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Not necessarily a "Grudge" to keep
rparham31 October 2006
Sequels are a tricky thing. You have to serve the core audience who saw the first film, while trying to not prove too bewildering to a new audience that may have not seen the original. Horror films are even more difficult to spin a sequel off from, as suspense and scares are often, by nature, dependent on a lack of expectation from the audience. With The Grudge 2, director Takashi Shimizu and screenwriter Stephen Susco have attempted to not fall into that trap by approaching the sequel a little differently, but by the time it's over, unfortunately, it still proves to be a little too repetitive for its own good.

Unlike 2004's The Grudge, which unfolded in a largely linear fashion, The Grudge 2 shakes things up a bit by splitting the narrative between three different plot lines that all take place at different times. First, there is the continuation, essentially, of the story from the first film, where Karen Davis (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is being kept in a hospital after surviving the ordeal of the first film, which centered around a house in Japan where a woman had been killed by her husband and thus created "The Grudge," a rage that consumes every living being that enters the house. Arriving from America to attempt to retrieve Karen is her sister Aubrey (Amber Tamblyn), who quickly becomes embroiled in the same situation as Karen. Second is a plot thread featuring Allison (Arielle Kebbel), an American girl in high school in Japan who is goaded by two classmates to enter the spooky house from the first film and finds that it lives up to its haunted house reputation. Finally, the third plot string plays out in Chicago, Illinois, where Trish (Jennifer Beals) has moved in with her boyfriend Bill (Christopher Cousins) and his two children, Lacey (Sarah Roehmer) and Jake (Matthew Knight). The same day as she moves in, so does a mysterious neighbor, after which everyone in the apartment complex starts acting weird.

When The Grudge 2 works, the best word to describe it is creepy. The horrific imagery, mostly of a long haired, blue skinned Japanese woman and a young child, is unsettling and when they appear on screen, accompanied by some equally disturbing sound effects, it can't help but send chills up and down your spine. However, the circumstances in which these characters make their appearances have used up the suspense quotient of this franchise. By now the rules are clear, when characters are alone and everything seems normal, these beings are popping up somewhere to scare the bejesus out of whoever is on screen and attempt to exact their revenge. It works sometimes, but the film fails to make any adjustments to the situations involving these beings, and you stop really being surprised by their appearance and begin expecting it. Yes, they are creepy, but the circumstances that surround them are relatively rote. Suspense works well when you can't predict what is going to happen, but in The Grudge 2, after a while, it all seems rather familiar.

The film's fractured narrative, while giving The Grudge 2 some difference from the previous entry, works against the film in many ways also. Because it is constantly switching back and forth between three different subplots, it is difficult to get attached to any of the characters. Of course, as this is a modern horror film, the characters are relatively thin to begin with, but with the constant cutting between stories, it becomes enormously difficult to get a bead on anyone and develop much attachment to them. So, when the characters find themselves in peril, you have a hard time feeling much sympathy for them. The Grudge 2 also has a plot twist, which early on becomes reasonably obvious, so when it plays out at the end, there isn't much surprise in store.

The actors are the usual batch of relative no names, for the most part. The girls in the film, which is what the stories largely center around, do their best to cry, scream and shake hysterically, and they are all reasonably effective, but there is nothing revolutionary being performed. Sarah Michelle Gellar reappears for a relatively small role, so she doesn't make much impact, and the other major actress, Jennifer Beals, is also saddled with what almost amounts to a bit part.

The Grudge 2 isn't a complete bomb, by any means, it is more than disturbing enough in moments to provide some general discomfort that horror films should try to apply. However, other than some chills here and there, The Grudge 2 doesn't offer anything tremendously original or scary, resulting in a largely mixed bag.
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ericwithcheese7515 October 2006
Being a huge fan of the original Ju-On movies, as well as the original American remake, I was looking forward to this one. But my excitement dwindled right from the opening scene, as The Grudge 2 quickly became a predictable and mundane sequel. A typical American-ized sequel that sadly didn't follow the unique plot of Ju-On 2.

