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silvan-desouza19 May 2009
Abbas-Mustan often known for copying English films comes up with a remake of CHRISTINE but sadly humanizes the car too much and adds a mystery of Ajay's soul in the car which is too old fashioned

The first half and all the college scenes are very badly handled, the leg scene of Ayesha and the car scene and all her skimpy outfits scenes are repulsive and actually don't go with what she says that she will never wear skimpy clothes, you know how much they lie?

Anywayz the car taking revenge part is interesting though filmy and the murder of Mukesh Tiwari is nicely handled but the rest murders are badly handled and with the hamming of the villains it's even worse

Actually the villains comes across as jokers esp Shakti, Sadashiv

The handling of the past Ajay Devgan's scenes are too in your face filmy and clichéd

Even the entire Pankaj Dheer scenes where he says he won't marry Ayesha to Vatsal and the entire climax is 80's style

Direction is faulty Music is good

Vatsal tries hard but fails to emote and comes across as struggling to hard Ayesha is good but irritates at times Ajay is as usual Mukesh Tiwari is decent Sadashiv, Deepak Shirke and Shakti ham like no day Gulshan irritates with his fund a Rajpal is funny at times, while Farida is as usual
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Wonderful not just for the kids but us as well
jmathur_swayamprabha10 August 2010
This Sunday I watched Tarzon - The Wonder Car once again with my children. I have watched it a number of times and my children are also sailing in the same boat. This is a movie which I could not see in the theatre which I will always regret because the special effects are a treat to watch on the big screen. This is a movie enjoyable not only by the kids but the grown-ups also.

Abbas-Mustan have tried to be the Alfred Hitchcock of Hindi cinema over the past two decades. They make Hollywood style thrillers by borrowing the plots from the Hollywood itself. However this is the only movie made by them which has a supernatural tinge. And quite naturally, it contains a number of special effects too. The hero of this movie is virtually a car. Talented car designer, Ajay Devgan is murdered by some evil businessmen who drown him alongwith the car designed by him. His son Vatsal Seth grows up with the hardships of life and becomes a mechanic in the garage of Amrish Puri while carrying on with his education simultaneously. One day he sees the car designed by his father in scrap condition. He buys the scrap and renovates the car with a lot of toil and dedication, of course, with the help of the benevolent and kind-hearted Amrish Puri. After the car becomes new afresh and starts treading the roads, Ajay's soul gets into it, turning it into a wonder car (named as Tarzan) which is all set to inflict revenge upon his killers. After all the baddies are killed (one of them being the father of Ayesha Takia, the college-mate of Vatsal and his love-interest), Ajay's soul comes before his son and blesses him.

As I have asserted in the paragraph above, the real hero of this movie is the special car itself which is said to have been created with a huge cost (much more than the money paid to the lead actors of the movie). The special effects associated with the car are just marvellous. The tricky movements of the car, teaching a lesson first to the opponents of the hero in the college and thereafter seeking revenge from the murderers of his father, are hilarious. This is the thing which gives this movie a repeat value. It can be watched any number of times for the adventures of the car. Both Abbas-Mustan and the action director deserve a pat on their back for the magic created on the screen through this car.

The movie is quite engrossing and devoid of any type of boredom. Even the romantic angle between the teeny bopper pair is interesting and lovable with both of them having innocence on their faces. The comedy by Amrish Puri, Rajpal Yadav and certain other characters provides required relief. Even with the comedy and the romance, the movie would have scored because the car's adventures themselves are enough to entertain the audience for its most of the part.

The music composed by Himesh Reshammia is quite good. The picturization of the songs is also praiseworthy. All the technical and production value aspects of the movie are up to the mark.

The performances are good. Both Vatsal and Ayesha are in their teens and they look quite charming. Alongwith them, all the baddies and the actors playing their college-mates have done quite well. The Ajay Devgan in his cameo and Amrish Puri as the Sikh garage owner with Gulshan Grover as the investigating police officer are natural. Rajpal Yadav as the police constable is able to make the viewers laugh time and again whenever the investigation for a new murder takes place.

Tarzan - The Wonder Car was a flop which will always remain a big surprise for me because it has everything that entertains the viewers, children and adults alike. It's a movie that provides wholesome entertainment. I recommend it to all the movie buffs seeking a complete entertainment of two and a half hours.
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Mere Car, Tarzaaaaaan!
Sherazade15 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
LOL! the theme song for this was a very funny and catchy one but thankfully, the plot was much more thicker and in-depth. A car designer (played by Ajay Devgan) presents his latest craft to a leading automobile company's executives but is shocked when they try to dwindle him out of the deal they are about to make. Infuriated, he takes his idea to another company not only meet his terms but agree to strike a deal for much less than the other company was offering. A few days later, the president of the second company calls up Mr. Chaudry (Devgan) to let him know that the deal if off because the prior company he (Chaudry) had gone to are now laying copyright claims to the design he presented to them. Chaudry then gets the police involved and goes to confront the first company (who has obviously stolen his idea) but is outnumbered and soon finds out that the cops are in on it too. Together with the help of the head of police, the executives conspire to murder Mr. Chaudry and dump his body in a shallow ditch. Twelve years later, Chaudry's son is now a grown man in college who discovers the skeleton of his father's old car while walking home one day and pleads with the owner of the junkyard where the car is resting to sell it to him. The boy, together with the help of his boss (played by the late great Amrish Puri) and his love interest (played by Ayesha Takia) then use the scrap metal from the beaten down car to build a wonder car, named Tarzan. One night, the spirit of his father comes and inhabits the car and then proceeds (in a very Knightrider fashion) to seek revenge against the 5 men who murdered him 12 years ago.

The plot and stunts in the film were decent enough for the low budget and time frame in which it was made. Ayesha Takia makes her Bollywood debut in style and her acting is actually quite decent. It's no wonder she won a Filmfare award for Best debut. The ever excellent Farida Jalal plays Devgan's mum and gorgeous Vatsal Seth (who has since been absent from Bollywood) plays his son Raj. The film was beautifully shot in its entirety in India.
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