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For Detective show lovers everywhere
alannon193 February 2006
Tantei Gakuen Q, or Detective Academy Q, follows the adventures of a boy named Kyuu that inspires to be a detective ever since he was rescued from a kidnapping by a brilliant deducer during his childhood. In order to achieve his goal he enrolls in DDS, the Dan Detective School, famous for cranking out the most brilliant Sleuths on the market. Joined by Megu, a girl with photographic memory; Kinta, a martial artist with keen senses; Azuma, a wonder child and computer wiz; and the enigmatic and clever Ryou, who seems to have a lot of the same deductive skills that Kyuu does, they solve crimes in order to further their education.

This show is awesome. If you are into detective stuff at all, I highly recommend it. The cases are all beautifully outlined, and a lot of them you are able to solve yourself if you simply catch the subtle hints that are dropped throughout the progression of the episode. Some of these mysteries are simply amazingly put together, so don't miss it!
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Most underrated anime
aakashsen1 April 2016
This anime is one of the best anime I ever saw. The plot is fun, and the filler episodes are the best. Revolving around 5 characters - Kyu with his deducting skills, Megumi with her photographic memory, Kinta with his knowledge in martial arts, Kazuma with his knowledge in computers, and at last the mysterious Ryu. This anime is a must watch for those who are fans of Sherlock Holmes, and those who love the famous anime Detective Conan. I felt disappointed when they stopped this amazing show. It deserves better reputation..... and a second season.

The music score is good. Some emotional scenes with the soundtracks make you sad.. There are hardly any differences between this anime and Detective Conan when it comes to solving cases. Every episode is cool and it'll make you want more. My fellow anime viewers out there, I recommend this anime to you all.
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