After Sarah Michelle Gellar's cameo, the movie focuses on her sister, but gives her nothing to do. What seems like a totally separate storyline inside an apartment building is more distracting than involving. The scares become very routine and there are so many characters here, that the viewer cannot become attached to any of them.

The movie does, however, kick it up in the final twenty minutes or so. And the ending is a lot darker and much more mean spirited than the original, and for that, it has to earn some points for not taking the safe way out.

The Grudge 2 is not a complete loss, but it could have been so much better.
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Save your money, else you'll be the one with a grudge.
TheMovieMark13 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Hey! The Grudge 2! What up, man? I have a friend I would like you to meet. The Grudge 2 meet Johnny's Worst of 2006 list. Johnny's Worst of 2006 list meet The Grudge 2.

What's going on here? I was under the impression that this was supposed to be a sequel to The Grudge rather than a remake. If that's the case then why does it do nothing but rehash the original? This floater doesn't even feel like a movie. It's just a 90-minute soundtrack of the weird contortionist chick making that annoying croaking sound.

A sound on which I'd recommend you not get me started. It was kind of creepy the first time I heard it, but I've heard it about 12,367 times since 2004, so it's pretty much run its course. And it's made even more annoying by the 20 people in the audience who thought it'd be funny to imitate the sound whenever there was a quiet spot in the movie. Sigh.

Folks, YOU'RE NOT FUNNY SO JUST SHUT UP! I promise you, EVERY SINGLE TIME that a character was walking slowly through an empty room (which is approximately 97% of the movie), somebody in the audience would start it up, "Uhhhhkkkkkkuuuuuhhhhhkkkkkk." Yes, I know that's a horrible way to replicate the sound with letters, but you get the gist. So then some dude in the audience would giggle, and not to be outdone, deliver his own rendition. I was very close to just walking through the audience and punching random people.

I told you not to get me started.

There's absolutely nothing about The Grudge 2 that I can recommend. There's not a single original scare or idea in the entire film. There's not one memorable acting performance. Are you a Sarah Michelle Gellar fan? Welp, enjoy her two minutes of screen time and one line of dialogue. Are you an Amber Tamblyn fan? I hope you can deal with the fact that she's given nothing more to do than walk around looking like she's suffering from a pinched nerve. Can you believe the story (if you can call it that) is even worse than The Grudge's?

At least the original was fairly creepy and boasted a few effective jump scenes. I didn't jump once during this lametrosity (yeah, I made the word up, deal with it). That's right. Not a single time. The "scares" are so manufactured and they are so blatantly telegraphed that there is absolutely no shock value once the "gotcha" moment arrives. Watching this movie is like playing a good game of chess - you're always four or five scenes ahead.

There are also some weird scenes thrown in that make no sense whatsoever. One that immediately comes to mind is a scene where a girl drinks a gallon of milk and then begins to regurgitate it back into the jug. Huh? I say HUH?!?! The audience laughed. I shook my head and sighed. There was a lot of that during the movie. Laughing. Sighing. Head shaking. Falling asleep (I did twice).

The movie even makes a 1/5th-hearted attempt at a plot "twist." Wow. It's so bad that I don't think we should even dignify it by labeling it a twist. Did they really think anybody would be surprised at the revelation of who was hiding under the hoodie? Please. It was as shocking as Elton John coming out of the closet.

And of course the ending goes the whole non-closure "look, we might have another sequel" route. As soon as the credits rolled the audience booed. My sentiments exactly. Had the audience paid money for this turd burger then things would have most likely gotten violent, and I would've gladly led the charge.

We learned from The Grudge that there's a Japanese belief that when someone dies in a powerful grip of rage, then a curse is left behind. Much like a Ben Affleck movie, it's a "stain" that forever becomes a part of the place where the death occurred. Well, in The Grudge 2 we learn that when a horror movie covers its budget during its opening weekend then its sequel will be rushed out, and more often than not it will be as bad as this and will leave a stain on any theater where the movie shows.


