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Here’s Everything Coming to and Leaving Hulu in May

  • The Wrap
Hulu has released its list of all the new content coming May 1 as well as everything that will leave the streaming service at the end of the month.

Highlights include Hulu Originals like “Into The Dark: All That We Destroy,” the show’s eighth episode coming May 3. Hulu describes the show as “A geneticist who fears that her son may be becoming a serial killer creates a group of clones in an attempt to cure him of his psychopathic tendencies by allowing him to relive the murder of his first victim.”

George Clooney’s “Catch-22,” which is on the Joseph Heller novel of the same name arrives mid-month. Per Hulu: “‘Catch-22'” is the story of the incomparable, artful dodger, Yossarian, a Us Air Force bombardier in World War II who is furious because thousands of people he has never met are trying to kill him.” The show stars Kyle Chandler,
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Interview: Mark Heidelberger talks about The Basement

  • ShockYa
Interview: Mark Heidelberger talks about The Basement
What does a producer do? We ask Mark Heidelberger, the successful and renowned producer of such films as Harsh Times, Comfort and the upcoming The Basement. I imagine producers, much like filmmakers and actors, have idols – even mentors. Who are your producing mentors or idols? I can’t speak for others, but I’m not really […]

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Amazon schedule: Here’s what is coming in February 2018, including ‘The Tick’ and ‘Mozart in the Jungle’

Amazon schedule: Here’s what is coming in February 2018, including ‘The Tick’ and ‘Mozart in the Jungle’
The Golden Globe-winning comedy series “Mozart in the Jungle” returns to Amazon for season 4 beginning on Feb. 16. Gael Garcia Bernal plays Rodrigo, the roguish conductor of the New York Symphony. In season 3, he and his troupe travelled to Venice, Italy to stage a new opera, “La Fiamma.” He clashed with Malena (Monica Bellucci), the diva at the head of the cast. Expect more fireworks this season as he back behind the podium in Gotham.

And the second half of season 1 of the rebooted live-action version of “The Tick” is set to stream on Feb. 23. Peter Serafinowicz plays the sassy superhero who says, “murder is just not cool.” The show is created by Ben Edlund, who introduced the character in comic book form in 1986. His comic was adapted into an Emmy nominated animated series that ran from 1994-1997 and a short-lived live-action version in 2001 that starred Patrick Warburton.

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Hulu schedule: Here’s what is coming and leaving in February 2018

Hulu schedule: Here’s what is coming and leaving in February 2018
Emmy winners Jeff Daniels (“The Newsroom”) and Alec Baldwin (“30 Rock”) head up the new Hulu original series “The Looming Tower,” which chronicles the rise of Osama Bin-Laden. Also featured in this docudrama about the inter-agency rivalry between the CIA and FBI in the first part of this century are Golden Globe nominees Peter Sarsgaard and Michael Stuhlbarg. The first of the 10 episodes starts streaming on Hulu on Feb. 28.

Before then, Hulu viewers will get a chance to see another acclaimed docudrama, the film “Detroit” by Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow (“The Hurt Locker”). She reteamed with screenwriter Mark Boal, who also picked up an Oscar for “The Hurt Locker,” for this acclaimed film. “Detroit” documents the riots that beset the motor city in the summer of 1967 after the police raid an unlicensed bar on July 23 and arrest the 82 patrons and staff. Over the course of just five days, 43 people died
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David Ayer Talks ‘Suicide Squad’ Reviews: “I Got My Throat Cut”

The curious case of David Ayer‘s filmmaking career is one that fascinates and frustrates. Initially known for his hit screenplays (he wrote “Training Day,” and “The Fast and the Furious” among many others), the 49-year-old director quickly managed to make a mark as a director with the gritty “Harsh Times,” “End of Watch” and the highly underrated World War II movie “Fury.” Ever since then, his career has taken a turn for the worst with the critical drubbings of “Suicide Squad” and Netflix‘s “Bright,” the latter of which has been the butt of critics’ jokes for the past month, despite overwhelming audience approval.

