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16 Aug. 2005
Rocker Becomes a Husker
Besides struggling with his studies, Tommy auditions for the University marching band. He finds, however, that they take their band *very* seriously and drumming with them isn't as easy as in a rock band.
16 Aug. 2005
Dr. Gay's Laboratory
Tommy studies biology by dissecting frogs, struggles to fit in the marching band and is "so lost" in chemistry. For activities, he tries to participate in athletics.
23 Aug. 2005
Making the Band
Tommy's autobiography is discussed at English Class. To let steam off, Tommy hangs with frat boys and when getting into a fraternity proves too hard, he gets a brilliant idea: he's going to start a fraternity of his own!
30 Aug. 2005
The House of Lee
Tommy takes part in a debate. On a Chemistry lecture, Tommy finds a study buddy near whom he can't concentrate. Tommy spices up the House of Lee poker night by phoning celebrities. A prank gets Tommy in trouble.
13 Sep. 2005
Season Finale
The dreaded finals approach. Can Tommy pass? Horticulture 212. English 245B. Chemistry 109. He seeks advice from his professors. And, of course, from Natalie. All night long.
16 Aug. 2005
Episode dated 16 August 2005
Tommy Lee arrives at the University of Nebraska. After formalities, he begins seeking a roommate and finally moves in with a senior called Matt. Tommy also pimps up their room and meets Natalie, the Hot Tutor.


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