If you're a total wimp and never saw The Grudge then this might provide a few cheap scares. But I strongly recommend saving your money, otherwise, there's a good chance you'll be the one walking out of the theater with a grudge.
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I actually like this movie........
LoneWolfAndCub5 November 2006
Shoot me if you must. Shun me if necessary. But I actually really liked this movie. It kept me entertained for 102 minutes and provided some great scares. I never keep my hopes up for sequels and this movie was no different. This was atmospheric and despite what some people say, it did have a plot, although it was all over the place (so it's kind of hard to explain). The acting was good from all. Takashi Shimizu is a great director, he knows how to create suspense and keep it for the duration of the movie. He also knows how to keep an "all over the place plot" very easy to follow. I'm also glad he introduced some new elements into the plot which made it much more interesting. (Can't wait until the final installment)! And finally, the curse (Kayako and Toshio) is still as scary and creepy as ever. There were many scenes that had me very creeped out.

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I understood it.
katia_iz_here5 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I don't understand why this movie gets very poor reviews. My only criticism towards this film is the fact that it just isn't all that scary and shouldn't be in the Horror genre.

I understood it. When people say they didn't understand I have to question their intelligence. The whole movie is out of order.

There was 3 story arcs. One Arc was very boring. The one with the family in America. (Jennifer Beals' storyline). This story starts off with Jennifer Beals' character killing her husband with a fry pan. Then it jumps back before that event happened. Her moving in with him and his children (son and daughter). The little boy starts seeing a odd person whom is now living with the Flemings in the apartment down the hall acting very suspicious and he continues to be curious of that person, after many odd occurrences.

For me I was like "what is the purpose of this storyline?" As you never saw anyone of this family go into the forsaken 'grudge' house. Of course, there is a point to them which you find out in the last maybe, 5 minutes of the film. Even though this part of the story arc ties in nicely the movie would have been better without it.

Another story arc focuses on a loser nerd, Allison (Arielle Kebbel) who attends an International school in Japan. Two 'cool' girls trick her into going in The Grudge house (2 years after Karen (Sarah Michelle Gellar) set the house on fire)they then trick her into going in the cupboard and close the door. She sees a diary with a strange eye at the front. Then Kayako appears, Allison freaks and runs away. After this she starts seeing odd things and begins seeing the school therapist.

The Last story arc is Aubrey's (The stunning Amber Tamblyn) which is set a few days after the event (Karen setting the house on fire) occurred. She is sent by her mother to bring Karen back to America. In Japan, she sees her sister (Karen) who clearly is now insane, in the hospital. There she meets a very handsome Asian Eason (Edison Chen) who is a reporter and whom also has the grudge curse. On walking out of the hospital Karen falls from the hospital roof and obviously dies. Aubrey is determined to find out what caused her sisters death and Eason helps her. Eason goes back into the house to find out more 'clues'. Aubrey is dragged in there by one of the evil spirits. Towards the end of the film Aubrey goes to see Kayakos mother to see if this will help her, the mother tells her everyone is making the curse worse and that it wont be stopped. Aubrey grabs her hand for help, and she then experiences a flashback. Kayako's mother then realizes that Aubrey has brought Kayako with her and as Aubrey stands dumbfounded, Kayako kills her mother.

Throughout the movie people start to go one by one. The two mean school girls, the school therapist, Eason, the parents in America & their daughter and eventually Allison and Aubrey.

The story all comes together within the last 10 minutes. It shows Aubrey going into the house. She sees Karen's vision and goes upstairs. The diary from when Allison was in the cupboard flips open revealing the drawn eye becoming real and drags Aubrey into the vision. Takeo, the husband who originally killed Kayako kills Aubrey the same way he killed Kayako and she dies of Asphyxia.

It then cuts back to when Allison was locked in the cupboard at the beginning of the film revealing that 'Kayako' was really 'Aubrey'. The little boy, Jake in America runs out of the apartment after discovering his family's deaths. He finds the 'odd' person from the Flemmings apartment in the hallway. This person is finally revealed to be schoolgirl Allison. Allison is taken by Kayako at the end.

