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MPAA Rated PG-13 for some violence, intense action and brief language

Sex & Nudity

  • Farrah wears a black dress that shows cleavage
  • Bailey wears a tank top that reveals part of her left breast and shows full cleavage
  • A woman wears a tight bikini to announce each round of a fight, and the top is pointy and it reveals cleavage, bare arms and shoulders and full legs in black stockings.
  • A man and a woman wake up in bed together, they kiss twice and he leaves. A man and a woman kiss briefly twice.

Violence & Gore

  • Three men beat up a man and his 11-year-old son for paying off a bet late; the child is knocked to the ground and dirtied, and the father is seen with a cut above his eye and a bloody mouth (one assailant had a steel pipe as a weapon, but drops it before he can use it).
  • Throughout the film, boxing is discussed and boxing training is shown with human and robot punches and occasional kicks. During boxing sequences, robots are knocked down and some are destroyed (even in sparring practice), losing their heads or a leg -- sparks fly and loud, creaking metal is heard. Humans shadow box, while robots (8 to 10 feet tall) shadow box and spar with other robots before matches.
  • A robot fights a steer: we see the steer knocked down several times, then thrown and it lands with a loud thud; the steer rams the robot and gores it until it falls apart in puddles of green ooze and clouds of sparks. In a robot fight ring, one robot is smashed completely by another after several punches and loses its head and a leg among sparks; it falls to the floor where red fluid oozes out in a large puddle (it looks like blood). During a fight, a robot's leg is torn off and a green liquid oozes to the floor. A robot fights another robot that punches itself in the head and falls over. We see the top half of a broken robot, still punching as it is pulled away on a cart.


  • "Ballsy" was used once by adult stranger.
  • The kid uses the phrase 'screwed me' when first meeting his father.
  • The father and the girlfriend exchange the word "ass" in the gym, along with hell.
  • During the underground robot fight, the announcer uses "bitch" to describe the robot that was losing. After the fight the kid argues with his dad and tells him he does things "half assed".
  • The kid says "ass" twice (one time calling his dad an "ass"), he also says "shit" once. The father says "shit" later on.
  • A woman screams "bitch" to describe a character as weak.
  • "D-mn"used about three times... once by the kid after they beat the two-headed robot "A-s" is used few more times

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man gathers empty beer bottles from his trailer floor early one morning and drinks from one of them, carnival and fair scenes show crowds of men and women drinking beer, arena scenes feature men and women drinking beer and liquor, men and women drink wine at a party, and men and women drink beer and liter bottles of gin and rum and we see many people stagger and hear them slur their words. An 11-year-old boy drinks 2 energy drinks and 7 cans of Dr. Pepper to stay up all night while using a computer and talks very fast.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Suggested Rating: PG, TV-PG / Suggested Age: 11+
  • The robot fights can be intense, a few arms are ripped off, heads crushed and punched off.
  • A scene where the main character gets beaten up can be very intense, since the man beating him claimed he was going to beat him 'within a inch of his life,' also the kid is being held down and thrown since he tried to help his dad.
  • There is a scene where the boy stands near a cliff, he ends up falling down the cliff towards a deep cavern, a robot arm catches him as he falls down the cliff. This scene is intense and drags out while the father tries to help him.

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