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Kal Penn: Nikhil a.k.a. Gogol



  • Gogol Ganguli : So I'm two inches away from her. Her luscious lips part. Just as I'm about to kiss her, she looks at me and she says, "What's your name?"

    Marc : Gogol Ganguli.

    Gogol Ganguli : End of seduction 101.

  • Gogol Ganguli : [after being told the origin of his name]  Baba, is that what you think of when you think of me? Do I remind you of that night?

    Ashoke Ganguli : Not at all. You remind me of everything that followed. Everyday since then has been a gift... Gogol.

  • Moushumi Mazumdar : Not bad, Mr. Ganguli.

    Gogol Ganguli : I'd say we made a killing, Mrs. Ganguli.

    Moushumi Mazumdar : Oh, hold it, hold it. Ms. Mazumdar is the name.

  • Gogol Ganguli : Who's Pierre?


    Gogol Ganguli : Are you having an affair?

    [more silence] 

    Moushumi Mazumdar : Maybe it's not enough that we are both Bengali.

    Gogol Ganguli : That's not why I love you.

  • Gogol Ganguli : Did you guys know all this stuff about him when you decided to name me? That he was paranoid, suicidal, friendless, depressed?

    Ashoke Ganguli : You forgot to mention that he was also a genius.

  • Ashima A. Ganguli : You know, by the time I was your age, I had already celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary.

    Gogol Ganguli : This is America, Ma. People have twins when they're 60.

  • Moushumi Mazumdar : [wedding night]  I've begun to publish under my name. No one would know me. Oh come on, Nikhil. What if somebody ask you to change your name?

    Gogol Ganguli : I already have, remember?

  • Gogol Ganguli : There are some things you should know. Um, no kissing, no holding hands. My parents are not Lydia and Gerald. I've never seen them touch, let alone anything else.

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