Sure the whole movie doesn't make any sense until the 10 remaining minutes, but it makes you think. This movie wasn't really a horror film to me. I did not find the little boy who kills people with his wails scary at all. I think they overused him a bit in this film. It was great though to see a "horror movie" actually have some character building in it though. I really actually cared for Aubrey, Allison and Eason.

In closing, the movie didn't really make any actual ground with the whole 'grudge mystery' and how it can be stopped. It also would have been a lot better if the whole movie focused more on Aubrey's storyline and if Sarah Michelle Gellar had more time on screen in the movie.

If your intelligent give it a go. I thought it was alright.
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A Complete Mess
claudio_carvalho13 March 2007
In Pasadena, Mrs. Davis (Joanna Cassidy) sends her daughter Aubrey Davis (Amber Tamblyn) to Tokyo to bring her sister Karen Davis (Sarah Michelle Gellar), who is interned in a hospital after surviving a fire, back to the USA. After their meeting, Karen dies and Aubrey decides to investigate what happened to her and gets herself cursed in the same situation, being chased by the ghost of the house. Meanwhile in Tokyo, the three high school mates Allison (Arielle Kebbel), Vanessa (Teresa Palmer) and Miyuki (Misako Uno) visit the famous haunted house and are also cursed and chased by the ghost. In Chicago, Trish (Jennifer Beals) moves to the apartment of her boyfriend Bill (Christopher Cousins), who lives with his children, the teenager Lacey (Sarah Roehmer) and boy Jake (Matthew Knight). On the next door, weird things happen with their neighbor.

"The Grudge 2" has scary sound and visual effects, with the creepy woman and boy, and I have startled a couple of times while watching this movie. However, the complex screenplay with three subplots is totally confused, making the entwined story a complete mess. There are too much characters and situations, and in a certain moment I was completely lost with the disconnected and fragmented narrative. In the end, I was completely disappointed with this confused, but also spooky film. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): "O Grito 2" ("The Scream 2")
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Not as good as the first (first remake, that is)
lordofthemosh13 October 2006
I was very excited about seeing this, as I love the original series, I didn't think the first remake was that bad, Takashi Shimizu directed it, and I have gradually become a fan of Amber Tamblyn. Unfortunately, it was nowhere near as good as I had hoped. Of course, given the genre, and the fact that it was a sequel to a remake and not really a remake of a sequel, it was exactly what I expected. (Yes, I have high hopes, but realistic expectations.)

I prepped myself for this by watching the unrated DVD of the previous film just a few short hours before heading to the theater, which, in hindsight, was probably a mistake. While the first film relied heavily on cheap scares and "gotcha" moments, the second toned it down a little and aimed at being a little more suspenseful. The end result is a chaotic mess with a convoluted storyline that weaves through time without ever indicating it (slightly confusing at the start, as there is a two year difference between the events we see throughout the film, but I will refrain from spoilers).

The attempts at building suspense fall flat, as every significant event is telegraphed and, therefore, incredibly predictable even when you're not trying to think ahead of the film's pace. The kills themselves are far from satisfying, as they are simply more of the same that we saw the first time around. I'm sorry, but even if you have never watched the Asian originals, the creepy girl with the hair in her face and the hitch in her step fails to frighten after two Ring films, Dark Water, Pulse, and, of course, the previous Grudge film.

I had seriously hoped that Takashi Shimizu would bring some of his style to the film. Alas, we are the real victims here, not those portrayed on the screen, as we have to pay hard-earned dollars to witness (yet another) American Cinema (read: Hollywood) bastardization of a quality film. When will they learn that the true appeal of Asian cinema lies not with the creepy girl and the cheap scare, but with the overall feel of the film? The "boo!" moments may work for the casual viewer (and the target PG-13 audience), but it is the oppressive aura that haunts the viewer and keeps them awake at night.
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Grudgingly bad?
angelusexmortis15 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The Grudge 2...Let's see. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Japanese Horror Film or Horror or Grudge basher. I loved the first one and the Original Ju-On. I feel that much more justice could have been done for this one. Aubrey only existed to fill in what needed to be 'discovered' in the ending, (which if you've already seen Ju-On before this, you already know the whole movie) all it was really was a complete remake of Ju-On, just more closely followed than The Grudge. Though everyone may have thought that it's coming to America was a bit interesting, it was expected as the house burning in the end of The Grudge left the 2nd hungering for a new plot.

