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Moving and marvelous new cross-cultural family saga.
The Namesake takes in a lot of territory, and at times is too diffuse, too attenuated. But the actors are so expressive that they provide their own continuity. They transport us to a realm of pure feeling.
Despite being rooted in knotty issues of identity, Lahiri's novel forgoes didacticism in favor of vivid portraiture. Nair and her uniformly superb cast take the same tack: The characters are individuals before they are emblems.
A thoroughly engaging, terrifically moving family story that's rich in beautifully observed and lovingly conveyed human detail.
An engaging and moving film with a universal story about the bonds of family as told through two generations of a Bengali family.
A richly compelling story of family and self-discovery.
Wall Street Journal
This immensely pleasurable film is anything but dry. It's a saga of the immigrant experience that captures the snap, crackle and pop of American life, along with the pounding pulse, emotional reticence, volcanic colors and cherished rituals of Indian culture.
This is a generational family saga everyone can relate to, and Nair gives it her special magic.
The Hollywood Reporter
It is hard to imagine a better cast or production values so the film should find audiences among sophisticated urban adults.
Village Voice
The Namesake carries faint echoes of the carnal physicality that makes Nair's more lightweight movies so much fun to look at--"Monsoon Wedding" was a dandy piece of froth, and "Vanity Fair" survives only on its looks--but it's a quieter, more mature work.

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