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Good even if you don't like the flick
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews28 October 2008
This is a featurette on the Collector's Edition of Blues Brothers 2000, and, of course, deals with that movie. It's well-done, edited and paced nicely. It consists of interviews, behind the scenes footage and film clips, all cut together. It has so much different material and so many people that it never gets stale. No one is "the main focus", either, so if you are looking for one specific person in this, you're likely to see them at least a little. The time difference between the "2000" and the original is brought up and commented on, even explained. Landis and Aykroyd both talk about the experience and how they worked to create the second one. The latter also has some more wise words on the genre of Blues. This also has the kid, and, not unlike when he acts, he's entirely tolerable(in fact, here, he's not even a little irritating). The songs are great, and fit. I'd recommend this to any fan of either of the silver screen productions, the guest musicians in the latter, the band, the "Brothers", first set and more-so the more recent, and say that if you find yourself nodding in agreement to enjoying or caring for at least one of the mentioned, this might prove a fun watch. 7/10
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