Save your $6.50 and wait for this to come out on DVD, rent it, watch it, then decide if you want to buy it. This movie is good for a fall asleep at 2 in the morning film. But overall, I'd say a 4 out of 10. Sorry Grudge fans, it's just...They just failed at this one.
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What was that crap?
phane14 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, first the good thing : If you saw the trailer then you know about 100% of the "scary/jumpy" moment of the movie. And yes, it's a good thing because you should just stick to the trailer and not go see the movie.

I now understand why Sarah Michelle Gellar did not stay alive in that movie for very long, she did not want to associate her name with this production. I wish her the best for "The Return".

You have to follow 3 different story in this movie, and they are all disconnected (in time and meaning) until the very end. And even then it's a very bad climax. And god forbid even open the door to another sequel.

Yes, in this movie, "The Rage and Fury" is on the move. No need to visit the house anymore, just be close to someone who when inside and you're done. It's not a curse anymore it's kinda like a virus. Go inside the house, get scared, return back to USA and spread the joy in your apartment building.

It's not that difficult to follow, but you just don't really care about anyone. The plot line is slim to none and you have many scene in this movie where you just laugh and shake your head... Milk anyone?? I saw Ju-On 2 at the Fantasia movie festival last summer, different story completely but much better than this dud. It's not a remake, but this time, maybe they should have simply done a remake....

If you must see it, wait for the DVD.
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Great Movie!! Beats the first!!
miaj2830 September 2006
I just saw this at a special screening, and I must say, it beats the first Grudge in every aspect: horror, gore, and more creepier scares. This time they don't try to surprise you with the scares as they did in the first movie, they make sure the audience KNOWS something is going to happen and just keeps you on the edge of your seat. Amber Tamblyn does a great job playing Sarah Michelle Gellar's sister, although Sarah is in the movie, she only makes an appearance for a short period of time (I think she was filming The Return at the time).

The horror in this is in no way cheesy or corny like some parts of Grudge had, this is full-on make you jump out of seat and leave the theater horror. I love this movie and can't wait to see it again in theaters.
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Good except for the horrible acting.
mjesus16 October 2006
I did enjoy the movie for the Ghost attack scenes as well as the story in general. I do think the movie had some very poor acting in it. Now the bad acting was obviously not present during the scare scenes but every time any of the characters spoke a line I cringed, especially in the first scene with the 3 school girls. I also found that Amber Tamblyn gave a bad performance. The only performance that didn't suck was Sarah Michelle Gellar. I think the bad performances can be attributed to the language barrier between the Japanese director and the English speaking cast. And here is what bothered me the most about the movie... How is it that a 70 year old Japanese exorcist who has lived in a very rural area of Japan her whole life and has gone quite crazy learn to speak perfect English?
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The Grudge is Back...
sour_starburst_41313 October 2006
I'm one of those people who was looking forward to this movie for a while. I thought the first one was decent, and very scary at the same time. However, I also feared that because the new Grudge 2 trailer seemed to give so many scares away, that it would take the thrill out of the movie. I was wrong.

Now, I don't want to get your hopes up and have you think "Oh, a sequel to a horror that's actually good!", because the object of going into a movie is to not have your hopes so high, because they usually come crashing down on you. I had read some bad reviews before hand, so I thought this would be a typical bad horror sequel like The Ring Two. It's not that bad.

This movie has a variety of scary/suspenseful moments, and let me tell you, my heart was pumping a LOT throughout the movie. Sometimes the scares satisfied, sometimes they didn't. But there are so many, it really didn't matter to me.