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‘Bright’ Is An Abysmal Mash-Up Of ‘Legend Of Zelda’ & ‘Training Day’ [Review]

If director David Ayer isn’t making an action thriller movie about cops — writing “Training Day,” “Dark Blue” and “S.W.A.T.” and directing “Harsh Times,” “Street Kings” and “End Of Watch” — nearly always centered around the Lapd, gangbangers and crime in South Central La where he lived for some time, the filmmaker is crafting ultramasculine movies about men with guns (“Sabotage”) and the bonds and battles that bind brotherhood (“Fury”).

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‘Grace And Frankie’ Emmy-Nominated Production Designer Devorah Herbert Brings Warmth To Odd Couple Comedy

Crew Call Podcast: In a very short time in Hollywood, production designer Devorah Herbert has left an everlasting visual impression in film and television. She brought a gritty, South Central L.A. authenticity to David Ayer’s crime dramas such as End Of Watch and Harsh Times, and she boldly established a red palette in the pilot of ABC’s Revenge — emphasized so greatly during its murder-on-the-beach wedding scene — a motif that continued throughout the series’ first…
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‘Bright’ Star Noomi Rapace Says David Ayer Has Created a ‘Complete New Universe’ That Feels Like ‘Training Day’

‘Bright’ Star Noomi Rapace Says David Ayer Has Created a ‘Complete New Universe’ That Feels Like ‘Training Day’
For his first post-“Suicide Squad” offering, director David Ayer is returning to some familiar stomping grounds — with a twist. The director’s wild new Netflix feature “Bright” hues close to Ayer’s earlier films about hardened cops and criminals duking it out on the mean streets of Los Angeles, with the addition of orcs, fairies, and elves. For Ayer, it seems that the key has been tapping into his creativity and the tough stuff that made films like “Training Day” and “End of Watch” work, at least that what his leading lady Noomi Rapace thinks, and she couldn’t be more excited about the fantastic (literally) doors the new film opened for her.

“It’s a complete new universe,” the actress said in a recent interview with IndieWire. “I read the script and I was like, ‘Oh my days, this is…I don’t…I’ve never seen this,
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Bright Trailer: Netflix's $100 Million Blockbuster Shines

Humans, Orcs, Elves... everybody is just trying to get along in Netflix's $100 million original film Bright, based on the Max Landis script that caused something of a bidding war when it was passed around. The film about "racial" tension in La is directed by David Ayer, no stranger to these kinds of stories, having tackled similar themes successfully in End of Watch and Harsh Times. Synopsis: Set in a world where mystical creatures live side by side with humans. A human cop is forced to work with an Orc to find a weapon everyone is prepared to kill for. Bright stars Will Smith and Joel Edgerton along with Noomi Rapace (though you wouldn't know it based on Netflix's marketing, which completely omits the actress'...

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Netflix let David Ayer do whatever he wanted on Bright (Comic Con 2017)

  • JoBlo
It's likely that by now you've seen the latest trailer for Bright, the weird-as-hell-looking urban crime fantasy horror movie that is, if nothing else, unique-looking. (I'm calling it Harsh Times meets Hellboy 2, myself.) Said trailer was shown to a curious Hall H crowd that wasn't quite sure what to make of the film. And maybe that's not a bad thing? As awesome as... Read More...
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‘Scarface’: Why the Studio Should Give Up On This Troubled Remake

  • Indiewire
‘Scarface’: Why the Studio Should Give Up On This Troubled Remake
With the recent news that David Ayer has dropped out of the latest attempt to remake “Scarface,” IndieWire’s editors traded emails on whether or not this troubled project is worth the effort at all.

