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I got a fever....
blakelynch26 November 2004
And the only more cowbell! This DVD contains some of the funniest moments in SNL history. Walken is...well Walken! He made sketches like "The Continental" and "The Trivial Psychic" memorable that would have faded into oblivion if done by any other host. The "Colonel Angus" sketch still makes me laugh out loud every time I see it and you have to wonder if Walken even got the joke. The best sketch on this DVD has to be the "Blue Oyster Cult- Don't fear the reaper" sketch. Walken and Farrell's performance in this made it an instant classic and produced one of the most well-known lines in SNL history. If you are a fan of Walken then you should definitely check this DVD out.

4/5 cowbells
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Pranksters has hilarious surprise
anitas_dad18 March 2006
Best of all the SNL Best of's... Christopher Walken is by far the best host. The Cowbell skit was a classic and the continentals he does are so funny. But the best by far is the Pranksters skit. It leads you in thinking it's corny but takes a completely hilarious turn when Christopher Walken shows up. Brilliant.

The continentals are second best. In one you can see the cameraman's hand in a mirror and in the other Chris's mustache begins to peel off when champagne is thrown in his face (the audience goes wild with laughter). Other than those two flaws, the movie is pretty solid... except the fact that Chris makes it exceptionally obvious that he's reading from cue-cards. However, he still manages to pull off the creepy comedian he is.
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SNL Misses the Mark
heather-3748 February 2006
I don't know WHO the person is that compiles the sketches, but I was almost disappointed at the list on this DVD. Christopher Walken has done things that are FAR funnier than this. And, if they were going to put on "The Boulevard of Broken Balls," couldn't they at least have found it in their hearts to leave out the "census bureau" sketch and put in Stalk Talk instead? The saving grace, the one EVERYONE wants, is the Blue Oyster Cult sketch. But really, that one should have been saved for the Will Ferrel disc. The "special features" could have been developed a little better as well. It was fascinating to see how the Continental episodes were filmed, but after about 5 minutes of that it gets pretty old. Yes, the cameraman walks around with a glove on. So what? Let's see some interviews! Throw on a couple of extra blooper moments! (Yes, we all know it's a live show, but every once in a while, someone cracks.) All in all, the SNL folks could have produced a better product for the amount of money they are charging folks like me and you to view it.

===Heather "I Got A Fever" Amelia
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