Now, if you liked the first Grudge, I pretty much fully recommend this one. If you did not like the first movie, then stay away. It stays in the same vein as the first one a lot. Overall, it was a satisfying movie. It wasn't too bad, but it wasn't a masterpiece either. Just enjoy yourselves. :)

(And don't let the first few minutes fool you, the movie gets better than that.)
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An avoidable sequel.
KillerLord9 May 2007
This sequel now shows the infamous curse in more power and a greater range. But it does not improvise in any manner to its predecessor. The story remains the same. People are getting affected and dying the same deaths. Every thing that is going to happen can be pretty much well known in advance for a seasoned movie goer.

There are three parallel story lines that shift in ways that further reduce the fun in the movie and does not allow you get involved. Kayako's past is explained in more detail but the again the explanation does not seem too buy-able. All in all there is nothing much this sequel has to offer. It could be subjected to one watch, but on a rented DVD or VCD. But I would definitely not choose to buy the Grudge movies 1 and 2 for collection purpose.
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It's OK.
adam_greyhound13 October 2006
Although the blue, black - haired ghost plot has been done, this film is enjoyable. People took things too seriously. I took this as a popcorn film. The acting could have been better with some characters. Sarah Michelle Gellar did a pretty good job, although she has little screen time. The effects and scares are most of the time pop - ups. The story is a bit messy and has too many things happening at the same time. Some moments are also rather stupid. There are pretty good scares throughout the whole film. I would recommend this film to all fans of the first. If your not a fan, don't see it; you'll most likely hate it.

Rated PG - 13 for mature thematic material, disturbing images/terror/violence, and some sensuality
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Basically more of the same, but I liked it a bit.
Aaron137517 October 2006
Of course the reason I may like this one is all the girls in the locker room shower scene, but hey that is a reason to like a movie. No seriously I thought it was okay. Though absolutely nothing you have not seen before...just think the first Grudge only with a bizarre Chicago family storyline that comes together at the end. Not that it wasn't thoroughly predictable. Okay, sounds like I didn't care for this movie much, but I found it a fun way to pass time. It wasn't boring as it had a kill every so often to keep the story going. The story you ask? Well there really isn't much of one, I hated it when they tried to add a reason behind the haunting, I thought that just cheapened the whole affair and I was glad to see it was short lived. The ending was nothing new and about the same, like I said it was not a boring movie thanks to the kills, however it was only mildly scary here and there and it just seemed to Americanized this time too. Sure all the Japanese horror remakes are a bit, but this one was more so. This one was better than the American Ring 2 as I found that one really boring, but this one is not nearly as good as its Japanese counterpart JuOn 2 as that one has a hospital scene that has to be seen to believe. Then again this one had that girl shower scene in it.
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Damn good movie
lunacee478110 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Yes I give this movie a 10. It was some seriously spooky stuff. It made me jump and almost scream along with the rest of the audience. Which is an accomplishment in itself. I love the way it picks up from the first one. I also love how it goes into detail on what happened to set the scene. I also love the way they explain that noise that haunts my dreams. Some of the scenes are so believable that it almost makes you jump out of your skin. If you want a good scare and some killer nightmares I highly recommend this movie. Just go to a late show so you don't get those annoying teenagers that have to scream to show that they are " cool " damn kids.
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One of the scariest ghost/horror movie sequels I have seen.
OllieSuave-00719 May 2014
"The Grudge 2" is one of the most scariest ghost/horror movie sequels I have ever seen. Set two year after the events of "The Grudge" left off, Aubrey Davis (Amber Tamblyn) goes to Tokyo to bring her sister Karen Davis (Sarah Michelle Gellar) back to the United States. However, this leads to Aubrey exposing to the same ghost that has plagued Karen. Meanwhile in Tokyo, high school students Allison, Vanessa and Miyuki visit the haunted house and are also chased by the ghost, and in Chicago, Trish (Jennifer Beals) moves into the apartment of her boyfriend Bill (Christopher Cousins), where paranormal events take place at their next-door neighbor's.