Anne Thompson: Over the past decade, the studios have become accustomed to booking release dates before they even have a final script. This creates a rushed urgency to move forward, even when a movie is far from ready. Catherine Hardwicke, after the first “Twilight” had soared to the highest opening ever for a female filmmaker, wasn’t immediately ready to throw herself back into the fray with the second “Twilight.” She wanted more time to nurture the follow-up. So Summit Entertainment left her behind. And the end result a year later, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” directed by Chris Weitz, was arguably the weakest of the franchise.

Examples abound, but clearly Universal is in a
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Suicide Squad 2 Targets The Shallows Director Jaume Collet-Serra

Just a few months after rumors of Mel Gibson directing Suicide Squad 2 surfaced, it seems the studio has set their sights on another filmmaker. Jaume Collet-Serra, who directed Unknown and Run All Night for Warner Bros., is reportedly the studio's top choice to take the helm on this sequel. Warner Bros. reportedly looked at a number of directors, including Mel Gibson, for this coveted directorial gig, but sources claim the studio is focused on putting Jaume Collet-Serra in the director's chair for this superhero sequel.

Deadline broke the news of Jaume Collet-Serra's potential involvement today, which comes just four months after the studio locked in a new Suicide Squad 2 writer, with Adam Cozad (The Legend of Tarzan) coming aboard to write the screenplay. Original Suicide Squad director David Ayer revealed last summer, just days after the first movie hit theaters, that he was already working on the story for the sequel.
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Suicide Squad Director David Ayer is in Talks to Helm Scarface Remake

It looks like Universal Pictures has found the director they want to helm their remake of Scarface. According to Variety, David Ayer is currently in negotiations with the studio, and you know what? He would be a great choice! This is the kind of film that fits his filmmaking style.

Before Suicide Squad, Ayer wrote and directed films such as Training Day, S.W.A.T., Harsh Times, End of Watch, Sabotage, and Fury. A lot of those films deal with the corrupt world of law enforcement and the gang world. 

Rogue One star Diego Luna is attached to star in the movie in the role previously played by Al Pacino. This new film is described as a "reimagining of the core immigrant story told in both the 1932 and 1983 films. The new film will be set in Los Angeles and will focus on a Mexican immigrant."

Antoine Fuqua, the director of Training Day,
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Christian Bale brings his A-list talents to “The Promise”

Given the right role, it’s distinctly possible that there’s nobody better in the business than Christian Bale. He can just own the screen and dominate a film. There’s a reason why he’s an Academy Award winner and slowly becoming someone that voters seem to look for a reason to cite. Oscar aside, he’s simply a throwback method style actor and that’s compelling for audience members. This week, he co-stars in The Promise, while also being rumored as the choice of filmmaker Adam McKay to play Dick Cheney in a biopic set for 2018. Even as a big time A-lister, the sky remains the limit for Bale. The film is a period piece, centered on a love triangle during the final days of the Ottoman Empire. Michael (Oscar Isaac), a rather brilliant medical student, is wooing the beautiful and highly sophisticated Ana (Charlotte Le Bon), but
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Review: Ayer's 'Suicide Squad' Squanders an Impressive DC Ensemble

Written and directed by David Ayer (of Fury, End of Watch, Street Kings, and Harsh Times previously), Suicide Squad sounds like it should be a very fun movie. A secret government agency recruits incarcerated super-villains (from DC Comics lore) to carry out high-risk black ops missions in exchange for reduced sentences? It's The Dirty Dozen with Harley Quinn and the Joker and a few other bad guys, what could possibly go wrong? As it turns out, everything. While the premise is intriguing, the movie is unfortunately an incoherent, aggressively dull mess that squanders an impressive ensemble cast of characters. Based on the DC series by John Ostrander, Suicide Squad begins with Amanda Waller, a ruthless Us intelligence officer played by Viola Davis, hand-picking bad guys from the notorious Belle Reve Federal Penitentiary, a facility designed to hold the "worst of the worst." Her team, Task Force X, includes Deadshot (Will Smith
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Suicide Squad review – operatic silliness as DC's bandits deliver disorder

The latest addition to the comic book genre is darker, meaner and more violent than Marvel’s offerings – but not quite as fun

