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and here we go...
face_of_terror21 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Well first of all, if you don't know who Gary Daniels is, or you are not one of his fans - by all means do not watch this movie. This is a low-budget action/sci-fi movie about a squad of treasure hunters who get trapped inside of an Alcatraz prison, and hunted down by a reptilian creature...

Gary Daniels himself stated that he made this movie because the producer was a friend of his. So basically, this movie has no other qualities besides Daniels, who gets to fight the monster, showing some cool amazing martial-art skills for his age.

Everything else is quite awful - the acting, the music, the sets, the effects, the monster.... So, there you go - if you are not a die hard Gary D fan - avoid this movie at all costs.
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Amazing action and horror
zoran_kamen7 October 2015
This movie is really great, acting is very dedicated with authentic feelings which is rare in today-modern cinema ! There are many scenes which are quite creepy so if your nerves are little weak maybe avoid this one. Also alien is very beautiful and I fall in love immediately when I saw this rare an beautifully charming creature.

Scenes remind very much on early Hitchcock movies, with many unpredictable scenes and very creative camera angles ! Well done director I hope sincerely I would find more secret gems like this one. And this ONe is secret rare gem indeed as it is very underrated, shame shame shame.... PS. wonder from which planet alien came, this would be really interesting topic for the gifted ones with extra psychic power !
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