This movie starts out with Aubrey visiting Tokyo to find her sister Karen and discover what troubling her, where we get a taste of suspense that quickly captures the thrills and horror of the first movie. The tension builds when Aubrey also encounters the mysterious events in the house Karen was a caretaker in and, what follows, are one creepy moment one after the other as main ghosts Kayako (Takako Fuji) and Toshiro (Yuya Ozeki) take center stage, terrorizing not only Aubrey but two groups of people, three high school students and a Chicago family.

Takashi Shimizu did a great job directing this sequel, which grabs the audience's attention with bone-chilling scenes and with moments that make you jump. Like the first movie, this sequel has disturbing and creepy images that will stick in your mind after the movie is over. The mysterious yet dramatic atmosphere of the movie created an eerie feeling of the ongoing horror and the built-up suspense, which are contributed by the cast members' dramatic acting. However, I do feel that the separate story lines involving the different character groups is a distraction to the film and makes it difficult for the viewers to concentrate on a single character. This takes away from the character development and the flow of the plot.

Overall, this is a movie with the right balance of horror and drama, but doesn't surpass its prequel.

Grade B-
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People are crazy
brendandaly338616 October 2006
Why in god's name would anyone give this a ten? ANYONE!? Seriously, a ten? So they would say this is as good as say, Casablanca? Their top three go Lawerence of Arabia, the Godfather and the Grudge 2? I mean, MAYBE someone could have liked this and not have hated themselves for wasting money on it like I did, but a 10?!?! Anyway, this movie was terrible. Its the same damn thing that has been made about 50 times in the last 5 years. Its not scary, and relies on shock value, but even in that its terrible. It uses that same lame stop action camera trick that sucked the first time it was used in The Ring. I saw it on a date and we both walked out 2/3's through. Save your money, go rent Alien. Or better yet, go see The Departed.
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Definitely worth seeing
mpanagiotis13 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I am a very hard person to please, especially when it comes to horror movies. This movie actually freaked me out.

The cheesiness of the first is no where to be seen here. i.e. You don't actually see the ghost appear all time, like in the first one. The last thirty minutes of the movie I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat. The ending didn't really make much sense, but I hope they at least make The Grudge 3.

Some of the scenes didn't make sense until the very last minute.

Definitely worth seeing no matter what other people say.

I give this movie a strong 10/10
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Finally, Shimizu nailed it!
biznit12 October 2006
After a so-so first remake, Shimizu finally hits it in this sequel.

The movie is great, filled with creepy atmosphere and scary scenes. There's not a dull moment! Surprisingly, Amber Tamblyn played her character really well. The other casts look okay for a horror movie. It's a good idea to put a couple of Asian actors because it reminds and gave me the same chill as when I first saw the original Ju-On. Sarah Michelle Gellar is on for a short period of time, but her scene is as great.

It's also a pleasant surprise to find out that this sequel is not a remake of the Japanese sequel. It's a totally new plot and twists. Great new touch from director Shimizu proving that you don't need much gore to make an effective thriller.

My only problem is that the trailer showed so many scare details that when you watch the movie, you have this "I knew that was coming" feeling into it, which I don't think is good for a horror/suspense flick. Some of the scenes fell flat and predictable because I already saw it in the teaser. But with that aside, Shimizu's new take to the story and the way he executes it is enough to make up for that showy trailer (which includes a background on Kayako, making her more than just a long-haired, white-faced monster and to some extent, making her killings more reasonable).

All in all, check out this movie. It's not as bad as you think it'll be.