The new DC Comics supervillain movie certainly brings the crazy with its team of psychopathic ex-convicts, a Dirty Half-Dozen Hannibal Lecters. It also brings the chaos and the surreal disorientation. It’s undoubtedly an advance on that recent uneasy face-off, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But does it bring the funny? Not the way the Marvel movies do it, really: that ingredient of sympathetic humour hasn’t quite worked its way into DC’s mix yet – though I accept that writer-director David Ayer (who made Brad Pitt’s second world war drama Fury, as well as End of Watch and Harsh Times) intended Suicide Squad to be darker, meaner and more violent than that – all of which has earned his film a 15 certificate in the UK.
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How ‘Suicide Squad’s David Ayer Delivered The Irreverent Superhero Film Warner Bros Really Needed

How ‘Suicide Squad’s David Ayer Delivered The Irreverent Superhero Film Warner Bros Really Needed
After writing Training Day and directing films like the police procedurals End Of Watch and Harsh Times, and then the Brad Pitt World War II tank drama Fury, David Ayer has taken a decided turn toward anarchy with Suicide Squad. Rather than the signature white-hat heroes of the the DC Comics empire, this one is all about bad people reveling in being bad people and reluctantly being drafted to do good. The director recruited Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto and more…
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Netflix Pays $90M for Will Smith Crime Fantasy 'Bright'

Netflix Pays $90M for Will Smith Crime Fantasy 'Bright'
Earlier this month, a hot new sci-fi project came on the market entitled Bright, which has Will Smith and Joel Edgerton attached to star and David Ayer (Suicide Squad) directing from a script by Max Landis (American Ultra). That report revealed that Warner Bros. would be the likely home for this project, and that they want to get production started this year so Will Smith and David Ayer could reunite again for Suicide Squad 2. As it turns out, the project sparked a massive bidding war, and Netflix emerged as the winner, with Deadline reporting that the streaming service will be committing $90 million to the project, which includes a whopping $3 million for Max Landis' script alone, the largest spec script deal in several years.

The report reveals that the movie itself will cost just $45 million to shoot, with the rest of Netflix's $90 million commitment likely going towards talent fees and securing their back-end payments.
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Tribeca: The Survivalist

More from the Tribeca Film Festival! Here's Jason on an Irish future dystopia flick.

The Survivalist begins by throwing us - us being humanity - right off a cliff. We watch as a pair of lines - one signaling population growth, the other standing in for oil production - dance around each other like they're in a rough cut of that Chuck Jones cartoon. Up up up they go, until oil, you know, dribbles off, and then wham, it's the yodeler from The Price is Right for all of us.

It's a mercilessly efficient way to say everything big that needs to be said (what multi-million dollar Ya tent-poles take their sweet time drawing out) and to then drop us into the small ghostly after-world of the main story, where we mainly deal with the drama of one man, two women, and the well-fortified cabin and garden that comes to stand in for survival,
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Fury Blu-Ray Review

Director: David Ayer

Starring: Brad Pitt, Shia Labeouf, Jon Bernthal, Michael Pena, Logan Lerman

Certificate: 15

Running Time: 134 Minutes

Extras: Blood Brothers, Director’s Combat Journal, Armoured Warriors: The Real Men Inside the Shermans, Taming the Beast: How to Drive, Fire & Shoot Inside a 30 Ton Tank, Deleted and Extended Scenes.

With the films End Of Watch, Sabotage and the Academy Award-winning Training Day (Dark Blue, Street Kings and Harsh Times also noted), David Ayer has crafted a series of brilliantly layered, American crime-themed, impactful street warfare flicks, intent on shocking and running its viewer through the proverbial mill. Employing a gung-ho, significantly unique shooting style with his directorial efforts, Ayer also makes us sit up and take note with underlying political messages combined with streams of in-your-face bloody movie violence. It is no surprise that the filmmaker has chosen to focus his attention on Fury, an action-drama set during the
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