us to start living our life because no one knows when it's gonna be ultimately taken away from us.It's a story of the brutality of life and death.It's the story that will awake your soul and whisper to your heart "Sky's the limit..." leaving your mind lost in deep thoughts trying to reevaluate life.

What drawn my admiration in this movie is the fact that it deviates from the same old pattern where the girl is usually the weak link in a relationship.Awe-inspiring performances will keep you in the edge of your seats the whole time.Clever lines with doses of both humour and tragedy will be etched in your soul infinitely.Although,a pack of tissues near you may be needed...
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lainey_attack_attack18 December 2012
This movie is incredible!

I'd say anyone of the age 10+ can understand this movie and appreciate it.

It leaves you hanging and wanting more!

Made me love bowling and want to find love :')

A love story gone wrong, but right at the same time..

This movie contains lots of memorable quotes. :)

Has a sad unexpected ending!

Watch for yourself!! I had to purchase this movie for myself I loved it so much!

My all time favorite movie I watch it everyday!!!
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Surprisingly Good
dylan-grieve6 January 2012
This is a romance story which seems not-so-typical when compared with many of the Hollywood story lines. This movie takes a different tack when looking at two teenagers. The story isn't necessarily much more complex then what you might normally see, but the acting and dialogue is really what sets it apart.

For the most part, the dialogue seems extremely well thought-out, and not over-done with cheezy clichés. Of course, it is a romance, so expect some cheezy clichés, but overall this was superb. The main actor and actresses blended perfectly into their roles, and the chemistry was undeniable. The lines seemed to flow smoothly, and the writers really nailed it. Also, the overview of the life of a teenager didn't seem too far off.

If you are looking for something which I feel ranks right up with films such as before sunrise, then look no further. This movie just has something extra, which in spite of my analyzing, I can't quite grip it. I just feel it. The movie has a very authentic feel, and it's well done.

Everything a romantic film should be.
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