I give it a 10 because for a horror movie that's supposed to be cheesy, this one is really good.
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Too much imagination and unrealism.
filipemanuelneto8 February 2017
This movie is the sequel to "The Grudge", an American remake of a Japanese horror film based on the story of a powerful haunt. The first movie is good enough to be worth it but this sequel does not have the same strength and quality. The script is an unlikely story of haunting involving teenagers and the younger sister of the first film protagonist while the curse, almost unbelievably, moves to the United States. The story simply never has the credibility or ability to get us involved, even though there are several scary moments that remind us of the strength of the first movie. Everything always sounds false and forced. Another bad thing is the poor quality of the cast, which doesn't do more than it really has to do. The direction of Takashi Shimizu is relatively acceptable but, from the moment the script was written and developed in a bad and unrealistic way, the film is irreparably damaged. It's a good movie to see if we're able to ignore the lack of logic and coherence of the story and focus on what we're watching, but its far from the first film and probably miles away from the original Japanese.
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This is a cool movie with interesting story
Rockman24513 October 2006
I just saw the Grudge 2 and thought it was a very entertaining movie. The Grudge 2 has a plot that is like a roller-coaster in which you have no idea what is going to happen next. It had a lot freaky scenes that shocked the audience and caused some screams. But other than that you have no idea how this story will end until it does. If you enjoyed the first one you will certainly like this one because it explains the origin of Kayako a little deeper and has some similar scenes from the first. Some people by the end may not understand what happened because it is clever and requires a little thinking.This movie had a interesting story line, some freaky scenes, eerie music, and one hell of a clever ending. I can't wait to see what the hell is going to happen in Grudge 3.
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Nothing Wrong With The Movie.
movie-lover_9329 December 2006
I just saw this movie and i have to say the movie was great, what was wrong, i know the movie began a bit "dumb" but it got btter and scarier.

First it begins with some bad acting like Christopher Cousins, when he was arguing with Jennifer Beals and where Jake went to Arielle Kebbel Room, And Edison Chen's.

But then every part was drop dead creepy, frighting, and makes you jump out of your seat. Amber Tamblyn and Sarah Gellar did a great job, also Kayko's mother. forget The gory films with cheap frights. The movie suspense, and they might not have lot of visuals effects, but Takashi Shimizu knew how to scare us. this is not The Ring ripoff it much much better, except for the long hair. but it's maybe Japanese culture. any way the movie was awesome.
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I'm so disappointed in you, Amber...
lady_telfalathiel13 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I've never laughed harder during a movie. Ever.

I'll admit that I walked into this movie with fairly low expectations. I'd liked the first one enough, and decided that I might as well give the second one a try. What a mistake that was! Not only were the incredibly jumbled plot lines not well put together at all, but the acting was awful (except for Amber Tamblyn. I will love her forever, provided that she never makes another movie like this), the story was pathetically predictable, and it was so much more of a horrific teen movie than I ever wanted to see. Now, why did that blonde girl show up in that random, ultra-skimpy cheerleader uniform, anyway?

Not only that, but did anyone else see the blatant references to the majorly superior film "The Ring"? When Amber Tamblyn's character was walking through the woods, I half expected her to come upon a well!! Unbelievable.

There was hardly any characterization, and no original scares. Having the little cat kid or the spooky Tayako lady pop out of every little corner in every single scene is not unique! Frankly, it's boring!


And when Vanessa died and came back in that stupid therapist scene, did anyone else crack up in the theatre? What's so scary about a blonde girl painted blue standing there practically belching? To me, that's so bad that it's funny!!


All in all, I found this movie to be the epitome of the descent of modern horror. Let's cut the sequels already, people? Hasn't it just been enough already?
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An Alright Film, But The First Is Way Better!
Horror_Fan0125 February 2007
Including two shorts, the Japanese original Ju-on, its sequel, the American remake and now its follow-up, Takashi Shimizu has directed six films about the grudge curse. Shimizu has grown fond of his ghosts and in The Grudge 2, this fondness is apparent. He puts them everywhere - in cupboards, under covers, behind mirrors, under desks and rather inexplicably, lurking within the hoods of sweaters. It was a good, pretty scary movie, but the first like i said was way scarier and better! I would watch the first one five times then watch this again, like it was OK, but i wouldn't buy it, maybe give it a chance and rent it!
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